but im wearing the guy i like's jacket

things day6 reminds me of~

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  • warm cups of coffee or hot chocolate, it’s the same warmth it gives you when you look at sungjin
  • so cafe’s something like starbucks but more cafe, where you can go to make homework etc. and order a cake or smth
  • acoustic music, and this is not only because he plays guitar but it’s very calming and chill, which reminds me of him (even though he’s not always calm lmao)(i don’t have examples for this since i don’t really listen to this music)
  • girls, since he’d be very popular with girls they’d always hang around him because of his attractive personality
  • campfires, sitting with a whole friend group around the campfire. maybe on the beach, maybe in the backyard

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  • parties, mostly college parties i think he’d be the one to host them tbh. there would be a lot of chill music. and everyone would just come to his house to hang out
  • edm/pop like music, songs like his new song and summery pop songs like ‘I’m Serious’ or songs like this
  • hoodies ofc, what would he be without them, but mostly the grey ones
  • also his glasses since he isn’t jae without them
  • very colorful clothing, yeah idk why but yea

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  • earphones, definitely earbuds i think i’d never leave without him. since it would kill him to live a day without music
  • rnb/soul music with some hiphop, artists like dean and his music style and songs like this and this and if he had an english song in his playlist it could be this one
  • old cars, like the old looking ones and driving all day in them, his music blasting through the speakers
  • very fashionable clothing, it doesn’t have to be expensive but he makes everything look like it is
  • reading, it’s like he could forget everything for a few seconds. not care about his own things 

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  • telling stories, like sitting in the window of someones apartment and just talking
  • coca cola, since it’s just as sparkling as his personality 
  • branded clothing, since like when you wear gucci r smth it doesn’t look as good on you as it looks good on him (not that i’ve seen him wear it)
  • leather jackets, it makes him look more bold than when he looks cute
  • and electronic/alternative music the more suggestive the song the better, ya know those songs they use for sexy edits on instagram he listens to those, songs like thisthis and this
  • bars, he’d just be at a bar with two of his friends trying to find some girl or guy to sleep with. him sitting there with shot glasses on the table and he’s wearing his hair up and his leather jacket around his shoulders, which he eventually takes off because he’s hot and he’s wearing a blouse and a choker and shit im trailing off

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  • denim, just the blue also brown clothing! it suits him good and his personality
  • pink/purple flowers, i dont know what it does with him but yea
  • the countryside, im the ‘Hi Hello’ mv the scenery. you i think he could drive somewhere to a countryside and just lay in the grass for hours. and he’d definitely forget time
  • alternative music, he’d tap along to the songs, and he’d listen to songs like this, this and this or ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ by Arctic Monkeys
  • also bars, he’d go with his friend wonpil and he’d just jam out to the back that’s playing there, sometimes he played there with his friends too
  • writing, creating his own little world, shutting everyone out and ignoring every problem
He held my hair back as I threw up on the street last night, I was so drunk and tired, and I kissed a lot of guys but he didn’t get mad at me. He drove me home, and I didn’t know how to say the things that I wanted to.
I’m really broken.
I’m really vulnerable.
I feel trapped inside this body.
I’ve tried cutting myself out of it.
Don’t leave me.
I didn’t say anything as I sat on my kitchen counter while he made me toast with peanut butter. He put all the dishes in the sink and wiped the counters, and it was such a small act, but I wanted to burst into tears.
Stop caring about me.
Don’t do things like this for me.
I’m going to hurt you and I’m going to hurt myself.
Things are easier when I’m alone.
I’m going to be the worst thing to ever happen to you.
I break everything I touch.
I didn’t say anything as he kissed my forehead and told me to sleep and drink water and he left. He didn’t lead me to my bedroom, he didn’t take advantage of me. But it would’ve been easier if he had. I’m a whole lot better at hating someone than liking them.
—  11:58pm

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Hey can someone who is actually visibly punk answer a question? Does appearing punk make people talk to you more or less? I’d assume less cause oooh scary punk how spooky but I would like to know BEFORE my anxious ass goes out in public all decked out.

so I’d say im “visibly punk” (pink mohawk plus battle jacket and crust pants, which are normal wear for me), and I think it’s a mixture- I’ve had a low of people tell me that they were initially very intimidated by me and didn’t feel comfortable talking to me, but on the other hand I’ve met a lot more punk guys and metalheads (a line i tend to play jump rope with as far as looks go) and have made friends over music conversations. 

