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What Happens to Morty’s Abandoned in the Daycare?

What happens to the Morty’s who get abandoned at the Morty Daycare? I know the idea of a naughty Storage Rick has crossed a lot of people’s minds but I like to think of a different scenario playing out. One a little more sweet~

Some of the Morty’s are abandoned by choice. The person who previously ‘owned’ them drops them off and simply fails to return, they have no use for them and so there they stay to wonder when someone will come back or IF someone will come back. Other Morty’s get dropped with the intention to stay only a few days but perhaps end up staying much longer when there trainer meets and unfortunate end.

Storage Rick knows which ones are abandoned. They sit there day in and day out with the hope slowly dwindling in there eyes. And eventually he’ll hear stories through the many people who stop by about this or that trainer meeting an unfortunate fate or they’ll notice how a trainer fails to meet the eyes of the abandoned Morty.

It doesn’t bother him at first. He has a job to do and it pays well so why worry about other people? why worry about the Morty’s there fed. They get a place to sleep. It’s not HIS fault that those other damn Rick’s don’t understand how LUCKY they are to have a Morty. He’s never had one, he’s never had a Beth either. No family, no problems. Just him and the large chunk of change he gets for doing his job.

But that all crumbles eventually. It starts with one scruffy Morty, that just wont stop hoping. Everyday its “Have you seen my Rick? Has he stopped by? Is he picking me up soon? He said he’d be back in a few days.“ Storage Rick doesn’t even care but he goes to find out what happened to this damn Rick just so he can get the kid off his back. When he eventually finds out the guy got himself killed he feels a little sick. It takes a few days before he works up the courage to tell the Morty, but he doesn’t have to. The moment the words “Hey kid im sorry-” leave his mouth the little guy is already in tears.

And storage Rick has NO idea what he’s thinking but he can’t stand to watch this loyal hopeful Morty just crumble in front of him so before he knows what he’s doing he’s asking the kid if he wants to stay at his house. Not permanently, he just has an extra bedroom and whatever.

Before he sees it coming Storage Rick has amassed a small army of Morty’s he’s had to buy a bigger home in order to house all his new grandsons but its a kind of chaos he had no idea he ever needed in his life. Some of the Morty’s there are permanent others are just there for a few days before they’re returned to there proper universe but its just one big family.

Storage Rick wakes up every morning to fresh pancakes for breakfast, and he comes home each evening to a clean house and a big dinner. Sure there are rough patches because having that many Morty’s in one house is bound to cause drama but Storage Rick would not exchange his new family for anything in the world.

AND OH GOD FATHERS DAY. All the Morty’s are in competition with each other each trying to outdo the last. All day long Rick’s getting gifts and cards and food as each Morty does there best to show there appreciation. Despite Rick’s best attempts to act unfazed he can’t help but crack a smile and thank each of his darling Morty’s for doing there best.

Just imagine Storage Rick, going from a loveless, man with no family to the happiest Rick to exist because he has a big house packed with happy thankful Morty’s that he rescued. Imagine him feeling overwhelmed some nights when he lays in bed because he remembers how lonely he use to be and now he has so much. Imagine the Morty’s who get abandoned and forgotten, imagine how scared and sad they must feel. Imagine a Morty abandoned and alone suddenly being adopted by Storage Rick who takes him home, to this large vibrant household full of happy Morty’s ready to welcome anyone.

JUST IMAGINE THIS HAPPY CHAOTIC HOUSEHOLD. I came up with this awhile ago while chatting with @gaily-daily who fueled the flames of Storage Rick being grandfather of the year. And it was about time I shared it all with you.

nya’ll mind if I

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Boss!AU - Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4

Time for the final part! This is actually my favourite part! It’s more fluffy than the other parts and I can’t leave the characters alone for too long so I’m sure we’ll dip in to the universe in the future again! I hope you like it - thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had since starting it x

“Harry?” You speak down the phone after arriving in the office. It’s like a blizzard outside, raining and windy, and the last thing you need is your phone ringing when you’ve barely taken your coat off. You have his spilt hot coffee over your hand, and your clothes underneath are wet from the rain too; not quite the same weather as New York just last week. Harry had let you take Thursday and Friday off as a thank you for working the previous weekend so you’d spent the past four days with your phone switched off and holed up in your flat with takeaways and movies in between sleeping off the jet lag.

Your flat mate had flittered in and out in between seeing her boyfriend and she spent most of her time at the weekends with him now, which you were more than happy to see her do (and it gave you the flat to yourself), and you hoped you might have the same soon, if Harry would only make up his mind about whether he wanted something serious or not. You understand he has more to think about than most men his age, with his four year old son in the picture, and being the number one priority in his life, obviously, but you’ve decisions to make yourself. On the screen of your laptop is a draft contract from one of Harry’s rivals sitting in your emails, all you have to do is read through, get back to them with any adjustments, sign it, and you’d be free to sleep with Harry without fear of anybody finding out and frowning upon it.

