but im so broke not even kidding

Closed RP with Hamilsin

John read over the texts again and again, eyes dry and puffy.

[msg from Alex] I can’t do anything, John. She’s my wife. You know as well as I do that if I hadn’t married her I would have gotten my ass shipped back to the Caribbean.

[msg to Alex] You’ve been seeing me a hell of a lot longer than you’ve been seeing her. For christ’s sake, you used to tell me that you didn’t even like girls. Now you’ve got two kids.

[msg from Alex] She thinks I’m straight, John. And she’s going to keep thinking it. I can’t leave her, my ass will be broke. Please don’t be so difficult about this.

[msg to Alex] Difficult? You’re leaving me after nearly a fucking DECADE together and you think IM being difficult here?

Alex hadn’t responded since then, leaving John to wallow in his own self pity.

Lucifer 1x04 starters

[1x03 starters]

“Just hand over the cash and no one gets hurt”

“I’m nauseous” 

“You’re lying to yourself”

“Are you kidding? You didn’t even remember my name!“

“Never been thrown out of anywhere before in my life. Well, except for Heaven, of course.”

“You were taking forever in the shower. What do you do in there?“

“This is the best option”

“How about a broken back?”

“You broke into my house?”

“Well (you/they) don’t look suspicious at all”

“No more breaking into my house or trying to sleep with me”

“Go forth and conquer”

“You’ve got the gun, shoot me”

“You’ve built an empire on the objectification of women"

i trusted you with everything
i told you all of my fucking secrets and my fears and the things that keep me up at night and the reason i push people away and the reason i am how i am and why i do what i do
i am not kidding i mean

i told why im scared i won’t make it past age 26 and ive never told anyone that before and i told you why i hate drugs and i even made you promise you would quit them and you did but you broke that and so i broke you because no one fucking hurts me unless it’s myself

you know me better than i know myself and you know why i feel so safe crying on the cold bathroom floor all alone and why i find comfort in the way my eyes turn green when i cry because it reminds me of my father and you know you know you know

but you just don’t care

—  a.a. // why do i is the real question
GOT7 as things that happened at my graduation
  • Mark: said shut up under their breath every time anyone made a speech
  • Jaebum: teared up when they accidentally broke their rose
  • Jackson: screamed "THATS MY BEST FRIEND" from their seat every time someone they spoke all of one time to went on stage
  • Jinyoung: brought air horns and used them when their kids name was called even when the school said not too
  • Youngjae: sang so beautifully they made a bunch of people get emotional
  • Bambam: dabbed on stage after getting their diploma
  • Yugyeom: threw their water bottle twenty feet in the air instead of their cap