but im so broke not even kidding

i really hope i do this justice because this is top quality hc that im living for

•soda is having the best time, like this kid is so happy


•steve and soda with their arms across each others shoulders singing

•dallas flirting with girls (or with johnny, your choice)

•something in that bar is getting broken and my bet is that its two-bit who broke it

•pony’s just chillin, like he will sing but he’s not being crazy

•i feel like even though this is way out of johnny’s comfort zone he’d be so happy like, everyone he cares about is having a good time and he just feels so happy and relaxed :,-)

•can you just imagine two-bit dancing to darry singing, this boy is dancing like its the biggest bop of the century

•just about every girl in there is swooning over soda

•dallas is in a surprisingly good mood like wow the kid is happy

•so. much. elvis.

•they don’t leave til closing time

•when they’re walking home, they’re still in a good mood, they’re doing all these flips and shit, screaming, all that jazz

•it’s just a good night that they deserve

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"jungkook what happened to your neck?!" his ears flush red with a bright smile on his face "oh, jimin sat on me and his butt broke it"


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and jimin would be blushing so much can you imagine????
“jungkook omg shut up!!!”
“What? it’s not like it’s a secret im an ass man….”

No more sad songs (2/2)

pairing: steve rogers x reader

Plot: Steve and the reader talk about why he broke up with her and asks for a second chance

a/n i couldn’t help it but i had to write a happy ending

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You couldn’t believe this was happening. Nine months after your breakup Steve shows up out of the blue and want to talk to you. You reluctantly agree and step aside so he could come inside. After a few minutes of awkward silence you decided to break the silence “why are you here?”

“Your friends called” you instantly rolled your eyes, of course your friends called him.

“I’m going to stop you right there” you glared at him when you interrupted. “If you’re here out of pity please get the fuck out of my apartment. I don’t need your pity.”

“I’m not here out of pity, I’m here because I wanted to say I made a mistake. When your friends called me and told me what was going on with you it broke my heart because I know I was the one who broke you.” Steve apologized. “I especially felt horrible because I’m still in love with you and I purposely hurt you. I know I you’ll probably say no but I was wondering if maybe you’d give me a second chance?”

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(REQUESTED) So I myself have been a fan and supporter of jack and jack since minute one, since before they were even j&j, just when they were two kids making fun videos. I even made fanfics back in the day. So… when all the videos of gilinksy verbally insulting madison came out, my heart broke a little. I will still support them cause I love their music (and by no means im supporting jack’s behavious whatsoever) but yes the image I had of him will never be the same. Everyone makes mistakes, we have all said bad things we regret (again, im not justifying what he did) and he definitely screwed up, no one should ever get attacked like that. NOW with that being said, THIS IS WHERE IT ALL GETS MESSY.

Jack J has posted a video talking about all this drama, and finally the truth has come out (I adore Johnson, he’s genuinely a nice kid and I believe him 100%). SOOOO apparently, it was Madison the one who sent the videos to a fan account so that they could leak them, even made fake text captions from the fans to post as if it had been written by them). Im not gonna lie, I was a fan of G long before she dated Madison, and I didn’t like her, at all. Her “discovery” and all that jb crap was FAKE!! But you know what, they seemed happy, so I accepted it.

Now, her true self has come out. She is a kid, who got famous at 15 and liked this cute guy. Okay. All fine. Did G had to say those bad things to her? Absolutely not. That’s not the problem. the problem is that she then freaking went to Twitter and posted this fake long ass caption saying how “it was hard for her to go back and hear those videos” LIKE WTF?! the fact that she just tried to make him look like a horrible person (which he might be, we cant know from a 2 minute audio) and then tried to become the victim when SHE was the one who started all of it. “i wanted to help him” LIKE ARE U SURE? then why would you post that????? Im honestly hoping people stop giving this people all this attention when they are the ones creating the drama.

