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Jaded: Part Three


Summary: The time is 1976, the era where rock and fame was booming across the city of Los Angeles. In hopes to leave a life of misery behind, you sold your life for your dream. Within the span of 24 hours, you find yourself fresh off the bus - right into the hands of the Chaos Club, and the owner who took a chance on a girl like you. Bucky Barnes.

NOTES: Cursing, Dirty Talk, Cocky Bucky, 70s!Bucky, Smut.

let me know what you think guys :) 

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Summery: Jin is the best surprise you could have even asked for

W/C: 2230

You had had a long, hard day at work. Working for your fathers company was something you never wanted to do but you needed the money so you could support you’re livelihood. And at the end of the day all you wanted to do was go home, see your boyfriend and go to sleep. But Jin was away. He’d been away for three weeks now which made your life even more stressful. You’d never admit this to him in fear of his head getting to big, but he was the light of your life.

You opened the door to your one bedroom apartment with sloppy hands, cussing as the door flew open and your keys dropped to the floor. You kicked your shoes off and threw your bag on the floor all while rubbing your face, not caring if you rubbed your makeup down your cheeks. You stopped looking towards your  living room. Something was off.

“Jagiya! Surprise!!!” Jin said pooping out of the kitchen so fast and with so much noice you couldn’t help the scream that left your lips as you fell to the floor. You couldn’t help but laugh at yourself for being so startled, all of your worries disappearing in a second. You felt his hands reach out and you responded by wrapping your arms around his neck as he laughed. He picked you up from the ground and swayed you back in fourth in his arms.

“I’m making dinner.” He said and you chucked again noticing the pink apron that was tied around his waist.

“Why are you so good to me.” You said as he dipped down to press his lips to yours. Your stomach flipped at this. He wasn’t able to touch you without a bundle of butterflies exploding in your stomach, again something you would never admit to him.

The two of you walked back to the kitchen and you hoisted yourself on the counter listening to Jin talk about his surprise and how he had everyone lie to you so he could fully convince you there was an extra week to be added onto your waiting. He then went on to tell you about a few of the funny things that had happened while he was away. You listened and would laugh with him but you could only fully focus on his lips and how he would laugh at his own stories. After putting the noodles in the boiling water and turning the homemade sauce on simmer he made his way back over and stepped between your legs. He smiled up to you before turning his head to kiss the inside of your hand that reached up for his cheek.

“I missed you so much, you know.” He said more seriously.

“Not as much as I missed you.” You said as he started to run his long fingers across the skin of your exposed back.

“Why would you wear a shirt like this to work?” He said with a testing smile.

“Im trying to get fired so I don’t have to work for my dad anymore.” You joked making him laugh again.

“As soon as there is a position with us open for you thats worth quitting your job for you know you can have it. I just can’t have your dad hating me now.” he said still tracing circles on your back.

“Jin, he loved you so much. The son I never had.” You said mimicking your dads deep voice causing Jin to chuckle.

He placed a kiss on your lips before turning back to the stove to quickly stir the food before walking back over to you. He pressed himself in-between your legs and rested his head on your chest allowing him to hear your heartbeat and you to kiss the top of his head. You felt him smile again through your shirt.

“Why are you so smiley today?” You said causing him to nestle further into your chest.

“Im just excited for desert.” He said.

“Ohh, whats for desert?” You said smiling.


Dinner was not what you originally what you thought it was going to be. With Jin’s last comment you couldn’t help but squirm in your seat every time he looked at you. He had set a mood and until it was acted upon everything to you was uncomfortable. Jin had hardly swallowed his last bite of food before you were standing up and placing your dish and his in the sink.

“You’re eager.” He said standing up and folding his arms. You didn’t say anything, instead you walked up to him and took ahold of his hand and pulled him along with you to the bedroom.

“Jagiya, take a breath.” He said pulling you to a stop once you entered the bedroom. He placed a hand on your cheek and smiled sweetly. “Go lay down.”

You followed his instructions and moved to the bed and laid on your side as you watched him walk over to your array of candles. Slowly he lit each one which instantly filled the room with the sweet sent of  woods and flowers. He move up to you and place himself in front of you. He smiled again once he was next to you, but even his sweet smile couldn’t help the feeling in the pit of your stomach that needed attention at that very moment.

Jin scooted closer to you and used one of his fingers to brush aside a strand of hair. His finger trailed from behind your ear to your chin where he lifted it slightly so he could have full access of your mouth. He kissed you gently and you took a deep breath as the butterflies exploded once more. This kiss was different than the ones from the kitchen. Though they weren’t rough they had so much need behind them as he pressed his lips to yours in a way that made you eventually roll to your back so he now hovered above you. Your arms trailed up his arms and across his broad shoulders before they wrapped themselves around his neck bringing his chest down to yours. The feeling of him on top of you was something that was always a comfort to you. Something that you missed very much.

The butterflies erupted again as one of his hands trailed up your side and under your shirt till he was met with the thin lace of the bandeau you were wearing. The lace didn’t stop him though, he kept pushing his hand up until his hand rested under the lace. You knew he wanted you to be naked already so he could touch as much of your skin as he could, but you also knew rushing into things sometimes made him nervous and unless he was initiating the quickness of things you felt it better to just let him take charge. That being said, his slow motions were usually what turned you on the most. As attractive as it was to have him basically ripping your clothes from your body there was something to say about his gently touch. It was hard to fight him when every move he made was with so much thought and love.

When he finally pulled his hand from under your shirt and sat you up you knew lifting your arms for him to undress you was the next step. He smiled as he pulled the garment from your body slowly before taking his own shirt off and once again leaning down to let his skin press against yours. Your pants were the next thing to go and once again he undressed you slowly making sure to kiss every part of your body before returning back to your lips. You ran your hands up and down his back as he kissed you before bringing your hands between the two of you. You started to undo his pants and when he let you fully unzip his pants he rolled the two of you over so taking his pants off would be simple.  

You couldn’t help but blush at the fact his member was already standing at attention. He wanted you just as much as you wanted him. Jin pulled you back down and after you reconnected your lips with his you swung your leg over his lap and sunk down till you were hardly touching his member. You lightly grazed yourself against it till a moan finally left his mouth, you loved to hear him moan. This sense of vulnerability was something you held very dear to your heart, especially since he was such a public figure. He moved his hands to your hips and asked you to drop all the way, which you were more than happy to do. His hands followed the movements of your hips as you continued to kiss him. Soon you were moving so feverishly over his member he had to stop you to prevent the fun from being over too soon.

