but imo this is still the best kiss on the show

dating Chanyeol would include~

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  • he’s probably the person who convinces you that true love really exists 
  • actual softest bean
  • was rlly shy at first but warmed up to you
  • asked you to come over to the studio one day and that became your date
  • pretty cool to see the legend himself at work imo 
  • but realised that he kinda rlly rlly liked you when you were over one day and fell asleep on his shoulder
  • believes to this day you’re the cutest thing ever
  • asked you to be his girlfriend with a video of him holding up cards 
  • alongside a freshly composed song to go with it 😩😩😩😩😩
  • (dont ask why I used the adverb freshly?????)
  • will you be mine ft. chanyeol who can’t stop smiling bc you said yes
  • never quiet; a blessing or a curse
  • ‘chan pls it’s past four am can you sleep’
  • ‘babe the snow leopards are taking to each other how can I sleep’
  • probably the type to hang around the kitchen when you cooking
  • enjoys watching you do things and seeing how concentrated you get
  • also enjoys distracting you and making you pay attention to him
  • also keeps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder
  • 'can I try some?’
  • 'that’s raw chanyeol, you’ll get food poisoning’
  • 'I am not bound by mundane rules’
  • will not under any circumstances let you leave the bed you are sharing bc youre warm
  • big spoon 1000%, unless he’s sad and needs to be held
  • when he does eventually let you go he follows you around and whines about having to leave bed
  • 'babe, I have an idea. let’s hibernate’
  • will assist you in anyway he can if you can’t actually ski but will take you to the highest mountain on your first go
  • The type to fall if you fall so you don’t feel as embarrassed
  • Also kisses you in the snow bc omo cute~
  • weird dates with no theme, no set time and place 
  • one night you’ll be watching a movie in bed or watching Japanese Food on YouTube 
  • the next you’ll be watching stormzy and drake live because why not,,
  • and on the last day of the week you take a three am trip to the store and buy ramen and milk
  • (milk to keep the tol boy strong)
  • skypes you whilst on tour but also adds another member to the conversation to make them feel awkward
  • 'so like I was thinking about the leeks you put in that stew right—’
  • '—why am I in this chat Chanyeol?’
  • 'sh jongdae I must ask about the leeks’
  • offers to teach you guitar but forgets halfway through and makes out with you instead
  • something tells me he’s like number 4 in best kissers in the world
  • a touch clingy, will ask you if you like him still but only in his sleep
  • but likes to hold your hand a lot in public 
  • definitely won’t let you go if there’s fans around or like a big group of people or even one person
  • doesn’t like being away from you for too long
  • 'Just because I have your snapchat and instagram and Twitter and [other sns] doesn’t mean I can’t miss you!’
  • probably pretty vanilla if anything, not overly into weird stuff 
  • will try something but make it clear if he doesn’t like it
  • could have a submissive side if you wanted, or dominant he don’t mind 
  • just likes to please you and is very happy to show you just how much he loves you
  • BY HUGging you so tight at the airport and picking you up to kiss you when he sees you of course!!!
  • and also by pushing your hips down and telling you not to cum
  • or letting you tie him down and telling him not to cum 🤔🤔🤔
  • 'did you think min yoongi is the only rapper that can send you to Hong Kong?’
  • probably into sexting though and occasional snapchats to remind him what he’s coming home to!!
  • down to make a tumblr with you for some of the pics you’ve got of the two of you
  • because he thinks you’re both pretty hot and can survive the tumblr sex fandom
  • but still an actual sweetheart that would give you the world if you asked for it
  • slightly whipped but not really
  • will argue back sometimes esp if it’s something he believes in
  • therefore if there is a fight it will be pretty big and you won’t talk for days
  • and you keep giving each other dirty looks from across the room until one of you finally gives on
  • (usually chanyeol, he misses you)
  • and you wake up one morning to a neighbour knocking on your door to inform you that Chanyeol is in fact sleeping on your doorstep
  • Confesses to you in such an awkward moment but it’s also perfect too
  • like you’re in the middle of a crowd of people and he hugs you from behind and tells you that he loves you really quietly 
  • and squeezes you when he feels you freeze, repeating it again until he’s sure you heard him
  • probably the best boyfriend youll ever get tbh
  • 'i didn’t believe baek when he said soulmates exist but now I do’
  • 'why’s that chan?’
  • 'cause i met you’

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drabbles and dating idols would include masterlist

apparently people are still saying viktor is manipulative? okay, to those of you who know me, you’ll know that i have incredibly strong opinions about viktor nikiforov, and one such opinion is the opposite of this. well-meaning but clueless? yes. careless with other people’s feelings? absolutely. but manipulative? disagree. so, let’s do this. let’s talk about viktor.

the main argument for viktor being manipulative boils down to this: he uses ultimatums to get what he wants. arguable, because the first time we see him do something like this of his own volition (no, onsen on ice doesn’t count, that was yurio’s idea) is in the infamous carpark scene. this is cruel and painfully misguided, but i would not call it typically manipulative. not once does viktor try to trick yuuri into doing something viktor wants. the carpark scene is pretty straightforward in how it’s framed in the narrative: viktor doesn’t know how to be a coach. his main experience of coaching is from yakov. yakov is a big practitioner of tough love. viktor gives that method a try with yuuri. it does not work.

the other big “evidence” for manipulative viktor is episode 12. “aw, i really wanted to kiss a gold medal!” by this point, yuuri knows what to expect from viktor, but that doesn’t mean that viktor’s in the right to tease yuuri like this. still, it’s not like he’s out only for himself? every time viktor does something like this, he’s almost embarrassingly well-intentioned. usually he screws up, but it’s clear to me that he wants the best for yuuri—success, happiness, a long figure skating career, whatever—but yuuri’s wants and/or needs are often quite at odds with viktor’s.

this comes down to the biggest problem in their relationship: communication. neither viktor nor yuuri are people who talk about what’s on their mind in any cohesive terms. this is why the beach conversation in episode 4 is such a big deal. it’s one of the only moments in the show when they speak plainly to each other. every other time, viktor talks in pretty vagaries, and yuuri skirts around issues. it’s never addressed in canon, but imo one of yoi’s weaknesses is that it leaves a lot to the imagination, which is where we come in and fill the gaps with meta. and there is a lot of meta about how bad their communication is, so i won’t go into that here.

what i do want to get into is where the misconception that viktor is manipulative comes from. it’s been around since the first days of the fandom, back when we only had a few episodes and, for all intents and purposes, viktor’s actions did seem quite selfish. but this is the mastery of episode 10, and this is how yoi turns all this around: knowing that viktor has had yuuri at the forefront of his mind all this time, and that he essentially came to hasetsu on yuuri’s request (which is absolutely how viktor would see it), paints a very different picture. instead of the viktor who is manipulating yuuri with a sexy routine and threats to leave him, we now have viktor who is genuinely very attracted to yuuri, hasn’t really been so happy in anyone’s company since he was a kid, and is trying so damn hard to be the best coach possible. he’s just. not very good at it.

let’s come back to episode 12. viktor has ostensibly grown and learnt since the carpark scene, but now he’s back to his old tricks. i want to put this in the context of what’s just occurred, the very night before. “let’s end this.” viktor says yuuri is acting selfishly, and yuuri agrees. yuuri hasn’t consulted viktor about this decision, even though viktor is his coach and, y’know, boyfriend. (see also: bad communication skills.) it’s ultimately yuuri’s decision whether or not to retire, and it’s not something he’d ever need to ask permission for from viktor, but it’s also his onus to do it in a way so that he doesn’t hurt anyone he cares about. remember what viktor said? he thought yuuri needed him. they weren’t on the same page, and whatever yuuri’s decision was going to be, he definitely could’ve communicated it better.

because yuuri hasn’t communicated anything about why he wants to retire, it seems obvious to me that viktor would make the assumption that yuuri doesn’t really know himself why he wants to retire. that certainly comes across in the anime. his decision doesn’t come out of nowhere, but it’s never really explained as anything other than something that yuuri has decided, and that’s that. so perhaps viktor picks up on that, and he wants yuuri to know, it doesn’t need to be this way. if viktor had teased and prodded yuuri and yuuri still wanted to retire, he would’ve known that yuuri was certain. because that’s viktor’s way of communicating. he’s being selfish too, but in context, it makes perfect sense that he would.

he is in love, after all, and love makes fools of us all, or whatever.

that would’ve made a really good place to end this meta, but i want to say one other thing: i think it’s easy to get caught up in thinking of yuuri as pure and sweet and all that sort of thing that one can forget he’s a flawed character too. viktor did come off overbearing and, yes, maybe a little manipulative, before the episode 10 revelation, and yuuri is the protagonist, so it’s very easy to be biased towards him. i adore yuuri, but he’s impulsive, inconsiderate, and he is the one who screwed up with “let’s end this.” he set the tone for the rest of the interactions stemming from that decision. i’m not surprised that viktor would respond in kind.

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1/4 Hi, i read your post about Even being hypomanic and i need your opinion about this beucase you actually know about this disorder from your own experience. When I see Evak I can't stop thinking about it. I know that hypomania doesn't make you fall in love with someone but at the same time, if Even had been hypomanic (since like episode 4 imo) I can't stop this feeling that everythig he did (their first kiss or first sex) was driven by his hypomania and not by his feelings for Isak.

