but im still surprised

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I know there are many videos of 🌗 proofs. But it would be cool if someone does a good one, like from the beginning: X-Factor, livestreams, interviews, M&G photos, "merch", concerts, indirects on twitter-IG-tumblr, family&friends admitting 🌗 is/was real, anything about Camren, any fucking evidence but from the beginning until now 2016 (in order). Just in case Lauren one day says SHOW ME SOME PROOFS, DELUSIONALS. we all tweet her that link of the video of the proofs.

just wait and watch out.


here some selfies from tokyo ~ i have more pics on my camera i’ll post some others perhaps later

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24 & 57 (I'm laughing way too hard at these two questions)

24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?

omg, let me count it. $80.62 in cash

57. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

hell yeah i do. #freeisfree


(this is sur) okay can i get really gay for a sec here, im??? still so in awe and so pleasantly surprised with the amount of love and niceness fran and i are getting??? everyones so so lovely and ur all so cool and its so nice that ppl care abt our friendship (which may i say its kinda fucked up so im guessing ur all a bit fucked up too) but rly like.. thank u so much for being so nice to us im forever grateful ive been having so much fun to the point where i realized how much i needed this?? all this loveliness and caring people i feel so at home in this fandom and w everyone its like having a hundred friends and i feel so comfortable and nice thanks to all of u GOD i could go on i just really love you all and thank you so so so much 

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i was hoping for easy street
+ u let me down son

it aint faiuh how we scrounge for three or fou’ bucks

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i completely forgot about that one message i sent you and im crying bc i saw it as i was scrolling through my dashboard. im the anon that was stuck in her bra btw

IM STILL SO SURPRISED BY IT? like it totally seems like something i’d do (randomly screaming at someone that im stuck or whatever) but lik e

how…did you manage to get time to type that up jc