He flipped you onto your back again and propped himself up with one arm to support him as he died his head to kiss along your neck, saving the sweet spot behind your ear for last. While he did this his hand traveled up your sides again till his fingers met the lace once more. He kissed you again before his hands started to kneed at one of your breasts causing your breathing to get heavy and frustrated at the fact he wasn’t touching your skin. Jin seemed to read your mind as he reached under you to unclasp your bra and pull it off. He reconnected his hands with your chest as his lips moved once again from  your mouth to your neck. The connection was once again broken as his fingers started to trail down your body till they hooked around your panties. He took no hesitation this time to pull them off of you and was even quicker to rub your slit gently. His lips returned to yours and you couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as he started to pump a single long finger into your already dripping core. You hips rolled with his hands and you quickly pushed him off of you, tired of the foreplay.

You reached for his boxers and bit your lip as he smiled at your eagerness. Pulling them down you looked from his member and bent down to kiss the throbbing tip before he pulled you onto your back. You giggled at him and wrapped your arms around his neck as he bet down to kiss you again. You almost forgot the nakedness of Jin above you but the moment he started to line himself up with  you, you couldn’t help but let out another moan.

“God I love you so much.” He said in a husky voice after entering all the way into you, pausing to give you a second to adjust to his length.

You tried to respond but the sudden movement of his pumping forced the words back down your throat. Each pump was quicker than the last as his aggressive side started to peak through. He rubbed one of his hands up and down your side while the other braced himself up against the bed. His eyes were dark now as he started down at you. You couldn’t look away from his gaze, but the pleasure running through your body would cause you to arch your back and close your eyes.

“Jin.” You breathed as he pulled you closer to him so he could get even deeper.

“Yes baby.” He said, but once again before you could answer he reached down to your clit and another wave of pleasure shot through your body and your back arched as you started to climb to your high.

Between the swift motion of his hips hitting yours and the gentle rubbing of his fingers it didnt take long for you to melt over him. You gave one last shaky moan before your body arched and your orgasm hit you full force. Seeing you moaning in pleasure set Jin over the edge and with one long low shaky moan he released into you.

Almost immediately after he removed himself from you he was lifting you in in his arms and carrying you to the bathroom. You gasped before laughing and hitting his chest as you noticed he had taken the time to set up the bathroom with roses and more candles. He set you on the counter and started the bath and once there was enough water he dropped a bath bomb in the water. He walked back over to you and wrapped his arms around your bare waist. He left down to kiss you gently.

“I love you.” You said kissing him gently.

“I love you more.”

You let him pull you off the counter and guide you to the tub where he sat you down between his legs. You tiled your head back so you were resting against his shoulder and sighed as he gently lifted the water to your skin. You let your fingers trace over his exposed knee and smiled as he wrapped his arms around you and squeezed your shoulders all while peppering kisses down your neck. You sat up and flipped yourself over so your chests were now pressed together. You kissed him deeply once before pulling up and biting your lip.

“Round two?”

movie night || justin foley

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justin foley x reader. 

anon: can you write an imagine where you and justin have a movie night?

a/n: so sorry im barely now posting this. im not very happy with it but i hope you still like it ♡

the smell of popcorn lingered around the dark room. the only light shining in was coming from the tv. you and justin sat on your bed cuddled into each other underneath a blanket, trying to find a movie to watch. you were having a movie night but all you’ve been doing is debating on what to watch. 

“lets watch a horror movie!” justin exclaimed knowing you’re not the kind to watch scary movies. “how about a romantic movie?” you suggested scrolling down the channels.

“no lets watch a scary movie,” justin said causing you to look at him. the light from the tv reflected on him, showing his messy appearance. his hair was messed up and he wore a plain white shirt with sweatpants. even when hes not trying to look good he still manages to look good. 

“romantic,” you protested smiling at him. “horror.”,  “romantic.” ,“horror!”, “romantic!” 

“okay how about we settle this on rock, paper, scissors?” he said. “hmm best two out of three?” you asked and justin nodded. 

you both sat criss-cross facing each other with your fist in your hand.”rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” you both exclaimed. “hah scissors beats paper!” justin said pretending to cut your hand with his fingers. “whatever we still got two more rounds,” you muttered. 

“rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “yes! rock beats scissors!” you said throwing your fist into his hand, pretending to crush it. “last round!” justin said smiling. “best of luck foley,” you said. 

“rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “i won! paper beats rock, yes!” “technically in the real world rock beats paper.” “you’re just mad because i won,” justin smirked. “whatever,” you said as you slumped back on the bed.

once he settled on a movie you both returned back to cuddling under a blanket. about an hour into the movie you hid your face in justins shoulder, facing away from the tv.

nothing but the sound of girls screaming filled your ears as you shut your eyes tightly. once the screaming had stop you relaxed your eyes, you weren’t really afraid to watch it you just weren’t the kind to watch the gory parts. 

“is it over?” you asked. “mhm,” justin hummed causing you to face the tv. three seconds later and a jump scare happened causing you to jump. 

“justin!” you groaned slapping him lightly. “what,” he laughed. “i hate you,” you said looking at him. “im sorry how can i make it up to you?” he asked turning to look back at you. “by changing the movie.“ after a lot of convincing justin finally changed it.

thats how you ended up watching a cute animated movie, finding dory. even though you both have seen it a million times you both still chose to watch it. the sound of crunching of popcorn and the movie filled the room as both of you watched the movie. 

it was in the early a.m and eventually the only sound that could be heard was soft snores and light breathing as justin fell asleep. you were starting to get very sleepy, barely holding your eyes open. you then turned off the tv and cuddled back into justin. 

shutting your eyes you fell asleep as well. your head laid on his chest with your arm hanging loosely around his waist. you both were tangled up in each other. both of your bodies being pressed on one another. it felt warm and nice as you both laid there sound asleep. 

