but im so so proud


♡ 1920s flapper!mikasa ♡  

inspired by @shynii’s ver.

idk if this really looks like her?? but idk just tAKE IT


Cotton candy thirst was sent to cotton candy space 

Holy shit I’m surprised this only took 28 layers. I altered the way I drew a bit from how I saw you draw in the stream, and the line art was so much easier!


headcanon that carla was actually FEROCIOUSLY SMART and probably took all honors-level classes with ford!!!!!

like, carla loved math and thought that game theory was the shit AND YOOOOOO she totally dominated in science and wanted to work for nasa and be the first female (to dance) on the moon. LIKE. THIS WAS HER CAREER GOAL????? carla wanted to jive dance on the moon. 

her favorite night activity was dancing, but also star gazing and there was a couple of times where she’d tried to drag stan out of his house before the crack of dawn, but somehow it was always ford instead and they’d spend time looking at the stars and planets and talking big science-y dreams  -

(you know…

the only time i’ve ever seen the milky way band was down at the shore.)