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I FINALLY went and saw Beauty and the Beast today...

 … and I feel like there are some thing that I should bring to your attention.

- “belle” was so wonderful and colorful and just exploding with creativity 

- there was literally a harry potter reference iM DEAD

- i genuinely like Gaston?? like he doesn’t seem bad at all until the end?? when she denied him he literally just backed off??

- belle’s weapon of choice is a stick so 

- “so let’s go to the east wing, or as i like to call it, the ONLY wing” lumiERE YOU’RE NOT SLY

- okay the scene with lumiere right before “be our guest” was amazing 

- “if the master finds out what you’re planning, he’ll blame it on me!” “yes i’ll make sure of it”

- “a broken clock is right two times a day, but this is not one of those times”

- “mm, i don’t have taste buds but I’m sure this is exquisite!”

- oh and lumiere dabbed

- belle being So Done with adam for the entirety of the movie

- honestly i just loved plumette like she was so cute

- gaston (the song) made me want to dance on top of tables so 

- belle’s little giggles after the beast walks away from her in the library


- lefou’s slow but AMAZING character arc (”i was on gaston’s side but we’re in a bad place rn”)

- maurice’s conversation with d’arque killed me omg

- “grandmother?!” yeah you go mrs potts attack everyone

- belle being SUCH a badass during the fight scene

- tbh i wasn’t ready for gaston’s death i just wanted a character arc

- okay so was no one weirded out by agatha just standing there?? like did belle not notice that there was some creepy lady staring creepily at the rose and making creepy faces?

- uM i wasn’t okay with the dog being upside down fight me disney

- but the scene where they’re all freezing and the scene where the curse is lifted was SO CUTE aH

- i have SO MUCH to say about LeFou because omg he was so cute with gaston but that little tiny part at the end when he was dancing with that other dude was amazing

-okay but prince adam’s growl at the end had me so shook? boi who gave you the right? i was not prepared?

- emma and dan belle and prince adam are legit goals. the dancing scene at the end was wonderful (”how do you feel about growing a beard?”


- also same at madame garderobe for always carrying around her dog

- okay. let’s talk about how many diverse characters there were including a mAIN CHARACTER BEING GAY AND ADORABLE. like the librarian was supposed to be an elderly white man but nAH HE’S AFRICAN AMERICAN AND YOUNG

- basically disney hit it out of the park and i am now in love with this movie ant it’s cast


Morgana ArMor in every episode |  2.06 Beauty and the Beast ll

Look at the way she is looking at him when they took the throne away from him and tell me she didn’t care…
Nothing after S2 between these two makes sense to me. How did she change her mind so quickly from caring to hating him and wanting the throne for herself?!

an intellect & a werewolf ; colloquy

series summary: based on this quote i saw a long time back that goes like “never ever dumb yourself down just for a guy.” basically about embracing being an intellectual. also was listening to ed sheeran and am mellowed down from a good night and felt ✨inspirational

part summary: where they have their first interaction with each other. 

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

warnings: uhhh underage drinking?? idk

a/n: finALLY THE FIRST PART!!! it won’t be a super long series probably will be a ¾/5 part series,really depends on how i plan the next few parts :-) i hope y’all enjoy this!!!

Isaac couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with you,you’ve seen each other around school a few times,exchanged a few smiles but never really spoke to each other.

There was this party coming up and Isaac saw it as a perfect chance to actually talk to you,not actually knowing if you were gonna turn up. You weren’t exactly the type to go to parties but he has seen you at one or two of them. Still,he hopes for the best.

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I’ve only got three small imagines coming out today, all of which were unrequested and I just thought up in about twenty minutes. I’m just not feeling the writing vibe today so none of them are particularly creative but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Hopefully, tomorrow when I’ve had a decent night’s sleep I’ll be able to deliver my usual quality of writing.

i knew this goodbye was going to hurt 883 days ago, when i first heard your laughter.
even though i saw it coming, i didn’t prepare myself for how your breath on my collarbone could be such a kick to the stomach.
holding you for the last time was the hardest thing i ever did. i never wanted to let you go.
now, summer is crawling to a close. i can feel a chill in the air and i already miss you; i wish you were here to keep me warm again.
the strangest thing is that i haven’t even cried yet.
usually i have no trouble falling apart, but how can i shatter when all the best pieces of myself just walked away?
—  goodbye by Auriel Haack