Same Mistakes (m)

A/N: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this didn’t happen bye idk him 

genre: smut i guess ???? idk yeah also college au !!!!!!!!!!!

words: 1895 (wow im so proud of myself i didn’t get carried away with this it’s an actual drabble :)))

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NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???
Pietro Maximoff Imagine #8-Requested

Anon: Hi! Sorry to bother you but I came across your blog and I fell in love instantly! I was wondering if you do a PietroxReader but the reader is extremely shy and he tries to break her out of her shell??? Thank you hun! xxoo


You had been with the Avengers since the whole team has started. You were recruited by Barton and Nat. The three of you had been working for SHIELD for the longest time and you were the best agents, Barton with the bow, Nat with her guns, and you with knives. The only times you really ‘socialized’ (if anyone would call it that) was when you were fighting with the Avengers. Any other time, you didn’t talk at all. It’s not that you disliked anyone or that you didn’t want anyone talking to you, it’s just that you were extremely shy. You didn’t really know how to start a conversation and you always jumbled up your words because you were so shy. Things only got worse when the slightly older Maximoff always attempted a conversation with you but you always left him with one word answers or just simple gestures. You had developed a small crush on the twin but had no intentions on telling anyone or doing anything about it.

You were currently sitting with Nat, Stark, and Thor as they were watching some show as you read silently on the couch. Tony, Stark and Nat were on one couch and you had recently joined and sat on the adjacent couch. The book was about to reveal something really important until you felt the spot on the couch next to you sink. You lifted your gaze from the mesmerizing words into just as mesmerizing-if not more-blue eyes. Pietro had taken a spot next to you and was currently smiling at you. He winked at you and you blushed deeply trying to turn your attention back to the book. You read on, trying to ignore the fact that Pietro put his arm around you and cleared his throat as he did so.

“What book are you reading?” He whispered in your ear, causing your face to heat up again. You gave him a side glance and cleared your throat.

“To Kill A Mockingbird.” You responded curtly, showing him the cover as you kept reading. You didn’t mean to ignore him but you didn’t know what else to say. You felt someone subtly kick your shin and you looked up. You saw Nat who had here eyebrows raised and gave you a warning as if she was telling you to talk to him.

“Do you like it?” Pietro continued, oblivious to Nat’s actions. You turned your head and almost lost your breath to the close proximity of his face. You nodded, getting lost in his eyes. He glanced down at your lips and looked back up at you, tilting his head slightly.

“What is it about?” He asked, not actually interested in the book, just interested in you. He was fascinated by how humble you were. He wanted to get to know you. He wanted you to let him in. He wanted to be the first person to show you what this world had to offer. He wanted you to let him love you with all his heart. But you were making it difficult. You were about to answer but his sister, Wanda came in asking for his help. Pietro reluctantly went with his sister, but not before planting a cheeky kiss on your cheek, leaving you in a blushing frenzy.

After the show had finished it was late. Nat grabbed your arm, not so gently (she wasn’t mad it’s just in her nature) and dragged you to her room. She sat you on the bed, closed the door and and looked at you as if you were crazy.

“What?” You asked confused.

“Pietro was trying to talk to you and you just brush him off!” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“He was asking me simple questions! How else do you want me to answer yes or no questions? You know I’m shy Nat.” You explained quietly.

“I know that Y/N, but the poor boy is making an effort. He doesn’t ever ask me anything unless it’s about how to talk to you.” She admitted looking at you. You were surprised at the new information.

“I know you like him and I know that you’re really shy around people but please make an effort if not for his sake, then for your own.” Nat practically begged. You took a deep breath.

“What if he doesn’t like me after he gets to know me? What if he gets tired of the ‘shy loner girl’ that everyone knows?” You asked Nat.

“Then I will personally beat the shit out of him. But don’t assume that of him if you don’t even know him.” She said sitting down next to you, looking at him expectantly. You sighed again and nodded. Standing up and walking out the door.

“Make sure you remember your name!” Nat teased me as I rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen. It was getting pretty late and you missed the dinner that the Avengers had because you slept through it and Pietro told everyone to let you sleep (usually it was Nat that told them but surprisingly to you it was Pietro). You weren’t hungry until now and if you got food earlier you might of run into someone who would want to talk but you being you wouldn’t know how to reply. You just decided that now would be your best chances to avoid conversation.

You felt like eating Frosted Flakes, the best cereal ever created in your opinion. You opened the pantry and saw that it wasn’t in its usual shelf. You looked higher and saw it on the very top shelf. Damn you Thor. You  thought. The both of you enjoyed this cereal and he has placed it on the shelf that you can’t reach several times before where you have to constantly confront him nicely and ask for him to move it down. And when you did he would laugh and comment puny human and chuckle and tease you about your height while making sure that there were no knives around and that he was at a safe distant. Thor was someone that you just genuinely felt comfortable around, even if you were really shy. You didn’t want to bother Thor or Nat so you tried to reach for it. Your fingertips were almost there until you felt a presence behind you and saw a longer arm emerging from behind you as it grabbed the box the you almost had. You saw that their sleeve was grey. Shit. You thought. You turned around and saw Pietro standing there with a gentle smile.

“Hungry?” He asked as he held the box of cereal up. You blushed and tilted your head sideways slightly nodding your head. He smiled and reached over you again, his face coming close to yours, feeling his hot spearmint breath on your face.

“Do you want milk?” He whispered as he made no attempt to move back.

“Yes please.” You managed to get out. He smirked and walked over to the fridge, giving you a chance to collect yourself and think straight. He poured the milk in after pouring the cereal and put a spoon in the bowl. He walked back over to you and handed you the bowl. Leaning on the counter across from you, crossing his arms. You looked at his muscles that were perfectly accented by his shirt. You ate your cereal and just looked at the man standing in front of you. The natural pout of his lips, his hair that is tousled everywhere yet it somehow looked attractive on him. On anyone else it would look really bad but on him it just added to the pros list. You moved to meet his eyes and caught him looking at you. The both of you looked away and blushed.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I think you’re really pretty and I really like you and I think that uh you’re sweet and uh well I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable I just uh..” Pietro was rambling right now and blushing like crazy. Something you have never seen him do. You smiled at his flustered state and gained some confidence, setting the bowl of cereal down and walking up to him, planting a kiss on his cheek, causing him to stop rambling and look at you.