I think the key thing is just being friendly? So even though you might look “scary punk how spooky”, once people find out that you’re just another human being they tend to be comfortable. 

Another thing is that you may get flack from the older generation, but its more than worth it so go be yourself, and dress how ever you want

~Mod Prongs

(was this even coherent???? I feel like it was not)

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I JUST HAD THIS THOUGHT AND I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH SOMEONE. Okay, so like what if, when Alex gets cold, Justin gives Alex his blue school jacket he always wears?? You know the one?? And the other athletic guys tease Justin but Justin's like "fuck off" and Alex loves to smell Justin's jacket and they're not even together yet but they're like starting to like eachother and omg I am dead.

Yes please. Im a sucker for the varsity jacket sharing trope haha

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junk/mei is like, the worst ship. because they cannon hate each other and i just…. ugg

YEAH and to me it feels like…idk i just hate when people pair off sweet and gentle female characters with aggressive and unpredictable guys that they canonically don’t like. it’s so common and it just makes me think of the whole “wearing the woman down until she says yes” trope. ehhh

at least D.Va likes to blow shit up and cause as much of a scene as Dear Rat Boy (not to mention u know…having a Junker skin and wearing one of his sprays on the back of her got damn jacket)

if youre gonna ship a hetero JR ship why not…pick the girl who literally shows the most approval/interest in him and his lifestyle

Not to be that person but i dont like some of the new blupin movies (goemon blood spatter, jigen gravestone) much. My list of grievances

  • wheres dumb lupin. Hes acting way too smart and edgy let him bite his own tongue
  • so much gore… esp in goemon. I like gore and watching 5 min of goemon cutting down 35 guys as much as the next person but graphic sinew and muscle gore isnt really lupin
  • wheres jigen… actually hes not that bad but he never smiles. never laughs. Way diff from eg red jacket era jigen where he wears an apron talks to and pretends to shoot at a pan of peas on the stove
  • not enough goemon smirk smiling.. being naive and dumb in general… feels like im watching a bunch of smart edgy people instead of lupin gang. Objectively good but not really lupin
  • whres fujiko….. in general…… Like
  • WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ZENIGATA…. LITERALLY MY BIGGEST GRIPE…… WTF…….. no one calls him pops….. He does not make a fool of himself even once…. no LUPINNNN or even a single smile…. What happened to zeni who follows his own code and matches lupin in intelligence and skill….. What happened to lupins fated rival…. they’re supposed to be two sides of the same coin now hes just a jacked up cop

so I was going to send this to @plantparrish on chat but like…….. its 1230am and it got so out of hand omg. So now everyone gets Aaron HC’s.