Jack G was so wrong and he should have never said any of that to her, but he was in a bad place, he accepted it, and asked for forgiveness, now let’s move on. Like I said, Im never gonna see him with the same eyes, but I do think he regrets it and he’s in a better path now.

But what she did I find incredibly disgusting, I get that she was hurt, but she should have just broken up with him on first place, and get him some help, don’t expose him in front of the whole world. Because you know what, she probably did that bc she was too mad he had broken up with her. She made it look like she was being abussed for the three hole years of their relationship (like J said, that was not true) and being abussed is a serious issue, and I feel like she just used it to make him look like an awful person and just gain attention.

With that being said, I just think they both did incredibly wrong and both deserve to stay away for a while. I hope G is in a much better place now and he gets to be the Jack he’s always been. As for her, I think she just needs to stop trying to be a victim and if she has any real serious issue, she should get help too. They both need help, they both did wrong. But its not fair how G was treated (even after he sincerely apologised) while Madison looked like an angel while she was lying to the whole world. They both fucked up, hope they both get their shit together.

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Could I get Fell! Gaster relationship headcanons? maybe post-pacifist?

Hell yes you may! Im in a pretty chipper mood so excuse the length. ~Mod Tati

Fell! Gaster

If you told people that you broke through this bag of bones’ Great Wall of China-like defenses against feelings you’d be asked if you were Genghis Kahn re-incarnate. 

No I am not kidding it took you close to a year to get him to acknowledge that he may have even the slightest feelings for you. And when he finally did you didn’t see him for like a week. Sans later informs you that he has locked himself in his lab testing himself trying to figure out if you had somehow used magic on him.

After the initial denial he’ll kinda keep you at arms length in public just to keep his image up but behind closed doors the poor man adores you almost as much as he loves science. Once he gets over this he basically will butt into any conversation he overhears about you to make sure no one is talking shit about his human

Dates, unless planned as a surprise, are usually three options. A night in, a night out, or dinner.

If you choose A Night In:
-Cuddles and TV will be had.
-Music will be played(most likely classical but with you he’s willing to try something new)
-You take turns making dinner depending on who has the most energy left after work.

If you choose A Night Out:
-He may take you to the opera so make sure to have a classy dress/suit handy at all times.
-If not the opera, he likes taking you to art galleries and museums so you can explain to him why humans like making giant buildings dedicated to things even older than he is.
-He will insist on paying for everything, please don’t try to convince him not to because he will feed your purse/wallet to one of his blasters.

If you choose Dinner:
-He’ll try to figure out what your favorite food is by memorizing everything you’ve eaten around him.
-He will let you drag him to Grillby’s but be prepared for Sans making so. many. bone zone jokes. Try to keep father and son from lunging at each others necks, Grilbz would like to keep his bar intact.
-Surprise him with a home cooked dinner and he will blush a very cute shade of purple before insisting that he doesn’t deserve you.

tuck everlasting highschool au

winnie: is always the person in question when upperclassmen say things like “god the freshman are all fuckin rats…minus one” and is always willing to share her gum

hugo: that kid who u have maybe said all of two words to since u started going to school with him but he’s sat next to u in basically every class and he always makes sure to write his answers on his test big so u can copy

jesse: that weird kid who had to retake a year bc he said it was the ultimate prank to write the lyrics to never gonna give u up on all his finals and he’s the guy who always shouts out joke answers and before each test says “if someone dies we all pass who’s taking one for the team lol”

miles: that guy who’s been in his emo phase since freshman year and everyone thinks he is really hot and edgy even tho he cried when one direction basically broke up

[Rebirth Superfam Meta or Superman is dead and was replaced by a lookalike - a conspiracy theory by me]

Hello guys! I’m back with another dose of BITTERNESS towards Rebirth.

By this point I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t bad writing, it is actually how DC wants Rebirth Superman to be like: a lesser version of all of his former self. I’m so pissed I can’t even organise a proper post so please just bear with me this is more of a venting post don’t like don’t read. 

