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The Rock, he knew. He could feel the immense weight of it above his head.” 

ot5 on adam's birthday
  • blue would be the first to find out ofc because adam would drop a subtle hint and then blue would be like ‘waIT IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY OMG’
  • noah would find out next because he just /happened/ to appear at the time of their conversation
  • blue would then proceed to tell gansey
  • gansey would automatically go into mom mode and rush to the store as fast as he can and buy like 500 ingredients for a cake much to adam’s disapproval
  • then blue would be like ‘no, we’re making you a cake and you’re having a party, you deserve to be loved’
  • then adam just replies quietly with 'ok’ because no one can change blue’s mind now, she’s got power tbh
  • when gansey gets back he has to haul ronan out of his room so they can go over to 300 fox way because lbr monmouth doesn’t have a kitchen
  • in the car ronan is like 'why the fuck are we doing this’ and blue and noah are like 'it’s adam’s birthday’
  • ronan’s face immediately turns bright red
  • everyone notices. noah takes action and says “it’s too bad you weren’t prepared because we all know you would have dreamt him a cake and 36 presents” 
  • ronan then tries to throw noah out the window of the pig but gansey doesn’t let him
  • when they finally get to 300 fox way blue bursts in and yells at everyone to get out of the kitchen. they all listen because no one wants to face blue’s wrath
  • as soon as everyone is gone gansey immediately takes over the kitchen and ronan tries to lowkey help but it becomes obvious
  • “gansey how many eggs do we need, asking for a friend”
  • when the cake is finally done after an hour (because gansey made the mistake of putting blue and ronan on watch, the cake burned and almost started a huge fire) gansey makes everyone sit down at the kitchen table (including ronan who just happens to sit at the nearest seat to adam) and he puts party hats on all of them what a fucking nerd
  • everyone sings happy birthday. when adam tries to blow out the candles on the cake it takes him like 6 times to realize blue, ronan, and noah put those fake candles that you can’t blow out on the cake
  • ronan and blue both enjoy seeing adam blush like a nerd
  • gansey cuts the cake and he and adam bicker about gansey giving adam a way too large piece and gansey almost throws the knife across the room
  • when they finish eating cake they all go outside and sit under the beech tree and set off illegal fireworks oops
Dean Winchester

Dean is angry: 

Mean Dean 

Dean goes to England: 

Queen Dean 

Dean as a germaphobe: 

Clean Dean 

Dean is asleep

Dream Dean 

Dean at Starbucks: 

Caffeine Dean 

Dean as a leaf: 

Green Dean 

Adolescent Dean: 

Teen Dean 

Dean as a mermaid: 

Marine Dean 

Dean on Tumblr: 

Meme Dean 

“It’s not a phase, it’s who I am!” Dean: 

Scene Dean 

Dean in Twilight: 


And finally, 

Dean when he sees a cat: 

Scream Dean