but im sure something will

  • me: haha, that's a nifty idea for a drawing! :) I'll just make a quick lil' doodle of it, nothin' too fancy now
  • me: *spends several hours on the drawing, forgetting to eat or drink and barely blinking, making sure everything looks good and I'm satisfied with it, the same song on repeat for hours on end because I'm too engrossed with what I'm doing to bother changing it*

if you didnt know this is my first time logging into here for 3 months im currently cleaning up and yes IM STILL ALIVE!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERNS! sorry im so garbled i have a bit of a headache rn! expect something soon

im not exactly sure what


expect it. 

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Do people ever assume you're a couple and ask you two for relationship advice?

and even if someone didn’t know them, their attire isn’t exactly civilian-like so im p sure they’d prob think they’re cosplayers or something.. who knows lol

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For 200 followers you should do another art raffle ;)

If this anon is Theo i will fucking smite you

But i also just finished the art raffle stuff and it took forever, and i also have to work on the utd project. Im not sure if I’ll do an art raffle but definitely something to thank you guys ^^ <3

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rich/famous dallon? siGN ME UP!! but why would they be fake dating?

im not sure!! maybe something for publicity? kdjfhgs  what if dallons going to an event alone (something that u need a date to) bc he doesnt have anyone to go with, but on his way there he finds out some really vicious reporter is going to be there and theyll bash him for being alone, so he needs a date Stat and brendon is just like on the sidewalk as dallons car passes by and he sees him and is like “hes cute, he’ll do” and pulls over and asks brendon to pretend to be his date (and promises him like $30 djhfgsjd) and then once theyre there everyone is like “omg u guys are so cute together!!!1″ and then they have to keep pretending bc now Everyone “knows” theyre dating 

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him

You’ve heard of Lance making Keith laugh and Lance becoming space goo, now get ready for-

Keith saying or doing something that makes Lance laugh hard and it’s not at him (which is a big plus), almost making him cry, and Keith’s Pining Ass is all over the clouds, and then Lance slaps his back saying “haha that was a good one dude” and Keith is dead. Shiro come pick him up. Maybe it’s also the moment when Keith really fell in love of Lance’s laugh. Him starting to make more stupid things in front of Lance does not relate in any way, nope.


Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books entitled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had superb, moving color illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. Harry flicked through the first volume eagerly; he could see it was going to be highly useful in his plans for the D.A.

this comes from my very staunch headcanon that remus broke sirius out of grimmauld place at least once