but im still waiting on a letter

meeting daisy ridley

i barely ever write posts but i believe this is worthy of one

last thurdsay, 2nd november, i was fortunate enough to meet the absolute love of my life miss daisy ridley at the world premiere of murder on the orient express

now this was the biggest premiere ive ever been to and i had to get on a coach from catdiff to london on the tuesday night and arrived on the early hours of wednesday morning and i was K N A C K E R E D and cold and hungry but i was like nah this is hopefully gonna pay off, baring in mind that the last i heard was that daisy was still in montreal filming chaos walking so this whole thing was a massive gamble and i was going down on my own

anyway, premiere day arrives and i am sO nervous, i couldn’t eat or drink, i was shaking from the moment i woke up and i was literally just on edge the whooooole morning

fast forward to being behind the barriers waiting for the premiere to begin, an important looking woman on the red carpet turned to another important looking woman and told her to add daisy’s name to all of the lists because she was now 100% coming and i was there like shitshitshitshitshit this could finally happen

anyways the cast all start to arrive then suddenly lorraine kelly is like WELCOME DAISY RIDLEY TO THE CARPET and i lost my SHIT i was like jesus she’s here and so am i???

she eventually makes her way up the carpet and goes on the stage so im like RIGHT HERE’S MY CHANCE and i hold my sign up that reads “I’VE BEEN HERE FOR 40 HOURS TO MEET DAISY RIDLEY” and like 10 seconds later i see her look over and mouth the words then look shocked and points and waves and im like bloody hell i am GONE and then the interview begins and lorraine mentions that someone’s been there for 40 hours and daisy said that she’s not worth it ???!??!? like bby g i would have been there even longer if i needed to

anyway that wraps up and daisy walks off the stage and im like shit where’s she gone and tHEN SHE IS THERE SHE IS LIKE 10 FT AWAY FROM ME AND IM LIKE FUCK and someone moves the rope to let her over and she points at me and comes straight over and gives me the biggest and best hug ive ever had and says “nobody should have to wait 40 hours to meet anyone” and i LOSE it i am SOBBING and then she told me to not cry like girl ive cried over you 10x more than ive ever cried over anyone and she thanked me for waiting and i was like omg ive written you a letter but…shit ive lost it one sec and she was like don’t worry and whilst im looking for it she shouts “THIS GIRL HAS BEEN HERE FOR 40 HOURS, THIS IS THE GIRL OF THE NIGHT” and im trying to find my letter still and also literally DYING because she just called me the girl of the night and finally i find the fucker and i hand it to her and then we take a selfie which i fucking LOVE and then im like fuck can you sign my phone case? which says ‘okay but daisy ridley though’ and she laughs and asks for my name ?????? i was like hold me so i tell her it’s abbie and she asks if it’s with a double b and obvs i say yes like im not gonna say no obvs and she writes my name and then puts thank you and signs it along with two kisses and im like almost on the floor and then she signs a picture that i had of her as mary debenham and i think that was it like something else could have happened but that’s literally when i just WENT AND I HAD TO LEAN OVER THE BARRIER AND JUST CRY

she was so damn lovely, i felt so damn appreciated by her like that i genuinely meant something and i have not stopped smiling since, i have not felt this happy in such a long time and it all couldn’t have gone any better for me, i’m so glad that this is the woman im in love with, i wouldn’t change anything

moral of the story is that daisy ridley is the best

im VERY into the idea of the reaper trio passing notes back and forth between magnus and julia. 

ie shit like: lup visits julia biweekly for a coffee date and tells her all the stupid shit that magnus did during those two weeks and they have a good time making fun of him, and she gives julia magnus’s letter about what he’s doing and etc, and takes julia’s letter back to magnus 

“how is she?” magnus asks, every time 

“still prettier than you, big guy,” lup says, giving him the letter. “I told her about how you got your hand stuck in that jar last tuesday” 

“Lup, i thought we were friends,” magnus groans. “now she’s gonna think im not cool,” 

“I dont think she ever thought you were cool,” lup says. “she married you anyway, though.” 

“Yeah!” magnus says. “she did.” 

and the letters are all shit like this except longer: 

Dear Mags,

yes, steven is fine, still, i got him a bigger tank and he seems to like the extra room. it’s still a little weird that you named him after my dad, honey. 

That’s so exciting that you’re opening the school! I can’t wait for you to tell me about all the dogs, i know you’re going to be great. 

still not gonna tell you what i’ve been working on, no matter how much you ask, baby. so stop asking! it’s a surprise! 

i love you too. i hope you’re well. Tell lup thank you again, for delivering these letters. 



anonymous asked:

Hi do you know of any fics where either Keith or Lance are trans boys?