“I like you too.” You mumbled to him as he smiled and kissed the top of your head, hugging you.

“Good. Because I can take you out to eat something besides cereal.” He teased smiling down at you. You giggled and rested your head on his chest. You heard the kitchen door open and Tony walked in, looking at you guys, then covering his eyes, acting like he saw the most horrifying thing even though the two of you were only cuddling.

“Oh my god! C'mon guys we eat there! Ugh! Just gross I’ve lost my appetite!” He said as he walked right into a wall causing the both of you to laugh. He patted the wall, looking for the door. Once he found it, he left.

“God I still hate him sometimes.” Pietro mumbled before planting a kiss on your mouth.


Imagine: trying to stay up to wish Derek happy birthday ○●○●○
Pass 3 am was your limit. You tried to stay up to wait for best friend Derek. Its his birthday. Well it was. 3 hrs ago. He had to leave for a pack meeting. Since you were a) just passing thru and B) human Derek didn’t want you involded in the mayhem. So you stayed at his place. Laying on the sofa curled up in a blanket. Passed out cold. You didn’t hear the soft feet of Derek tip towing into the flat at 4 am. He got to the sofa. Seeing you stretched out on the sofa. Fast asleep. His gift and birthday cupcake. Sittinf on the coffee table. Smiling brightly seeing the candy wolf you placed ontop of the cupcake. The gift had a card laying on top. Those Derek wasn’t to focus on the giift or card or the cupcake. He was looking at you. Y/H/C was covering your face. He reached over moving it slowly to see your face. You were put cold. Mouth slightly open. Face smudged against the pillow and arm rest. Snoring slightly. Derke smiling lightly looking at you. All night he was trying to hurry with Scott and Stiles problems to come home to you . He hit stiles for causing him to leave you. His attention turned from you to the card. You loved glitter. 99% because you know how much he hates it. Whixh always makes yoi laugh when he opens the card and glitter jumps out. Derek slowly and carefully opened the card.
Dear Derek im so glad that I can be here for your birthday. Yours forever Y/N ps.. if you don’t here by 3 im eating your cupcake.
A smile crept on his face reading the card. You met Derek after high school your twin brother was bite and sadly he didn’t make it. But Derek kept in touch. No matter what happens both od you arrive at each others places for each others birthdays. Holidays. You hhad no family. And derek had his annoying uncle and sister. You slowly opwn your eyes seeing Derek looking down at his card you smiled weakly seeing him he was beauitful . Always has been always will be.. annoying beautiful. His grumpy face didn’t fool you.
“Happy birthday” Derek looked over at you smiling saying thanks.” You slowly reached up hugging him. He gladly agreed reaching over hugging you tightly.

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Do you and Mike plan this shit together? Everyone used to be so on board with shipping Soukoku, but ever since you guys joined this fandom it's gone awry. Of course we are still the vast, vast majority but why do you guys do this? Why do you try to drive us Soukoku shippers mad with your words of hate towards our ship? Is there an anti-Soukoku cult I am unaware of led by you two? Like the KKK, but worse?

im fucking laughing my ass off right now are you legit trying to compare us not liking a ship to the kkk holy fuck you’re a piece of shit lmao

secondly, i don’t really know mike all that well


y’all is this fucking real life someone literally sat down and typed this out im wheezing

"Let me help you" - Derek hale imagine


3. “I don’t feel so good”
24. “let me help you goddamit!”

You had been with derek for at least a year now and times were getting hard

The past few day’s you hadn’t been around him because he had kissed another girl

You had told the pack aboht it and they lydia let you stay with her

They tried to keep you out of the topic when they had pack meetings with derek

They also kept you up to date with how derek was and by what stiles said he wasn’t too good

You hadn’t been doing too well either an you were throwing up every morning

“Hey y/n!” Lydia said in her normal chirpy tone as she walked in

You responded with a groan as she sat on the bed

“I don’t feel so good” you told her as another wave of sickness rushed over you

You raced up and into the bathroom just in time to empty your guts into the toilet

Lydia was soon beind you holding your hair up

“How long has this been happening?..” she asked you as you got up and brushed your teeth

You shrugged not exactly sure

“Have you had your period?” She asked

You froze, you period hadn’t come yet and it was due two weeks ago

“It was due two weeks ago..” you mumbled

“Wait here!” Ltdia said as she walked out

A few seconds later she came back in and threw you a box

On the box it read “pregnancy test”

You looked at her with a raised eyebrow

“Mum put them in my bathroom as a ‘just in case’ kind of thing” she said

You laughed and nodded now looking at the test’s

“Take all 4 so we can be sure” she said

You nodded and did your business

Your alarm had just gone off and you still stayed sat on your bed next to lydia

Looking at her she nodded and you got up

Looking at every test one by one you froze

Tears started to pool in your eyes as you turned to lydia with a small smile

“In pregnant…” you said crying

“OMG!” She yelled getting up and jumping with you

You soon had two more pairs of arms wrapped around you and lydia as they began jumping with you

“Yay!” You heard stiles voice

“What are we crying and jumping for?” You heard Scotts voice

“Y/n is pregnant!” Lydia said as we all stopped jumping

Scott and stiles looked at each other

“I hear the heartbeat..” scott called

“It’s alredy developing?” You asked

“Yeah. Sounds like its been here for at least 3 or 4 weeks” he replied

“Congratulations y/n!” Stiles said pulling you in a hug

“Do we get to be uncle’s?” Scott said as he hugged you also

“I’ll think about it, what are you guy’s doing here anyway?” You asked

“Oh yeah…derek is in trouble…” scott said moving away

“What?” You asked

“Yeah we have already fought the beast off but he’s not healing and he wont come out of his loft room…” stiles said

“You want me to fix him?” You asked rolling your eye’s and grabbing your purse

“Drop me off?” You said to them

*skip ride*
“Derek?” Scott called out as he opened the front door

You all walked in and you found him at the kitchen trying to fix himself

“That’s the wrong thing to use” you said leaning against the fridge

“I’ll be fine.” He said as he put the wrong stuff on his would causing his claws to calm out as he let out a rawr

You walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder witch he moved

“Let me help you goddamit!” You said getting fed up

He sighed and turned around to let you do what you do best

“We have to go but have fun y/n!” You heard lydia say

You said goodbye and focused on the woulnd on his stomach

“Why are you helping me?” He whispered

“Because your stupid ass can’t not get hurt” you said

He laughed at your sarcasm

“Im sorry for wbat ive done. I really am. I hate myse-”

“Im pregnant..” you said interupting him

“And yes its your’s and yes i forgive you, but if you ever do that again i will personally kill you myself.”