For the love of Rao just save Jon from all this, bring back N52 Superman, let this Clark have a chance to be a proper dad to him because he obviously doesn’t remember how to be Superman and a dad at the same time.

This is how preN52 Clark handled Chris wanting to fight alongside with him:

This is how Rebirth Clark handles Jon:

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Li's future with Raven

What’s Li’s relationship to Raven, are they close? I read that fanfiction by the author that … for the life of me I can’t think of his/her name and I’ve seen your art that suggest that she looks up to Raven. Anyway, if Li’s relationship to Raven is close, will Li ‘turn’ and become part of the group of Bandits and do terrible things, evil things maybe? We don’t know much about them other than they do bad things. So, if Li does go with the bandits, will Mei follow her blindly, or will she try to convince her to stay?  


According to me and some friends idea, yea Li and Raven are close, but they’re not always be together, In my thought before, Raven never make any promise after she broke her promise about protecting Summer, but in this short fic she made a promise again to Li

btw Im not gonna put the “Bandits” thing in Kids AU tho, even I do~ Li wont go the same path cuz her parents
also Mei wont follow her if like you said, she might not force her to stay too if… Li had her reason, they’ll keep contact whatever they be

im so tired abt fiction with abusive parents its always about how you need to forgive ur parents !!! how kyoko from skip beat fucking THANKED her mom for taking care of her as a kid even tho her mom emotionally abused her and publicly disowned her to the point that kyoko broke down

like… kids deserve better.

Imagine if this just..

Harry: oh my god I think my water just broke.

Louis: harry–


Louis: Harry you know its not possib–

Harry: dont you even say it.

Louis: Harry there is no way you’re going to have a child come out of your dick.

Harry: Well it sure isn’t coming out of my ass.

Zayn: The fuck is going on here?

Louis: Harry thinks I got him pregnant so he thinks his water just broke and he also thinks he’s about to have a kid out of his dick that’s what’s going on zayn.

Zayn: Nevermind. *Puts hands up in
surrender and leaves*

the heroin epidemic needs to be talked about more
people need to be educated about it and how to help people who are addicted
people from my hometown that i knew and went to school with are dropping like flies from overdoses and suicide and i feel like i did back when people in my family were dying from cancer because the number of people dying is so much its triggering my ptsd and im starting to regress back to how i dealt with that, which was by shutting down
im so tired of scrolling through facebook and seeing another post with “fly high, buddy, you were taken too soon”
its like every fucking week
i broke down tonight because there was a kid i remember from middle school who overdosed this morning and i wasnt even close with him
its so hard to process all of this death and i feel so hollow again

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so ive been following u for awhile and ur just rlly chill and cool and i need some advice about bein a broke mentally fucked rez kid in college???? bc im strugglin so hard but my family is so proud that i even got into college in the first place and i dont want to disappoint them by dropping out bc of my crippling mental illnesses. idk i dont really have anyone to talk to so i thought id give this a shot lmaooo :////////

Hey friend, there is no shame in dropping out of a university. Do you have a tribal college near your home? If you do, consider going there for a year or two! Thats what I wound up doing and it was a lot more manageable for me than a state school. If thats not an option, again, theres no shame in backing out for a year or two to just work.

It doesn’t matter when you graduate friend, I’m proud that you’ve come this far

Newt Scamander as a dad include...

• Introducing a little you to his cutest-magical-fantastic beasts, and make you touch or may be patting every single one of them

• You helped him feeding the beasts, or even ride them if Newt aren’t around.

• Sometimes you just turn into a jerk that really, really likes to make fun of them and bother them till they’re furiously chasing you, and you’re absolutely messed everything up.

• if it happened, Newt is the only one who fixed everything, and calmed the beasts, while you sit behind him and wait him to cleaned up the mess you made

• He patted your hair and just gave you a little yet tired smile, not wanting to be angry.

