but imo this is dumb


he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!

i’ve barely talked about er/uri when complaining about shingeko so i dont know why people keep believing the problem is that the ship died or damn even that my ‘fave’ died

like, let me be clear as fuck: is not that erw0n died, is how he died. he could have died on ch80 and yes it would be sad af, but also waaaaay way less shitty than him being dragged four episodes for nothing. cuz whats the point of making all the serum drama if it isnt going to bring any sort of conflict later on??? oh right, it was just to create drama at the moment. the story could have progressed without what happened on the rooftop. yes this could change and bring consequences later, but it seems like the fandom doesnt want this to happen at all which is frustrating. actions have consequences kids.

a lot of people have a problem with the passing of the story too. it went from four chapters full of flashbacks and way too much information, to a one year time skip in which they somehow reached the ocean as if it was in front of them all along but they were too dumb to see it before. like imo it seems like yams wants to finish the manga as fast as possible

the problem i have with the story is more than just “you’re mad your favorite character and ship died” stop invalidating any criticism to the story with that holy fuck

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i don't know if you've heard but vicky said it's entirely purposeful that thistleclaw is a pedophile in spottedleaf's heart and not just one of their usual dumb ignorant mistakes. pretty shocking imo, i can't believe they thought this was okay

Hello, Meepit!

Sadly, I get the impression that Erin Hunter, when they achieve something intentional, it is most typically ignorant, poorly handled, or loaded with unfortunate implications. And maybe they don’t intend to do this, and maybe they scramble to cover their backs because they didn’t intend to and now have their feet in their mouth. But it still stands that what they do and have done still has massive impact across a huge swathe of young readers. And when you make something like this “purposeful” and yet handle it in a blatantly atrocious way, there is no acceptable excuse.

Here is what Vicky has said:


1. Ignorance

Honestly, Vicky, you have just written a children’s book that centers around child grooming, pedophillia, and has no adults stepping in to help and is full of abuse that has genuinely triggered many people due to how disturbingly accurate it gets at some points. You did not expect an outcry? You did not expect people to speak against this, to spread the word, to create PSA to warn people who might be hurt or triggered by this?

At this point, you should not be ignorant about this. You say this was intentional, and yet claim shock at the effect.

2. Thistleclaw being bad

Thistleclaw was supposed to be bad in Bluestar’s Prophecy. He never met the level you supposedly tried to paint him as during then. Now is not the time or place to ham-fistedly give him a reason he’s bad. This is ridiculous.

3. Spottedleaf’s retcon

Spottedleaf originally was a super talented kit with a huge love for and interest in healing. She then became a warrior apprentice who nonetheless retained a great love for healing and switched her training and everyone was happy. Now she was groomed and abused as a child, “fled” to the medicine cat position because of this, and goes on to have a romantic relationship with a cat young enough to be her own child– Firepaw.

Not to mention this is another huge strike against the medicine cat position.

4. Under the Rug

And then you finish off by gushing over the very fans you have hurt, frightened, triggered, and offended and do not fully address the actual issue and do not fully take responsibility for what your writing has caused and may be used for in the future.

This has reached a deeply disturbing level of ignorance, carelessness, and “it’s OK they’re just cats”/”it’s OK it’s just fantasy”. Your target audience must be considered. The meaning that people take out of your books– and the fact that the meaning taken may not at all be what you intended– must also be considered. None of this was considered by Erin Hunter or Harpercollins. And I doubt they will have any more consideration in the future, unless it is made blatantly clear to them that their sexist, ableist series has just skyrocketed further into a zone of absolute unacceptability.

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If you could name one of the dumbest decision from each of the girls ever made in the history of PLL, which dumb decisions would they be?

Man………………….I’m just going off the top of my head here even though I guarantee after I post this I’m going to think of more


To this day I cannot watch 6x17 because of how stupid Emily was in that episode. She had the chance to see WHO was driving that truck that was trying to run her over but instead of sticking her head out and looking at the driver, she hid????????????????? I mean they only saw you running up that crate???????? they knew u were up there????????????? but she hid her face and allowed the driver to get out, pick up hat suitcase handle or whatever it was, hop back in the truck, and drive away. I still do not forgive her for that.


