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a/n: thinking about making this a slight series lol please tell me if you want that but im sure you dont cuz im aware of the fact that i cant write for shit ahahah

pairing: chris schistad x reader

word count: 1.2k

warnings: making out i guess lmfao

part 2, part 3

She watched him flirt with yet another girl, a frown making it’s way upon her lips as she wished she was one of them. Eva noticed this and gently laid her hand on top of y/n’s, y/n’s head turned to face Eva as she smiled weakly her eyes immediately going back to the boy in the penetrator hoodie. She looked at the girl he was talking to, she had piercing blue eyes, her legs were long and smooth, she had beautiful tanned skin and the prettiest smile y/n had ever seen.

Her frown turned into a sad smile as she looked back at the girls who were already staring at her worried she might do something she’d regret. But nothing like that happened as she excused her self from their table sprinting to the bathroom oblivious to the fact that Chris’s eyes had followed her every move, he licked his lips wanting nothing more than to be with her in that moment he felt sick to his stomach realizing he wanted more than just a hook up.

He hadn’t felt this way before about anyone not even Iben who he had broken up with a few weeks ago, his eyes went back to the girl in front him swallowing his feelings and bringing his infamous smirk back onto his lips.

However the way he stared at her whilst she walked out of the cafeteria did not go unnoticed by the girls they all looked at each other raising their eyebrows did penetrator Chris like y/n too? they all huddled together, Eva being the first one to say something

“did you guys see the way he looked at her?”

“yes like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen” Sana snickered whilst staring at Chris who had noticed their weird behavior “shit i think he’s realized what were talking about” Eva panicked noticing Chris’s eyes widening as he speed walked towards them slamming his hands down onto the table “what’s so fucking funny?!”

Their eyes wen’t wide as they stared at each other having no clue what to do or what to say “Chris?” a low voice mumbled from behind him, it was y/n. Now it was his time to panic as he had no clue what to tell her about why he had been yelling at her friends, “he was just leaving” Noora grumbled and he did exactly that walking away without another word.

y/n’s eyebrows knitted together as she stared at her friends wondering what the hell just happened. Vilde was the first one to speak up “he like-” before she could finish Eva’s hand found it’s way over her lips earning a shocked yell from her before she pushed her hand of her mouth and sat back in her seat rolling her eyes as she didn’t understand why she couldn’t tell y/n about the way he had looked at her.

“shut the hell up”

Eva glared and looked back at y/n who was still standing there confused as ever as to why her friends were acting this way. Y/n was about say something when Sana cut her off and told her that they were going to a party tonight and that she had to look her best because the boys there only went for the best dressed girls, causing y/n to roll her eyes and laugh at Sana’s words but she quickly agreed knowing that Chris would be there

Y/n walked through the front door of the party the music filling her ears as she walked through the crowd her friends trailing after her, they walked through the crowd making their way to the kitchen to get some drinks. Y/n’s black dress fitted her perfectly hugging all off her curves and showing just enough cleavage but not to much, it stopped right below her ass making her feel slightly uncomfortable especially with the numerous guys that were practically undressing her with their eyes.

She begged her friends to stay with their but of course that didn’t happen as they quickly disappeared into the crowd. She frowned blobbing down onto the couch rolling her eyes as she drank her beverage in under three seconds squeezing the red solo cup in her hand in anger before slamming it onto the ground. She was mad as hell, all of her friends left her knowing that she hated being alone at parties but that anger quickly faded when he sat down next to her.

She blushed and suddenly felt like she had forgotten every single word that she had learned. He smirked noticing the affect he had on the poor girl and put his arm around her causing her cheeks to go even redder if that was even possible. “blushing huh? didn’t know i had that kind of an effect on you” she still just sat there her mouth slightly opening as she tried to speak but nothing came out “well let’s start easy shall we what’s your name?” he asked even though he knew perfectly what it was “uh it’s y/n” she said finally finding her voice again

“hm y/n i like that name, i’m Chris” he said scooting closer towards her so close that if he were to turn his head their lips would almost be touching “yeah i know” she mumbled her eyes widening as she realized how creepy that sounded, but he just laughed his lips slightly brushing against her neck as he put his hand over hers tracing it up and down her arm. She felt like she was going to faint having Chris so close to her made her feel almost complete

She turned her head, her lips ever so slightly brushing against his and that’s when it finally happened he pushed his head forward connecting their lips in a heated kiss. She crawled on top of his lab his hands trailing down towards her ass, as she ran hers through his hair. Their make out session was stopped by someone grabbing her by the waist and pulling her off of him. 

