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holysheith  asked:

How would the rest of the Shirogane family react to one of them bringing their new baby over? c':

[The Voltron Family] It was Hunk who brought home the baby. Their first baby and Shiro was excited and so was Keith. So when the doorbell rang, it was Pidge who opened the door. Hunk, Shay and their baby entered and Lance and Pidge were cooing.

Pidge: Oh my god. He’s so tiny. *touches the baby*
Shay: He is. *smiles*
Lance: *laughs* I can’t believe someone can be tinier than you, Pidge.
Pidge: *rolls eyes* Oh piss off, Lance.
Hunk: *scandalous* GUYS PLEASE! Language! I don’t want my new born son to be a cuss machine just because his aunt and uncle can’t control their mouths.
Lance: Oh look at you! You’re starting to sound like Daddy Shiro!
Hunk: I know. I totally get him now. *chuckles* Speaking of Daddy Shiro, where are they? I texted them we’re coming. *looks around*

Shiro and Keith came down from the second floor and greeted them. Shiro was beaming, his eyes widened in delight upon the sight of the lil baby.

Shiro: *takes the baby* Oh my god. *gasp* Look at him. He’s so… *kisses the baby on the lips* HA! I took his first kiss.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement* Daddy Shiro, PLEASE. I’m pretty sure Hunk and Shay took his first kiss already. 
Lance: *chuckles* Sorry, Dad. Better luck next time.
Hunk: Kissed him the very first time I held him. *glowing with pride*
Shiro: *frowns* Well I’m the first grandpa to kiss him. *pouts*
Shay: Indeed you are, Dad. *smiles*
Shiro: *looks for Keith* *spots him* *approaches Keith* Look at him, love. Look at him. He’s so beautiful. I’m already in love with him.
Keith: *smiles at Shiro* Yeah… *looks at the baby* *touches baby’s cheek*
Hunk: *notices something is wrong with Keith*

When Hunk and his family left, Shiro followed Keith to their bedroom.

Shiro: Keith, are you okay?
Keith: *turns around* What? Yeah. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?
Shiro: I… *looks down* I don’t know. You don’t seem too happy seeing our son’s baby a while ago.
Keith: *eyes widens* What? I was. I mean, he’s our grandson.
Shiro: Not as happy as I thought you would be though. What’s going on in your mind? Do you wanna talk about it? *pulls Keith so they can sit on their bed*
Keith: *runs his hand through his hair* It’s just that. *looks at Shiro* You look so happy with the baby.
Shiro: I am. 
Keith: *smiles sadly* I know. *whispers* I want one.
Shiro: *almost chokes* W-What? Is this an invitation to—
Keith: *chuckles* What? NO! Not that. I’m just… *plays with his fingers* I wonder what it’s like to have a newborn baby… *blushes* with you.
Shiro: *blushes* Oh my god. Keith, don’t do this to me. *buries his head in his hands* Don’t. PLEASE.
Keith: I’m sorry. I know it’s dumb. We’re—
Shiro: But I know how that can be arranged. *looks up and smiles*

It turned out Hunk and Shay had been planning to let Keith and Shiro take care of their baby already when they were busy. Pidge even joked around if she could reproduce for her daddies, she would give them a child but it was immediately shut down by Shiro who panicked at Pidge’s suggestion. It all ended in laughter. The baby stayed with them twice a week and Keith was so damn happy that Shiro has never seen Keith this excited about babysitting.

Shiro: *hears the baby crying at 2am* *taps Keith* Baby, your turn.
Keith: *wakes up* *grumbles* *mumbles in Japanese*
Shiro: *chuckles* You wanted a newborn and you got it. Now go get the lil turtle. He’s probably hungry.

Keith came back carrying the baby, cooing and whispering things.

Keith: There there. Daddy’s here now. Let’s just go to sleep with Daddy Shiro, yeah? Stop crying now, baby. *lays down and places the baby between him and Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* I swear Hunk’s going to be so pissed his son will call us “daddy” and not him.
Keith: *sleepily* I already called dibs, Takashi. I don’t want to be called grandpa. Sucks for my baby Hunk. He’ll get over it. *chuckles softly*




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