Shit, it did sound sordid when you put it like that. Sleep with him? Be his assistant-with-benefits?

“Hey…” he sounds breathless, as if he’s running late. “Listen, I wouldn’t ask yeh if I didn’t need to bu’ I need a favour from yeh?”

You sigh, placing the coffee on the desk and pulling your hair away from your neck, the phone safely nooked between your shoulder and ear as you did so, and tried to do open up the place as he speaks. “What is it?”

“Sam’s sick.”

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  • <p> <b>Me to me:</b> stop falling into this cycle of having a destructive otp in every fandom you join.<p/><b>Me to me to me:</b> *does kick flip* no<p/></p>

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holy shit. its just hit me that a minimini subunit is actually possible. i mean its pretty obvious that if yg n jm wanted to debut in one they would go together, they literally waited 2 years and have already experimented privately with music. And remember when yg said that he wants to make music that combines his and jm's music taste? that would be some sexy hip hop R&B combination. I actually NEED this unit in my life not just for the ym but their music would be so good.

YES !!!!!!

like yeah it’d be sick having a ym unit because I love them together but more importantly it’d be sick because i love good music !!! they would seriously not disappoint w whatever they released and im hoping now since their careers are stable and successful as fuck, they’ll be able to take time to release other shit n look at other opportunities n work more freely w their music

i need a yoonmin subunit mini album w 5 songs, 2 mvs, 1 dance practice vid, multiple vlives, appearances on 2 variety shows, and at least 3 weeks of promotions by next spring @ bighit


okay guys i need to fucking rant for second. im getting incredibly tired of people glamorizing drug abuse and making into something “beautiful”. this was me days before i overdosed, im sorry but do these pictures look cool? do you seriously want to look how i do in the second photo? i was so miserable and wanted to just die. i was doing 8 balls of coke, heroin, meth, crack, seriously anything you can think of, we were doing 8 balls of it a day. my hair started falling out due to the shock of all the drugs in my system. THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL, THIS IS NOT FUN,  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO. for me, i started off smoking weed when i was 15, by 16 i was doing molly and coke, by 17 i was taking bars all day everyday, by 18 i was smoking meth and by 19 i had done most every drug available. seriously guys this isnt me bragging this me trying to make everyone see THAT THIS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. I ALMOST DIED FROM THIS FUCKING DISEASE. i am absolutely DISGUSTED by instagram/tumblr users that glorify their drug use or glorify their unhealthy bodies since theyre “skinny”. i sometimes miss partying like this, i really do but then i realize that this has caused me the most pain in my life. i have done some horrible, disgusting, cruel, evil things to people while on drugs and i do miss some of those friends i had before. others on the other hand, im glad to see them go. if you couldnt handle maintaining contact with me while i was taking time to heal and better myself you are not my friend. honestly, if you have to question if were friends or not, we probably arent. im sorry for the long ramble but i am so sick and tired of seeing people who are so sick from drugs but just try to pass it off at “heroin chic” or whatever. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEROIN CHIC. IF YOU ARE DOING HEROIN YOU ARE NOT CHIC, YOU ARE AN ADDICT AND NEED HELP. i dont care if people get pissed about this post because im so fucking tired of all this shit and it has taken me ALL the strength in this world not to tag people.

I have 84 days off heroin and meth and I will continue to work on myself and continue this path to enlightenment through meditation and connecting with other like minded individuals in this world.

sorry again, 

love u guys who support me <3

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So Piper had sex with Louis and then got sick.... I'm not sure what's better, her being pregnant or not.

im sure whatever she has will work its way out of her body eventually :^)

Im Jaebum as your Boyfriend~
•playing pranks on the members
•always going out to get chicken
•lots and lots of cuddles
•him wanting to shower together
•getting an apartment so you guys can have privacy
•more chicken
•lots of sex
•him surprising you when he gets home
•him getting you whatever you need when you’re sick
•him taking time off work to be with you
•more sex
•him constantly tickling you
•play fights
•begging him to do aegyo
•him finally doing it because he can’t resist you
•him playing with your hair
•him begging to get a cat
•you finally get him one

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Hey, if you're doing requests, can you do a fic where Fell gets sick but he insists on going to work anyways? The rest is up to you.

stubborn asshole who refuses to take care of themself is my favorite trope (request under the cut)

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Since my schedule is hectic I’m putting this in place. please Pm or send an ask

I need folks to pm me or to send an ask telling me what days I should do Ficlets, match-ups, Head-cannons, Writing Prompts, etc. I’m trying to get everything scheduled so I know what to do on what day. An example would be Head-cannons Monday, Ficlets Tuesday, Match-ups weds, Writing prompts Thurs, and whatever Friday.

