but im pretty sure this is what was used in the manga. which i think works better

Okay so, if you have ever had the misfortune of being in chat with me on the topic of Assassination Classroom you would know I have a very strong belief of gay Karma and demi/pan Nagisa.

Now I was ecstatic to learn they were making the KorosenseQ spin off an actual series (Which is very likely the story Korosensei mentions in passing in the main series he wants to write in which he wouldn’t have to die and therefore is more than likely written by the octopus himself) anyway back on track, while the series seems to have diverged a bit from the comic now (tbh I think they made it better especially pope Gakuho omfg) but with the episodes being so short it means they emphasize certain things while cut other things out.

Trying to stop rambling now the thing that’s really caught my attention is the relationship between Karma and Nagisa (this is 100% a ship post if this is your notp then please stop reading now, if you do ship it or at least tolerate feel free to continue) and since @serenity0220 likes my analysis of these dumb boys so much figured eh what the hell lets post what I noticed in this episode.

Spoilers blow the cut turn back if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Excuse the lack of spell check I’m literally copy pasting this from my skype chat.

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kyoandyuya  asked:

Do you watch Boruto? What do you think of the newest episode that covers Gaiden? Satisfactory or no?

ask me something you’ve always wondered

no I dont ahh its too childish and fillery for my taste. I am on 4G and i’m using my data to read and watch Haikyuu!! plus update my tumblr and study (ill watch gaiden when the whole thing is out when im back home with stable wifi). From what i’ve seen i’d give the animated rendition a 5/10. I am not impressed tbh, the animation style after the last kept going down hill and it’s at lowest point rn. The characters look nothing like their manga counterparts and they aren’t even trying to make them look better, the designs are messed up, the animation is so stiff it’s like you can TELL they used the same drawing and frames to avoid spending money. I am beyond done with SP. That scene with Sarada in the library is just unnecessarily stupid and makes no sense and the lead up to gaiden just shat on ss with the 2 minute date bullshit. People bitch that people who complain are setting the bar too high but? do these people even WATCH anime? Naruto has been shat on by the rest of the anime community for its shitty animation quality, inconsistent fillers and annoying fan base.  

‘they just want to meet a weekly deadline!’ then fucking WAIT like other animation studios do…don’t fuck up kishimotos immaculate art, dont destory Tokyo Ghouls story in s2 and don’t help fuel Bleach’s shipping wars you unprofessional shit house. Why are anime like SNK, BNHA and Haikyuu!! held at such high standards? They give themselves time to ensure the best project execution. I am not asking SP to wait 90 years like SNK but holy fuck the amount of fillers and shitty animation quality is a viral joke at this point..RIGHT after the wedding episodes (which were made to be ugly comic relief style to avoid budget overload) boruto was released which already meant screwed up stiff frame animation that makes me so annoyed because SP CAN do better..they did some crisp frames for bleach, some beautiful fluid fights in naruto, some seamless frames in TG and all in all have had some great graphics. If they can pull some amazing animations like that then how good will they be if they fucking WAIT and do the simplest job- give people what’s in the manga since you are shitty writers and animate to the best of their capacity. Stop with the excessive fillers that shit on characters and add plot holes to the original work that the author worked so hard on and simply do your god damn job.

A simple example since -ic yall havent noticed ive been wanking the haikyuu!! series a lot lately- you started this rant, lets look at these two animation frames of 2 hinatas, one more superior than the other

see how the animation literally focuses on one drawing, moving the frame and adding that effect to give the LEAST amount of effort into the animation? Anime is meant to be pretty and fluid, this is literally just MOVING LINES.

look at this fluid ass eye shot where EVERYTHING is thought out, down to the wind motions moving the hair as he jumps. There is more than one drawing of the eye to give the scene fluidity and even the ‘still’ frames such as his hair are drawn more than once to make them move seamlessly and give them kinetic momentum. The hair moves with the wind and the eye focuses on the enemy as he moves. Thats an animation.

In fact, further wanking haikyuu!! (and literally any other series with a studio that gives a shit) here is a fun fact: in an animation of orange boys eyes, they are made to move with MULTIPLE different drawings, as much as SIXTY different drawings for an animation that lasts less than 5 seconds…and then when the studio goes into one drawing animations they make sure to add movements, shadings and vibrant backgrounds to still make everything look appeasing to the eye and fluid. Compare that to SP who do one drawing FULL BODY frames and do their best to avoid spending time and money to yield results that are as beautiful as THIS

In that jump scene the camera angle and fade out is literally just made to symbolize one of the characters view of the match as he is so absorbed into giving the jumping kid the ball and is so singularly focused on the ball…this goes FULL circle (yes they even kept that much attention to detail in mind) when the match is then shown in an objective manner for the audience with the camera angle showing us the height of his jump and it shaking to show us the impact of it all and then fades out again because orange kid is focusing as he spikes the ball…it’s literally a beautiful piece of animation. They went as far as animating an exaggerated idealized CORRECT and accurate to real life volleyball pose..the attention to detail pays off immensely. 

Even when on a budget, anime is the art of animation..the entire genre of media is based on aesthetic animation. Every shading, shadow, camera angle given by the director, frame and drawing makes a huge difference to the visual story telling aspect of the story. SP not only fucks up the basic definition of an anime but they ALSO add their shitty writing to top it off. 

sorry for the rant omg I went off on a tangent.

What about you? What do yall think?

anonymous asked:

Ahhh if you ever do feel like drawing BakuSero I would just about die because I love that rare pair soooooo much and there is next to nothing for it

Holy shit I thought I was literally shipping that ship by myself, but here you are, amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway don’t worry I’ll definitely draw something for it sooner or later anon, I love it way too much to never give in haha

Anon said: my day started out terrible but your sero and kaminari saved the day (like most of your drawings do) ty ily

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad to hear that!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your day will be as amazing as it can be, anon!!!