Using Archer’s card, man!! I know she was smashed and did it on accident but that’s a BIG ACCIDENT. An accident that can get you indicted on homicide!! Like you don’t know how LOUD I GASPED when they went back to Spencer meeting Marco that night and how she incriminated herself just within the first words she spoke! The dumbest move. 7B is just filled with bad moves on her behalf. I’m telling you, this isn’t our Spencer. Spencerietta is among us.


I know Aria has a whole basket of dumb decisions but imo I think the biggest was taking Ezra back after that “book” reveal. That is just……….YOU KNOW WHAT, I got it. Aria’s dumbest move in all of pll history is NOT filing that police report on Ezra years ago and being willing to betray every one of her friends to keep it secret. I’m so over Ezr*a, I truly am.


Idk why I’m drawing blanks on Hanna rn but the only thing I keep going back to is her telling A.D. she killed Charlotte. That honestly was the dumbest idea/plan and nothing came out of that except her being tortured in her damn panties like she was in a game of Saw. Her friends did the bare minimum to rescue her. Aria was assigned a job but on the first thought of Ezra, she dipped just to cuddle with him. Spencer was trying to be the perfect girlfriend to Caleb while Emily was fantasizing about the time she went down on Alison five years ago. While it was for the betterment of the team, sacrificing herself was a huge mistake. Probably the reason A.D. hates her the most right now.


Has Alison ever made a dumb decision?? Lmao like she’s always fully aware of what she’s doing whether good or bad. She knows how to manipulate things to benefit her even if things are looking negative. I’m so used to her being “in charge/ all knowing” that I can’t actively think of a mistake she made that was on a large scale. You know what, I’m gonna say bullying. If she never was the world’s biggest bully towards everyone she’s ever met, none of this would have happened in the first place!

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Do you think Kate really loved Neal, and why do you think Neal loved her as much as he did.

tbh, I’m not 100% clear on Kate’s feelings. I do think she loved him, but I also think she was a bit selfish and seemed kind of dumb, imo. Which is probably just bad writing, because she also clearly wasn’t dumb. 

As for why Neal loved Kate, I think there are many reasons. 

1. She is beautiful, and Neal loves beautiful things. He’s clearly taken with her the moment he sees her. (Alexandra Daddario is stunning). And hey! She even likes/knows about art. INSTANT HEART EYES, MOTHERFUCKER.

2. He is a romantic. He’s the kind of guy to fall and fall hard. And do dumb things for those he loves. Kate chose him over her boyfriend and stayed in New York for him.She stayed with him when she found out he had been lying about who he was.

She joined him and Moz in their criminal exploits. They had cute little rituals (the wine bottle, Kate learning codes and shit, love of pizza and sex lol). 

3. He is loyal.  Neal has been let down a lot in his life. He left his family at a young age when he felt they betrayed/lied to him. He has no real family (in the sense that counts). A lot happened in Neal’s life in the time she was with him. He hadn’t even known Moz long before meeting Kate (I think, altho I’m not sure how clear that timeline was in 2x11). She was there at the beginning of him “creating” his real con life, and stuck with him. When people show Neal that they are loyal to him, he will return that loyalty tenfold. He was in prison for almost 4 years. She came to see him every week. Although we know he got a looooooooot of letters from random women while he was in prison (lol prison bunnies), it’s not like he had any real opportunity or reason to let his love wander in another direction.

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Wait, do you mind if I ask what wowowashley did?

okay i already answered this but basically she was a really popular taekook writer and she pissed a lot of people off by taking down the taekook fic she was working on to rewrite it for some nct ship and she came off very rude and ungrateful when she told people about it (the a/n where she explained all this is taken down so i can’t link you but i’m sure there are ss out there) but yeah basically she didn’t thank anyone for all the love and support and basically told everyone to fuck off

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If aces aren't lgbt what the fuck are we then?

That wasn’t really what I said tho. I said as an ace person I don’t identify with the LGBT, and it doesn’t make sense to me, but gatekeeping is dumb so it doesn’t matter.

