but im not feeling creative today :((


Morgana ArMor in every episode |  2.06 Beauty and the Beast ll

Look at the way she is looking at him when they took the throne away from him and tell me she didn’t care…
Nothing after S2 between these two makes sense to me. How did she change her mind so quickly from caring to hating him and wanting the throne for herself?!

Writer’s Appreciation Day!

Ok i know im ultra mega late but I was at work all day and had some plans afterwards but I really wanted to make a post for today! As a fellow Tumblr writer (a trashy, slutty one at that) I know how fun it is to unleash ideas, being as creative as you’d like and sharing all your excitement and stories with all these other lovely people on here. But I also know how it feels when sometimes you may not get the feedback you’d expect, or when some people just don’t understand how much work a person puts into their creations. Some people have the gift of making their writings their bitch and can get a good story out in a few days, while others can take from weeks to months to get a small chunk out. We all have that time where we can get stuck in an awful writer’s block (I literally just got out of mine after about 6 months), or maybe life seems to get in the way and you have to prioritize certain things and set writing aside. But that’s all okay!

I hope you all know that there’s at least one person out there you’ve made an impact on with your writing. You’ve made them smile, you’ve made them cry in agony with all that angst, you’ve tortured them to death with all that juicy ass smut (all in good ways). You’ve allowed people out there to take a break from reality, letting them in on a precious world you’ve created and let them live it, even if it was just a few moments. Honestly I can’t thank enough people for allowing me to bang Wonho I’ve literally banged him over like 200 times in alternate universes you don’t know how much I needed that ok bless your souls

But anyways, I really hope every writer out there knows how much everyone appreciates their time. You guys have your own lives, jobs, school, other important things to attend to yet you all take the time to write for people too?? To make them happy and brighten their day?? You are all seriously the best. 

I really appreciate all the people I’ve met on here, and thank you to all my followers as well for sticking with me even when I haven’t been writing for awhile. You guys are the ones that keep me going, and I’m so thankful for your kindness and patience. I love you guys!

I just wanted to end it with a few writers that I adore with their masterlists attached and what some of my favorite fics are by them! Everyone should show them some love as well because they’re all sweet and amazing people! Happy Writer’s Appreciation Day! :)

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@taechulo - Masterist | I haven’t gotten the chance to go through it yet, but I’m definite it’s great and worth everyone’s while!

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an intellect & a werewolf ; colloquy

series summary: based on this quote i saw a long time back that goes like “never ever dumb yourself down just for a guy.” basically about embracing being an intellectual. also was listening to ed sheeran and am mellowed down from a good night and felt ✨inspirational

part summary: where they have their first interaction with each other. 

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

warnings: uhhh underage drinking?? idk

a/n: finALLY THE FIRST PART!!! it won’t be a super long series probably will be a ¾/5 part series,really depends on how i plan the next few parts :-) i hope y’all enjoy this!!!

Isaac couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with you,you’ve seen each other around school a few times,exchanged a few smiles but never really spoke to each other.

There was this party coming up and Isaac saw it as a perfect chance to actually talk to you,not actually knowing if you were gonna turn up. You weren’t exactly the type to go to parties but he has seen you at one or two of them. Still,he hopes for the best.

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You can not really tell here but the moon the past few nights has taken on this rusty orange/red tint to it.  I heard on the news as I was getting ready for swim this morning that it is due to the smoke in the atmosphere from all of the west coast fires going on right now.  So sad seeing all that nature beauty being destroyed.  Between the fires and the hurricanes it is hard to imagine what many are dealing with right now, but my thoughts are with all of you.  Stay safe my friends, please stay safe!

Today’s practice was IM and I actually enjoyed that.  I think because it keeps you busy thinking about the different strokes and and it breaks up the longer sets this way.  This is my fourth day in a row of swimming and each has been 2500 yards or above.  So I logged 10,150 yards from Sunday to today - not bad if I say so myself.  I can definitely feel it in my shoulders a bit, or that could just be from doing so much fly today. 

Thanks to those who provided suggestions on how to break through my creative block.  I had to submit the title, medium, size and price for this yet to exist art piece.  For the title I went with Sidekick - so at least I know now it has to feature a sidekick of some sort.  That’s a start right?  Right? 

