but im sure something will

20 questions and tag

rules: answer these 20 questions and tag followers you want to get to know better 

  • Name: Denise
  • Nickname: dens? 
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer *crabs crabs*
  • Height: 1.65cm  did i stutter? iam not lying
  • Orientation: bicycle
  • Ethnicity: Filipinaaaaa
  • Favorite fruit: Watermelon bc why not
  • Favorite season: Fall ~
  • Favorite book series: lotr woop woop
  • Favorite flower: sunflowers and baby’s breath
  • Favorite scent: money lols
  • Favorite color: dark red and rose gold
  • Coffee, tea or cocoa: ok i NEEED covfefe but I prefer tea :)
  • Average sleep hours: atm 8-10 hours i love summer
  • Cat or dog person: a really cheery cat does that exist? 
  • Favorite fictional characters: myself im fictional jk i recently watched sherlock soooooooo ofc mycroft
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: one lols
  • Dream trip: JAPAN im crying my friend is there rn and im so jelly
  • Blog created: last fall (?)
  • Number of followers: 2k something lols im pretty sure half of them are porn blogs tho

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No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.


i love my son


Keith and Red

It’s me. Keith.Your buddy. It’s me! Keith, your– I am your paladin! I’m bonding with you! Hey! 

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him


Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books entitled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had superb, moving color illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. Harry flicked through the first volume eagerly; he could see it was going to be highly useful in his plans for the D.A.

this comes from my very staunch headcanon that remus broke sirius out of grimmauld place at least once

You’ve heard of Lance making Keith laugh and Lance becoming space goo, now get ready for-

Keith saying or doing something that makes Lance laugh hard and it’s not at him (which is a big plus), almost making him cry, and Keith’s Pining Ass is all over the clouds, and then Lance slaps his back saying “haha that was a good one dude” and Keith is dead. Shiro come pick him up. Maybe it’s also the moment when Keith really fell in love of Lance’s laugh. Him starting to make more stupid things in front of Lance does not relate in any way, nope.

  • *in the future*
  • jisung, the oldest: mom why do most of us have korean names
  • sungwoon, 2nd oldest: why do you want me to find a guy named noh taehyun
  • minhyun, 3rd oldest: why do you always tell me i'll reunite with minki, aron, dongho, and jonghyun
  • seongwoo, 4th oldest: what is a slate
  • daniel, 5th oldest: why do you always get me a kitten for my birthday *surrounded by 13 kittens*
  • Jaehwan, middle child: stop calling me a vocal legend mom i like to rap
  • Jihoon, 5th youngest: why are you calling me winkboy and saying jeojjang or gugugaga whenever i pass you
  • Woojin, 4th youngest: why do i have an eyepatch on
  • Jinyoung, 3rd youngest: stop calling me and jihoon winkdeep
  • Daehwi, 2nd youngest: why are you trying to get me to befriend someone named somi
  • Guanlin, youngest: i'm not a swaggy rapper, i'm a vocal legend. why do i have a pet chick named seonho
  • me: *sweats nervously*