but imo this is dumb


he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!

jess may not have been the greatest boyfriend, but he did try. you can’t tell me that he didn’t. he did little things to make her happy, to show that he cared, even before they were together. you could tell he liked her instantly.

jess saw rory differently from almost everyone else on the show. the whole town treated her like a princess, like she was perfect, like she was just so fragile. jess liked her for exactly who she was.

and they may have both destroyed their relationship (because you can’t tell me the blame is all on jess), but that doesn’t erase all the good aspects of their relationship or what might’ve been when they were older. jess didn’t have it together when he was eighteen. he didn’t know how to be what rory needed, because he hadn’t figured out who he was yet or how to be in a mature relationship. and to be honest, she hadn’t either. but three years later, he had it together, he was successful, he wrote a book, and he was exactly what she needed.

you can say jess was a crappy boyfriend and he treated rory terribly all you want, but he was a good man who understood rory better than anyone else could.

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Soooooo since you're a WoT fan, what do you think is the closest thing ASOIAF has to Asmodean's death? Which is to say, surprising event that is also a complete mystery to the readers?

Well, here’s my problem with Asmodean’s death: I don’t think that RJ set up the mystery very well. I know that the point of Fires of Heaven was that the training wheels were coming off for Rand, and all of his teachers were dying or leaving him, but Asmodean’s death in the epilogue felt sloppy and tacked on to me, without a lot of buildup or clues or anything. idk if you remember the endless debates on Dragonmount and Wotmania etc back in the Days of Dialup, but it drove people crazy. Trying to solve it was like drawing a name out of a hat. It was a dumb plot point imo and it was unnecessary on RJ’s part to drag it out for so long, and by the time it was solved I didn’t care, and the solution wasn’t a big “everything makes sense now” moment. If anything, this reveal should have been handled in Lord of Chaos. But problems with RJ’s timing/pacing would require a whole ‘nother post imo.

Shifting over to ASOIAF… something that’s both a shock and a mystery…

@nobodysuspectsthebutterfly wrote some very timely posts about how everything in ASOIAF is very well developed in the narrative although there might be some timing issues with the Bran assassin plot. But, like Butterfly says, the catspaw plot was more about who wasn’t trying to murder Bran than who was, and there was a very timed gradual elimination of suspects that tied into everything thematically and “everything makes sense now”. For all that GRRM is a gardener, he usually builds a very strong foundation imo.

And @moonlitgleek mentioned Ned’s mental leap from Cersei’s adultery to incest, but that wasn’t a mystery to readers cuz we knew about the twins having sex from the beginning. 

The tapestry plot is sort of a weird mystery, and badly set up if there really is anything to it (?), but not shocking. 

I guess the Pink Letter is a big mystery that we can’t solve right now, but IDGAF. Literally I don’t give a fuck, so maybe it’s not so much of a mystery but I’m not going to waste brain cells on it. 

There’s the big debate over whether Ned or Brandon fathered Ashara’s baby, and I honestly can’t make up my mind about that one, both sides have good points, and I wish GRRM would just reveal the truth on that one. But that’s not particularly a shocking mystery imo. 

ummmmm… wait, I know! The reappearance of the Faceless Man formerly known as Jaqen in the prologue of AFFC who sneaks into the Citadel to do Things Unknown. That was very shocking, and created a good mystery, though I believe it will be resolved better than what RJ did. 

There might be other things too. I’m not the best person to come to about mysteries. 

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My cat stuck his tail in paint when we were remodeling my room almost half a year ago. It's still on him.

cats is dumb imo!


((bigger text? smaller text? somewhere in between?? how does one graphic i don’t understand. i liked the smaller text better until i had it open in tumblr now and it looks too small nngh but the font doesn’t look as good big imo

also the title’s dumb because i’m dumb and i couldn’t think of anything fun. it makes it sound so much bigger than it actually is. it’s just a dumb thing. anyway graphic assistance plx))

i wont ever really get the hype over judith butler. like shes okay, but nothing she writes is accessible imo .. like maybe im just dumb but it takes me multiple times to understand just one paragraph, and then after i question if i even read it correctly. to me thats less about my inabilities and more about bad writing 

