but imagine the werewolf's mother


Imagine your boyfriend, Klaus, check up on you when you’re suffering through your period.


“Feeling any better, Love” Klaus asked over the phone. He had gone out to help his siblings with something while you were back at the compound curled up in a ball trying to ignore the cramps while binge watching Netflix.

“I feel like I want to murder someone” you told him. “and also, I want soft pretzels.”

“I can arrange both of those” Klaus offered.

“Murder would involve me moving” You stated “so I’ll settle for pretzels and cuddles.”

“Okay, Sweetheart” Klaus said “I’ll be home shortly.”


Warnings: Kidnapping mention

Gif source:  JJ  |  Liam

Imagine your mother, JJ, discovering that your boyfriend, Liam, is a werewolf when you get kidnapped by an unsub and he saves you.

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The idea of her work coming home with her was undoubtedly her worst nightmare. She did everything in her power to prevent that. To protect her husband and her three children.

But sometimes, the worst thing imaginable is exactly what happens.

“JJ,” breaks her from her thoughts, Prentiss’ call of her name tearing her from where she had been watching Liam as he waited along with the rest of the team for a doctor or nurse to give them an update on your status. Had her look been particularly haunted, JJ wondered? Not only was she worried to death about your well-being, but she wasn’t quite sure of what she had witnessed tonight when Liam had saved you before the team had even gotten there.

No debriefing had occurred as of yet, considering the circumstances, but JJ had no idea what she would even say in her report. How would she explain that her daughter’s boyfriend’s eyes had glowed? That his features had been akin to that of a wolf when she had first arrived to find you, protected, in his arms. They had found the unsub who kidnapped you unconscious inside the warehouse you’d been kept. JJ breaks the eye-contact she had been holding with the boy to look at her colleague and friend, briefly debating whether or not she could even tell her what she’d seen without sounding completely crazy.

“Yes?” JJ addresses, studying Emily’s compassionate eyes and registering that she had chalked up her tension entirely to her daughter’s state, rubbing her shoulder kindly.

“Hey, she’s going to be okay. Will’s on his way, and I’m sure the doctor will come out with good news by then.”