Hello anon,

I’m glad you’re asking me about this. I have bipolar (type II) and, although I’m not an authority figure on the topic (everyone’s experience with bipolar is different), I’ll try my best to explain my thoughts and interpretations of Even and his feelings for Isak in and outside of his hypo/manic episode.
I know there are other SKAM fans who have bipolar too and I hope they’ll feel free to chime in if they have anything to add to my answer.

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Ooh cate please share your list of best gilly as Scully moments too!

I feel like I did this before but since I can never find a thing on my blog, let’s do it:

(Note: I’m not including MM because it was Gillian’s Emmy-winning ep and it’s a given she was fantastic in it.)

1. Bad Blood: “You know, I haven’t eaten since 6:00 this morning, and that was a half a cream cheese bagel, and it wasn’t even real cream cheese, it was light cream cheese.”

I know this is Gillian’s favourite ep and it absolutely shows. Not only is it an overall hilarious episode, she is hilarious in it. And though she loves the scene with the intestines spooling out of the scale, it is her shrill half-cream-cheese-bagel-that-wasn’t-even-real-cream-cheese tirade that cracks me up every damn time.

2.) Within: Morning and Power Walk

Dialogue? Who needs dialogue? The camera trained closely on her face, we see everything Scully is feeling as she stares at herself in the mirror and walks the halls of the FBI the morning after Mulder disappeared. As Scully’s Theme wells around her, Gillian reveals Scully’s vast loneliness, her shock and confusion about her pregnancy, her resolve to return to work and find Mulder, and her complete and utter anguish to lose the man she loves. It is one of the most moving XF scenes in the entire series, imo.

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Scandal Review 6x11

Yoooooooooooooo! Scandal season 6 ep 11 came up and showed tf OUT hunny! OLITZ IS BACK BITCHEEESSSSS! *twerks to Diana Ross the Boss Ain’t no mountain high enough* (and yes I added an E in bitch lol). Scandal , Shonda, Liv and Fitz (Kerry and Tony) FED us good last night.
I first started watching Scandal for Kerry Washington, who is one of my faves(LOVE HER) , and now I stan Anthony Howard “Tony” Goldwyn. My mans is most definitely invited to the cookout! I will fix his plate, prepare his drink, and bring it to him! Tony is such a fuckin phoneme on and off the camera. Do yal follow him on IG, how awesome can he be…..and he’s 56! *Wiggggg*
REVIEW TIME (rundown mode)
Ok! Let me say this, I need to get it off my chest: that Opening with the illuminate girl and David was SAD! Yal that sex sounded so horrible, straight trash lmaoooo I was like what tf is really going on. David ain’t had no good sex since Abby! Lmao. @ me on this!!! 

Mellie attacking Olivia:  Bitch. *stares motherfuckerly* BITCH HOW DARE YOU!  I need mellie to get her head out of her entitled ass! Ugh how you gone try to attack the one damn person who has been in your corner for two damn years trying to make you president. Fuck Mellie (until later).

1st Olitz moment : They are in the Oval and this is the second time Olivia shows Fitz her vulnerable side. Olivia is telling Fitz how Mellie is going to ceed the presidency over to Cyrus, Fitz stop her cuz he sees how its affecting her. We all know our girl Olivia hates to lose , Fitz knows this as well. So he gets up and does the shoulder thing again *swoons* he is comforting his best girl and she falls into him and holds him tight. (I was screeching in OLITZ when he said “Come here,” how sexy is this man when he is being authoritative! hot damn) 

The Return of Liz North?: Um guh where you been and why all of a sudden you come out the woods talking about Mellie need to fight for the presidency …. I knew she was full of shit yal!

Mellie goes to Olivia and tries to get her to reconsider about the presidency but Liv was still saying no. Then once again Mellie insults Olivia then try to say sorry. Bitch bye! Anyways we see that Huck is love and well, in Olivia’s Pink robe lol. Quinn had the nerve to snatch a pillow from behind charlie to give it to huck……um ma’am which one is your man? She needs to gone break up with charlie and not string him along like some little dog.

Liv and Cyrus…still the dream team?: HELL NO….kml Liv tried to go talk to cyrus but he shut her all the way down. Miss cyrus was not having it. And honestly I can’t really blame him. Liv did do him dirty! But Cyrus is Cyrus how much shit he helped put Liv and Fitz thru? soooo I really just didn’t care.

ANGELA. HI. HELLO. HOW ARE YOU?: Lmao so Angela is in bed trying to low-key question Fitz about Olivia. Um ma’am you are the director of the FBI and you mean to tell me you couldn’t pick up on “your man” deflecting tf out of you? Fitz really was not giving her the time of day. Hun give it up you can not and will not compare to Olivia C. Pope. ISSA WRAP. I mean yal Fitz literally told the guh he was working *cackles evilly*

Liv visits Rowen: That entire exchange was so sad because Rowen basically was looking out for his damn self, which a part of me can’t blame him…..but I am so over him its hard to jump on board when Liv goes into her “make daddy proud” modes! He always come off as a manipulator and I’m over it….but then sometimes I get the feeling that he do be trying to look out for Olivia but he is so damn evil urghghhgh bye! 

Shade moment: Michael ass went on TV and shaded the entire fuck out of cyrus! LMAO!! And Michael got JAMES baby being the Mommy & Daddy, I mean tbh Ella is better off with him cuz cyrus is a toxic ass man, he don’t need a baby(IMO).

2nd Olitz moment: Liv tells Fitz she went to see her dad, Fitz wants to “handle” Rowen but Olivia playing daddy’s little girl asks Fitz to forgive Rowen like she forgave Abby. Fitz rolls his eyes and goes to their (kissing) window. lol!

Fitz and Cyrus moment: Liv sent Fitz to Cyrus to go make his ass get up and take this job seriously (didn’t really care cuz it was funny and shady how he wouldn’t talk to liv but talked to Fitz who left his ass behind in that jail too! over it)

Liz North see you on the other side: I knew she was down with the illuminate! When Mellie walked into that office I was not surprised….but what did surprise me was how Becky took that damn gold club and beat that woman to death. YIKESSS! Liz deserved better lol! (I was very proud of Mellie when she stood up to them tho, like I really was proud of her!!) Mellie who is covered in blood, kids got threatened and she fell in line with the illuminate! 

Angela Vs. Olitz(because they are a package)pt1: Angela comes in on a mission! Lol, homegirl going off about how she is going after Olivia, how she got evidence, and how she bout to interrogate Liv. PAUSE HO YOU REALLY TRYING IT! Then she had the nerve to call Fitz a boy! *slams hand on the table* I’m so tired of all these irrelevant ass people trying my guy Fitzgerald! That is a man! Fitz has always stood his ground and been a leader! Fuck yal who think otherwise! Side note: It was funny that she said it because I am a black woman and I know I be like “Boy bye…or boy please” lol If she would have said this to anybody else I wouldn’t say nothing but I can’t let her disrespect my mans Fitz like that! I ride for that one!! 

Once again Olivia Pope to the rescue: Mellie calls Olivia but doesn’t tell her what happened. Olivia comes and sees Liz dead on the floor. Now lets all remember that Olivia has PTSD! This was not good for her. Mellie talking fast and i’m sure she was having flashbacks to Jerry death, we all remember how she lost her shit! I felt bad for Mellie. Jake so irrelevant lmao he only came out for “clean up” duty *cackles* 

3rd Olitz moment: Let me just say Olivia lost her fuckin mind! Guhhhhhh (goes in corner to collect myself). She comes in the Oval , Fitz tells her that Angela’s Jealosy has gotten the best of her and now she is coming after Liv. Lmao my boy really said he was contemplating getting her resignation. LMAOOOO Fitz ain’t you smashing this guh? And you said that?? I knew Angela was a non factor kml!!! Liv goes to the window , turns around and tells Fitz with a straight face “Good” hold up! Pause. Flag on the play! Bi what? Good? So you wanna go to jail and be somebody prison bitch? Um no ma’am. Me nor Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd having that shit! Fitz loses his shit and start yelling *cackles, my boy was heated* My guy took my breath away when he said “There is no way in hell I am letting you go to prison for life” I KNEW AN OLITZ MOMENT WAS COMING , I FELT IT IN MY SOUL! (Olivia ass started to walk away and say a petty comment but We (me and Fitz) wasn’t having that!
(still yelling at her ass) “Don’t you see, I’d lose you, forever” HOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO! YAL. I knew this man was still in love with Olivia Pope. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd was, is, and forever will be in love with Olivia Carolyn Pope. @ me on this!!!
*eye roll* Olivia goes on to say “my father will die” (shrugs shoulders and yells *who cares, guh you was tryna kill him a few eps back!) She then goes on to say that if Fitz stops her and arrests her dad he would lose her forever. I personally do not think she meant any of that because the look on her face and the way she turned around at that door says otherwise! Olivia was just using herself as a threat against Fitz because thats all she can use , she doesn’t have any other leverage over him. BUT all she had to do was sit down with Fitz and come up with a plan instead of trying to do it on her own. Ugh stop with this self sacrificing shit, Me and Fitz aint having it NO DAMN MO! (will elaborate on this part later)

Angela Vs. Olitz pt2: ANGELA YOU THOUGHT! *CACKLES EVILY* When I say Fitz was done playing games, my guy told her back up and move ya ass to OMAHA! *que in Beyonce* To the left to the left! 