Chris immediately stood up ready to kill the person who ripped her away from him, for ruining what he had been waiting for, for so long. She was just as shocked as him as she untangled herself from the persons grip screaming “what the fuck!” in their face, but she quickly calmed down when she saw that it was her one of her friends Jonas. Chris didn’t though he was still frustrated with what Jonas had pulled at school so he wrapped his arms around y/n moving her out of the way so he was standing in front off him 

“what do you think your doing!?” Chris yelled furious at the first year that kept trying to pick fights with him “keeping you away from her! i know what sick game you’re playing and i won’t let her be one of the girls you ruin!” he roared back shocking you and most of the people that were around them “Just fuck off alright before i do something i’ll regret” Chris said clearly about to flip any second, y/n quickly ran over to him and his eyes immediately softening when they landed on her 

She smiled and lightly pecked his lips before turning back to Jonas who was standing there shocked that she had picked ‘Penetrator Chris’ over him “i think you should go” she mumbled whilst being pulled back into Chris’s chest “whatever” he said starting to walk away, but before he was completely out of sight he turned back to her looking her straight in the eyes before saying “just remember that i warned you” and then he was gone.

Since When?

Since When?
Bucky x Reader
Warnings: cheesyness I guess lol

Anon Request: Hello! I was thinking if you can write like the reader and bucky have been dating for a while but the avengers didnt notice until- im not really sure what happens, but when they find out theyre like “I thought you guys were just flirting” (or something, im sorry im not really good at this) but reader and bucky havent been exactly subtle in doing pda? I know its not exactly easy writing fanfics so it will be deeply appreciated if you did write this. Thank you so much in advance

A/N: Yes! First request in forever, I’ll be glad to write this for you love :) <3 I hope it’s what you wanted, feedback would be great! (Ps. Sorry if this sucked!)

I walk in the main room, sitting in my favorite seat. Bucky’s lap. “Hey babe,” I said, kissing his stubbly cheek gently. In my perspective, I see Bucky and I as a cheesy annoying couple. But to others, we were just a pair of flirty assassins.

“Look at those too,” Natasha says from afar, talking to Clint. “I know, all they do is flirt with each other and they won’t admit to each other that they’re in love.” “Like look, (Y/n) is already all up on him.”

I was stroking Buck’s cheek, giggling at his comments. “You look lovely today darling, like always,” he winks. He’s so cheesy but I like it.

Natasha rolled her eyes at the sight of us,“they’re so disgusting.”

I get up to grab a snack from the kitchen, where Nat and Clint were.

“Hey,” I said. “Hey love bird,” Nat smirked, “ask him out already.” “What? What are you talking about?” “We know your secret (Y/n),” Clint says, standing next to Nat. “What secret?” “It’s so obvious, I can’t believe how oblivious you two are!” Nat yells out, causing Bucky to turn our way. He too, gets up from the couch, walking towards us. “What’s going on here?” he says. “Don’t act like you don’t know,” Clint says, narrowing his eyes at Buck. “Know what?” he says, putting his arm around me. “THAT YOU TWO LOVE EACH OTHER!” they yelled in unisons. Bucky and I just laughed, “we know,” I said, “we tell each other that everyday.” The two look at us with a confused expression, “what?” “The only oblivious ones here is you two,” Buck says. “Everyone knows that we’re dating. It’s been a while now.” “What!?” Nat yells out, “since when?!” “I thought you guys were just flirting…”


the marauders + lily evans: social media // instagram

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i was just rewatching season 7x20 (the one with charlie and the leviathans) and noticed something cool. so to help charlie get into the building, sam uses his knowledge about harry potter to help her. and to get past the guard dean uses his knowledge of flirting with guys? i think? im not sure what to class his help as lol, except he has "knowledge" about it.

Yeah, I mean… again this for me is kinda like the siren. It’s not in itself a “Dean is bi” moment but it is everything that goes around it that makes us think about it.

I love how layered this show is, now that is getting less subtle I can just enjoy the amazingly continuous subtle writing rather than find it frustrating :D

So yeah, Sam uses his knowledge of Harry Potter and Dean uses his flirting skills, while Sam looks on in total amusement. Ok, Dean is a guy so he knows what guys like, I can see how it can be taken NOT as a bisexual/gay thing. It’s just a great addition to the long running layering of all the Dean is bi moments that all together add up.