He looked at you and smiled pulling you into a bone crushing hug causing you to groan

“Baby” you managed to get out

“Right sorry” he said moving back and placing his hand on your belly

“So thid is really happening?” He asked

You nodded smiling at him

“Im so sorry. I love you” he said

“I love you too” you said pulling him in for a kiss.

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Having a tickle fight with dan and even after reader warns him not to tickle you, he does, and you accidentally kick him right in the nards and he just sits there in pain while reader tries not to laugh but then as an apology she "kisses his booboo" sorry this is so weird, i am up later than i normally am and im sick haha

You hated being tickled, and told Dan this many times. 9/10 times he listens but this time he was adamant on tickling. “If you tickle me I am not responsible for the injuries you suffer.” He didn’t take your warning and continued on. He pinned you down and started tickling your sides. You screamed/laughed, flailing around trying to get free. One badly angled kick caused you to hit Dan right in the nuts. He fall to the side holding his crotch, moaning in pain. You knew you hurt him but you had to try really hard not to laugh. “I’m so sorry Dan but I told you not to tickle me.” He flipped you off and continued to protect his crotch. “Want me to kiss it and make it better?” He nodded while pouting at you.

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Idk about u but I would fuck yuzuru 100% lmao im thirsty af help

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Night mare Highschool

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Night mare highschool

Jimin angst , smut etc

Jimin x reader

Please don’t take this seriously it’s just a story.


You walked down the empty hallway with your back back perched on your shoulder and continued to walk to class. The hallway seemed to go on for ages as you made your way step by step. You got to the end of the hallway when you saw the group of bitches as you called them  but were really known as the dumb dumb crew not very nice people who also made fun of you because of the way you looked your glasses your long hair you weren’t stick thin like everyone else  and there for it was something people could bully you for. The girls were all made up of people that were in your class and they always found a way to bully you or embarrass you today was no different. You walked pass them only for them to smirk and start laughing after you had past which made your heart hurt. You didn’t have any friends here and meant you were on your own all day,no one wanted to be friends with the girl who everyone hates so people stayed away from you.

You made your way to the class only to reach up for the door handle to open it when you suddenly got harshly pushed to the ground.

“Bitch only important people go in the class first useless and pathetic people like you go last” said seulgi the main leader of the crew sniggered and smirk as she saw your face go bright red with embarrassment.

“Yeah” everyone else in the corridor chimed in and howled as they stepped over you to get to class.

“Stay down bitch” Seulgi pushed you back down causing you to hurt your leg as you did so.

You gathered your courage and made your way back in to the class with everyone laughing as you did so, you made your way back to the back of the class were no one sat and there for it was the only place where you could sit. You wanted to cry you were fed up with this all the time she would say something to you and you didn’t know why she hated you.

Suddenly the open burst open with 7 guys laughing and pushing there way in to class. The guys were made up of all popular guys the leader being your crush Park Jimin.he was kind and sweet he was very popular and everyone wanted him but you still like him. They made their way in and sat down at the front of the class.

He was very popular being known for his body his rock-hard abs. He was a dancer and captain of the football team. You had a crush on him but so did seulgi she was always around him and stuck to him like a lost puppy only for him to ditch her in response. He never really had a girlfriend so she kept trying wearing short skirts and  always sitting on his knee and making sexual moves to him.

He always was nice to you and talked to you and asked you about your day even stuck up for you a few times. He was always kind and sweet with you even walked you home last week when the group of bitches pushed you down some stairs and you hurt yourself.


“Stay the hell away from JIMIN bitch"screamed seulgi and her and her friends pushed you down the stairs.

"Why would you do that?"Jimin said as he made his way over to you.

*End *

“Hi baby” seulgi said in a seductive tone as she sexual straddled jimins thigh making you want to be sick and the site. Only for him to push her of and go back to what J-Hope was saying that had everyone in fits of laughter.

She looked at you with disgrace and made we way back to the group and whispered something in the groups ear that had everyone turn around at laugh at you including jimins group but not jimin.

You turn away and kept your head down they were still laughing about it and all making gagging noices and laughing at your body. They did that often make fun of your body so much that you cut down and work out a lot to try and lose some weight. But it didn’t matter they still hated you and you knew that.

The lesson was over soon and everyone left leaving you there all alone you packed up your things as made your way to the exit. As you did so you saw seulgi part ways with the group of girls and made her way to her daddy’s car.

“Hi daddy” she said in a polite and cute way he didn’t know that his daughter spread rumours about you and bully you he thought she was the best thing on earth and so did everyone else . even your parents one time you came running through the door in tears after she spilled hot coffee all down your shirt and put rats in your locker but your parents just blamed you and you got in to trouble for it but you knew her true colours.

You made your way home and open the door to silence you made your way upstairs and fell on your bed and let your fresh tears out.

But luckily today was the end of the term so you had 2 months off.

You woke up to a noise outside the sounded like someone was having car trouble , you sat up in bed and made your way over to the window pulling the curtains open slightly to try and get a look of what was happening. Only to see jimin hunched over the car trying to get it working you stepped back and went to look in the mirror and checked your self out you cleaned your teeth and re brushed your hair once happy you made your way down stairs to see if he needed any help.

You approached jimin to see he was alone and had taken of his shirt and was showing his rock-hard abs and toned body which he was known for.

“Hi jimin do, you need any help “you questioned your voice shaky and nervous you gave him a drink of coke you grabbed from the fridge only for him to look in your way and smile in response.

“Oh hi love actually I could do you mind if I used your phone?” he said wiping some of the sweat of his face and chest and open the can .

“Sure” you smiled and lead the way inside to the kitchen.

You sat down and waited for him to finish the call when you over heard what he was saying.

“ I’m at Y/N can you pick me up I don’t care what seulgi says about her she is a slut and a bitch and Y/N hasn’t done anything wrong just come and pick me up”. And with that he slammed the phone down and made his way to the living room and took a seat next to you.