Along with this, those specific requests will be written AND posted that same day (Excluding holidays and/or sick days). 

I will allow questions for me to be asked whenever (Ex. What’s your favorite color). Those types of questions can be asked whenever, but I might get around to it later in the day. I really just want some type of schedule to work with. 

So again, please PM me or send me an Ask 

Im not trying to be rude, I promise  ;-;

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Pretty Green Eyes by Ultrabeat, Rome by Susanne Sundfør, Dead Stars by Covenant, Autoclave by The Mountain Goats, or You Threw It At Me Like Stones by Rome? xxx (I'm so fucking out of it that I just did first five songs on shuffle so uhh yeah. if none of these work I'll keep sending you songs <3 NO RUSH BUT IM SO EXCITED THANK YOU)

for curious readers, I offered @bonewhiteglory​ bad Drarry AU fic based on whatever song she put in my inbox, to cheer her up while she’s sick :x here and hereafter as and when I get to it, Harry and Draco visit a goth club, a place man ought not to wot of, the house in my head, Rome, and discover that war is hell (though not all at the same time and not in that order). (I am splitting these across five posts over the course of…whenever rather than putting them all in one so I didn’t have to cut them, bc I know text on my blog isn’t especially legible, but y’all can feel free to ignore them or read them if you like :x)

Autoclave - The Mountain Goats

hand me your hand, let me look in your eyes
as my last chance to feel human begins to vaporize

“You’re totally sure this is where we’re meant to be?” Harry peered at the map. Draco made another, longer, infuriated sound and waved his wand, setting the locator spell glowing again. the light hovered, circled, grew still; Draco didn’t even bother to comment. magic couldn’t possibly let them down and the light was quite clear: this was the place. I knew this was a bad idea, he thought moodily, watching Potter and his maddening frown get closer to the cave mouth. 

the Ministry had tried everything to get him to accept an assignment with the Boy Who Lived To Piss Him Off - bribery, threats, withholding Caramac bars in the break room magical vending machines - and finally he’d gone to the man himself to tell him to make them stop, only to discover that Harry had had no idea it was going on at all. “Bloody hell,” he’d said sheepishly, “No wonder you won’t come out with us for happy hour.”
“No hour I spent with any of you could possibly be described as happy,” Draco had ground out, “I’d be living a lie.”
“Not for the first time,” Harry had grinned, and three days later Draco had agreed to go on a mission with him just to be contrary.

now they were on a damp, damp moor, looking at a damp, damp cave, wearing damp, damp robes and probably likely to find nothing but a damp, damp squib perpetrating what the local villagers persisted in referring to as “the thing”.

“Hello,” said Harry like a wretched 1940s schoolboy, “There’s writing here.” he scrubbed at the wall of the cave with his sleeve. “I…N…N - hold on.”
“Oh, by all means,” Draco muttered. his shoes were ruined.
“I think it says Inn’s Mouth. Maybe there’s a…” he trailed off, looking at the cave.
“A hostelry. Of course. In there. How manifestly likely.”
“You are an arse, Malfoy, you do know that?”
“Takes one,” Draco said before he could stop himself, “To know one. Great aunt Miranda, can we please just look inside and then can we please leave?” and then he marched past Harry into the cave, because he knew, he just knew his fellow auror and the all-round bane of his life was getting ready to say -
“You don’t have a great aunt Miranda.”

fuck my life, Draco thought with feeling, casting a ball of light to illuminate the path and the tragic state of his shoes. it was dark up ahead, though in the distance there was a faint visible glow - probably a campfire made by the total fuckbucket responsible for their having had to go out there in the first place. he mentally went over the report they’d been handed:
sheep missing, cows partly missing (non-missing parts dead), also missing one (1) daughter (may have run away), villagers blame the thing
he’d gone over it twice and then turned to Harry and asked, “Blame the thing on what?”
“No,” Harry had said with the resignation of someone who’d seen the report before, “They blame The Thing. Not like…The Thing, from the movie, just - they call whatever’s doing it The Thing.”
“The thing from the movie?”
“The movie The Thing?”
“Potter,” he’d said acidly, “If there’s a punchline to this joke I’d suggest you progress toward it rapidly.”

it hadn’t been an auspicious start. 