• “Just say sorry and be nice to them, alright? They’re only beasts, and i’m sorry if any of them makes you upset. I just wanted you to know, that they just really have no idea of what they doing. I’m just… I’m sorry, don’t be cruel to them, honey. Be kind to everyone, don’t hurt them. They got a feelings just like us. Alright, sweetie? You’re a good girl, i know you will do better next time.”

• You gave him the muggle things like bands stuff to him, and he would be so happy to accept that.

• “Honey, what do you think about we make a song cover for this muggle band called oasis? I think it will be really good for us to sing, and the beasts will played the instrument. Hows that sound?”

• He will let you borrowed his suitcase and go wherever you want

• And he will let your friends played with the beasts

• Him will tearing up when you said you already got a boyfriend

• “Merlin’s beard, if you hurt her, i swear i will turn you into one of them (the beasts)”

• “Please take care of my daughter, she loved you as much as i love her. I beg you.”

• A so-sensitive-type of dad that tearing up whenever you go hanging out with your boyfriend and leave him alone with the beasts.

• “Merlin’s beard, she’s a big girl now… Is it legal if i turn her into a toodler again?”

• Try not to worried when you didn’t go home on time, but always think of go out and searching for you. But then he remembered you got a boyfriend who loved you, so he just go back into the house.

• “If you got married with him, would you still love me as much as you do when you’re little?”

• But he appreciates everything you do, and always be happy for you.


No, just kidding, i need to pass.

Divorced with Kids

Niall: When you and NIall signed the papers you couldn’t believe it, your marriage got to his point where you two couldn’t stand each other, but that wasn’t the case, Niall wanted out. He wanted to feel 21 again going out, with no one to worry about to have fun. But you knew that you that wasn’t your life anymore; you had responsibilities and that was your children. The 3 of them, Iris, Nick, and Andy the youngest of the 3. It was Niall’s weekend and the kids were excited to see their father and you were happy as well, they missed their father. You pulled up to his house and helped the kids with their bags. They were all lined up as you closed the trunk, 

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It was bad J. Christ a tiny freshman all he was doing was being annoying and trying to be snarky i can just tell this kid is raised on H3h3 or leafy or whatever the fuck he hadnt even hit puberty this kid was like 5’ straight i feel so bad I got really pissed shoving him around and grabbing him and i left red marks I feel so shit i wanted to stab him with the scissors or the stapler in the classroom it could have been so bad I cried in my workers office this is totally pathetic I got so fucking pissed at my second period teacher i walked out of class I hate him im dropping the class I hate this we’re broke we’re really broke i dreamt last night my mom came home i feel like shit I cant believe I almost when full psycho on some kid who never was even laying a finger on me why do I feel like I have to prove myself Shiit shit

Closed RP with Hamilsin

John read over the texts again and again, eyes dry and puffy.

[msg from Alex] I can’t do anything, John. She’s my wife. You know as well as I do that if I hadn’t married her I would have gotten my ass shipped back to the Caribbean.

[msg to Alex] You’ve been seeing me a hell of a lot longer than you’ve been seeing her. For christ’s sake, you used to tell me that you didn’t even like girls. Now you’ve got two kids.

[msg from Alex] She thinks I’m straight, John. And she’s going to keep thinking it. I can’t leave her, my ass will be broke. Please don’t be so difficult about this.

[msg to Alex] Difficult? You’re leaving me after nearly a fucking DECADE together and you think IM being difficult here?

Alex hadn’t responded since then, leaving John to wallow in his own self pity.

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Was it ever confirmed that he dated Alexis Knapp tho? Bc i don't find anything about them, except one or two pictures... And she had her kid in 2011 so i think she was still with the father (Ryan Philippe) back then... idk haha

they were together yeah. they were a lot more lowkey they dated like around 2013 or 2014? @itsbillskarsgard am i right about the dates lol? but she was even with him when he was shooting Battlecreek around fall 2015? im bad with dates lmaoo i pretty sure they filmed that in 2015 tho… they broke up sometime after that tho