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i don't watch star vs so correct me if im wrong. Princess Marco's second appearance is so exciting cause, you know, it also confirms that the princess marco thing is really integral to the plot. I mean it's appeared in multiple seasons now, there now is no way that princess marco was just in a one-off episode and is never gonna be mentioned again. i mean even some adult shows will never mention things from previous seasons again. sorry, im bad at phrasing it, but I think you know what i mean

No I get you! That’s what was so exciting about Gift of the Card.

And at this point Princess Marco isn’t even a one-episode thing but also an integral part of who Marco is, it’s part of her character.

Young girls in fandom (especially “fujoshi” ew) need to understand that being “obsessed” with gay men, having a ton of men loving men ships, calling us “sin” and seeing us as nothing but “HAWT YAOI” is not at all supporting gay relationships and is in fact an act of homophobia.

You are fetishising our love as if it were taboo and degrading us down to your oversexualised fantasies of us. We are not your kink or your guilty pleasure. It really needs to be addressed early on before it becomes a case of “um shut up im an adult woman and I can’t choose my sexuality as much as you can’t for being gay :)”.

Yes, this goes for men fetishising gay women too.

a year of writing in 2016

This is everything I’ve written this year in the Haikyuu!! fandom! I can’t believe how wonderful a ride this has been, I have met so many wonderful people and have somehow managed to write 419,270 words over a course of 42 works! Over 50% rarepairs! Thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments, leaves kudos or just enjoys my fics; you’re keeping me writing! Comparing my old stuff to more recent work makes me so proud as I feel like I can really see growth. Here is my Haikyuu!! fanfiction masterpost!


When Colours Mix -  204k words

- Beam Me Up, Hajime! - E. IwaOi, main focus. 186k words. Incomplete, ch. 96/100

- I’m Not Good With People… - E. KenLev. 17k words Incomplete.



First Snowfall T. 2.6k words.

Together, We’re Infinite M. 9k words.

The Schedule M. 2.1k words.

Volleybeer E. 3.5k words.

What Matters Most E. 14.5k words.


Sometimes You’ve Gotta Fall Before You Can Fly - M. 52k words.

The Cure For Sleeplessness - T. 2k words.

Are You Serious? - T. 1k words.

Hold Each Other - G. 1.5k words.

Everything is Grey - M. 3.5k words.

The Bento - T. 657 words.

Who Do You Love. M. 1.2k words.


Youth - M. 6.5k words.

Blackout - T. 1.2k words.

Miscellaneous Rarepairs

Is It Wrong? - M. IwaOiKage. 5.5k words.

Too Close - G. IwaOiKage. 2k words. 

Inked - G. KageTsuki. 2.8k words.

Escape from the Rain - E. BokuTsuki. 2.4k words.

More Interesting than Calculus - E. BokuTsuki. 1k words.

Stronger, Smarter… and more Sexually Attractive. M. IwaOiTeru. 1.2k words.

That Was Sick - E. IwaOiTeru. 2k words.

Learning to Fly - T. IwaTeru. 13.5k words.

Words Are Hard - G. IwaKyou. 1.6k words.


You’re My Ace - IwaOi. 16.5k words.

- Five Reasons Why. G. 13k words.

- Happy Birthday, Hajime. G. 1.3k words.

- My Favourite Constellation. G. 1k words.

- Strength and Loyalty. G. 1.3k words.

IwaOi Oneshots

First Christmas. M. 3.7k words.

It’s Just Us. G. 2.1k words.

It’s… Something. M. 2k words.

Snow Day. T. 1k words.

Trying to Find A Balance. G. 1k words.

Tuesdays. T. 867 words.

We Made It - G. 1.3k words.

We’re Better Together. M. 2.5k words.


Enough is Enough - E. KyouHaba. 4.2k words.

Light The Sky - G. KenHina. 1.6k words.

Pushing Buttons - M. BoKuroo. 560 words.