It’s like I always say about Dean is bi and Destiel moments, 1+1+1+1+1 = 5.

It’s similar to how they are often framed differently like this throughout the 12 years of the show. Dean is usually paired off with a guy, Sam with a girl, Sam sympathises and Dean empathises, Sam works off logic and research, Dean off emotion and gut feeling.

In this scene Sam uses the bookworm side to connect with Charlie, while Dean uses his sexuality, later on in their relationship we see it again when Charlie reveals her innermost secret to Dean in the episode about her family, something so close to Dean’s heart, another time she talks to Dean about Cas, all “he seems dreamy” when she’s never met him, there’s a reason why many people hoped Dean would come out to Charlie before she got taken away from us too soon…

And yeah this scene comes relatively soon after Sam asks Dean “so, are you strictly into dick now?” with a smirk, in a season where Dean has been an alcoholic mourning the death of his ‘buddy’ whilst so much of the subtext of MotW episodes have been about romantic love and loss…

So yeah it’s just another additional cog to the story and I love it :D

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People have also been interpreting it as Lena getting the impression that Supergirl is getting with Mon-el while hes with Kara lol. Im not sure thats the case but i like that interpretation because it also falls in line with Lena being protective of Kara. Theres something endearing about the idea of Lena ready to throw down with Supergirl to protect Kara lol

*Facepalm* I can’t believe I forgot that one! I knew I was missing something…

Yeah it’s a solid enough headcanon, but I still think it was born from just reading into the gifs, and not her voice.

Plus, I don’t think Lena noticed Kara and Mon-El’s interactions at all, she was too busy in that moment on the ship, thinking that maybe her mom loves her after all. And Kara didn’t react emotionally to the news that Mon-El would need to leave, so there would be no hints that she likes him there, either.

So it’s like… 8/10 would read fic of, but won’t personally headcanon going forth. Something to ponder, but not something I’ll use within the foundation of my understanding of the show and their relationship.

But as far as fic goes, because I’m an angst machine that develops new angst at the speed of light:

Lena thinks that either Mon-El and Supergirl were sneaking around behind Kara’s back, or that they were just flirting, but she doesn’t have proof of either. So she can’t bring it up to Kara, and Mon-El has left the Earth, but she can definitely direct her anger at Supergirl.

Meanwhile, Kara, who is likely mulling over whether or not she should finally tell Lena that she’s Supergirl, just sees Lena suddenly being mean to one of her identities and she doesn’t know why. So she keeps it to herself. Because if Lena dislikes Supergirl, dislikes a part of her, maybe Lillain was right.

Maybe Lena will hate her for it.

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so random but why nobody talks or care about hongbin X jin? like i only know vixx because of bts and my knowledge was limited to knowing ken's name but i use to wonder who is this other member that touches and hugs jin inany given chance? yoongi for sure doesn't appreciate it but no one care about these two when hongbin obviously likes jin and shows it

lol im not sure but tbh ken is still on another level with his affection with jin compared to kong (hongbin) that’s why i think ken is the most noticeable to people(?)

ok but before i go to mobile

did y ou kno………. i actually have set differences for them eyes…………

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Can you show more gifs or photos of jongin holding sehun when they're bowing...? Cus I need noticed that... Thanks.

im not so sure if i miss any moments but here you go :

sekai holding hand behind their back



jongin holding sehun’s hand during ending of SMT in Jakarta

x x

jongin holding sehun’s hand during ending of SMT in Singapore

during ending at Show Champion


during ending of MAMA in Hongkong


during ending of Dream Concert (before Suho broke them apart lol~)

x x

during ending of SMT in Osaka


during ending of Seoul Music Award


and the latest one, during ending of MMA


hope you notice

(the rest is just i love when jongin being possessive during ending and sorry if i miss other moments bc it’s too much i don’t have time)

 x x  x x x x x x

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hello NYC!! so great site you got here. Im enjoying it better than any comedy shows lol. so question, have you noticed that harry not only wears the bracelet religously but also a necklace... do you have any idea what it is or who gave it to him? im not sure but it is similar to the one he used to wear when he was with Chelsy. 2nd question, what is meghan really after? someone here said she is a narccist? im not sure.... but for real what is she really getting besides good publicity etc?

The metal band on his right wrist is a friendship bracelet with his male friends (Jake, Skippy and Mark Dyer), the necklace was a gift given to him by a Shaman both are there since Chelsy (or even before), but they aren’t related to any past girlfriend. Wigtig is after money, pure and simple. 😉

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Oooohhhh can I ask for some fic recs for IWAOI that aren't like... You know the super popular fics that everyone has read?