  • His favorite snack food is pb&j’s
  • He has the nerve to love grape jelly
  • He’s an avid reader
  • Mostly YA but he isn’t too picky
  • He favors sci-fi/mythical
  • Growing up his favorite book was The Giver
  • he owns 5 leather jackets don’t ask me why he just does okay
  • this tiny person gets all his clothes tailored
  • he goes to the same person in Columbia
  • she cuts him a special deal for being such a great customer
  • Mrs. Guzman still gets a holiday card and fruit basket every year after Aaron and Katelyn move
  • Can you believe this guy
  • Speaking of fruit Aaron is a fan of berries
  • Katelyn learns to make cobblers and things like that for him
  • Her mother makes her famous lemon bars one time and Aaron nearly cries
  • He gets them on his birthday every year
  • Also did I mention Katelyn’s family loves this kid like so much???
  • It took a long time for him to get use to that
  • Because he always felt guilty being with them
  • They made him miss Andrew
  • Which was a whole new thing to deal with
  • I’m making this sad no dammit lets turn this around
  • Also he’s got moves
  • Hold me closer tiny dancer
  • I s2g this fucking loser went through a break dancing phase
  • He did not care that he was a decade too late to be in one
  • He bust a few moves on his wedding day to literally everyone’s surprise
  • Except Nicky
  • Who decides to get in on this
  • (he does hurt himself you are all correct)
  • ((I need a fic on Aaron and Katelyn’s Wedding like yesterday))
  • What else can I tell you about this nerd
  • He watches all those gross doctor shows on TLC
  • He and Kevin fight over the tv constantly because they always have history/science specials overlap
  • That’s when they invest in a dvr
  • They end up watching shows together sometimes anyway
  • Geeks
  • Even though he can make friends now he doesn’t really make the effort
  • He sticks with Katelyn
  • But that means spending a hell of a lot of time with the Vixen
  • They find him utterly charming
  • Who fucking knew
  • Katelyn apparently
  • He’s in half their group photos
  • They talk to him about all their boy drama
  • He’s actually really good at advice
  • Totally part of the ‘dump him’ sentiment
  • They totally help out with his proposal
  • Good job girls
  • Omg do you know what is the cutest fucking thing
  • Katelyn start painting his number on her face for games
  • Usually just for away games
  • They totally have a picture of them kissing wither he cheek on display
  • Lets pretend this is modern because hello Instagram
  • They are so freakin adorable together
  • Always holding hands
  • Arms around each other
  • She wears his team jacket all the time
  • This some 1950s going steady stuff right here
  • Diner dates and movie cuddles
  • Carnival? Sure. Girl can barely walk she has so many stuffed animals
  • God they have so many of those photo booth picture strips
  • Things for Aaron are still a hard road but its okay because they have each other
  • They are so happy

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okay im not engaged so this is super far away. but would you ever consider doing a custom binder wedding dress for someone some day? because like im nonbinary and ive always been torn on what the hell i could wear if i ever got married, and then i thought of the fact that you guys do binder dresses! so would you ever consider something like that? because if so, i know where im going if i ever get engaged!

Anonymous said to shapeshiftersinc: Speaking of lace & looking bridal, I’d actually consider ordering one of your binding dresses as a wedding dress or pairing a lace binder with a white skirt. I’m not engaged yet so idle daydream but still. I’m thinking about it. (I’d pop the question myself but I’m a coward)

Oh. Oh gosh, anons.

So, I made my own wedding jacket. I gave it black sparkly outside fabric and red lining and gold buttons and a train so it would trail only a little less than Poppy’s dress. It took me forever.

We could definitely talk. It’s such a personal thing - to me it was a sacred thing - so I will only say that in the event, I will take a good long look at any requests and be completely honest about what we can or cannot do in that moment.

Thank you so much for the thought.


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i have bangs, really dark brown hair, brown eyes, im 4 foot fucking 10, and i weigh 93.4 pounds. i have a rly faded out scar form when i decided to jump off a table and crack my head when i was 2. the length of my hair is a bit over shoulder length. yeah. also i typically wear a shirt, some jeans, some converse, a jacket and it’s typically rly blunt. i dont wana wear flashy things because?? i just?? dont like it yknow


hmmmm let’s seeee….

well put short im a depressed introvert but in detail there’s that stuff down there so skip if youd like. idrk whod read this lol

well for one thing it just feels terribly uncomfortable when i have to talk to (about 97% of) people or look at them or just stand within a range of 3 feet from them and a majority of the time i cant even do that. really. today someone made eye contact with my and it felt like there was a physical force going into my eyes and i swear i was about to panic. not exaggerating.

but the reamining 3% of people i can talk to and look at, if im not within a range of 5 feet from them then i feel uncomfortable. also i get attached to people easily, so those 3% are special people. and i tend to hug those people a lot because hugs are great.