Drabble Collection

adults on this site berating twenty one pilots and their fanbase because they ‘try too hard to be edgy’/’their fans are so immature’/etc…

don’t ignore that so many of their fans esp on here are kids/minors often dealing with mental illness who’ve found music that speaks to them for the first time. like for a lot of younger people this is the first band that addresses their mental illnesses. 

sure, it’s often over the top and a lot of their fans can be cringey in how much they overstate the band’s originality/impact, but these are kids. they’re enjoying the first band that resonates with them and it inspires them. of course they’re immature and defensive. it’s normal. let them enjoy themselves.

it’s also interesting to me that i see this in so many mcr blogs by older (20+) people. do y’all not remember how it was to be a young mcr fan online in like 2006? we were horribly, bizarrely embarrassing, but we had fun. we look back on that time fondly. let this generation of weird kids have that.

seeing young teenagers embracing 2007 internet culture/aesthetic/speak in the kidcore/rainbowcore/kiddycore communities is such a beautiful thing. i think its beautiful because ive been around since 2007, and those years were golden for kids having fun and being themselves. the growth of the internet in the last ten years has provided lots of things, some of it being positive, but a lot unfortunately has become a cesspool of hatred.

between teenagers and adults alike on social media, nowadays kids are introduced to this hatred and darkness of the world early on with such easy access to it and it drives them into unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, such as suicide baiting/callout culture (NOT referring to calling out people who actually do very bad harmful things- such as pedophiles, suicide baiters, racist/neo-nazis/etc- making people aware of when they do bad things is good- but i mean the sorts who send hate and suicide bait to innocent 13 year olds over saying something wrong once and stalk them down repeatedly and bully them into suicide and self-harm etc.)

this is what kids are exposed to nowadays, and in these safe communities, people are embracing what redditors/4channers make fun of and call “cringey” and being themselves because it makes them happy. not only this, but kids in these communities moderate themselves and keep out NSFW/kink bloggers that sexualize children and create boundaries to keep their internet exposure safe, because theyre mature enough to do so. these kids embrace this time because its nostalgic and comforting, and has no super bad associations other than those who called it cringey and edgy all these years. the only bad people in these spaces are those who try to invade them.

let people use scene/l33t speak, use XD unironically, and make bright eyebleeding dog OCs. let them love nightcore. just let them enjoy this while they still can, for the love of god. and if they dont grow out of it (like i didnt) leave them be. a majority of these kids are lgbt, autistic, and trauma victims just trying to cope, and then there are just other kids who do it because it makes them happy. they arent harming anyone. if you bully them, you are.


i blame my partner bookie for getting me into this show,,,,,,its,,,GOOD,,,,,

Mp100 asshole review

Claw guys: 6/10 “Im an asshole”- some asshole. They’re just violent kids really. Get redemption but the kids they beat up are still in our memory.

Broccoli: 7/10 They arent really people so ??? they just vegetable shit up and we cried. Is an asshole but isnt aware of it, less points.

Shimazaki: 8/10 “but girls just want to have fun”- Shimazaki. Beats up kids and adults all the same. asshole smirk. asshole haircut.

Touichirou: 9.5/10 “Terrible father, Terrible husband, terrible person, pretty ok leader”- Shimazaki. A close contender to m a x i m u m a s s h o l e.

Mogami: 10/10 The #1 asshole, he tried his best and made it to the top. extra asshole points if you’ve read THAT fic.

Mr. Wiener: how is aging up any different than lgbt headcanons-


  • Shiro, stumbling confused out of the healing pod, after a bad blow to the head: I... had this really crazy dream that I became responsible for a bunch of teenagers. I'm not a real adult.. I can't even take care of myself all the time.. imagine if I had to-
  • Four other paladins: *Staring at him*
  • Shiro: ...
  • Shiro: Imagine if I had the pleasure of it being real... hi guys?

i really hate those posts that go “its so creepy seeing 18-20 year old girls dating men in their 40s like why cant they get a girl their own age.” because these are adult women who are able to make their own decisions, if they want to date someone 20 years older, let them? have you ever thought that maybe these 20 year olds are attracted to people older than them? it just really makes me angry when people see a younger girl (thats at least 18) with someone much older than her and they automatically assume that the guy is some evil manipulative pedophile that’s only attracted to her because she’s young. its shocking, but some girls are actually interested in people older than them!! its almost like… maybe they…. are the ones that go after older men sometimes?? wow… crazy…. anyways let legal adults do what they want with each other as long as they both consent