Can do, anon!

I Followed Fires  by EclecticInkling: An au in which Oikawa is an exiled prince and Iwaizumi is a mysterious ranger and there are DRAGONS.  (Oh gosh, I read this fic recently and I was blown away.  If you like fantasy aus you will not be disappoint.  It’s a WIP but it’s totally worth and deserves more attention.  Also, did I mention there are DRAGONS)

The Five Times Oikawa Woke Iwaizumi Up by CheekyBrunette: And the one time Iwaizumi woke Oikawa.  (Really sweet oneshot, their dynamic was done so well here!)

in defense of our overgrown garden by carafin: Oikawa and Iwaizumi are neighbors with Ushiwaka (This one is such a gem, it totally is partially the reason I grew attached to Ushijima.  Even if you’ve read it before read it again, it’s great.)

Abies nordmanniana by peralta: Winter-themed, Oikawa steals Iwa’s sweaters.  (This was adorable and still makes me feel fuzzy, even if it’s no longer the holiday season.)

the heart is a lonely hunter by kinishinaii: Angst where Oikawa is in an accident and Iwaizumi takes care of him. (I don’t know if this counts as a super popular one everyone has read, but again, it’s just so well done and super painful.  The emotions really tear at your soul, how much they care about each other.  I’m not someone who’s usually huge on angst, but this was really great.)

you’ve got infinity wrapped around your finger  by TripsH: Iwaoi proposal. (A nice fluffy proposal I enjoyed!)

If you wanna be  : Oikawa tries to get Iwaizumi a date and fails miserably.  (Really sweet, also features Mattsun and Makki which is always great!)

Wingman Watari by SatyrSyd37: Watari is the best matchmaker ever and pairs off his teammates. (Features all the seijous but is pretty dang hilarious and definitely worth a read!)

the truth is out there by shizuoh: Oikawa is an astronaut, Iwaizumi works for NASA.  (I thought this was absolutely adorable and it definitely fed my inner space nerd).

A Little Sweetness by skysburger: Oikawa starts regifiting his bentos to Iwaizumi.  (I found this really sweet omg, Oikawa is a dumb.)

summer came like cinnamon by ohhotlamb: (A really sweet oneshot where Oikawa whines about the heat a lot.)

10 ways iwaizumi has said i love you  by daisugass: (Tooth-rotting fluff)

Oh gosh, there’s a lot more too, but I should go to sleep.  I hope I at least found some you haven’t seen, a lot of the ones I happened to have saved ended up popular but I tried to dig for some.

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omgggg julie im convinced i saw you at shawns concert last night?? were you about row 20 or 21 maybe? i was so sure it was you, but like when i saw you at 5sos, i was afraid to say anything lol

YES OMG THAT’S ME HAHAHAAHAAH! I was moved to row 21 instead of row 1 at the terrasse because my seat had been used to one of the workers instead because of Shawn’s piano stage thingy  😂 😂 YOU SHOULD HAVE WALKED UP AND SAID HII I WAS PRETTY NOTICEABLE WITH MY CRUTCHES 

Since Tourmaline totally has a birthday now (and wow it’s today, Happy Birthday!), the celebrations would of course be part of the happy-ever-after end credits montage of the story’s lower-quality straight-to-DVD Disney sequel, right? Right??

Tourmaline stars in this fanfic by @phantomrose96 and was designed by ghostfiish! why is the @ feature so fickle

very high quality bonus content under the cut

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Captain canary + 29?

ohh i love this! thank you for the prompt, i hope you like this!

29. “I thought you were dead.”

“I’ve done that and I’m not planning on doing so anytime soon.” Sara laughs, but her smile quickly turns into a pouty face. She caresses her side with her hand. “Ow. My ribs.”

“Careful. This place is so unsanitary that if you survive your injuries, you might still die from an infection.”

Sara throws Leonard a look. “Thanks.”

She sighs. “I’m not sure what hurts more, being thrown in the lazarus pit or having three broken ribs.”

She’s lying in a hospital bed in a hospital somewhere in New Orleans in the 1930′s. After one of their missions to take out Savage went south, the team found themselves stranded in the 1930′s after the Waverider was so badly damaged that it wasn’t able to fly anymore, at least until Gideon repaired it. Vandal Savage is long gone and Sara, in a foolish attempt to stop him, went after him, but got three broken ribs and lots of bruises instead. Leonard and Mick went after her and found her bleeding out in an alley. 

