but im not the devil


Devil loves to fuck with people. Manipulate them, laugh at them, scare them, send them mixed signals. Even King Dice can’t run away from that. 

So…are those kisses just a joke or maybe there is something more to all of that? This is a question King Dice would never dare to ask. Even though he is hella confused.

kinda previous comic


it’s all good, buddy!! angel kiibo’s a bit of an adventurous sort–he wants to understand humans and often goes to ouma for help!! ouma is like.. his superior? i mean, ouma’s a higher rank than kiibo… 



Sup y’all here’s the Casino Staff and King Dice’s group of executive officers

Yes I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so here are my crackshot at designing the fam. There’s caption underneath the pics 


…How bad can a good girl get?

the original posts can be found here http://drtanner-sfw.tumblr.com/post/124331980371

also yeah i think im gonna caption everything i post on tumblr now so yes,  images have been captioned :) click,,,


Kind of a continuation of this 

Someone in Instagram suggested this dialogue and I couldn’t help myself XD.  Not having enough with bothering the brothers, Bendy comes often to remember them the limited time they have to get the contracts and of course they are not amused.

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Edit: I made a mistake in one of the drawings, its corrected now XD

Bendy and the Soup Machine
My voice

This is literally my favorite thing I’ve done with these two characters thank you for requesting this.

(Feel free to leave a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!)