“You don’t mind me waiting right?” he said as he mopped his wet hair back and laughed.

“no no” you said and gave him a smile.

After a few minutes of silence jimin spoke up

“I’m sorry love” he said and looked down to his lap in shame.

“Why” you said .

“Seulgi is a proper bitch and im sorry for everything she does to you and says. I don’t hang around with her cause I seriously hate her”He gave you a genuine small smile.

“Its okay” you lied

“Wanna go out on a date?”

“What” you screamed and jumped up from your chair.

Omg is he serious? Was this is a joke?

“Jimin please don’t use me or do this as a joke” You said as a tear ran down your eye. Only for jimin to jump up and look down with shame.

“Its not a joke I want to be with you”

“okay “ you said still hesitant of the idea but hugged him anyway your first date was at the movies he brought you flowers and held your hand as you watched the movie. It was perfect the days after were as well he was kind and caring and always took you on cute little dates.

4 months later!

you both had been dating for 4 months now and everything had been great he had been taking you on lots of dates and treating you like a princess the only thing you hadn’t done was sex. Jimin said he wanted to wait and it would be more special which you agreed no one at school new but every time seulgi said something he could say something back and everyone laughed at her instead of you. Today was the first day you were going as boyfriend and girlfriend and you were beyond nervous. Your heart began to jump in your chest and you pulled up in jimins car outside the gates only for people to gash and whisper when he grabbed your hand and made his way to the school with you next to him.

 “WHY ARE YOU DATING THIS SLUT ”seulgi screamed causing everyone to turn around an look at you both.

“She isn’t the slut you are you slept with your teacher to get an A  cause you’re too stupid to do it on your own” Jimin replayed.

“You weren’t saying that when we had sex were you baby”Seulgi smirked and look at you with a cocky grin on her face.




You were about to cry when jimin burst in to laughter  making everyone look at him.

“Sex you think I would sleep with a slut like you? We never did that only thing you did was send me nude photos and videos of you playing with yourself while moaning my name” he laughed causing seulgi to go bright red

“Oh, and by the way they are on the internet now all those dirty photos of what you were doing to yourself while thinking of me are now on the internet think of it as pay back for bulling my girl here” he said a kissed your cheek and grab your hand and you made your way to class leaving everyone speechless and it didn’t take long for seulgi to burst in to tears and run to the bathroom.

Jimin held your hand all day and made you laugh all day he was truly perfect you were very happy together.

2months later

You made your way home from the date you had to day you went out for lunch and jimin spoiled you with buying you clothes you were walking hand in hand until seulgi walked up to you with  a huge smirk on her face. You haven’t seen her since the day jimin humiliated her causing her to be kicked out and lose all her friends.

“What do you want ”Jimin said as he  rolled his eyes at her.

She smirked at your before saying words what made your stomach drop

“I’m pregnant … and its yours jimin”

Imagine (Axl)

“Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?” You said to your boyfriend Axl, closing the door and locking it. “Fine” he said in an unconvincing tone. You scrunched your eyebrows together, “Fine, huh? Anything you wanna talk about?” You say, walking into the kitchen, assuming he had a rough day with the band. Axls expression changes immediately, making you even more curious. “What? No? Th-theres nothing for me to talk about. Is there something you wanna talk about? Why y-you asking?” He hesitates and shifts in his seat. You freeze, almost on the verge on laughing.
“Nope” you say, watching his forehead form a thin layer of sweat as you leave to go to the bedroom.
Why was he being so hesitant? And stuttery?
Axls behavior had been making you curious all night. He had been avoiding eye contact, avoiding conversations, and even avoiding touching eachother.
As you two sat on the sofa together, watching god knows what on TV, you reach over to hold his hand. Axl looks at his hand and then yours, and suddenly brushes you off. Getting up from the sofa, he walks over to the fridge to grab a beer.
You sigh, tired of his strangeness which you had been endurring all day long.
As he sits back down even further away from you as before, you finally decide to bring the situation to head.
“Axl, whats your problem?”
You turn towards him, grabbing the remote and switching off the TV. “Hey-I was watching that” he complains. “Not anymore youre not. Now talk” you demand.
Again, Axl shifts uncomfortably in his seat.
“Just dont feel good” he says, taking abother swig of his beer. “Bullshit” you say, knowing he is lying because of the way his nostrils flare. “Why cant you just tell me? Youve been avoiding me all day and night and you say there is nothing wrong. Obviously something is wrong Axl. You are usually all over me and now suddenly you cant even-”, “I cheated” Axl says over you, staring at the floor, ashamed of the words that came out of your mouth.
You stop suddenly after hearing the words. Your eyebrows furrow as you try and process the information.
“You what?” You whisper, hoping desperately his nostrils would flare now.
“I didnt mean to, it just happened. I regret it so much. It happened so fast. ” he says with a shaky voice, not looking up from the floor.
You remain calm, only due to the state of shock you were in.
Sitting on the couch next to him, a few minutes pass by as you try to evaluate everything. Axl glances up at you from time to time, looking at your confused face that focused on the floor also.
“Say something” he says, now on his 5th glance up to you. You chuckle, “I dont know what to say”, looking down at your hands in your lap. Axl sighs.
“Is this the part where you leave me and never talk to me again? Cause if it is, then all my assumptions are right on track” he says, frowning, looking at his hands also.
You stare at his side profile, the copper toned hair falling to the side of his face. “Tell me-,” you mumble, “tell me what happened”
Axl looks up to you confused. A single tear falling from your eye, dreading to hear what happened, but you know you need to know.
Axl sighs and returns his gaze to the same spot on the floor, “I was at the bar with the guys. I wasnt drunk-drunk but I was feeling good. There was this girl that had been there and she was playing pool. I talked to her once or twice, just a friendly gesture. She said she was looking to get with Slash and the next thing I know, her lips are on mine. Im so sorry, Y/N” he says, looking up at you then back down to the floor.
“All of it, Axl. I wanna here all of it” you say, rolling you eyes at him. Axl looks up to you, puzzled. “I did. I just told you.”
You stare at him, your face softening. “Thats it? You two kissed you? No sex? Or anything?” You say, throwing your hands to the sides of you. Axl now looks more puzzled than even, having a disgusted look on his face. “What?! No! No sex! I would never! She kissed me, I pushed her away, and left. Ive felt sick to my stomach ever since” Axl says, standing up from the sofa.
You begin to laugh, confusing him even more. “Great..now Ive made her crazy..” He says, pacing back and forth.
Cracking up of laughter, you stand an wrap your arms around him. “God I love you” you say, trying to catch your breath.