also i have lots of trouble talking to adults no matter where they stand on my scale of “i’d be comfortable to fuck off i cant do this *pained laughter/sobbing*

besides the people stuff, me, personally, i find it hard to feel anything other than turned on when im alone. that sounds weird but let me explain. please. give me a chance to explain. it’s not like it sounds but it is.

typically when im not around people im comfortable with or if im not messaging anyone, or like, contacting them, yknow, i feel like. nothing. just. nothing. and if i do something good it doesnt rly help? and if i do something bad then? nothing. i just have this thought process and it’s like “i did something good/bad but it didnt feel good/bad but it’s not like it was a terrible thing to do so fuck it” and that’s how it is. 

but every once in a while i get this thought like “man i havent done this in a while” suddenly it’s like wham ur turned on and


even though that happens rarely, a majority of the time it’s either feeling turned on or feeling nothing. that’s fucked up.

(pretend this section didnt happen but if u want to pretend they did then okay)

also i like thinking, sometimes. i like thinking about trivial things but sometimes i get out of hand and overthink everything and it’s like “what’s life what’s this what’s my purpose what happens after i die why am i here who am i who’s that is this person alive how do i know im not dead why are people afraid of death what’s my problem jesus fucking christ is renicarnation real what if


what’s this a superpower? or something of the sort? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… abilities..

i guess since im damn quiet most of the time that causes me to focus more on observing things/people and in turn makes me observant?

idk lol


almost passing out in the middle of class due to a loss of blood. (also this was my fault and i literally found out the cause yesterday even though this happened in november)

one of the first times i went on a rollercoaster with a huge drop the guy in the seat next to me was screaming “oH SHIT OH FUCK OH SHIT OH FUCK IM GOING TO DIE OH SHIT OH FUCK” and it was hilarious.

one time in class some kid asked my teacher what a prostitute was and the whole classroom starts laughing and my teacher tells us to hush and then she goes to explain the whole fucking thing and i died

ive never had a TV, still done have one, and it’s the best thing to see people’s reactions when i say it. it’s the best


okay so my life is pretty uhhhhhhhhhh simple but it’s also garbage (kind of?)

but im trying to look on the positive side

years 1-7 of my life i was a happy little bean who loved doing anything and everything in the whole world, i loved ponies and i wanted to be a ballerina and i was a little ball of energy and my sister and i didnt really get along well back then. my mom would scold my sister a lot since she liked to bully me lol

years 8-10 i realized “shit. this is. wrong.” and completely changed. like. in a single day. i realized so much shit about life that one day and that was the time i realized, well. fuck. fuck it. fuck everything. and since then ive had no idea where i want to go in life

11-now is just. fuck. fuck me up the ass. fuck depression. but at least ive found something i want to do and that’s helping my friends with their depression and. yeah. that’s all i want. i just want people to be happy like. the fuck.





“a student told me u wanted to kill urself”


so fuck that kid and fuck the guidance counselor because, for one thing, that stressed me out with a month’s worth of schoolwork to catch up on, my grades dropped, my attendance was fucked, some dude was sexually harassing me for five days over there, it just made everything worse.

fuck those people

random stuff:

my sister dropped my mouse by accident so i have to buy a new one at best buy

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11:05 pm and Im thinking of ways to hit on this guy I have crush on who works at the 7/11 across from my house. Hes very tall and cute with that kinda dusty sandy brown hair and always wears a thin black bomber jacket that fits him perfectly. I get to nervous to even ask him how his day is, I just nervously laugh. Too scared because I cut my hair short recently and don't think he will think Im as pretty as when I had long hair.

i swear if some guy says “you’d be prettier with long hair “ drop him like a ton of bricks. honey you should never worry abt that bc your hair doesn’t define your beauty whether you’re bald are have hair down your back. just be you and let your inner light shine babe you got this!