Anon said: A) why isn’t it franswers? B) Kaminari has a habit of just watching (unbreakable) things just fall if he fails to catch it or it slips out of his hands. like he doesn’t move to get it, he just watches it fall with a blank face

A) that’s a great question that would deserve an equally great answer which sadly I don’t have??? like, why isn’t it franswers??? it should definitely be franswers t b h - B) yes and also I feel Kaminari a lot. Like, mood and also same. As usual hahaha

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jokes-im-serious-deactivated201  asked:

Do you have any tips on how to draw people? I do art, but I'm only good at animals. I really would LOVE to be able to do Avatar, Legend of korra and Percy Jackson fanart - but I can't because I can't even draw the simplest human. I saw your drawing of the LOK gang earlier and thought it was simply amazing! Can you help? (:

Oh woah that’s a pretty serious question you’re asking me here

I have to say that learning the basics is really super important, because no matter your style, people are people and have to keep certain aspects and proportions. Life drawing is one of the most important thing EVER. If you can’t pay for a live model (which is totally understandable), try drawing people in the street or in public transportation. Look for the basic shapes that everyone has in common, understand what humans are like, and remember to think of them 3-dimensionnaly. People are not flat, they have a volume! A mistake I did early on was to think that I didn’t need to sketch the basic shapes of a body first, when that is exactly what I should’ve been doing. Don’t be afraid to use reference - every artist does, and it can help you learn so much. Tracing and copying are the best exercices you could do (a big part of my work is actually traced from stock photos). 

Once you’ve mastered a realistic-looking human, try to play with the proportions. Push your boundaries, stay out of your comfort zone and try new things - but never forget the basics! You have to keep in mind that all artists, while they have a unique style, come from the same place: realism. Just copying manga or comics can be fun, and does teach you some things in the end, but it limits your skillset a lot.

Last but not least, think of your character as an object in a 3D space. Your character will move a lot - study anatomy in movement and try sketching thubnails of dynamic poses. Drawing a person standing still will only get you so far.

Here’s a bunch of links that explains this stuff much better than I do:


Body drawing review

Varying your body types

Character design

Bodies in motion

3D models of human anatomy


Faces around the world (I find it’s very important to learn to draw different ethnic groups)

I’m sorry this turned into a super long post but really there is no magic recipe, you just have to draw a lot of people! Look around you and try to notice how humans work. It will take time (I’m still not 100% sure myself) but you will surely get better super fast if you practice a lot.

Good luck!!!!


I want to start off by saying that I use to be a weaboo myself. I read my first manga at the age of 10 and started to really get into anime around the age of 12. I use to have dreams about being a manga artist (basicaly drawing shitty fanart) and living in Japan and yes I use to use honorifics (-san, -chan, etc), but I only acted this way at home, but not at school because there wasn’t many people who liked anime and I usually kept things to myself (I was a shy and quiet kid). When I was in High school I calmed my tits down (I still love anime and manga to this day, but I’m more mature about it) and made some friends who also liked anime and manga. Things were pretty good!  The story I’m about to tell you is in college. It’s probably not as extreme as some of the other weeaboo stories, but I felt that this is still weeaboo material. I apologize because this story is long.

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About Kishimoneys new manga coming in few weeks

Well Kishimoney starts new manga in a month or so.

We can all agree 100% that this will never achieve level of popularity like original. It wont deliver any real impact on industry.It wont make much money as Kishimoney expects.Even new series after Boruto wont suceed either.

Now the guy has plenty of money which came from pockets of us fans worldwide and he will go through this in a swift because of this.Probably he doesnt care so much about whole thing.Some writers just feel differently about whole thing.He is shy type,he wont go straight into anything.But we know he doesnt give a fuck and looks this whole thing from completely different perspective.He just needs to work for the sake of being able to work.He is in that type of situation.

He will keep pushing forward for remaining audience which is like 60% of original Naruto fandom. The other 40% who are done with it,well I dont know. People who are never buying anything connected to his writing again,never reading from him again,never talking about him will bring impact. It will slowly decrease.By know we know how much depenedent he is on editors and how his brain works.We cant expect much differences in his following works.

TBH,even before ending I found manga medicore around 2011.I kept going for it because I wasted at that time 6 years of my life and like 100$ on its merchandise and volumes.So I was like yeah might be something decent.Spent 3 years through it,few pretty good moments,else was meh. Before the ending I wouldve given series 7/10.It had decent stuff but the flame which sucked me in it 6 years ago started fading.But I willingly kept going because that I didnt want the flame to fade completely.Kishimoney killed that flame completely 2 months ago.Like I said I sold all my merchandise and unsuscribed from anything Naruto.

Honestly I realize a lot of anti-ending people will return to him for one reason or other.They will just end disappointment and start giving him attention and money again. Thats okay if they think it suits them. I wont judge anyone for it.But some of us definitely wont come back. I have so much great manga and anime that I certainly dont have time for anything from Kishimoney.

I enjoyed so many and Im following many awesome writers both in european and japanese comics.I realize none of them are so divided fandom wise as Kishimoney.They just fly out the good stuff and Im not afraid anymore to trust them.

Objectively there are vast amount of mangas so much better than Naruto.Its just normal human behaviour of fans who liked the ending to not notice this and still keep yelling this is best thing ever.Many people say this,like myself.Sadly for many things objectiveness in some sections awaits.

Capitalism will of course take some part in all of them because thats society we live in.But I dont mind as long as main thing I love stays good.Thats what things Im following are doing now and Im satisfied.Next time when I feel fans start to noticeably force author I will just quit.Until then plenty of stuff to enjoy and slowly but surely forget about this man and his products.