now, the sound of Harry’s more sensible boots crunching over grit and small bones accompanied the approach of the orange illumination, coming to them from around a curve in the tunnel. bearing right, Draco was surprised to find himself entering a large chamber - surely taller than the hill itself; they must have been going imperceptibly downhill all the way in - empty but for a central pillar. atop the pillar was a strange figure, carved and twisted and somehow emitting the light which threw the roof of the chamber into shadow.
“What on earth is that?” said Harry, stopping beside him, apparently equally bemused.
“The pillar’s Spanish marble,” Draco replied on purpose, “But that, I don’t know.”
“It’s…” Harry sounded like he was going to choke; Draco glanced at him sharply and realised he was laughing. “It’s the thing!”
“It’s the thing.” Draco spoke flatly, but he had to admit to himself, not without discernible amusement. “Well. So it is. What, Auror Potter, are we going to do about the thing?”
“How is this eating sheep?” it was a mildly chilling question. 

not one for being caught stalling, Draco approached the pillar cautiously, wand at the ready. whatever it was (it’s the thing, his mind supplied with an edge of hysteria) it was beautiful, sinuous, tactile; Draco wanted to touch it. he had to touch it. the song, the unbearable singing - he reached out with his free hand, maddened by the need to caress the carved arch at the top, where the purple glow was strongest. behind him, he heard someone say, “What the fuck -” but it was as nothing to the communion happening between him and this extraordinary icon, the place where the skin of his hand met its ice cold surface.

“Draco - Draco -” the voice was frantic. he looked up; Harry was in front of him, and also beside him. there were two of him now. just my bloody luck, he thought vaguely, staring from one to the other in irritation. “Draco, your - your hand -”
“Oh,” he tried to say, “that,” and he’d intended to explain that he had given it in sacrifice and that Harry should do the same - “Hand me your hand,” he barely managed to say through a mouth that felt clogged and peculiar, shifting. all the Harrys, and the chamber was full of them now, staggered back in horror and sync as he grew, expanding and unravelling outwards into the black light.

you ought to head for the exits, the sooner the better
I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam

so minor update:    last weekend my older sister got married and it was hella fun
                                we had fun all weekend and it was gr8 !!
                                but then i got really sick and i have been hence not being here
                                i think i’m better, or as better as i’ll be so .  i should be back this week. 

what the hell do i do im still sick ive been out of school for two days straight because i have a fever and im probably gonna be hella behind on homework and schoolwork and i cant do anything because i dont have access to my work so i just have to sit here and relax or whatever but i cant just relax knowing that im missing 2 days worth of school so im just sitting here constantly worrying about all the work ill have to do plus i missed picture day so thats also fun and-

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i dont understand like if harry was really sick why did he come back to LA and louis stayed in VEGAS? shouldnt he be with harry since theyre a couple instead louis was partying and thats just weird to me

okay so like 2 weekends ago i was sick… i had a cold and felt rat shit. it was our friends 30th party that day… me and my partner drove separately to the party. he partied all day and night and drank with his friends… i stayed in the house with the other wives and girlfriends and played with babies and talked about clothes laughed at stupid shit… i then drove home because i wasn’t drinking and i was sick… my partner stayed at the party and drank with his friends.. we live 45mins away from where the party was so he stayed there over night and slept on our friends lounge… i went home and had a hot shower and got into bed, had a cup of tea and read rntm… my partner didnt come home until 4pm the next day. i wasn’t home because it was mothers day and i went to see my mum… my partner went to see his mum as well so when he got home i was already back and in bed because it was late in the night and i was still sick… i didnt really speak to him until the next morning when we both got to work…

does this mean we’ve broken up or theres something wrong because he didnt look after me when i was sick and he decided to party with his friends instead? 

i actually think it’s a case of he can do whatever the fuck he wants and im not actually going to stop him from having fun with his friends which was organised and planned for ages just because im sick.

please have a little bit of perspective when you think about harry and louis and their REAL relationship…. this is not a fic. they’re independent and can do what they want. harry is a big boy and can look after himself… and im pretty sure if i was harry i wouldn’t want to stop my partner from having fun with his friends in VEGAS of all places because i have a cold and im not up for partying.

im just so sick and tired of game developers pulling this kind of shit?? and even though its not nintendo thats doing all these designs and shit when they were designing shia did they not think like “oh damn nah”

its just so tiring and boring when they make the designs so ridiculous just to make them look hot or whatever and to grab male attention it sucks ass like??? her design doesnt even make sense how do her boobs do that without support????? its literally cloth covering her chest yet her boobs are just floating. thats not how big boobs work im afraid

im upset that they did this with zelda like yeah i know its a spin off but nintendos let me down this time. theres obviously been a few more cases of this like twinrova for example but they werent even subtle this time they literally have her tits hanging out with no support and i aint having that

dont be all like “stop slut shaming wow she can wear whatever she likes remember” like bear in mind that shes not real and had no control on how she was going to be designed. im so tired of gaming companies constantly having to make women look hot just for a certain gross audience. its fucking disgusting. bye