Rowen got arrested: *CACKLES EVILY*

4th Olitz moment: Baby Olivia comes thru heated like a hot sausage on a saturday morning! She is yelling at Fitz , meanwhile my mans got his scotch and a remote in hand and says “You want to stop yelling at me” LMAO BOSS MAN STAUTS!!! Fitz gave 0 fucks about what she was saying! He knew the game, he knows she will try to use herself to get her way. Liv looks at the TV and sees her dad is safe in the office. (In the background Diana Ross the Boss “Ain’t no mountain” monologue starts to play, and it fits so perfectly to this moment.) Fitz lets her know rowen is in his care and he is ready for them (him and her) to start working together to fight the illuminate. She turns around breathing heavily…..(KerryW is playing TF outta this roll)…  It was so many emotions running across her face. She walks to him and sits in front of him, he scoots down and now they are face to face. Fitz looking at her like “I told you I got you” the looks these two were giving each other was sending me into my death(I was literally screaming at this point). Olivia reaches out and grabs Fitz and they kiss (I was so damn PROUD of Olivia) I love that she was the one to initiate. Fitz was SHOOKETH. Lol, my guy hadn’t kiss those lips in 2 years he didn’t even know what to do with his hands at first lol. When he cups her face , Olivia is literally looking like she wants to cry, Hell him too! (whyyyy they playing with me like this, yal I love them!!) 

*sips my fancy ass Chamomile tea* Olivia is walking backwards into Fitz room, if you pay attention Fitz(low-key Tony) face was priceless cuz he knew he had gotten his woman back and she was finna fuck the shit out of him! She places his hand on her hip and she grabs his neck in *bring that ass here fashion* She kisses her man and they close the door. We didn’t get a sex scene but I will be happy with a bedroom waking up scene at the beginning of the next ep. Remember Kerry had a baby so she might not be ready for these type of scenes yet. Yal respect my Fave and don’t be on her bout a sex scene.
Fitz: He “Handled” it! I repeat Fitz handled the situation. He out poped Olivia pope.
Fitz will not let anything come between him and Olivia. Not Mellie, Not Cyrus, Not the presidency, Not Abby, Not Angela, Not Rowen, Not even Olivia! He has proven time and time again that he will choose her. Let me tell you something THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FITZGERALD THOMAS GRANT the 3RD. This man has proven for the 1000000000000000000 time why he is the fuckin MAN! Fitz hates Rowen, we all know why ( he killed his son). Fitz chose to save Rowens life for Olivia, the woman he loves. He knows she loves her dad, regardless all the shit talking and acting tough that she does, Fitz knows this and like I keep saying FITZ never makes Olivia choose. He always lets her work things out on her own. But this time she was about to take it to far so he had to step in and “FIX” the situation. Ladies Get you a Fitz!! Lol!
The next ep looks so promising just because I think its gonna be dope that Everyone is going to be working together to take down the illuminate!
Much Love, Chaun.

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Same anon from the oth ranking, can you explain why you thought s2 was the best? IMO the only good part was jeyton (which is hard too esp Bc I am Leyton af)

Absolutely! First let me thank you for appreciating the beauty that was Jeyton, even if they aren’t beloved to you. I think your love for Lucas/Peyton and their lack of interaction in S2 may have something to with why you don’t like it?

But! Here are the great things about S2:

-We get Jeyton
-We see Peyton Sawyer happy for the first time in the series, with a boy she doesn’t have to feel guilty for falling in love with.
-Brooke Davis evolution of character. No, we don’t get Clothes Over Bros quite yet, but she stops being a vapid/bitchy/stereotype cheerleader and becomes an independent, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent woman. We see her win SBP, she starts DWNotI, she decides she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she learns how to be friends with guys. She becomes the Brooke we all know and love.
- Brucas development. Brooke and Lucas become their own entity. They establish a real friendship the way Peyton and Lucas do in S1, and that does even more for Brooke’s character, by giving her a presence that isn’t the best friend, the girlfriend or the conflict for Leyton. We also see Lucas fall for Brooke, not because she’s “fun” and he can’t have Peyton, but for everything she really is- which is amazing, obviously. And because this show is mostly Lucas perspective, we learn about her like he does- slowly and much more in depth. To me, this is the season that makes Brucas great- not S3, where they are almost constantly in conflict (Except the Rain Scene TM, which is collectively one of the best scenes ever on the show, for all the couples). 
-Brooke/Peyton friendship. Best scenes between these two in this season. It’s something we don’t get much of in S1 and episode after episode we see both girls mutually being one another’s best confidant, something that was discussed in S1 but not proved, and something we don’t get a lot of in S3 because Peyton is a fucking mess and in S4 she once again falls in love with Lucas (not hating just the truth). 
-The Chris Keller storyline. Up until Haley leaves, there’s a lot of “Haley loving Nathan” but not a ton of “Nathan loving Haley”. The pain and suffering that Nathan goes through while he pines for her is SO WELL WRITTEN, and so realistic, with such incredible continuity, it literally makes your heart ache for him. ACHE.
-Dare Night (enough said).
- The introduction of Andy. Now I love Karen and Keith just as much as anyone, but I am a HUGE Andy fan. He is the first character that comes into the story that seems like an equal opponent to the antagonist (Dan) and he is so good to Karen and everyone in her world.
-THE SWITCH EPISODE. This is one of the best OTH episodes ever written, and another great example of Schwans genius. It’s also an example of where fan service actually works in a series. People wanted to see “what if” Lucas and Nathan switched places, but doing that gets sticky. How much do you recreate? And what would change? And how is your audience going to receive it? One wrong move, and things will blow up. Is Lucas gonna be married to Haley and undermine the Naley relationship? Will Nathan be with Brooke, who he has limited screen time with? Where does Peyton fit in? Etc etc. BUT- by putting Nathan in a coma and making the switch VIA HIS PERSPECTIVE, everything gets put into focus and Schwan was able to keep particular aspects of the show that he knew fans wouldn’t want to lose. So Nathan’s connection with Haley is still there and important parts of their real relationship are left in tact, Karen is still in love with Keith, Brooke is barely in the episode (which is so streamlined, because Nathan interacts with her least). NATHAN still gets into Highflyers, not Lucas, Deb is not a pill popper but at her very best self, Nathan and Peyton’s core friendship (that is actually strong AF) is still around, etc. And  the “replay of the one on one basketball game” is epic. Yea, Nathan wins this time because duh, it’s his comatose dream world, but he still quotes Lucas’  “This is for my mom” line, and the audience realizes that for all his hatred towards Lucas in S1, Nathan secretly respected TF out of him for that. It’s pretty brilliant.
-We get our only gay character/story arc about being gay, and although it’s not nearly enough for the series as a whole, and I’ll forever be disappointed that the only POC woman on the show was purely used for a gay storyline, it’s still fucking fantastic, from Peyton wearing a DYKE shirt, to her then taking that shirt off in front of the principal, to Brooke breaking up with Felix over it and what she says- it’s all pretty beautiful.
-Karen finally starting to come to terms with her feelings for Keith
-Lucas living with Dan and the hilarity that ensues via Karen because of it (taking all of Lucas’ stuff, calling Dan an ass in mediation with an ass of a suit and a stupid frat boy haircut)
-Deb mixing boiling water and syrup to throw on Dan
-Nathan and Deb reuniting
-Nathan realizing he has to let go of Haley (and the return of Dick!Nathan 2.0)   in order be happy, which flips the tables, perfectly setting up S3 Naley arc (You don’t know what you have until you lose it trope)
-Lucas being the best Lucas, on his own and legit a great friend to everyone in his life (and definitely at his best physically/wardrobe wise)
-The scene where Lucas walks in to tell Brooke how he feels and she’s kissing Felix
-Jake showing up right before Peyton buys drugs
-Movie night to help raise money for Nathan
-Drag races

-Did I mention JEYTON????

I’m sure there is more I am forgetting. So S3 may have been more explosive, but S2 was just so meticulously written in a way that developed the characters so well individually and gave each of them a real piece of the OTH world. You may not realize it, but S2 is probably where you really started to get attached to these characters, where you began to really feel connected to them, so that when shit hit the fan in S3 and even 4, you felt it ALOT more deeply.

Things I didn’t like about S2?

-Actor who plays Felix was a disgrace
-Maria Menudos is also a terrible actress
- Keith looking thirsty AF to be with a woman

-This seems particular, but the scene where Nathan says “you know there’s a girl in your heart man, and you gotta tell her how you feel” has always gotten under my skin! It was SO OOC for Nathan, so fucking random, so not something Nathan would say (Lucas would say that), obviously put in to move the plot along. I can’t even think of S2 and not cringe because of that scene!!! WTF was the director thinking?????

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i know that draco was awful but imo no one was worse than ron. he treated hermione like shit for half of HBP, all because she dared kiss another boy in 4th year. that shit killed any sympathy I had for him. also straight up abandoning Harry and Hermione in Deathly Hallows. sure, he was emotional and sure, he came back...but THAT was not nice.

NO. Do you understand me? N.O.