I cosplayed Lord Dominator at the Comic Con in Dortmund. She isn’t my favourite character im the show, but the first one I saw. So without her, I wouldn’t have noticed this awesome show.
A lot of people recognised me, more than I thought it would. Well, one guy thought I was Batman, but at least he liked my cosplay. The cloak wasn’t part of the cosplay, but it kinda fit the character. I originally brought it with me because it was frikkin cold in Dortmund und you can’t really wear a jacket with shoulder pads.

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my boobs are hella big so when I bind you can still see some bulge and its bothering me so much and im insecure about it bc I dont look like a boy at all

Ive got a medium sized chest and even i still have a bulge there (may have something to do with my binder wearing out though), i just try to imagine them as pecs. If youre a bit bigger in general it might actually not be as bad as you think and might work (bigger guys tend to have moobs). Either you could try and buy a new binder coz it could be wearing out or boxy shirts may help, and some layers (jacket open or flanny unbuttoned). As long as you can hide the curves in your waist and have it looking flat the bulge shouldnt be too much of an issue coz then itll look more like moobs or pecs that way.

Catch Me If You Can

Title: Catch Me If You Can

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~1.5k 

Summary: Found this prompt on tumblr: “I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward.”

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  Just a quick little meet cute (kinda?) fic, because I felt like being creative.

The train was way too crowded which meant Dan could barely move before a part of his body touched someone else’s. Luckily he had managed to grab a seat, because all through the aisle of the train where people standing and the next stop wasn’t for another 20 minutes. He grabbed his phone from his bag and put his earbuds in to drown out the murmurs around him, which was the moment he saw him. He had just turned on his music when he looked up and saw a gorgeous man with dark hair that fell in a fringe and contrasted perfectly with his pale skin. He was one of the unfortunate souls that had to stand, but it looked like he had busied himself with his phone like most people on the train. Dan quickly looked back down at his own phone trying to look busy.

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this is dedicated to the anon who literally sent me the quickest message ever….. i just started today omg but this one is for u ((( i apologize if its hella crappy cmon its 1 am already )))

  • okay being bffs with this guy would be fun lbr but hes gonna be 100% annoyin at the same time
  • lets just say u guys been best friends since u were very tiny and smol yknow playing around in the playground
  • “hey ______! i bet u cant catch me” ok kid!seungcheol Be Quiet
  • anyways 
  • you guys basically grew up with each other and ur pretty comfortable w/ each other
  • moving on to the middle school days ((( yikes puberty days )))
  • u would definitely make fun of him when his voice cracks
  • his voice would be cracking every time i swear
  • but yknow its part of life THE CYCLE OF LIFE
  • speaking of Puberty, this would be the awkward phase in ur lives
  • yknow when u upgrade from an a to a b and seungcheol would be like “hey….. u kinda got….. bigger”
  • yikes…. these teens….. teens these days…. what even…..
  • moving on to our high school days 
  • ah yes hs
  • the best time of our lives…. ((( u wish )))
  • “so are u guys dating” 
  • “we are not dating”
  • “yeah we’re not…. or maybe we are”
  • “seungcheol shut up”
  • u would always have to correct people that you guys are bestfriends and nothing more
  • but this little shit would joke around that u guys are and this leaves the whole school going ????????????
  • thanks alot seungcheol u had one Job
  • hes a gentlemen of course so hes gonna treat u with much respect
  • my type of dude 
  • he would always lend u his jacket like always even if u werent cold
  • “seung im not COLD”
  • “either way ur gonna wear this bc i dont want u to get sick”
  • “bUT-”
  • in the end he wins and u lose the end
  • he would open the door for u everywhere u guys go
  • restaurants, his car, etc etc
  • how cute am i right ladies ??? *crickets in the bg* nvm
  • he loves skinship and this is why 90% of the time people think u guys are dating
  • he would put his arm around ur shoulder and have this bright smile on his face and he just looks like an angle
  • i meant angel
  • he would give u piggyback rides i mean no ones too old to do this still!!! well maybe old people cant do it but hey u get what i mean
  • “am i heavy?”
  • “yeah ur super heavy im getting tired”
  • “ur such an ass just put me down”
  • “im just kidding just hold onto me before i drop u”
  • and there goes u, holding onto him for ur dear life bc u dont know what this kid is gonna Do
  • u guys are the type to bicker and this is another 5% why people think u guys are dating
  • “i hate u seungcheol”
  • “u mean love”
  • “im tired of u” basically u guys in a nutshell 
  • in the end u guys really care for each other… its endearing
  • u would lie to urself if u said u didnt see him as a man at least ONCE
  • ur his go to his right hand okay im quoting drake not what ur dirty mind is Thinking the ride or die
  • he would be also the type to show u off and protect u at the same time yknow ????
  • “my bestfriend is _____ and shes amazing so dont mess with her or else ill mess with u >:(” prob him
  • he sounds like a bf gtggtgtgt
  • when guys look at u weirdly, protective!cheol ACTIVATED 
  • just the simple things he does…. it just makes u feel like wow im so blessed with a dude like him
  • even tho he annoyin and irritating at times
  • would get jealous if u talk to the members more than him
  • “fine pick joshua as ur bestfriend and not ME”
  • “seung…… stop acting like ur five……″
  • he really is 5 tho
  • another 5% of people thinkin u guys are dating due to the fact u wear his clothes ((( its bc he usually leaves it at ur place or he lends it to u but u never give it back )))
  • at the end of the day thats when everything gets all ugly
  • “im glad to have u in my life”
  • “_____ is that rly u what happened to the real _____ did they steal her and bring her off to space what is Happening”
  • “god if u dont want my appreciation the door is to ur left”
  • #BYE
  • u saw him at his highest and his lowest and this makes u wanna protect him
  • “even tho im smol im gonna protect my Best Friend!!!!”
  • the type to annoy u just for fun
  • “this makes u 100% extra” u @ him everyday
  • he’s the dude u go to if u need the “goods” the goods aka the period pack
  • pads, ice cream, and a bunch of movies!!! or netflix wtv u prefer
  • but he would always forget what brand u get so he would spam u 
  • im so done already