IMO it’s kind of like a white guy showing up to a BLM protest and talking about the times police targeted him. Like that might be a problem but it’s not a systemic issue and it doesn’t make sense for it to be there. But obv. that’s my own opinion. “Acephobia” to me isn’t systemic oppression in the same way that gay people weren’t allowed to get married. The worst I ever got was people thinking I was weird for not being attracted to girls or thinking I was just gay or something. Obv. this is different for everyone and hey maybe u wanna be in the LGBT, go ahead. I just personally don’t think it fits there. But I’m not gonna gatekeep.

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ok ,, this is prolly dumb but mh isn't… real right??? it's all just made up to seem real if that makes sense??

yea!! that’s what ARGs are - augmented reality games

they’re specifically meant to make it seem real, that’s why the character jay (played by creator troy wagner) had a twitter, and there’s multiple channels (totheark (where Spooky heavily coded videos are responses to jays entries, owned by one or multiple of the characters) and Marble Hornets (where the entries r uploaded)

there’s a few that go even deeper, like everymanHYBRID, they had multiple tumblrs, youtube channels, twitters, all held by different characters. they even had an event where you could sign up through email to participate, they left coordinates where viewers could find things, etc etc heck emh’s plot to start out with was that they were trying to make an ARG and then shit went south for Real (but not actually ;0)

it’s meant to be very interactive, the creators Want the viewers to see it as real, that’s their main goal (+ it makes it. very spooky because it seems so real, filmed on handheld cameras n stuff) 

it’s Very good i actually. really adore ARGs

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what's the tea on stimful-gifts??

they don’t want regressors of any sort or system littles following or reblogging their content, we confronted them about it, and then they blocked us. and imo it’s kinda dumb to not allow regressors to reblog your content when regressors make up like 80% of the stim community but hey 🐸☕️

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I actually didn’t know there were tie-in novels except for John’s Journal and Bobby’s guide to hunting. If there are good ones out there though I might check them out. The one’s you liked, were they set in a specific season or just kinda vaguely within the series?

@rosemoonweaver There’s a whole set! (and they’re still publishing them). They’re all set in various seasons, written as cases that the boys went on that just aren’t shown in the show - the one I just finished and this garbage one are both set in s7, but there are others. You don’t have to read them in order, it’s just easier for me to keep track of what was happening canonically when I do it that way. Because I’m packing to move I’ve been getting rid of the ones I disliked and just keeping my favorites so I don’t have the whole collection anymore but, here’s the list (in rough order of season):

Nevermore (I really liked this one - it was based on Edgar Allan Poe. A lot of folks hated it but I enjoyed it.)
Witches Canyon (It was okay - I didn’t keep it, not one of my favorites but I didn’t hate it.)
Bone Key (This one was… Interesting. Not terrible, I liked it, but it was very… Different.)
Unholy Cause (I actually really liked this one. I wanted more of Cas in it, but I loved the historical stuff in it - it was based on the civil war.)
Heart of the Dragon (This one felt like more of a spin off than a tie-in - a lot of OC’s, but it involved John and Samuel as well (not together ofc) - I liked it.)
War of the Sons (This one was set during s5 and it was just so dumb imo. A lot of folks liked it but I was just bored by the whole thing.)
Coyote’s Kiss (Terrible. A Mary Sue as the main OC and it was just ridiculous. Felt like a crackfic.)
Night Terror (I loved this one. Scary and gory and just awesome. My favorite tie-in so far.)
Rite of Passage (Same author as Night Terror, I liked this one too. The monster was super interesting and the boys were in character which was nice.)
Fresh Meat (The one I’m reading now that I quoted in that previous post. Just… Save your time. This is as far as I’ve read so I’ll just list off the others cause I don’t have an opinion on them yet.)
Carved in Flesh
Cold Fire
(another by the author of Night Terror and Rite of Passage)
The Usual Sacrifices (This one isn’t out yet - I have it pre-ordered from Amazon though, it’s due out on 27 June).

And I guess there’s a German only one as well, Supernatural: Die Dämonenjäger - I might have to pick up a copy of that one of these days as well.