I’m going to be as clear as possible here -  I love Draco Malfoy to death. He’s my favorite character ever and I will defend him tooth and nail. HOWEVER. there is absolutely no way that you can say that Ron was worse than Draco was to Hermione and Harry. Just the idea is completely ludicrious. Draco was a complete and utter shit to the entire golden trio during pretty much the entire time at Hogwarts. and while that doesn’t make him irredeemable, that fact can’t just be glossed over.

and okay, even though Ron had some weak moments that showed realistic flaws in his character, he was a terrific and loyal friend to both Harry and Hermione. you really aren’t cutting this boy any slack here i mean let me just start to list what he’s done for those two

1. He is one of the first people who likes Harry as a person rather than just as a famous person

2. Helps save Hermione from the troll even after their rocky start of a friendship 

3. Sacrificed himself as a chess piece so Harry could go ahead and save the Stone

4. Continuously defends both Harry and Hermione from Snape and one Draco Malfoy

5. Even when he was mad at Harry for a while in Goblet of Fire , Ron still made sure that Harry got the message about the first task 

6. Let Harry practically join his family with open arms and took him out of the Dursleys house to go to the world cup together

7. His boggart is a spider, and he willingly accompanies Harry to see Aragog featuring hundreds of fucking spiders

8. In Prisoner of Azkaban Ron stares up defiantly from his mangled, broken leg and tells Sirius Black (who he thinks is a murderer at the time) that if he wants Harry, he’ll have to get through his friends first

9. When they are captured he screams at Bellatrix to harm him and let Hermione go

10. He put his life and his families life in danger to follow Harry and Hermione on the horcrux hunt 

11. Ron is what binds Harry and Hermione together and he brings out the best in both of them.

(also one of the reasons that Ron left was because he was under the influence of the horcrux which fed off of his insecurities which were both very human and very realistic and not many of us could say we wouldn’t have felt the same. Yeah it was bad of him to leave, but try to be a little understanding of the amount of stress he was going through. AND he came right back and owned up to his mistakes because thats who he was) 

tbh i love Ron Weasley and would kill to have a best friend like him


A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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power rangers movie thoughts *spoilers*

-i feel so fulfilled after seeing the movie holy fuck
-i was smiling the whole time beside lile the emotional parts. Felt good to hear their names and angel grove again
-so nostalgic and at the same time such a modern amazing take on it
-why is everyone hot like gotdamn dacre montgomery is daddy couldnt stop thinking about how fucking sexy he is
-they all hot tho and wow ugh billy was on the spectrum!! wow that respresentation! They did that!
-tbh when billy was telling jason he was on the spectrum i thought he meant he was gay or something lmao but then i realized he was talking about the other spectrum
-trini being gay!?! What! Like bitch that’s dope
-lowkey thought it was kinda cute when zack kept calling her crazy girl like his lil nickname for bae
-ludi lin was also fine too! damn hot rangers fuck me up
-hes a wild child i loved zack i loved all of them
-my heart when sexy ass jason stood up for billy and bitch slapped that bully at the beginning LMFAO man “weird right!?”
-ugh and his american accent holy fuck im in love w him and when he was shirtless that sealed the deal. big heart beautiful face and body lawd yes red ranger bless me
-ugh the comedic elements were so great
-i loved the cursing like yeah it was little things like hell shit bullshit but like that still makes me a little giddy bc its the fuckin power rangers man! childs play but still a step up from the campy series
-i would hardly call it dark i guess it’s a little grittier but its just more REAL with their stories and how they go about everything. LOVED IT
-billy is the heart of this movie tbh what a sweet angel I also own one of the same shirts
-tons of cgi but like its power rangers what do u expect? At least it was pretty well done IMO
-man rita repulsa was actually kinda fucking scary lmao like straight out of a horror movie deadass but then she got her gold and was like rejuvenated and she looked bomb
-so funny how the fucking zeo crystal was at a fucking krispy kreme everytime they mentioned protecting it i geeked
-ugh i just love how it was just so fucking age appropriate and not campy and it was as realistic as it could be for power rangers
-the masturbation joke ahah when zordon asked if theyve ever morphed before and zack said “only in the shower” lmao shook this is not the campy shit we grew up with!!! I LOVE IT
-the diversity, the sexuality, the language, zacks mom being sick, kimberlys sexting fiasco, billys autism and bullies, jasons all star career down the drain, trini and her family/ sexuality etc.
-all these kids were so fuckin ready to die breaks my heart but also so realistic
-some real breakfast club shit but i loved it wow dont really remember the show being like that but maybe im wrong
-yea just checked lmao and ugh i love how they didnt start off as friends like in the show bc we really got to see their bonds develop from the start
-we didnt just jump right into everything like the show
-killing Billy I was SHOOK i cried a little and then they were all like id trade my life for you guys etc i was really feeling the love and unity and man I fucking love them!!!
-and fitz and the tantrums during the training montage. GREAT FUCKING SOUNDTRACK BBS
-wow zordon the real mvp for saving him i knew he wasnt like frfr dead but wow hell yea
-their relationships just worked on so many levels
-even if i wasnt a long time power ranger fan i wouldve loved this movie
-this movie has helped me come full circle ive waited for this for so fucking long u have no idea i grew up with the og!!! And most of the cheesy spinoffs
-it did the series and franchise justice. for me it was exactly the movie i had hoped would get made someday and it finally did and i didnt even have to wait that long i mean yea its been forever but im only 23!!! SUCH A BLESSING
-legit have always wanted to be a power ranger and after the movie i was so hype i felt like i could fight everyone rn like i had the power within me
-billy telling jason he didnt get humor like “normal people” do at the beginning and then at the end when jason made the same “weird, right?!” joke after bitch slapping rita into oblivion BILLY UNDERSTOOD IT AND IT WAS SO CUTE!!! GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OK
-great beautiful diverse characters, excellent backstory. Enough to get a feel of who they were and why they were that way
-was confused when kim and jason didnt kiss but also wasnt a big deal the romance was hardly even being developed so that trailer was bait but whatever I was gonna see it regardless
-their suits and zords!!! Fuck ya and billy calling it a megazord yes baby
-bitch slapping rita was fucking hilarious. SHE THOUGHTTT
-zordon and alpha were played well too thank the lord
-i just idk what im missing or if i covered anything all i know is that i need to see it again
-that credits scene searching for tommy oliver!!! Omfg who is gonna play him
-this movie really made me feel some type of way
-the fucking cast!!!! So phenomenal like i want to be their fucking best friends IN THE MOVIE AND IRL they mesh so well together im shook i love them so much i didnt know i could love them this much
-also i hope bulk and skull are in the sequel with tommy
-ill get back if i think of more i guess im back to my i wanna be a ranger phase bye

“Nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here”.

I was thinking about what Cole said about Jughead being attracted to the purity and beauty and wholesomeness that was once Riverdale. 

Yet for Juggie, life was not beauty and purity. His family was fucked up, his dad was a deadbeat from the South side and he was a weird kid bullied by everyone. The town and his friends were his only links to normalcy and despite all his assertions about not being “wired to be normal”, he actively sought it. He wanted a normal family, yearned for it, he pushed his alcoholic dad to get a job with Fred Andrews so his mom and JB can come back home and he could come home. That warped, miserable place is still “home” to him. Despite the sorrowful, unhappy memories associated with it.

I think Riverdale itself and Betty and Archie were his source of comfort to tide over his childhood angst. They were “normal” and hence by hanging out with them, he could be “normal” too. He could escape the reality back home while he was with them. That beauty and purity that he longed for - he found in his friends and the town - they gave him hope that one day things could get better for him and the strength to cope and fight the demons within him.

Jason’s murder changed that. That was the first thing that shattered his illusion about Riverdale and his Utopian world that he now realized only existed in his mind. And then he found out about Archie and Grundy. Yet another illusion shattered.  I think at the point where he kissed Betty, he thought of her as his only solace, the only symbol of that purity remaining and he clung to her as a dying man would cling to his last breath. He needed her to be the light illuminating his dark path, the only hope in all the despair that now surrounded him.

And now he knows that she’s not perfect either. She is battling her own darkness. The only symbol remaining of that idyllic and pure world that he once inhabited was lost, the anchor he was clinging to in desperation was drowning herself.  

Did he not notice he had saved himself each time his hopes crashed? Jughead, IMO, is the most persistent reminder of human resilience in Riverdale. He found a way to cope when the town let him down, by letting one of its own, a young boy, be tortured and murdered brutally. He attempted to find sense in all the nonsense by writing his novel in a bid to seek justice for that wrongdoing in his own unique way. When he found out about Archie and Grundy, he coped too. He confronted his once best friend and reminded him to do the right thing, something Archie had forgotten about himself. He triggered his conscience and set him on the right path. He forgave, he moved on.

With Betty too, he will find a way. Because now her need is greater than his. Now he must be her light, guiding her and showing her the way out of her darkness.  And teaching her to embrace it like he did. The dying man must now become the savior and that is just beautiful.

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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anonymous asked:

Sorry, I want to ask you about tvxq's yunjae? I have you in kpop for 8 years and know what is real, she said yunjae real but jikook is not real (0% real) and JM and JK are straight boys, brothers. But if jikook real then master (jamjam, snowpeach,...) they know it? How they hide master?

Hello anon~

I’m sorry I think I have trouble understanding this a little bit. So you meant you had a friend who’d been into kpop for 8 years, and she told you that?