Axl grabs hold of your shoulder and looks you in the eyes, “Y/N, did you not hear me? A girl kissed me! I cheated on you. Arent you suppose to be breaking things and throwing shit at me, and leaving me? Ive mentally prepared myself for that”
You laugh even harder, causing you to drop to your knees. “A-Ax-Axl! Oh my gosh!! Im dying!” You manage to get out.
“Jesus Christ” he says, sipping his beer as you laugh at his feet.
Standing up and brushing yourself off, you hold the sides of his face, “Did you enjoy it? Did you kiss her back?” You finally say. “No, I absolutely hated it. And I wouldnt have even had time to kiss her back OR enjoy it..I pushed her to the floor as soon as her lips touched mine. She hit it pretty hard”
You giggle, “Babe, you couldve just told me that. I wouldve understood! I wouldnt have even been mad! When you told me you cheated, I thought you meant you stuck your dick in another woman.”
Axls softens, “So youre not gonna leave me and break shit?”, “No, baby” you chuckle, “Just dont do it again, okay?”
Axl kisses your soft lips, “Never. Never ever. Ever.”
Arms wrapped around eachother, you think about how lucky you are to have Axl and how much you love him. Though, your thoughts are interrupted when Axls volgur comment fills the room.
“This dick belongs in you and only you!”

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my mom touches my butt sometimes even when i ask her not to and now other family members think its okay to do the same even when i yell at them to not, what should i do?

a lot of people don’t respond well to yelling, especially if they’re trying to get a rise out of you. i know it’s super upsetting and i know you’re going to hate what im going to say, but instead of yelling try to calmly explain to them that it upsets you and you don’t like the contact. when you yell, you give them the reaction they were probably looking for and it might cause them to laugh or do other horrible things like that to make you feel bad. take a deep breath and pause before telling them it bothers you. or, if it means you’re calmer when you confront them, maybe wait until you calm down or do it before they even have the chance to say anything. if that doesn’t work, definitely distance yourself from them bc that really is gross behavior and im sorry i can’t give you a more definitive answer. 

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may i ask some liper?

I only ship them as bros but lucky for you THEY ARE MY FAVE BROTP

  • Just imagine it’s winter time and Piper gets back from walking in the snow. She’s freezing cold, soaked to the bone and wants to cry cause today has just been horrible so Leo drags her over to the couch and they cuddle and drink tea until Piper is warm and she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.
  • Piper probably takes Leo shopping cause he literally has no nice clothes.
  • He feels bad that he’s making her pay for everything but she’s like “dude chill my dad is a movie star.”
  • They stop to get ice cream and share a sundae cause they are losers.
  • Lots and lots of kisses on the cheek.
  • Piper has really bad dreams about the quest she went on with Jason and Leo (aka the lost hero quest) about losing her dad so she sneaks over to Leo’s cabin in the middle of the night and they normally stay up talking for a few hours or until she calms down.
  • Other times she has a nightmare about losing Leo so she will sneak into his cabin again but just crawl into bed with him instead and fall asleep.
  • Piper and Leo sometimes wrestle and Piper always kicks his ass.
  • She will also personal kick anyone’s ass who causes any kind of harm to Leo.
  • Leo trying to braid Pipers hair but sucks at it so he puts pipe cleaners in it instead and calls her a Piper Cleaner.
  • She laughs really hard at that and hates it at the same time.




Babygirl. (Gang/Dally Imagine)

This is for dallysgreasergirl she requested it plus shes just amazing and stuff ((: Hope you like it!!

The boys and I were going to the drive in tonight, I was going to see my boyfriend, I didnt know about the rest of the guys. Dally was the one that was always lookin out for me, well more than the others did. I was like Dallys guardian even though I was about as old as him, I took care of him when he was sick and made sure he wasnt gettin into trouble that could cause jail time. He always caught me and he decked every boy that he caught lookin at me sideways. Dallas loved me and everyone knew it. I loved him too, man when I found out Sylvia was cheating on him when he was in the cooler I damn near killer her. I went over to her house cause I had driven Dal there once or twice and it was the only place im sure id find her. I pulled a blade on her, I told her if she ever thought about gettin within an 100 foot radius of Dallas every again she better be askin for a death wish, I cut down her leather jacket and spit on her, she didnt do anyhting cause she knew if she touched me Dal would make her wish she went with my offer. 

We were just gettin to the drive in when I saw Kristy Cendell in the car in front of us. Man i hated that broad, she was with Mac before we were going together and she was a real looker so that added 10 to her intimidating factor.
“Okay guys I just want you all to know..” Two bit trailed off, he was already plastered. He started in again about two minutes of confused silence later. “that Im going to be causing trouble and anyone is welcome to join me.” He hiccuped and the started laughing hysterically, everyone laughed with him because Two just had one of those laughs that you couldnt help but laugh too cause he was so full of life and it just made everyone around him happy. Soda had one of them laughs too but he was so adorable it wouldnt matter if he was a bland as a brick you’d still smile just looking at him.
We picked our seats and I watch Darry go sit with old football buddies and Two, Steve, and Soda ran off to cause trouble. It was pretty cold outside but nothing i couldnt handle. I decided to go look for Mac.
“here take this (y/n), it’s gonna start gettin colder” he handed me his leather jacket and I went off.   

