but im so so proud

so i was at the electronics store today and apparently my bra strap was showing and this guy in his mid-thirties pointed at my boobs and said something nasty (maybe bc it’s such a male-dominated area or maybe bc he’s a fucking dickhead) and I ignored him but then turned around and I asked him why he thought it was okay to say that to me and he told me to cover my body if i didnt want to receive this reaction from people and at this point i was so mad that i held this monologue with all the things i learned about feminism and female rights - i told him that i can wear/show whatever the fuck i want and that i could even be naked but that he is the one who is actively making a choice to harass me right now and that he is choosing to comment on a strangers body - because that is essentially what i am - just a person he has never fucking met and whom he is molesting right now and he had such a shocked look on his face and he tried to apologize but i told him that he didnt need to say sorry now but rather that he had to question why he thought it was okay to treat women like that because besides being a woman i’m a fucking human being who deserves to be respected or at least not to be disrespected by him and he is just a man who harasses random people in a store and it took a lot of courage to say these things but i felt very proud and confident afterwards


i went as far as i could get, but i’m not far enough yet

Major Minus - prologue

This is a purge au Crewfic that is being written by g18andhisfappingways and I. the playlist for it and such can be found on my wattpad

pls read it n leik it <3 thenk



Warm sunlight filtered through the brittling leaves, casting rays of light into a pickup truck. Two men sat quietly, one staring off at the beautiful sunset, the purple and pink hues hiding behind the city’s buildings. Engine asleep, the driver, Andrew listened to the birds chatter outside. All was silent as Andrew looked to his sleeping companion. The usually silly friend had a serious face as he slept- he didn’t even look comfortable. It withered at Andrew’s heart to see Bryce so uneasy, especially while he was asleep. A soft sigh escaped Andrew’s lips as he started up the truck’s engine, the rattling and rumbling sounds causing Bryce to stir in his sleep. With the sky now a peaceful deep blue, Andrew pulled out from the side of the road, now driving along the quiet back roads.

Lightly tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, Andrew kept glancing over to the still sleeping Bryce, silently wishing he was awake to keep him company. Slowing the truck down, Andrew pulled into an all too familiar neighborhood, that anxious feeling now growing inside his chest like a swarm of bees. He saw his neighbors outside their houses, hugging relatives and shaking hands with acquaintances. The swarming bees bundled in his chest suddenly multiplied. Tonight was the night. The night in which everybody was silently fearing for their lives. As he continued down the road, his house soon came into view. His family and Bryce’s were waiting for the two men to get back from their evening solace. Andrew pulled into the concrete driveway, parking in the garage connecting to his parents’ house. Once again, his eyes drifted to Bryce.

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