but im wearing the guy i like's jacket

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Okay im back with the headcanons. I could totally see Sekizan just losing his shit whenever his s/o wears his clothes, because even though he seems like a tough guy we all know he's sensitive af. Like he'll be leaving practice and his s/o will be there in maybe a jacket/shirt/idk maybe a pair of his shorts/or shizzz just wearing all his clothes because there all so big and comfy and he loses it and all his seriousness is gone. The guys turn the corner and just see him swinging his s/o around

p.2 and they all take pictures and coo at him but while he acts mad he doesn’t really care and the next day at practice the guys all have something of Sekizan’s and their all wearing it and he wants to be mad but I mean like hey who wouldn’t look cute af in his clothes

Bro, honestly though this is so cute!!! Sorry it took me so long to answer!!!


I cosplayed Lord Dominator at the Comic Con in Dortmund. She isn’t my favourite character im the show, but the first one I saw. So without her, I wouldn’t have noticed this awesome show.
A lot of people recognised me, more than I thought it would. Well, one guy thought I was Batman, but at least he liked my cosplay. The cloak wasn’t part of the cosplay, but it kinda fit the character. I originally brought it with me because it was frikkin cold in Dortmund und you can’t really wear a jacket with shoulder pads.

oh gosh ok
⭐ im 5'4-5'5 and i wear big jackets to make myself seem larger
⭐ i don’t like milk chocolate or milky things
⭐ i own almost all of hayao miazakis movies (but this girl borrowed like half of them and never gave rhem back im >:(
⭐ im a softmore and im taking 3 science classes n im in ib
⭐ i love storms wirh lightning but hate thunder
⭐ i own like 3 vests and a fedora and i hate myself
⭐ i uh…. i lov e … m..y qpp..

here is something i made a little while ago at like 5 in the morning. 

I wanted to draw Zen from Mystic Messenger without his jacket since he wears a black turtleneck like Scott does XD


Member: Im Jaebum

Genre: fluff

Request: Hello! Could I please have an imagine where you’re a Non-Korean living in Korea and somehow meet Jaebum and fluff follows, please? Thank you so much! @delusionsdreamsanddeath

A/N: I’m so sorry if this was absolute doo-doo cuz I had to concentrate on my exams, I’m also really sorry for the long wait. However, it was still really cute, i also had extra fun writing it bcs JB is my bias. I hope you like it! P/s I’m the new admin on this blog!

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You dropped yourself into one of the comfortable velvet chairs in the library, pulling out your assignment papers and started scribbling down your essay. The light sound of footsteps approaching your table where ignored. Just as you were about to put a full stop at the end of your paragraph, you felt a little tap on your shoulder. Looking up, you saw the most attractive guy on campus, Im Jaebum.

He was wearing a plain white tee under a black leather jacket. Ending his outfit off with faded blue jeans and black sneakers, his silky black locks styled into a dashing quiff.

You drooled, you literally drooled, at the sight of the very charming young man in front of you. Fortunately, you quickly swept of the small trail of saliva before he could notice. “Excuse me. Can I have this seat?” He asked, gesturing towards the chair in front of you.

You were about to answer when a mischievous idea popped up in your mind, shaking your head and pretending not to understand what he was saying since you were the only Non-Korean student in the whole university this year anyway.

Almost everybody knew you as the pretty transfer student. But what he didn’t know was that you had been studying Korean ever since you had gotten the offer to transfer. “Can I have this seat?” He tried again, still speaking in Korean.

You understood him fully, but still kept your act going. “Pardon?” You asked in English.

He gulped, it was obvious this was one of his worst nightmares. “C-chair?” He breathed in English and you nodded in response.

Jaebum sighed in relief and slumped onto the seat, putting down a book on English. It was obvious to you then that he was studying the language.

“What’s your name?” You asked also in English. 

“Name? Im Jaebum.” He stuttered, which made you chuckle. Not at his English, but at how cute he sounded with his Korean accent still intact.

“My names, y/n.” You said fluently in Korean.

His face painted a look of disbelief, his voice coming out in cracks. “Aish, I can’t believe I fell for that!” He shouted, making the librarian who was passing by shush him. He was very much comfortable with the use of his first language. You giggled at him which made his cheeks turn pink and his heart melt at your sweet voice.

“You wanna get some lunch with me?” He asked out of the blue, cheeks still a shade of bright fuchsia. He grabbed your hand, eyes boring into your own pupils, a smile stretching across his face.

You were impressed at his boldness. However, you nodded making him smirk. And that was your first encounter with Im Jaebum, your boyfriend.


guys please im going to gush like now that nessa and oliver have finally had their reunion things are going to pICK UP and im dying ok because in an earlier chapter, oliver snapped gold buttons off his jacket to help a kid and now he and nessa are coming out of the gardens together and he’s missing BUTTONS AND SHES WEARING HIS CLOAK and its gonna look so bad and really their relationship is doomed literally from the first time they meet i dont know why im so excited about this BUT I AM