Hey there Anon!

These fics are in the collection, and ones that I have read myself:


In English, Please - Anonymous

Word Count: 4, 943

Summary: Lance thinks he can get away with flirting with Keith if it’s in Spanish. Lance thinks if he says the words angrily enough no one will catch on to the ruse. Lance thinks his secret crush is safe. Lance, my friends, is very…very wrong.


We’re Still Good - Qpenguin98

Word Count: 1, 913

Summary: He can feel Lance’s heartbeat, warm through the leather of his gloves.

It’s very quiet, for once Lance has nothing to say.

Below the cut are 41 fics that have been categorized into trans!keith, trans!lance, and trans!keith & trans!lance. Just so you know I haven’t read them myself, so read them at your own discretion:

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ok but like the whole thing is giving me serious clue vibes and i'm pretty sure that's just me projecting my favorite movie onto this but still i'm gonna explode with this i can't wait a week send help

i dont know a shit ton about it, but im thinking some sort of killer thing. abduction maybe? those ransom letters and all.










Dear Charlie,

i think this is the first time i write you with good news.

i am six months clean from cutting, and although im not feeling really good, i am really, really proud of myself.

i thought it was impossible, i used to cut five times a day, i used to think there were nothing left in me to save.

i was wrong.

i had nobody to help me, and thats why im writing you this letter, i need to tell someone this: i am fucking six months clean.

i made it all on my own.

and this, is for the readers.

i know what it feels like, to not see the end of the pain, to be hopeless, so hopeless that you wake up in the morning already wishing you were under the grave.

i know you are all tired of hearing this, but, trust me, it gets better. and im saying this because i experienced it on my own skin.

now, i still have a lot of issues. i will feel like this forever.

if you were waiting for something, a sign, a pray, this is it.

dont end it all.
i care about you.

it gets better.
i promise


Morning Notes From A Rook

Good Morning My Love,

Its Movie Day! 

The new Thor movie is out and I cant wait to see it with you! I always get a kick out of going to see superhero movies, though if Im honest, I still think I could take Thor in a fight.

Ive got your coffee started and I will call you when Im on the way to the theater. Enjoy your morning!

Love you always,

Jacob Frye

P.S. Yes, Im still gonna wear my Thor helmet to the film and no one can stop me :)

Dear soulmate/life partner

I cant wait to meet you.
To love your smile.
To know your face.
Hear your voice.
I cant even wait to argue with you.
Intensity of love keeping me from saying things that i know will make wounds that will take years to heal.
I cant wait to hold you.
To have your scent be my favorite fagrance.
I cant wait to tell you, how beautiful you are whether you feel it or not.
Looking at you when you’re mad at me,
And trying not to be turned on by how fine you are when youre angry.
I cant wait to love you.
To cherish you,
I cant wait.
Inside jokes with you,
I cant wait til your laugh is my favorite melody.
I cant wait to wake up to you.
I cant wait to be old with you,
Looking at the world we’ve created together.
Yes im still gonna look at you the same way 50 years from now.
I cant wait to go through trials and tribulations with you.
Things that would break anyone else but make us stronger.
I cant wait to choose you everyday.
I cant wait to make love to you,
And no not in just the physical sense the art of love making goes far beyond the bedroom.
I cant wait to learn from you.
I cant wait to teach you.
I cant wait any longer.
Could you get here already please?

RP: mind at war.

Sam had been in the marines for a while, she even left school without telling her brothers, for a year she has been overseas keeping the peace.

She had even ended up growing her hair long again, however, things she has witnessed can leave a mind messed up, shes lost friends, that she called family, she stopped calling, sending letters to her real family. She was finally sent back home, still fully enlisted in the USMC, she had sent one message to her family that stated “Im coming home” by this point she was already in the airport.

She did not feel right, her mind was all over the place, waiting to see which plane would take her closer to home, she saw a man arguing with a woman, she had stepped in raising her voice. Of course she knew she shouldnt have, it meant people would record this, and press would get hold of information against her.

@deepseasquidkid (quickly wrote this. As the starter)

Just Sorry: A Mini Series (Chapter 8/??)

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Angst etc.

Previous Chapter: 7

Word Count: 1,794


“Where the fuck are they?” The CEO grumbled under his breath as his leaned against the front desk of in Im’s Construction Company’s office. Today was the day Yongguk’s men were supposed to be ‘hired’ for their positions in building but they were no were to be found. He had specifically told Hana to notify him when the others had arrived but no word has been given yet. Jaebum knew his idea would turn bad the minute he had shook hands with Yongguk. But what’s done is done.

