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Im Jaebum as your Boyfriend~
•playing pranks on the members
•always going out to get chicken
•lots and lots of cuddles
•him wanting to shower together
•getting an apartment so you guys can have privacy
•more chicken
•lots of sex
•him surprising you when he gets home
•him getting you whatever you need when you’re sick
•him taking time off work to be with you
•more sex
•him constantly tickling you
•play fights
•begging him to do aegyo
•him finally doing it because he can’t resist you
•him playing with your hair
•him begging to get a cat
•you finally get him one

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My 3rd copy of ACNL finally got here!
I just restarted my second town, so I’m not sure if I wanna go ahead & start my 3rd town.. But with my 3rd town, I know exactly what I want to do & how everything is going to be (minus the name), & my 2nd town is kinda just “go with the flow of this idea & do whatever fits” lol. I’m also still working on finishing the houses in Minuit. I was almost done, but I got super sick & hit a bit of a rut. If I can focus today, I should have that done in a few hours. I’m so conflicted on what to do with my other towns though 😂 If anyone would like to IM me to help discuss things & plan, that would be super appreciated.

I consider myself very liberal BUT

I am SO sick and tired of college students and university students wanting to pull out of college bookshelves old literature because it was ‘offensive’ or ‘racist’ or 'homophobic’ to our sensibilities today. If you want to pull of literature with racial slurs, or sexual slurs - you’ll have to pull out Margaret Mitchell, Charles Dickens, EM Forster, and bloody Shakespeare! To remove the greatest works of literature from shelves because it contains offensive words… although it is CLEARLY written in 1900 or whatever? To boycott college libraries holding Gone With The Wind because “it contains slavery?” Yes, it also contains some of the greatest feminist literature and some wonderfully written prose in an era women were only beginning to use their real names to write. Well… perhaps you should consider that there are students who need to study these works rather than hide from them like cowards?

If you’re so offended by Charles Dickens, don’t read him. University is not Tumblr - you don’t get to silence people who you don’t agree with. Slavery was terrible, British anti homosexuality movements were horrible, Victorian mindsets were terrible yes, yes - terrible for our sensibilities NOW but one needs to learn about the evil in history. One needs to appreciate literature and understand its context. You can sit there coddled in your house but you can’t expect other people to not read in your university? It’s not like someones pointing out every mention of your offensive word, it just shows you’re too sensitive to have a 3 Dimensional view! Hell, I hate adult-child relationships more than anyone yet I’ve happily read and analyzed Lolita as a work of literature.

Honestly - I’m so done with protests because “this book has a sentence that is anti Islam” or “this book written in the 1800s romanticises slavery.” Yes. It does, and that is terrible - which is why we learn about it. We cannot demonize the greatest authors in history because you’re offended. We cannot tear down a 300 year old building in Oxford University because you’re offended by the statue of an “imperialist.”

In order to change history, we need to learn about it. Even Obama has mentioned this. College isn’t a safe space from offense (not meaning direct v/p attacks of course)- college is a place for intellectual thinking.

spamano fanworks where toni is doing all the work or where it’s pretty much onesided in the relationship are so goddamn boring like

show me spamano where it’s lovi sweeping antonio into dance. the two of them tipsy off wine and laughing together. what about lovino serenading him. lovino cooking him food. taking care of antonio when he’s sick. telling antonio he loves him every once in a while. like??? why do ppl write/draw spamano like lovino doesn’t give half a shit about antonio and just puts him down and acts like a petulant child and all that like im???

it takes effort from both sides to make a healthy relationship work and im tired of this weird overdone trope of toni just grinning and bearing it while lovino treats him like shit for whatever stupid reason like what The Fuck