I mean… No one knows which ship is real except for the people who are directly involved in the ship and perhaps people personally connect to them. There’s really no way that us fans who just observe them, even for such a long time can know what is real and what is not. In relation to Jikook/Kookmin, I’ve pretty much stated my stance here. In short, even tho I ship them, my ship won’t be real until they themselves confirm that they’re real. I’m pretty much ALWAYS aware of that. So, unfortunately, I CAN’T tell you that Jikook/Kookmin is real and what your friend said was wrong 😶😶 .

Moreover, even tho I’ve been into Kpop for years, I’ve never been a stan of any SM group (no offense), I don’t know much about their personalities or their relationships with each other, so I can say nothing about DBSK. I occasionally watch SHINee’s shows (pretty much the only SM group, others are 2PM, MBLAQ, WINNER) but really, I’m not that deep in any other male groups except for Big Bang and BTS. I can just tell from my exp that I’ve never seen any relationship like the one between Jimin and Jungkook. I don’t wanna drag any other ship that is not related to this, but I can tell you briefly that Nyong/Tory and G/Top To/Dae are imo 3 of the popular ships in Big Bang, but I really don’t see that sparkle (of romance) between them. They’re as cute as any other ship tho. For me that’s what platonic/bromance is about :-).

You can have a look here to see the things that Jimin and Jungkook (mostly Jungkook) do that leave me confused and question their relationship. Again, no one knows if they’re real. But if they’re really brothers like your friend said (I won’t talk about their sexuality), they’re indeed EXTREMELY WEIRD brothers. No need to look to other groups, within the group itself, their interactions and the looks they share are already distinctive.

Originally posted by jijinkook

(ah~~~ you don’t know how weak my heart is everytime I see Jungkook’s heart eyes directing towards Jimin… 🐰🐥💞)

To sum up, I can’t say and I don’t know if Jikook/Kookmin is real, but no one can convince me that they’re just simply friends or brothers, sth like that? xD

Concerning the masters of fansites, well, again, I don’t know much about fansite stuff, since I don’t speak Korean. However, throughout the years, I’ve heard quite a few stories that some masters know things other fans don’t, and there have been circumstances that they also hide things from spreading out outside of their group (I can’t go any further than this, but these are related to other groups, not BTS, I’ve never really heard any about BTS fansites in general since I’m not connected with other ARMYs). If you’re interested in rumor too, then I also hear that there’re certain group chats talking about things like this (dating stuff), but I CAN’T confirm that it’s real. All of these are just rumors.

Imo, no one can verify if Jikook/Kookmin is real, even the masters of fansites, unless they do sth exclusive like kissing in public. Otherwise, if everything is kept within their dormitory, no one knows (unless stalkers install cameras in there, which I pray there’s nothing of that sort. It’s creepy as hell). Perhaps sometimes they do sth out of ordinary and the fansite masters happen to see it, but if it’s not as strong and obvious as a kiss or further, most people will just take it as platonic, what brothers/close friends do (like butt slap, backhug, etc. we usually see). Please note I said most people, including non-shipper ARMYs, but not some of us and me xD. That’s why sometimes I see some shippers worry about their ships being exposed by journalists because of their analyses, I wouldn’t be concerned that much. Since no journalist in their sane mind can write stuff from collected ‘proofs’ by fans if they don’t wanna be cursed at by the general public or even lose their job, UNLESS they do have a picture of the two (guys) kissing for real (for relationships between males and females, it’s easier since they just need to take pictures of them hanging out together on a few (special) occasions, but what can they make out of 2 males hanging out together without doing anything too intimate?). But that, by no mean, denies the moments we’ve had between Jimin and Jungkook. I’m really bad at expressing myself, I really do hope you get what I mean tho.

Same goes for the fansite masters, if they haven’t seen anything exclusive, then they can suspect, just like we do, but they can’t confirm it. But let’s just say even if they know, they can hide it (I’d do the same if it were me). If they love the boys, they will wanna protect them, and no one can blame the masters for that. There have been occasions where some fansite masters in general (not directing to any BTS fansites) close their fansites because their idols are dating, but if they stay, they deserve to be appreciated, because they love the boys for who they are, not for their relationship status. In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t know if the fansite masters know, but I won’t be surprised if they actually know something.

Also, it’s not like the boys have to try their best to hide every single thing from everyone. Personally, I think there are certain things that should remain unknown, but otherwise, if we look close enough, we still see plenty of things, which the boys themselves let us know.

I hope I don’t misunderstand anything in your question, and you can vaguely have an idea what I was trying to say. I’m sorry that I can’t answer all of this clearly. Thank you for asking anyhow and hope you have a nice day 😊🌺

guys okay so i watched ordinal scale and im literally dying. like i stepped out of the theatre and my hands were SHAKING!! that’s just how good the movie was!!! but i can’t express all my feelings towards the movie in such a small text post like this, so im gonna go full-on sao trash under the read more. feel free to click on it if you want my opinion on the movie!~ (will contain spoilers ofc lmao)

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anonymous asked:

The article specifically says that we see Aaron holding a piece of glass in his hand after his conversation with Rebecca... But I don't understand how that can happen when Danny said Aaron isn't going to lash out at Robert or himself and instead will talk it through with Robert? I'm confused and worried about what Rebecca says to him and if Aaron really is going to start self harming again.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I still believe there is nothing to worry about nonnie 😘😘

To me there are several reasons why I don’t think Aaron will start self harming again.

1. When Robert tells Aaron that he slept with Rebecca and she’s pregnant now, the old Aaron would have lashed out and stormed off. But not this time. Aaron has enough strength and sense to calm himself down and sit down to have a proper, mature, conversation with Robert and hear him out. Showing how strong Aaron really is.

2. Aaron is going to support Robert becoming a dad. That’s a rational and mature decision Aaron makes whereas if Aaron was on the verge of self harming again then he would be too emotionally unstable to make a decision like that. We’ve seen it in the past where in situations like this he would be irrational and lie and be too wired to make any decisions of great significance. So this shows that despite how his life has been thrown into chaos then he can still think clearly and be rational and nothing like the Aaron we have seen when he’s been self harming in the past.

3. Aaron is obviously angry at Rebecca, and rightly so. But he goes to see her, not to lash out, but to talk and have it out with her and that’s a big difference. It’s not like with Kasim when Aaron had gotten drunk and suddenly started beating Kasim up bc he couldn’t have it out with Robert.

4. Danny has stressed that we’re going to see a more mature and family orientated Aaron. That Aaron has changed and we’re going to see a different Aaron, a new grown up version if you like - “It’s more of a mature Aaron reaction rather than the old person he was.” (…) “…he’s trying to be that family person, a more mature, grown-up Aaron who says ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’”. These are not the actions of an Aaron who’s on the verge of self harming again. Even when Rebecca came to the village and he was feeling really low and was so insecure and self-doubting, and to an extend self-loathing as well, not once did he start self harming again. Despite the fact his brain was trying its best to make him doubt everything and make him lie and deceit Robert. Not even when Robert told him that Rebecca had kissed him did Aaron feel the need to self harm. He just got upset, which is understandable, and that was it.

5. Danny has also pointed out that Aaron has learned a lot and grown up while being in prison and it’s made him see things in a new way. Bc he’s not his old self who would have flown off the handle and lashed out - “He can kind of see past it because it wasn’t as though this was an affair, it wasn’t as though it was going on for months – it was a one night stand.” - rational and level headed thinking that an emotionally unstable Aaron wouldn’t be able to.

6. Aaron has a counsellor now. Someone who Aaron will be able to talk to and can help guide Aaron and stop him from giving into temptation and start self harming again. Bc the temptation to self harm is probably always going to be there when life gets tough for Aaron but with professional help, something Aaron didn’t have the last time his life was thrown into chaos and he started self harming again, then Aaron can fight the temptation to self harm much better.

7. Plus Robert, Chas, Liv and Paddy all know how badly Aaron was coping in prison. Chas even stopped Robert from telling Aaron the truth in prison bc she didn’t think Aaron could handle knowing the truth while inside. So when it becomes apparent that Aaron knows the truth everyone will undoubtedly be extra aware of how Aaron is feeling and to look out for signs that he’s on a downward spiral.

8. Also, Ryan has said that, “you’ll see another side of Robert’s personality as he wants to prevent Aaron from getting hurt anymore” - showing that Robert is going to do everything in his power to make sure Aaron isn’t hurt in anyway when he finds out about Rebecca. As well as the whole reason why Robert tells Aaron about Rebecca in te first place is bc he doesn’t want Aaron to find out from someone else, and thereby hurt Aaron even more. And we know Robert knows Aaron better than anyone, that even when they hate each other Aaron’s health and well being always come first, and that no matter what happens Robert will make sure that Aaron doesn’t start self harming again - especially as Robert knows what happened to Aaron in prison and with the drugs.

9. And I think this is important to remember, Danny has said that everything that has happened - him having trust issues and lashing out at Kasim and going to prison - can all be traced back to Gordon. And as Danny pointed out in his interviews “if Gordon takes Robert away, he’s won again hasn’t he?” - and I think that’s very important bc I think that’s how Aaron will feel if he starts self harming again. That it will be like Gordon has won all over again.

