but im really self conscious

haha wow

ive never properly done a character/comic type of drawing before - my art is primarily realistic stuff but i thought doing a little doodle of @therealjacksepticeye would be some good practice!!!
(also a lil note: i did this on a free app on my iphone so excuse the really bad quality omg)

Why must everyone draw wear heels and make u p oh m y god I hav e a p ro b l em

I said I would maybe draw the body so here it is. I tried to so something cool with crosshatching and stuff but it didnt work sooo here’s a crappy unshaded stinge-boy instead. 


a little while back there was talk of a tangled au on twitter and i caved and drew some stuff for it

i might draw some more if people want it :)

Longing Eyes - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2377 

Warnings: It’s about a school dance … so it mentions grinding (but no details) and being shoved around

Author’s note: this is random but last night was Winter Formal and it was fun (aside from the fact I got shoved around so much). But lemme tell you… THERE WAS A GUY WHO LOOKED JUST LIKE ANDREW GARFIELD (see a pic of him here… and yes, of course, I took of pic of him. I am a 15-year-old girl after all so yeah). This is basically what happened last night, just tweaked a bit cause I only asked him if he got told he looked like Andrew Garfield. Enjoy. This is so cringe but I’ll live.

Also: I wrote this in an a day. Go freakin me.


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I got tagged by @yixingminseokjongdae + @wonshiks-bitch to do the bias selfie thing, as I did Hongbin last time, I did me and Hakyeon this time ^_^ we both look grump…

I tagggggggg @rapperravioli (I know you’ve already been tagged, so i’m increasing the pressure hehehe) @lizardshik @brekineee @theoreticallymad @kpop-loving-noona @fxck-vixx

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my coworkers really make me feel bad about myself. even when it's just jokes, there's obvious malintent behind them. & they always seem to make fun of things im already really self conscious about. and i know they talk about me behind my back too. it's to the point where i just. don't open my mouth unless it's necessary. bc im so tired of everything i do being mocked.

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My boyfriend told me he is Ace and I feel really crappy about it. Im self conscious and hypersexual... he came out last night, after hiding it for months. I love him, and he loves me, but sex is a big part of me and it hurts to know he doesn't want me the way I want him. Was I selfish for even wanting him sexually. I feel like a bad person for pressuring him for so long... Is there a middle ground... Or should we call things off now. HELP.

While I can’t speak to your exact situation, there absolutely are middle grounds that can enable happy and successful relationships between ace and non-ace partners. Every individual is different and relationships won’t always work, but there are steps you can take to discover whether yours can.

First and foremost, you need to have a very honest conversation with yourself about whether you’re willing or able to reevaluate how you think about the relationship. There’s one thing in this ask that is very troubling to me–”it hurts to know he doesn’t want me the way I want him.” You absolutely must be able to overcome this way of thinking if the relationship is to succeed. The option of that kind of reciprocation is off the table if your boyfriend is ace, and if you can’t come to terms with that then you probably shouldn’t continue pursuing the relationship. It’s ok if being sexually desired is a must for you, but you need to pursue that with a non-ace partner rather than let it be a point of contention or resentment. Speaking from an ace perspective, it can be incredibly hurtful and scary and distressing to feel like the way you love and relate with others is being devalued or held to a standard you can’t meet. If you can’t be happy and content with the ways he is able to love you, you should both move on.

If you get past that step, the next thing you need to do is have a very open, specific, and honest conversation with him about both of your needs, wants, and abilities. Figure out what’s essential for both of you to have and to not have, and figure out what each of you can do or give to meet those needs. This can take a lot of compromise and a lot of creativity, but it’s not [necessarily] impossible, and can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re able to find a workable solution, congratulations! Really, it’s hard work and you’ll have set yourself up for a strong and healthy relationship based on mutual trust, communication, and support. If it turns out that some of your needs are incompatible? That’s okay too. Not everyone is compatible with everyone else, and it doesn’t represent a failing on either of your parts if you’re unable to find a solution. It can be painful, of course, and sad–but at least you’ll know that you gave your best efforts to it, and can each move forward knowing more about yourselves.


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Im really self conscious but Ive lost weight from being obese & now I'm actually getting pretty small but my skin on my stomach is starting to get loose and I'm really getting disheartened because I thought Id have a flat tummy by this stage but I literally have an over hang and my stretch marks. I feel like a fraud. I look a lot slimmer but when I remove my clothes I see this deflated balloon. I dont like people touching me with fear theyll uncover my real body :( any tips for overcoming this ?

I’m sorry you’re feeling frustrated, but you are NOT A FRAUD! You have worked SO HARD to get where you are today and you should be proud of that. There isn’t a way that your body is “supposed” to look after losing weight. When you lose a large amount of weight, loose skin is inevitable. And literally everyone has stretch marks for one reason or another. You aren’t the only person who is experiencing this! Skin removal surgery could be an option for you in the future, but the most important thing is that you love your body for everything is does for you. Think about how much healthier you look and feel now that you’ve lost weight.

I’m not the best person to talk about this with since I likely won’t have loose skin once I hit my goal weight given the amount and how long it has taken to lose, but I know I have plenty of followers who are personally dealing with this so I hope they’ll comment/reblog so you can reach out to them as well!

{(People always seem to ask me what gets me baring my teeth; well, here I am now ready to bare my damn teeth

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I just found your blog (and adorable webcomic) through your little happy stimming drawing. I just wanted to tell you that it meant a lot to me as someone with ASD because I'm often really self-concious about stimming. When I'm happy I tend to stim by wiggling like R2-D2.

awwh that’s so cute! <3 Im really self conscious about it too tbh…which is partially why I drew it, to like, normalize it kinda??? cuz it’s so nice and I dont wanna feel embarrassed to do it in public 8′) I’m really glad you like it!! <3

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You have cute thighs and cute arms and a cute body and a cute face aaaahhhh you're cute!!! 🙈🙈🙈


trying some new  brushes in a not so pleased generation of miracles

bet they were told they resemble an oversized skittles bag

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Hi! I'm kind of new to the little community and I've felt really self conscious around others when im in a little head space, and its hard bc I'm 17 and live with my parents so i don't feel like i can be myself sometimes. I've been trying to find a daddy that i can trust and you seem really nice so i was wondering if i could ask you to possibly help me find one?

I can try my best ☺️