A couple of days have passed since then, and they’re still waiting on a word from Rip that the ship has been fixed and they can return, but so far, it has been radio silence. 

“I don’t know what if feels like to be risen from the dead,” Leonard replies, “but I do know what a broken rib feels like, and it hurts like hell.”

“Yeah,” Sara grimaces, “I’ve noticed that.”

She bites her lip. “Leo?”


“Thanks for saving me.”

He smiles. “Anytime.”

hhhh after seeing @krazehkai and her friends’ (as well as some other ppl’s) fatesonas, i was tempted to make one myself lol i totally did not pick the outlaw class bc of the outfit psh

also i tried to pick the colors based off of what i usually wear and it turns out my entire wardrobe is black and white lmao rip

for hannibal-spectre: harry potter au! with socially awkward werewolf derek who finds his mate in a scrawny gryffindor prankster (im so sorry, its 3 am here and i have a mighty need for this, i apologize in advance if you don’t do harry potter au!’s

I absolutely do Harry Potter AUs but, I’m sorry, I only ever sort Stiles into Slytherin. That’s where he belongs and no one will convince me otherwise, lol. I hope that’s okay, friend ♥

Derek is thirteen when he notices the smell. It’s not like anything he’s ever smelled before. But it’s during the sorting, so he can’t really pin down who the smell is coming from. There are so many people. He’s sure he looks like an idiot, craning his neck around to look at everyone. His older sister, Laura, kicks him underneath the Gryffindor table and tells him to stop making a spectacle of himself.

He barely eats during the whole feast. After, he writes a hurried letter to his mother, asking her advice about what happened. He’s never been so taken by a smell like that.

She writes back the next morning and tells him he must’ve smelled his mate and isn’t that nice? She’s so happy for him and Derek’s father is, too. They can’t wait to hear all about the person.

Derek is less than happy. He doesn’t even know who the person is

So he starts a list of all the facts he has to narrow it down. All he has so far is that his mate is probably a first year; it has to be someone who’s new at the school, someone who wasn’t here last year.

That’s all that remains on his list for a while. It hard to pinpoint the scent because it seems like it’s coming from everywhere. It’s all over classrooms and the halls and he smells it at different tables in the great hall. It’s all over people who aren’t his mate, too, like his mate just goes around touching people. It’s ridiculous. How is he ever supposed to figure out who it is? He spends a month certain that it’s Scott McCall, a first year Gryffindor. The only reason he realizes it’s not is because he catches Scott in the boy’s bathroom after a shower and he doesn’t smell right, doesn’t smell like Derek’s mate. That’s actually kind of disappointing; Scott would’ve been a good mate. He’s a nice kid, always smiling and Derek has seen him helping other kids in their house with various things in the common room.

And Derek makes kind of an ass out of himself trying to befriend Scott, too. Befriend, because eleven or twelve is entirely too young to be dealing with serious stuff like mates and significant others and courtship. He’s not going to tell his mate about everything for years, of course, not until he’s sure his mate will understand and can make an informed decision in regards to the whole forever thing.

It’s not until after winter break that he finally figures out his mate is a Slytherin; his mate’s scent is all over the dungeons. Derek notices it when he’s wandering around one weekend. After that, well, he can narrow the list down a little bit more. There are only so many first year Slytherins, after all. He can just cross them off by process of elimination.

That… turns out to be harder than he was expecting. He spends a week convinced it’s Jackson Whittemore and just wishing he could die because, seriously? That would be the worst. The Whittemores are not the kind of family the Hales usually associate with. Old money and snobbish attitudes; Jackson seems to fit the mold perfectly. Derek’s little sister, Cora, complains about him all the time. They have a few classes together. If she’s not complaining about what a jerk Jackson Whittemore is, she’s complaining about the Stilinski kid being such a troublemaker.

Derek goes home that year with it narrowed down to three possible candidates. He’s miserable the whole summer long.

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Okay okay but what if Dan posted a video called The Boyfriend Tag and you saw it in your notifications. And then, after shrieking like a beast for a solid minute, you go watch it. However, when you’re about to click on it you notice something weird… Phil isn’t in the thumbnail… Instead, Dan is hugging someone else… Could.. Could it be? Is that… Alfie Deyes? You freeze for a moment then shake your head. You manage to glare at the little image one more time and hiss: “Even this you’re stealing, you lil shit…”