And all of this leads me say that no, I don’t think Aaron will start self harming again. I think the spoilers about Aaron holding a piece of glass in his hand after he’s had a conversation with Rebecca is about Rebecca most likely having said something hurtful to Aaron. Bc we know the spoilers say that when Aaron and Rebecca talk the tables turn bc of something she says, which leads me to think that Rebecca will put all the blame on Robert and play the victim card and make Aaron doubt himself and his relationship with Robert and cause Aaron to feel self loathing again. Which will lead him to be tempted to take the pain away by cutting himself with the piece of glass in his hand.

Yet, it will only be temptation bc instead of Aaron self harming again I think that scene is meant to show that Aaron is tempted to self harm, like he’s been in the past when his life has been turned upside down, only this time around he’s stronger and he’ll end up putting the piece of glass back down and not go through with it.

So imo that scene is only there to show us viewers that Aaron is stronger now, is more mentally stable, and has grown has a person that he’s able to walk away from the temptation of self harming when life gets shitty. And that is very important to show I think.

Black Sails Episode 5; The Moment Silver Realizes Madi Done Drunk The Flint Koolaid

And It is killing him softy as fuck! Omg my bae is unraveling over his queen and it’s breaking my soul and yet I love it.

“Flint’ s War.”

It’s like even though Silver is still committed to the cause there’s this other side of his brain fully waking up to the knowledge that they are all fucked. It’s becoming entirely to unnatainable and yet as Billy said, they keep following Flint down this rabbit hole but the wrench in this is Silver watching from the outside as Madi plunges.

I love how Silver perks up every time he sees Madi. There’s this yearning in his expression that somehow everything is ok when she is there. It’s very clear she is precious to him though we’ve heard it already. It’s clear she is THE most important person to him.

While both Billy and Flint are friends to Silver and vice versa Silver has always been a pawn to be used. They’ve both been propping him up just to be in control which shows in some ways a lack of faith in BOTH sides that Silver can ACTUALLY lead.

Which is why it is so poignant that Madi is the only one who thinks that he doesn’t need anyone to be a King. Also imo why he really will step up knowing she’s hurt or in danger the next few episodes. I think BOTH don’t understand how much they need that tether to each other. Silver is going to go into some Woodes Rodgers territory on that island giving no fucks about no one.

This review is all over the place but I think so much stuff happened with Silver this episode. What’s noteworthy is that Silver DOES know that Billy is right. He does hear exactly what Billy was saying and alarm bells were going off. I mean even when it came to choosing he thought foremost of his choice effected Madi, her mother, and her people.

As Billy said, it was Flint’ s deal with the Maroon people not his OR Silver’s and Silver is still following Flint of whom now Mask is tied because of the fate of her people.

Can we talk about this “what is enough?” theme? When Silver asked Madi that I immediately thought of his canon backstory and my eyes welled because there is this underlying insecurity regarding love and even friendship. That now finally he has found both that he could be abandoned in both.

To him Madi is enough. Madi loves John so much. We watched her grief at losing him, her earth shattering moment when finding out he was alive. Silver never saw that so its relevant for him to ask as we don’t know if they’ve exchanged ILYs yet. They fell in love in the middle of a war. But Madi is bound to her cause which is to free her people. Though her mother obviously got it right like Ruth said and I think like any perskn she has to go through some thangs to learn that for herself which is when she will be able to give Silver the answer.

Which means Maroon camp shit…😣😣😣

Anywho, I bout cried again when he kissed her forehead and leaned against it. We know he made his decision after being slapped ( literally! Hands is my OG. Those slaps had me dying. If you ever wanna see what a tough love parenting moment looks like in this time period). He knew he was going to have to make a plan that entrusted Madi wit Flint. Kofi would only hand the cache to Madi or Silver so Madi would have to go to the exchange while he took care of Billy.

He was scared and torn but he put his trust ( Madi, his one precious thing) in Flint’ s hands as he asked him to do. That’s pretty much what this episode was about. And so he had to have her close. He couldn’t even tell her his worry. LA did a great job portraying his vulnerability.

I appreciate Madi so much. She is being logical to the best of her ability in an impossible situation. She is doing her best to fix what Billy broke but she is flailing. She’s put trust in Flint in part because of Silver and in part because Flint working that magic with The Koolaid. She’s much like Silver, a good, strong rational person trying to do what’s best for the people they care about. Which stands to reason if he turned Silver’s hate to loyalty then Madi didn’t stand a chance.

Flint also wants Nassau. Silver could give no fucks especially when The Spanish roll in. ( knew this shit was happening). Flint s probably going to run back ready to fight now because you know that my red psycho can’t resist a bloodlust challenge and with Billy gone Silver officially rules the army.


I mean…yeah that’s going to be it. The camels back has been breaking but a M.I.A. Madi and a true to form Flint is going to push my baby over the edge.

And finally Jesus Madi, I know the Maroon issues may feel like only yours but somebody ( Kofi, I’m side-eyeing you. You know you report wifeys drama) should have told him about Julius matching on Nassau. I think she knew Billy would have to pay the price but my naive wise Queen did you think.that would be enough?

Silver couldn’t kill him. I like this. What changes this?!

I have so many more thoughts. I am up for discussions.

EXO’s Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

I still haven’t actually seen this show so sorry if some of the situations aren’t 100% accurate

Xiumin: minseok would let you lead and talk more about you than him unless you pushed him to open up. Once he did, you guys would go on fun outings to the park or cute cafes where he’ll point out everything wrong that the barista does – “ah, that’s too much powder, the consistency won’t be smooth now” and you think he’s full of it until he actually makes you coffee one day and it was so good you can’t drink coffee made by anyone else anymore

Originally posted by 12fools

Luhan: confident and yet somehow awkward. He’s got the looks and he’s aware of this so he exudes confidence. But then every so often there’s an uncomfortable pause in the conversation and he wants to fill it up so he’ll awkwardly dab or something which is followed by instant regret so he laughs awkwardly which ups the awkwardness, leading to more regret. “But I’m manly though, right?”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: shows off his bilingual skillz by speaking different languages to annoy you since “I don’t know what you’re saying, Yifan!” and you think he’s making fun of you but he’s actually just mentioning how pretty you look in that blue hat or that you’re his style. He won’t let you know that though cause he’s “cool” so he lets you think he’s mocking you

Originally posted by beastdw

Suho: hope you like cheese cause this boy lays it on thick; always telling you you’re pretty, your outfit is cute, your hair is nice, corny “dad” jokes, puns, etc. He also likes to take cheesy couple photos e.g. you make one half of a heart, he makes the other or you’re both holding hands under a cherry blossom tree

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Lay: very gentlemanly. doesn’t initiate skinship unless he’s certain you’re ok with it but usually you have to start it. imo he’s into a more old fashioned dating style so he holds doors open for you, pays when you go out, and kisses your cheek at the end of the night after he walks you home

Originally posted by lovesquishynoemi

Baekhyun: this guy is hilarious, you laughed non-stop. There were times where he’d be cheesy, like bringing you a rose because “it’s beauty reminded me of you” then 2 secs later he’s trying to “cuddle” you in bed, swearing that’s really all he means

Originally posted by parkchny

Chen: was really polite and shy when you first met. Once he got more comfortable he would crack the funniest jokes and do little things that were v cute, like get you water when you’re thirsty or giving you his jacket when you’re cold

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Chanyeol: a total flirt. Flexes and asks you to feel his muscles, plays songs on the piano (“I taught myself, you know”), plays guitar for you and tells you you’re the prettiest “wife” ever. He likes sharing his things with you so if you need a charger or a shirt or socks, he’s got you. Also, seeing you in/with his things makes him blushy and giggly so during those times, he gets rather touchy-feely

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D.O: awkward and quite but so squishy. Then out of nowhere he’ll do something weird or super adorbs and you’re like “???” because 5 seconds ago he couldn’t even make eye contact with you. Once he’s comfortable, he makes you lunch for days when you have a busy schedule and then has dinner ready when you’re home

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Tao: kind of a tall baby diva. So you probably have to cook for him a lot and don’t criticise him even a little. like even saying “oh, I’ve never thought about wearing those two items together” will make him re-evaluate his life choices and he’ll get pissy because his confidence just got knocked back a bit. He loves cuddles and hugs so I hope you do too

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Kai: a natural with the ladies. Has no hesitation in talking to you or initiating skinship. 5 mins after meeting him he’s probably holding your hand and leading you to the dance studio to learn some exo moves. He probably invites Kyungsoo over a lot because that’s his best bro, ya know? And he also cooks v well so Jongin asks him to make you both dinner and ofc Kyungsoo will, that’s his bestie. And now wgm feels more like they’re the couple and you’re a third wheel haha

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Sehun: “you must have been so excited to see me come in, right?” Taking pictures with him is a nightmare because he either flashes his sarcastic little smile or looks like a damn beautiful model. But once he gets to know you, you’re one of his crew, get me? So he’ll tease you but text you after each episode to ask that you got home safe and if he says he doesn’t like your outfit and makes you change into something of his it’s because he’s marking you as someone taken. Not in a dominating way but a “wow, this human is v cute in my stuff, it’s mine forever, don’t touch” kind of way. If you don’t pick him up bubble tea every so often though he’ll get sassy so make sure you do

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I’ve said this before in other posts but for quite a while I have not believed Sam and Cait to be together (JMO) but that didn’t matter to me, to my ship, it didn’t make me any less of a shipper, I love the idea of them……what I don’t love is them playing with that idea for whatever means they deem necessary. They’ve used it to suit their agendas, whether that be to deflect from real relationships, promote the show, win fan awards and votes, they kept up the narrative of them as a couple for a reason. So I’m going with the latest narrative that is being sold to me at the minute that Sam is with MM because I feel this is what they want their fans to believe, this will prob change coming up to SDCC when they need to amp up promotion & interest again!!

