but im southern

“Keith tears his eyes away and focuses on Lance, whose mouth is slightly agape and eyes wide in awe. Lance has always loved the stars… Lance’s gaze is firmly on him, silent and serious and -

“Can I have a ride, cowboy?””

cue my sweet, northern usa tears over sweet, southern usa boys.
inspired by @tidalance ‘s red down a dead end!! its really nice (and so is she), please give it a look!!


Southern Talk™
  • Lance: Keith, did you see that? It was amazing.
  • Keith: Y'all did if I did.
  • Lance: Oh God.
  • Keith: What? It's my normal talk. Have you not heard it yet? It ain't something special.
  • Lance: OH GOD...
  • Keith: You're overeacting to my normal talk, Lance. Y'ain't gotta make such a big deal.
  • Lance: I need to go.
  • Keith: .... okay bye....

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Daryl+Jesus: 1,6,9?

already did #1 here 

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” (anon also requested this one, i changed it a bit so it would make sense bc i can do what i want)

“Is there a reason you’re naked in our bed?” is the first thing out of Daryl’s mouth when he steps through the trailer door.

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Fan Playlist for Overhaul from BNHA on Playmoss.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds // Red Right Hand • Mourning Ritual // The Widow - The Mars Volta // Bad Moon Rising • Jen Titus // O’ Death Hozier // Arsonist’s Lullaby • Noah Gundersen // David • Justin Cross // Drink The Water • The Brothers Bright // Blood On My Name • Delta Rae // Bottom of the River • Bishop Briggs // River • Elbow // Grounds For Divorce •  The Brothers Bright // Awake O’ Sleeper • Bob Dylan // The Times, They Are ‘A’ Changin’ •  Godspeed you! Black Emperorer // The Dead Flag Blues

Everyone always compares the Heathers to the Schuyler Sisters, but they honestly remind me more of the Southern Motherfuckin’ Democratic Republicans.


Superman / Southern Gothic : “I heard a UFO crashed on the Kent farm a while back… I heard there was something in it. Something crashed down from the heavens. Something alive. Strange things have been happening in Smallville since then. ‘Miracles of God’ they call them. Me? I’m not so sure…”

sorry i keep deleting mea posts djdkd i just have so much anxiety over posting abt it. anyway i know that i basically already do this, but i wanted to reiterate after a lot of homophobia ive seen lately both in fandom and irl that ur safe here, and that my top priority will always be making lgbt folk feel welcome and loved bc that’s so hard to find and i understand that sometimes it just needs to be said out loud. sometimes you just need that reassurance and i guess i wanted to provide it here even if it’s something as silly as a blog idk sorry if this is weird for me to post.