but im still learning

when animating make sure that each action reads clearly. so animate one action at a time.

ie girl routinely picks up her car keys from the table.

- walk
- sees keys
- reaches
- grabs keys
- walks away

many beginners try to do too many things at once. give characters time to think and move.

the timing can be changed based on her situation (is she in a hurry?) but thinking this way while animating helps keep a lot of things manageable. If you start questioning how and why the characters move this way, you can start animating these actions in a way that makes it look natural and full of personality, instead of a robotic ‘do this this and this’.

thinking about how to apply it in action animating. It is very easy to plan but harder to make it appealing because it is fast and easy to miss. Therefore it relies on good composition and camera movements and timing to put it to its full potential.

- kicks stomach
- opponents reaction

What I noticed w a lot of anime is that they draw out these actions to give clarity. so it’ll be more like.

- kick kick kick kick kick
(ok I think the audience get the point now)
- opponents reaction

there is variety of poses and timing in this action, but in general all these fast moves lead to the same idea: a person kicks, their opponent reacts.

so when planning out a fight scene, think about how each action follows the same purpose (whether to disable or evade or just brutallize)

it’s really hard to animate action filled w character bc for the most part, these movements are muscle memory/ instinctual. but I think it’s still important to ask yourself how and why these characters move the way they do. take note of their personality and their particular fighting style and blending those two together.


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the gems stretching! why? idk.

I LOVE HOW PEARL AND AMETHYST TURNED OUT, BUT NOT SO MUCH W GARNET D: im not used to her body type yet. i need to practice her hardcore >:O SHE MUST BE PERFECT….

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What do you mean by that last post!? Holocaust getting you away from religion and vice versa?? I've never heard of such a thing!

ooooh well, in freshman year, my class was assigned to read “night” by elie wiesel and that literally made me question why i was so faithful to judaism in the first place, being someone who fondly believes in god. i’ve always had a feeling that god was on “my” side (as in, praying usually helped me get better outcomes in situations because of the love of god), but that book completely stirred up everything i thought. for instance, jews in concentration camps always still found a way to pray! but pray for what god? the god that let them suffer in those camps, get captured by the germans, tortured for way, way, way too long and completely massacred? what kind of god is that? if god was real, why didn’t he stop it? why didn’t he help? those were the questions raised in that book, and it really plagued my mind throughout high school. my family’s not too religious, but religion means a lot to us because of my cultural background (i’m indonesian and iraqi, two of the biggest muslim countries, but my indonesian grandma wanted to raise a jewish family, so she converted, which was an insanely difficult process), and my dad is even in his second term of presidency at our family-founded and owned synagogue, but i was quick to always voice that i was taking a break from judaism. i even told my rabbi. i wanted to talk it out with my bat mitzvah advisor, but i didn’t get the chance to reconnect with her. i still attended high holidays and sang the sephardic songs and listened to the shofar (which i messily and silently always prayed during), but i felt conflicted. it wasn’t even that long after i got bat mitzvah’d, but i still lost a lot of my faith because of that book in freshman year. i just constantly went back and forth between believing someone was answering my prayers, to thinking i was incredibly on my own, spiritually. and that was so bothersome because i’m huge on having something or someone to believe in, on top of believing in yourself (as cliche as that is). a higher power to look upon is a blessing. and then i watched a movie a few nights ago, a movie i’ve seen every night since then and read the book for, that really got me back on track. it had nothing to do with spirituality. it had barely anything to do with the religion of judaism itself, but had everything to do with what jews, outside of the camps, dealt with, in an unconventional love story that reigns true. aimee and jaguar was enlightening for me, changed my life and brought me back to judaism, because i guess i could see myself in felice all too well. a jewish woman who falls for a “nazi” woman during the holocaust times and idk why that stuck with me so much, but i guess there was a lot of passion there that resonated with me. for instance, felice worked for the underground, getting her friends out of berlin safely. and lily, being safely a non-jew, started hiding jews in her house and saving them from death after she no longer could save felice. i really can’t explain it. i really can’t emphasize its effect. but something switched in me and i don’t waver anymore. i have my religion, i have my faith, i went to synagogue with my family on shabbat tonight, and i need it. and thinking of it now, what a time to get back to judaism, especially in honor of my oma (grandma) who, as i said up top, was the one who converted to judaism to raise a jewish family, who also passed away this summer. so yes, the holocaust took me away from my religion, and the holocaust also brought me back to it, but i guess it’s just a faith i’ve always belonged to with full respect and belief