I sighed out of relief because I eventually I saw Mac sittin on his car hood with two cokes in between him. I smiled and walked closer to his car, my smile fell about two cars away from his when Kristy walked around the car and hopped on the hood. She snuggled into Mac and he wrapped his arm around her. My jaw clenched and i went to go buy a quick coke. I made my way back to Macs car after the extremely long line at the concession stand. I put a really cute smile on my face and walked around the front of the car to Mac. I sipped on my coke, “Hey babe, Hey broad.” I looked at the both of them. Macs mouth dropped open and he tried to explain. “Shut it Mac, I know you’re used to girls falling for your shit lies but unlike all your other broads im not birdbrained and I know when Im getting cheated on.” I smiled and leaned forward a bit, I threw my coke in his face. “wow Im real sorry for Mac.” I grabbed the coke off the snack tray hanging on the next car. I pretended to sip on it. I started to walk away but stopped by Kristy. I ‘tripped and slipped my coke in her face and down her shirt. “tripped man, ahh what a waste.” I made a mildly upset half smirk and walked off.  I wasnt going back to Dally and the dorks so i walked off to the fence surrounding the drive in. On the walk there I passed kids I knew and kids I didnt want to know it hit me that Mac and I were done for, after 8 months…who knows how long he was cheatin on me. I got to a part of the fence that was private enough for my liking. I slid down the chain link and my butt hit the ground. I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms tight around them. I didnt dare open my moth cause I knew all that would come out was whimpers. I didnt cry anymore, I wasnt just sayin that to sound tough either, i just didnt well more like I couldnt. Guess I just cried my self dry when I was young. 

Roughly thirty minutes later Pony came runnin up to me, I didnt notice until i saw the dust from him skidding to stop in front of me.
“(y/n) whatcha doin over here?” he knelt down and put his hands on my knees. “I dont wanna talk about it right now Ponyboy.” I said real quite, my voice cracking. He looked at me understandingly and sad like at the same time. He didnt say anything else he just sat beside me. I started to shiver from the decreasing temperature. Pony wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I love Pony, he’s a real jem ya know. Like he just gets people and I admire him for always helpin someone when they need it. He really needs people to appreciate him more.
“thanks Pony”
“well no problem (y/n) you know I care aboutcha.” Pony looked at me smiled
”thats not what I mean Pone, i mean thanks for everything, thanks for helping people, thanks for taking the time to understand people, thanks pony. You’re genuine Ponyboy.” he kissed my cheek, we both knew it was just a friendly gesture. 
We didnt say anything else. 
After the first move was over Dallas found Pony and I. 
“Hey Ponyboy, go watch over Johnny all the others split again. Ponyboy jumped up without question and Dallas took his place. When Dal wrapped his arm around me it sent shivers down my spine. 
“(y/n) why ya out here all by your lonesome.” he looked down at me. 
“I had Pony..” I said quietly. I knew what he meant.
”You know what I mean.” Dal was the only person i could open up to without hesitation. I told him everything that happened with Mac. I started to making the noises that came with cryin but no tears came. After I had calmed down Dallas asked what kind of car he drove.
”Mustang, black, convertible. Real nice lookin” 
“You datin a soc?!” Dally was heated.
”no, I dont know how he got it. His family looks and sounds as poor as dirt,”
I sighed and looked away from Dally. he turned my head to look at him “You’re a real tough girl (y/n) real tough.” He kissed me, got up and walked away. He kissed me. Dallas Winston kissed me. I touched my lips with tips of my fingers and smiled ridiculously. 

Twenty minutes ago Dallas came back with his fists scuffed up and blood stained. We didnt say much until I asked him why he did that.
”Nobodies gonna get away with hurtin my gal” Dally smiled and picked me up. We met the gang at the Curtis boys car and everyone asked why I was gone the whole time and Dally was bloody. Neither one of us said anything I just squeezed his had.
After everyone decided to head to bed Dallas suggested I go to bucks with him tonight. He knew I couldnt take my sister yelling and cussing at me tonight. I said yes and we started walking. Dallas wrapped his arm around me. “Listen I really am sorry about tonight. Mac doesnt deserve someone like you” He smiled at me. 
“thanks Dal.” He pulled me closer as we walked into Bucks. He glared at everyone who set eyes on me, we both sat at the bar for a bit and drank a couple shots. We both needed about one or two or twenty. A dirty lookin guy sat next to me at the bar, Dally glared at him for ten minutes before the guy said anything. 
“Hey doll” he looked at me grinning. I just laughed at him and leaned back. Dallas threw his arm across me and into the guys nose, swear i heard a crack. “Look man I was jus-” the guys was holding his nose and blood was pouring everywhere. 
Dallas didnt let him finish. “dont even look at her pal, shes mine.” Dallas pulled me up and lead me to his room. There was no hesitation after the door was shut, Dallas grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I blushed and kissed him back, Dally and I were both fairly intoxicated so i didnt think about this. He used his hips to press me against the door, I sighed out of pleasure. I wasnt one to admit things but I was in love with Dallas Winston and i knew it from the start. Dallas picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed when we agreed through slurred word and droopy eyes that we were getting tired and dizzy.

Dallas and I never officially dated, we just cared about each other endlessly and made out at Buck and at the drive in and at the Dingo and on the streets…I hung on Dallas and he hung on me but there were never labels, we both thought they just made things complicated and serious.
We both knew we were in love with eachother and we didnt want to ruin it. Sure the gang asked if we were dating a couple times but we never really clarified anything. 

When Dallas died I ran away to Arkansas and stayed with my aunt. I never knew Johnny died until I came back and Soda was gone too, drafted for the war. I stayed with the Curtis boys once I came back, I helped them with bills and slept with Ponyboy and comforted Darry when most people couldnt. We got the knock two weeks before Soda was supposed to return home, it was devastating and the only time the Curtis boys cried about it was when we were all alone together. I spent endless nights holding Pony and stroking his hair. We never really believed Soda wasnt coming back. Two had even forgot he was gone fore a hot minute and brought up the fact that Soda shoulda been home in two days. Pony and i left the room, Darry was at work, thank god. Two bit didnt mean it though. Steve and Pony got closer after Soda died and Pony took over half of Soda shifts at the DX. Ponyboy became a real ladies man. Soda was right, he just had to grow into it.   

  Wow okay I hope you guys liiiked it D:    

hear me out

if you think for one second that lucifer doesn’t spend most of his time in cas head telling him “dean doesn’t love you”, “dean doesn’t care about you”, ”dean has forgotten about you, he only wants to save the world, you’re only collateral damage” you’re wrong

and that’s exactly why cas was confused to see dean

and that’s exactly why cas laughed when crowley told him dean wanted him to expel lucifer,cause he really believes that he doesn’t matter to dean anymore

and that’s the most heartbreaking thing