but im not in trouble

some of my mutuals are feeling down in the dumps today.

please know that if you ever feel alone, unwanted, or are otherwise troubled by something, my IMs are always open, & i’ll be ready to help with virtual hugs & loving words of support & advice.


someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh

yeah im not gonna be able to finish this today so have a colored sketch for now  

just because you seem to be slower at understanding something, does not, in any way mean that you’re less smart or inferior. you’re on your own path of learning. every single step is progress, no matter how slow you think you’re going.

sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him