750 swim/pull warmup

16x75  rolling IM’s  on 2:00

  1. fly/back/breast
  2. back/breast/free
  3. breast/free/fly
  4. free/fly/back

250 kick, rest :20

  • 25 fly
  • 50 back
  • 75 breast
  • 100 free

16x25 on :40  (fins optional)

  • 4 of each stroke, done as:
  • 3 strokes fast, drill the rest
  • 5 strokes fast, drill the rest
  • 7 strokes fast, drill the rest
  • fast

150 easy pull


im just gonna spill my guts a bit, ive been having a really tough time lately and i genuinely thought about giving up on art because it didnt make me happy anymore and i was never satisfied with my art, ive been at this for years so it was a really big deal for me to come to terms with the fact that i was not happy doing this anymore. but things have changed, today while watching will he i started sketching joji, the first drawing of mine i have liked in maybe 4 months, and now i cant stop, ive drawn maybe 12 still from will he and i havent felt this happy in a really long time. so just thanks joji, for helping me find my passion again, and for helping my creativity come alive. thank you for being my muse.

drowninginpotions  asked:

idk who might appreciate this but i feel like you might & this needs to be shared? im in a music history class & in section today we had to create our own operas but no one participated so i made it about Gordon Ramsay, called "ratatouille, but the rat dies". it's about Gordon Ramsay's sadness about unskilled chefs and the inordinate amount of rats in the kitchen. there's a duet betwen Guy Fieri and Remy (the rat). Shrek is also a chef in hell's kitchen. Remy dies at the end

Originally posted by imthehuman

I approve of this opera and give it an A+ for creativity and genius

i knew this goodbye was going to hurt 883 days ago, when i first heard your laughter.
even though i saw it coming, i didn’t prepare myself for how your breath on my collarbone could be such a kick to the stomach.
holding you for the last time was the hardest thing i ever did. i never wanted to let you go.
now, summer is crawling to a close. i can feel a chill in the air and i already miss you; i wish you were here to keep me warm again.
the strangest thing is that i haven’t even cried yet.
usually i have no trouble falling apart, but how can i shatter when all the best pieces of myself just walked away?
—  goodbye by Auriel Haack

anonymous asked:

Hey, sending you some anon love ❤️ I can feel the love and dedication both you and Dest put into this, so don't be discouraged by the few who don't realize. Both you and your friend are incredibly creative, and I look up to you as an artist Num Nums. Just know that your work is appreciated, what we see AND what we don't see. ❤️❤️

   Your love made it through the barrier of self doubt and insecurities! Thank you Anon, your support means a lot to both of us and it always makes us feel good about our content. Like the direction we’re going is a good one and its enjoyable for everyone! 

Thank you for looking up to me as an artist, its a very tough hobby, but it’s also a very fulfilling and fun one! You’re appreciation really helps me get through the rough days!

i would feel insecure about being dumb today but i realized i have incredible thoughts incredible mind im so overwhelmed how did my brain conceive them! i may not know that there’s 12 inches in a foot but i can grasp abstract concepts and im creative

This is so strange. I can honestly say I had a good day today. I talked to people. I felt chatty somewhat…? I didn’t have any awkward social interactions that left me feeling discouraged. I worked on art and felt good about it. I asked a mutual a question on their blog, and I almost never send asks because I don’t usually come up with “good enough” questions. They haven’t replied yet, but I’m not regretting sending the ask. It’s not even my birthday yet?? What is so special about today? I can’t remember the last time I said I had a good day. That’s probably not saying much since I have a horrible memory, but still. I’m pleasantly surprised and confused.


and now i can REST until friday, theoretically. i might have to go back sooner if theres any desperate need for my help, but yeah wow i need to let these muscles figure some stuff out about their new experiences

i had to work even longer than anticipated today so im gettin an influx of complaints from almost my entire bottom half, but u know what theyre just gonna have to deal

my cats have been a bit grumpy too, while ive been working. the moment i come home they sniff everything they can reach and jump all over me while im in bed. i feel so loved or something what cats can feel in a nonhuman capacity

oh and i definitely think my skills have been improving!!! its getting easier to approach people and ask stuff and help them. and ive gotten plenty of compliments from my boss for how i rearrange the merchandise racks (which is def my favorite part). she says im creative and i have a good eye for it 😁

i met my boss’ boss today, whos like a BIG deal,, while he was checkin our stuff out and i was able to keep eye contact and give a decent handshake and he didnt interrogate me like my boss warned me he might. so even though today was long and my muscles are tenderized and ive got a pile of chores to do, im feeling so glad that im not as flaky as i feared i would be. this is the proof i sorely needed that i AM capable of doing work that seems like such an ill fit for everything that i am. i can adapt, i can tough it out. genuinely holy shit

anonymous asked:

I love your fics so much! I went on a binge of them today and I'm drowning in Stony feels!! Are you going to write again in the immediate future? For the holidays?

Oh, wow!!! Thank you so much! Your comment really made my day – thank you!!! I can’t really say thank you enough.

I have a couple of things in the pipeline that will be out over the next few months – I’m participating in the Cap-IM Holiday Exchange and Cap-IM Remix will be coming in January. 

Thanks for asking!