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{ You have so perfectly highlighted both what I LOVE and what I absolutely HATE about Rick’s version of Hera. Manipulative, uncaring about demigods she has no personal connection to, thinking everyone should bow and scrape and grovel just cuz she’s Hera? Thinking her way is always the best way no matter what? A+++++++ The hating the family thing tho? That shit is the biggest blanket statement and is soooo simplistic and almost cliche to the point of being dumb, imo. }

Rick Riordan played with what he had. Within mythos theres not a lot we have on Hera due to how, within the record, she is relatively new as a god. She isn’t a name that usually pops up and it seems within mythos her name replaces that of other gods almost in an effort to include her. In the series she is more then what Percy sees of her, sure, but she also isn’t sunshine and rainbows. She is “higher and mighter then” because she needs to be. She sucked it up and grew up something a lot of demigods get but instead of going the good way she went the bad. For lack of a better explanation. She is calm and collected and clearly thinks out every action, but is bitter over the demigods existence. She admits to their necessity but wishes them away. She hates her family due to what they have become, and it plays on ages of them being stuck in the same loop as they were slowly forgotten. Uncle Ricks Hera is one that has experienced a lot and has become what she is through her experiences. It’s not all that simplistic when you look at how she appears within the books. She is angry, but does not act out. She is mature in a way that went sour. Bad guys aren’t dumb or idiotic or a means to an end for the author, they have their own experiences and have become what they are because of it. 

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Would SU villains fall for the old "Look over there" trick? Imagine if Stan did it while cornered.

Fuck you better believe Peridot would be dumb enough to fall for that (imo I love her though). Jasper maybe though probably not Yellow Diamond. Probably.  

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Asking a pendulum sounds kinda strange given the stereotypical pendulum model, but it's kind of an old method of fortune telling, it's just this little weight on a string - you hold it up, and if it swings a certain way that's your answer, it's a yes/no kinda thing. I bought a kit for some giggles and it's completely reliant on just how shaky your hand is,, its a p dumb way to check answers imo

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9, 14, 17, 19, 21, 44, 69 😊

edit: you guys can reblog/play this ask game here <3

9. favorite elite four member
i have one from each generation :D in order ~
lorelei (ice), KOGA (poison), phoebe (ghost), lucian (psychic), shauntal (ghost), drasna (dragon), acerola (ghost) …man, i do love ghost pokemon :3

14.  least favorite antagonist team
team flare by far were the most annoying & dumb imo

17.  3 favorite pokemon
this is the hardest one, because my favorites seem to change & for different reasons.
but some of my favorites are vaporeon (overall for looks & moves), raichu, luxray, vileplume, roserade, froslass, espeon, leafeon, mew, aerodactyl 

19. favorite pokemon game
ooooh. fire red/leaf green, ruby/sapphire (as well as ORAS), & platinum. i really enjoyed X/Y, too & did most of my shiny hunting in that game.    

21.  favorite legendary/mythical pokemon
MEW :3 & i really liked xerneas too!

44.  favorite electric type

69.  favorite pokemon card

Fucking fight me

Even if the writers go back on this and have kara get back with mon-lame i do not care…

If you want to hate on Kara for not wanting to be with a lying slave owning peice of shit who needed her to tell them those were bad things, i will fucking fight you.

Winn said to Kara, she needed to decide if Mon-Lame’s reasons were good enough reasons. Kara heard him out and he told her the truth. And to Kara the truth wasnt a good enough reason. She has every right to not want to be with him. Sorry doesnt cut it when you lie about being a slave owner okay? If you think it does you are a fucked up human being.

Imo, Kara didnt even have to hear his dumb ass out. She was far more nice than i would have been.

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idk why people act like you can't be a fan if you're critical of it like that's what makes a good fan imo u don't want someone who will just accept all the dumb shit they do

Exactly, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can enjoy something and understand it’s problems. Otherwise, what’s the point honestly?

stupid things kiyoshi teppei would not say:

  • hanamiya is a good person give him a chance
  • what’s one plus one 
  • what do you mean africa isn’t a country

stupid things kiyoshi teppei would say:

  • do our dogs think in japanese 
  • how many tangerines can i stack on top of each other before the bottom one smooshes
  • its nothing serious tHIS DEGREE OF CONTACT IS NOTHING