i want to smoke weed and watch pornography until i pass out, and i want to hallucinate neon rays of light and sparkles floating all around me in the air while the Drive Soundtrack is playing as i shove christmas cookies into my mouth wondering how its come to this… 

i wasted 5 years of my life running this blog, i ruined every relationship i’ve ever had, i think im addicted to cocaine, i’m not even going to talk to my family this christmas, im just going to blast electronic music and do drugs and watch porno then do more drugs and watch christmas movies and made for tv movies about christmas, theres this christmas movie with The Brady Bunch that I like, like the brady kids are adults and they all come home and then later the dad gets trapped in a mine or something, idk, i’ll watch that and eat junk food and wear my $200 sunglasses in the dark and indoors, have skype sex with this girl in Florida that wants me really badly, ejaculate all over myself, and wonder why i let myself become this monstrosity, this grotesque uncaring monster shell of a person that once had dreams of working in air conditioning repair and owning a solar panel installation business but has settled for working at a pizza hut express inside of a target and turned down every promotion offer to avoid taking on any responsibility that would hinder leisure time to do drugs and masturbate… idk, i wondered how i became this way, then i realized… 

i did it for the 90s. 


morozova’s collar moodboard:

It was like when he’d first called the power out of her, but what escaped her this time was not light, but rather a soft moan. “Careful, little saint,” he whispered, brushing his lips against her ear. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were enjoying this.”  [x]

the posture theory

for @drownedpoet​ and the two anons who asked

  • neil has great posture
  • since he’s shorter than most adults, standing and sitting up straight always gave him a better vantage point to survey areas when he was on the run
  • it also helped when he was younger and had to appear older 
    • so people would stop asking so many questions about why “such a nice young boy was doing things he shouldn’t be"
    • it made things like buying cigarettes, driving, and carrying a gun so much simpler when he wasn’t being interrogated every five minutes
  • breathing was much easier as well in the bulletproof vests he always wore
    • wearing kevlar is a lot like wearing a chest binder, it’s restrictive and makes breathing a pain in the ass
    • sitting up straight was at least a partial solution to this problem
  • not to mention it gave him an intimidating look that kept people at a healthy distance and made sure he wasn’t bothered
  • it also made it easier to jump into a fighting stance in a seconds notice if necessary
  • sleeping back to back with his mother reinforced the habit 
    • neither of them could sleep if there was even the smallest gap between their bodies
    • life on the run from people constantly trying to kill you makes you rightfully cautious and a little bit paranoid, so it’s nice to have the grounding weight of someone you trust at your back
  • he also used to be a dancer, but that’s another au/headcanon
  • andrew, on the other hand, has terrible posture
  • his childhood was spent slouching down trying to disappear and look like less of a target
  • he would sleep curled into himself with his back against the wall so he would be harder to grab
    • it also made it harder for drake to take his clothes off
  • hiding was easier as well
    • getting used to being tucked into himself made squeezing into tight spaces for up to a couple of hours at a time to avoid drake much more comfortable
  • slipping away from being held is about 90% easier when you’re slouched as it allows for quicker movement
    • this didn’t take andrew more than twice to learn
  • andrew never really saw the point of good posture when his body never really belonged to him anyway
    • this is his depression talking, but he doesn’t care
  • i mean what’s the point of worrying about posture when you don’t plan on living long enough to be affected by it?

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Question for the mods: What (in your opinion) are the top 5 most controversial opinions/topics brought up on this blog since the blog started. It's interesting to think about what generates the most buzz. Love to know your thoughts. :)

Top 4 are Snape. lol

Snape loved/was obsessed with Lily.
Snape deserved/didn’t deserve Lily (as a lover or friend)
Snape was/wasn’t bullied by the marauders
Snape was/wasn’t justified in his behavior as an adult
five is probably Dumbledore; Awesome or Manipulative Maniac? 

runners up:  Black Hermione/Poc anyone, We need diversity confessions and i feel like theres another but im really missing it right now 

you kno what im really hoping for in 2017?

a sapphic girl anime NOT made to titillate men and NOT super sexualized and NOT drawn to look like they’re 12 year olds.

please god give us the non-sexualized non-pedophilic sapphic romance anime between adult characters that we desperately need. please. im need it