Now riddle me this, you say you don’t live your relationship on SM….fair game….a wise choice IMO…..I would prob do the same BUT I would still live my life because its mine & why should I live it according to how fans/society see fit because that is just impossible to please everyone when the person you should be pleasing is yourself. So IMO having a relationship is a pretty big part of your life, they are your everyday partner, I get it neither Sam or Cait want to post selfies of SO’s probably to protect them and they shouldn’t have too. Now Cait kind of gets to slip easily by because if she is with Tony, he has no SM presence, she’s not as lovey to Sam on SM, still doesn’t excuse her behaviour over the past how many yrs if she is with T?? I’m still giving her major virtual side eye!!

Now Sam meets a girl who has been in the business since childhood, chasing the star dream, she moved quickly on from her ex-husband to boyfriend Billy & she didn’t hide it, they lived their lives posting selfies, having fun around the world and you know what fair fucks to her, she was living her life regardless of judgement from her fans or even Billy’s & they seemed equal, when I look at pics of them I see a partnership, a duo, I see a team, I actually see happiness.

Then she meets a guy who so fiercely wants to keep it off SM, she was sent the memo & she respects that to a degree, she doesn’t post selfies with him not like with the previous one, doesn’t post any pics of him so yeah she’s obeying the rules right?? Nope instead she posts odd one eyed innuendo laden pics geo-tagged to a tee from any place Sam Heughan so happens to be. She didn’t get the memo after all. And now Sam knows what she posts, he follows her, he sees it, he’s ok with it to some degree, he has to be…..maybe he thought ppl wouldn’t put two & two together, he’s being so private….but fans do because they are fans & it’s the digitally era where information is so readily available and well a shit storm erupts on her posts, now if this happened on 1 or 2 posts & then died down fair enough but nope EVERY single post it got worse and worse & even ones that had nothing to do with Sam she got abuse for.

Now you two are in a relationship, you are a team, a partnership, you care for one another, protective of one another….no….am I wrong…..SO’s are meant to give a fuck right….so you sit down TOGETHER as partners, one says you know what I’m not comfortable with putting out a selfie & being photographed together, retweeting your achievements and heaping praise on you & being supportive in public…the other would go fair enough….not gona lie, that would hurt me and sting a lot but whateves his choice…..but then he understands that she wants to post scenery pics and show off her adventures to everyone, live her life…..fine but you should then TOGETHER for the sake of protecting ONE ANOTHER, turn off commenting at the least or if you truly need all those positive fan comments then delete negativity, delete and block the trolls saying shit about you, shit about your man & shit about your man’s best friend/co-star, its disrespectful to yourself, to him & to his best friend. If he wants to intervene like he did before on the Christmas tree pic then fair dues, he should, if that’s his SO, protect her BUT she should do the same in return. It’s not like she is getting thousands of comments, a few hundred from the same accounts being fake and ass kissing to “fans” policing her page to trolls starting an idiotic war. But this should be a team effort, of two ppl who are in a relationship together, one of which is being trolled for it & the other judged for it, have each other’s backs, you are both accountable!!

I said yesterday on another post about Cait’s birthday pic, that I didn’t recognise Sam or Cait in it & so many times when there have been “SO’s” in attendance I haven’t recognised the easy, relaxed, fun loving, flirty duo I have come to know and love but if this is their true happiness with these SO’s, my opinion on the fact will have no impact on them.

I’ve read that Sam has finally started to block ppl, some unfairly but still at least he’s slowly starting to take much needed action in this fandom because he contributed to this shit storm, both he and Cait…… and MM and Shatner and Anti’s and shippers and trolls and unhinged “journalists” and the drivers and certain crew members and so on and on….so many are not blameless, I’m not to a degree, I bought the obsessable campaign, I bought the SamCait dating rumours, I bought into the ship and I own up to that but I won’t apologise for that. I didn’t bully, troll, spread hate, invade, data mine or cross any boundaries other than follow two actors on SM and reblog pics, gifs, quotes & info they put out there…..there’s nothing to apologise for!!

Today I’m a little less of a fan of the both of them than i was yesterday and i’m not sure if i will truly be that same fan again, but i’m tired and over it all, whatever is going on, if these are their SO’s its turned into a shit show, if they are not their SO’s it’s turned into a shit show….either way its a shit show no one can or should be proud of.

List of Season 2 Riarkle | Hints, Moments and Foreshadowing

2x1 - Girl Meets Demolition 

Aubrey to Riley: Well, this is one of a kind. And so are you. It’s yours.

  • Riley has always wanted to be a princess, and as we learned from Season 1: Girl Meets Friendship horses play a big role in Riley’s princess dream. 
  • Farkle is constantly wearing outer space, NASA, astronomy-centric t-shirts throughout the second season. Put them together we get a “beautiful” astronaut and a horse.

2x2 - Girl Meets Gravity

  • If you pay attention to Farkle in most scenes where he’s standing / sitting behind Riley you’ll notice his intent looks at her whenever she speaks. 
  • He wears his emotions blatantly on his face. So if you want to know what’s he’s thinking his expression is usually a giveaway. 

2x3 Girl Meets The New World

Riley: There will be many twists and turns that no one will see coming.
Farkle: I like the way you hugged me, Riley. I’m taking you.

2x4 Girl Meets the Secret of Life

  • Moments of typical Farkle, Riley in class setting. This time his scientific freakout / play-by-play of the class assignment amuses her.

2x5 Girl Meets Pluto

Riley: Pluto? I love Pluto. Everybody knows that. Pluto’s a little cutie-pie. The smallest planet with the biggest heart. I love pluto so much, I would kiss it on the face.

  • Seriously, before Farkle’s growth spurt isn’t he basically just pluto in human form?

Riley: Your favorite Orange turtleneck

  • Cory placed his infamous jean jacket in his time capsule, Farkle placed his orange turtleneck, the same one Riley wore in Girl Meets Flaws. NOT A COINCIDENCE

2x6 Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

  • During Maya and Riley’s argument he defended Riley

2x7 Girl Meets the Tell-Tale Tot

  • As Riley happily sways he watches on with a little smile aka usual Riarkle classroom reactions

2x8 Girl Meets Rules

  • When Cory isn’t there to pick him up she rushes to him

Farkle: I mean, you know the reason I’ve never been able to choose between you? Because if it was you all the time, life would be like…la la la la la la la 

  • If Riley loosened up a bit more over time, she would be Farkle’s full package

2x9 Girl Meets Hurricane

  • When Riley comments that Lucas went to New Orleans to help out after Hurricane Katrina she motions toward Farkle for telling her the story 

2x10 Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

  • When Farkle tells the girls he wants 11 children and to split them up however they want Maya concedes and tells Riley she gets all 11 of Farkle’s kids. 
  • Mars is referenced again in GMSTEM by Riley, the two have Pluto together & Mars

2x11 Girl Meets New Teacher

  • Riley says she doesn’t want Harper/Batman to lose…in GMRules, Farkle says: 
  • PLUS let’s not forget in GMBay Window what childhood Riley sings: 
  • All together: She’s been dreaming of a hero since she was a kid and present day she doesn’t want Batman to lose…

2x12 Girl Meets Yearbook

  • Donnie Barnes + Morotia M. Black | basically in this dark alternate universe they would totally be married living in a room of black drapes and curtains

2x13 Girl Meets Semi-Formal

  • Farkle is the first one to ask Riley to the dance and even at semi-formal he asks Riley to dance first while she’s talking to two other guys pining over her he still does it, you go Farkle Minkus!

2x14 Girl Meets Creativity

  • Adorable glances they give each other - anyone else notice the progression of looks Riley exchanges with Farkle (it’s more reciprocated now)

2x15 Girl Meets I am Farkle

  • This episode shows Riley constantly being the initial person involved/concerned about Farkle’s well-being out of the group. Let’s not forget their fake wedding!

2x16 Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

  • Farkle and childhood Topanga both express how they lack basketball prowess. It’s fitting Riley and Farkle are in the same shot when Riley takes her basket. A very subtle comparison to Cory and Topanga.
  • Riley won’t end up with a Cory or Topanga because she’s the best of both of them.

Riley: I’m going to have my own stories 

2x17 Girl Meets Rileytown

Farkle: You will come back to me after the war, won’t you darling?

  • This episode showcases how Farkle really does see Riley as much as Riley sees Farkle. They have this inherent understanding that only the two of them share out of the group.

2x19 Girl Meets Rah Rah

  • No one believes in Riley more than Farkle

2x20 Girl Meets Texas Part 1

  • When Riley runs over toward Lucas, Farkle runs over and places a hand on Riley 

Season 2x21 Girl Meets Texas Part 2

  • There were a number of Riley, Farkle moments throughout the episode: glances at Chubby’s, Ice Cream, and when Riley asked what they could do to look at each other’s faces longer she glanced at Farkle.
  • Riley asked if she could buy Farkle ice cream, right after Vanessa asked Zay out for ice cream.