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      Im Still Waiting For Tatsuro’s Proposal Sequel ….

Its Not Even Out In Japanese …..

Im Still Wondering About This Cg……Agh!! What is This From?!?!

          I Mean Even Atsumu Is Getting One



    Voltage We Need tatsuro Now .

Poor Tatsuro ….Dont Worry We Will Marry You So Day …

Yo. My name is Marion, I’m 17 years old and come from New Zealand!

I’d love to have a pen pal to snail mail with, I’ll send you like 5 pages of detailed descriptions of my food and how I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter of acceptance. And I’ll send little gifts, artwork, chocolate, New Zealand money etc because I want to buy your friendship.

My most favourite hobbies are writing, painting, listening to music, dancing badly in my room on my own where no one can judge my moves, playing the guitar, reading, fashion and watching tv shows! (oitnb, Scandal, the Fosters, Greys, Breaking Bad and I’m starting to watch the walking dead but im rlly scared)

My life goals are to travel everywhere, do something good and useful, and to run a lil cafe on a hill and have a huge paddock where animals can come and live and I will feed them food and we will be happy.

Also my most favourite bands and artists are: alt-j, Queen B, Queen Nicki, Vampire Weekend, Sia, David Bowie, Modest Mouse, The Ramones, Nina Simone, Snoop Dogg, Shaggy, Cage the Elephant and Sticky Fingers.

I would love have a snail mail pal from anywhere in the world, preferably similar to my age but ultimately I don’t really mind. And to keep sending letters and to become good friends and to maybe meet up one day and it will be groovy as (I have v high expectations.) Also I only speak English I’m so sorry :’( But I love to learn languages, I know very basic French (v basic) and I’d still be super happy to do a language exchange with anyone if I can use google translate hehe. I love everyone, but not rude people. Please flick me an email! I’ll be super happy. Ty.


My door’s open, and you’re not walking through it. My door’s open, and the thieves stroll right in and take what they want, and I don’t stop them. I have this theory that you’re waiting for me somewhere. That you’re the luggage I lost when I was thirteen, and you never made the flight on time. That you’re a carnival in an abandoned town or the face on the milk carton or the 11:00 news, and I remember you like you’re something that needs to be found. I have this theory that even when I’m not looking for you, I’m wondering where you are. I’m sorry about all the ones I kissed while you were missing. If there is a way to forget my mistakes without forgetting all the lessons they taught me, then I won’t remember any of their names. The wrong hands keep finding my door, baby, but none of them hold my hips right. Are you gonna keep me waiting forever? I’ve been writing to your mailbox heart for ages and never got a letter in return. Tell me you just got the address wrong.Tell me it’s not someone else you’ve been looking for after all this time. Tell me it’s always been me.
—  Y.Z, I’m still waiting for your letters

for Marya Morevna, the bride of darkness ✧ listen

feast of starlight ✧ howard shore | vogel im käfig ✧ hiroyuki sawano | the chairmans waltz ✧ john williams | wait ✧ kanno yoko | elegy ✧ david arnold & michael price | darcy’s letter ✧ jean-yves thibaudet | an ancient enemy ✧ howard shore | jane’s escape ✧ dario marianelli | with the wind ✧ mitsuda yasunori | ezio’s family ✧ assassin’s creed | the fall of man ✧ groove addicts | dawn ✧ the cinematic orchestra | nero ✧ two steps from hell

had to go off on my rental company today...

First off : My lease says that the rental office pays for all utilities (including electric) and all i have to pay for is internet/cable.

Alright so here we go…

So I get a letter in the mail yesterday from the electric company that says i have a 36 day late bill and that my power will be shut off at 8 am if they don’t get like 250 bills…bc they haven’t been paying my bill since AUGUST.

Im like, “waiittttt, whut” I never got any other notices or anything. 

Originally posted by bravowwhl

So this morning i call the electric company and they say all the rental company has to do is call and pay and ill be set. cool.

I roll up to the office to pay my rent and talk to these people about my electricity situation. I work in customer service so I know sometimes customers come in  yelling about shit that aint your fault. so i roll up chillin’ :

Originally posted by longhairredbottoms

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okay so it’s nye for me today, so that means that it’s time for me to get emotional n share some of my lov for u guys !!! (even tho some of are u are,, already in 2017,,,,, uh) u guys seriously mean th world to me, and i’m just so grateful to have all of u in my life, whether we talk on a daily basis or if we barely speak at all,,, u angels are amazing and i lov u !!

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