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Talk to me about Dean's leather jacket, please ✨✨

Deans mother fucking leather jacket

Heeellls yeah, IM ABOUT TO CRY THO

Look at that mother effin sex kitten wearing his hot as hell leather jacket. I bet it makes him smell like sex, and all kinds of naughty things that makes the boy moose go

And it hugs to his muscles making him look all sexy and shit

Damn straight ‘the muscles’

The jacket is tattered and rough around the edges. Sexy and flirty just like Dean. I mean look at it, it fucking is Dean, THE JACKET IS DEAN!

I bet Sam sometimes liked to wear it and feel just like his big brother, the guy he looks up to, his hero. And I bet Dean use to wear it before John gave it to him, to feel like his dad, his hero.

That leather jacket was passed down from one hero to the other, and I know Dean no longer wears it, he outgrew it (an it was stolen off set but shhh)  But I hope Dean passes it down to Sam, or hell even his own kid (if he can ever settle down) 

I mean, shit, this leather jacket has seen death, bloodshed, tears, pain, laughter, hope. Its felt tear stains, blood stains, sweat, its one tough ass leather jacket. 

And I really wish they could bring it back, or one similar too it, just cause..I mean THE JACKET IS IMPORTANT DAMMIT!

And even though Dean is older now and has out grown it, I bet its folded up someplace in a box. And that sometimes Sam sneaks into his room and finds it, holds it, smells it, remembering the days where they were happy, when everything was easy, when he knew that Dean was head over heels for him. Dean walks in and finds him. He wraps his arms around his crying brother and lets him know that things are okay, that he still loves him as much as he did back then, with the pranks, and the joking. When they lived in motels and off of cheap fast food. When there was no vampires, no angels, no demon trials and no mark of cain. When things were simple, when they were simple.

and shit I got deep, sorry. 

here is something i made a little while ago at like 5 in the morning. 

I wanted to draw Zen from Mystic Messenger without his jacket since he wears a black turtleneck like Scott does XD