2x22 Girl Meets Texas Part 3

  • The start of Farkle stepping in for Riley’s happiness: Calling her out on how she really feels
  • the pulling of each other out of the room begins
  • Farkle’s usage of ‘always’ to Riley
  • the exchange of the first I love you’s (note he’s wearing a denim jacket just like how Cory had his during his and Topanga’s inital I love you’s
  • Let’s not forget good ol’ Charlie’s words of foreshadowing wisdom

2x23 Girl Meets the Forgiveness

  • Riley drops the l word again

2x24 Girl Meets Belief

  • The group shuffles partners for their project; it isn’t until Riley pairs up with Farkle does the assignment work out. In GM Stem they are also a successful partnership - it really demonstrates that their differences make them dynamic partners in multiple ways 

2x25 Girl Meets the New Year

  • Farkle stepping in For Riley’s happiness continues, plus all those lingering looks across the room, Smackle getting defensive and the pulling of each other out of the room to talk, can’t forget Farkle’s flirtatiousness coming out: 

 Farkle: You dragged me all the way up the stairs. I liked it.

2x26 Girl Meets Stem [The MOST Riarkle Episode IMO]

  • This whole episode is Riarkle - Mars comment, science partners, and they were the only successful project. 

2x27 Girl Meets Money

  • Pluto is still a planet in Farkle’s bedroom planetarium, just for Riley

2x28 Girl Meets Commonism

  • Signature ‘always’ usage, and Riley picks Farkle & Maya over Lucas

2x29 Girl Meets the Bay Window

Childhood Riley [sings]: I am dreaming of a hero

  • Batman anyone?

Childhood Riley [sings]: Who will treat me like a princess

Childhood Riley [sings]: And he’ll be my handsome prince & I’ll love him 

  • AND she’s already told him that she loves him…so someone fits all of these points…come on Wiwey…wift you head and see Farkle!!
  • Cannot forget how future Riley is wearing a turtleneck - a signature of early Farkle. 

2x30 Girl Meets Legacy

  • Throwing it back to a few things that Farkle has experienced while pairing up with Riley/talking about science with Riley:
  • Farkle frequently calls himself a scientist - his question for Mr. Norton and this previous conversation with Riley really connects and makes me believe that Farkle honed in on what Riley said and continues to wonder about science / feelings overall helping him grow as a person
  • It’s obvious that Farkle and Riley excel when they work together and this seems intentional. In the context of Farkle and Riley when the two team up in all ways they really become a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they realize not only could they make great partners in class but in life. 
  • Last hint - Stuart says Farkle only has 4 more years to Princeton / very similarly used in a Cinderella Story. Definitely intentional - of all colleges they have to use the one with Prince in the title and no other character loves the idea of a prince/princess than Riley Matthews.

asteroid-dan  asked:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Dan and Phil games video! As I thought it was just so funny and cute :)

& I’ll combine this with another question I received: “Omg did they come off as insanely in love and coupley to you too as well in that video or is it just me??”

To start off with….I loved the video. So many great moments.

Did I think they seemed couple-y in this video? Well, I always think that lol. But I definitely agree that they gave off that vibe even more than usual. I of course can’t know for sure if they’re a couple but I’m 100% certain that they operate as a unit. As always, everything is “we” and “our” when it comes to them. I’m not saying that is completely unheard of for two best friends but it is certainly less common. This is something I am constantly bringing up but I do find it to be extremely telling. If you watched them while removing the pretense of “we’re just friends,” it would be nearly impossible to not not make assumptions. If you back up for a moment and look at their life, everything screams “couple.” Their house is not just a house, it’s a home. A home that they have built together, all of their belongings intertwined until there’s so little distinction between “mine” and “yours.” They’re not the typical roommates with post-it notes on their milk and separate shopping lists, that’s for sure. Those boundaries don’t seem to exist for them. They live as a couple. I can’t say that they are a couple but they do live as one. Sometimes I forget what is usually deemed as “typical” for two young males rooming together and then the realization hits and it’s just so blaringly obvious how different Dan and Phil are. They are clearly not conforming to that mold. 

Nearly 4 years of living together with no sign of wanting or preparing to move on? Instead we get domestic arguments about house plants and talk of future pets, joint gifts, meals and tv shows always together, coupley vacations and plans for a koi pond/garden oasis. It’s just so….apparent to me. I’m sorry, this isn’t intended to be some sort of “phan is real” post but wow but this video just struck a chord in me. There’s just something so special and different about what they have and at the end of the day it makes no difference what label is placed on it. They’re more of a unit than most couples I know. It’s really incredible.

Notable moments in the video under the cut…

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anonymous asked:

I feel like I am among the minority who did not like the way the confession was done in London.. I know the place was romantic and all but idk in a middle of a case? and he just disappeared after that? Also, Ran doesn't usually let go of Shinichi easily so how did he manage to just go?? Moreover his confession was so indirect that it took me a while at first to understand that he was confessing..Imo the romantic moments in movies surpass the one in London, they had that "tension and passion"

Well, I’ve clearly stated more than once that I am 100% content with the way the confession went down, so I don’t really know what you expected when you asked this, but: 

The essence of why I was satisfied or not with the confession, let me tell you upfront, has nothing to do with the place or time. It has to do with the way it was written and handled. 

I don’t care that it was in London. I wouldn’t have cared if it was in New York, or Bali, or fucking Congo. Where it happens has no relevance or importance whatsoever in my eyes. Hell, he could’ve told her in a garbage chute and Ran would’ve still treasured it like she’s never treasured anything before. The place where you tell someone you love them is totally irrelevant because it pales in comparison to the fact that you’re fucking telling them you love them. That alone is the most important thing. 

Now, in the middle of a case? Well of course it was going to be somehow related to a case. We forget as a fandom that this is still a procedural. This is still about a group of people solving cases, just like any other cop show out there. There’s got to be cases involved somehow. Every time something romantically transcendent has happened in canon, it has been surrounded and encompassed in a context of cases. That’s the way Conan works. 

I can understand and, to some extent, share your frustration regarding Shinichi just leaving and Ran just letting him go –that’s all we’ve been told, after all. I, too, am frustrated that we don’t actually know what happened and how they went home after that. But I guess we’re just supposed to accept that, fruit of the embarrassment they must’ve felt (the cultural context is tremendously important in all of this, by the way) they were left speechless and too sheepish to say anything else. Maybe they walked together in silence after that. Maybe Ran ran off. Who knows. 

But, my dear anon, what I absolutely will not tolerate is you arguing that the confession was indirect and not romantic at all. Because, you’re right, the confession WAS indirect and not too romantic. Because this is Shinichi we’re talking about. Shinichi I-blush-when-she-holds-my hand. Shinichi I-get-nosebleeds-far-too-often. Shinichi it-took-me-seventeen-years-to-actually-gather-the-courage-and-tell-her. Shinichi Kudo doesn’t really do direct and romantic. That’s not who he is. 

Hell, the last time he tried to do something romantic there was a murder and he shrunk. You could understand how he wouldn’t feel all that secure about repeating something like that. 

The reason why I will defend this confession to my very last breath is that it’s the most in-character thing we could’ve ever gotten. Listen, I love movie 4 with all my heart. I love the way Conan tells Ran that he loves her. And I love all the other “romantic” moments –except they’re not truly over-the-moon, cake-and-rainbows romantic. They’re beautiful and real and raw. In the movies, it’s Shinichi telling her he’s willing to die with her. It’s him risking everything to save her from drowning –and even when they “kiss” it’s just to share air. And in the canon, it’s him giving her his phone number, or buying her Christmas presents, or trying his very best to make her happy. Shinichi Kudo doesn’t do big, boombox-on-his-shoulders gestures. And I love that about him. 

Plus, he’s never been good at talking about his feelings. He has trouble admitting he’s scared and insecure, often camouflaging it with a false superiority façade and airs of grandeur. It took him sixteen/seventeen years to tell Ran he loved her (Japanese culture context is, again, essential). He’s never been good with telling people how he feels. And Ran, despite being the exception, is, perhaps because she is the exception, the hardest person to communicate that to for him. So, instead of saying it, he acts upon it. He demonstrates it. 

But of course Ran has to hear it. She has to know. He has to tell her. And so, when he does, of course it’s hidden between a forest of metaphors (Holmes ones, nonetheless, because it’s always easiest for him to talk about he who he loves) and indirect. Because that’s the only way he can do it. That’s the best he can manage with these “distracting emotions”. He knows what he feels, but he can’t articulate it. So of course he’s going to try and get it across the best he can. But, of course, it’s not going to be as plain and simple as “I love you”. It wouldn’t be Shinichi if it was. 

And, evidently, Ran understands him perfectly. Which is what makes all of it worthy. You say it took you time to understand it. But it takes Ran less than a second to actually comprehend what he’s saying. Because nobody understands him better than she does. 

I have to say, and with this I conclude, that I loved the date during the Desperate Revival Arc and I loved his movie 4 confession, but after the London one, I reevaluated everything and understood why it didn’t happen back then –why it would’ve been wrong and kind of rushed to do it. Because it wouldn’t have been Shinichi. In DR, it would’ve been his parents. In movie 4, it’s slighty out of character, and it’s Kogoro.  

But, in London? In London it’s unique, and pure, and raw. 

It’s Shinichi, and it’s ShinRan. 

And I would never trade that for the world. That’s what I signed up for after all