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1. are you bilingual? if so, what languages do you speak?  unfortunately no but im learning german

2. forest, space, or ocean aesthetic?  space and forest

3. who’s that pokemon?  MIMIKYU

4. if you had the chance to change your name, would you do it?  nah im not creative enough to think of a new one

5. what’s the best thing that happened to you today?  so far i went out to lunch with my family and i got a good burger

6. what makes you feel nostalgic?  talking about old tv shows

7. what’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever gotten?  ummmmmmmmmm idk really?? probably those singing cards i got one that was singing underwear 

8. what’s your favorite sound?  i love cello so much 

9. if you were to commit a crime, what would it be?  i’d steal all the money from corrupt people and redistribute it

10. what would you want written on your gravestone?  rip in peace

11. if you have a car, have you named it? if so, what is your car’s name?  my sister helped me name it bruce after the shark in finding nemo as well as bruce banner bc im always angry when i drive


last night: i sat on my friend’s bed & read faulkner for like 3 hours straight & listened to my friends work on some Hacking Competition, which was interesting even if I didn’t understand most of what they were saying or doing. today: I woke up at 2:00, ate some crackers, drank 4 cups of coffee, read more faulkner, cleaned my living room, cleaned my bedroom, opened all the windows, swept all the floors, and drew something i’m proud of. im feeling very good these days. feeling like Being An Adult doesn’t have to mean being exactly like my parents, or like my friends, or like the people i see on the internet. there are all kinds of impossible standards i can give myself, but maybe its enough to just Be Creative and cross my fingers. im a really scatter-brained person. i forget my laundry, forget to sleep, forget to text people i really truly love back for WEEKS, i never answer my phone, i am late for work more often than I would like to admit, and i am almost physically incapable of remembering to check my email, let alone RESPONDING to those emails. But! I’m getting better at these things every day! it is important to hold yourself accountable for the things you do wrong, but sometimes it’s also important to just…. chill… feeling like maybe, after all this time, there actually is no Right way to do life, there are just a ton of different ways, and the only real way to fuck up is to try and live life in a way that doesn’t exactly work for you. I remember being 15 and feeling like i Wasnt A Good Teenager bc i didn’t live like the teens i saw in books and movies & even sometimes around me at school. later i found out that no one ever felt like a Real Teen at 15, and, in fact, maybe most people dont feel like Adults at 20! but im definitely doing what is best for me. i have the coolest friends, the most incredible & creative home, a job that I love, and a future that is really really scary and uncertain. but! my mom always says that girls like me always always land on their feet, and my mom is a really smart woman & she’s been right so far! so im just gonna chill & allow myself to do My Thing! thanks for tuning in! bye! 


In the 80s before “gay” was allowed to exist openly it could actually display itself FAR MORE explicitly and creatively than today. Villains were almost always “gay” by todays standards because being a villain gave them license to not be bound by the cultural norms which allows for extravagance, eroticism, asymmetry. With no gay culture being recognized things could go elbow deep into GAYWORLD because it didnt represent anything “real” because gay culture didnt “exist” openly. Its why when you look back at the 80s they seem 10 times more gay then today, because THEY WERE and THEY WERENT AT ALL. Today you could never have He-Man and the Masters of the Universe because everyone is now aware of gay culture and nothing is subversive. Now if something is even slightly gay that person is CLEARLY gay. There is a culture existence to reference that cant be denied. Where as then you werent gay unless you said you were gay. There was kind of “no proof”, you could just be “eccentric” because EVERYONE was eccentric when no out gay culture existed. Now all you have to do is glance in a particular direction and the entire world knows youre gay, who youve fucked, and your moms friend at work is sending you an email on Facebook that she supports you and your choices. Im very happy I had my formative years in that era because I feel like baby gays today didnt get to see all the fun stuff and dont get to have the cloak of mystery we got as kids in the eighties. We were sort of more free in a way. Now if a kid is gay hes allowed to exist openly (hopefully) but that openness doesnt make for very subversive behavior and that need to be clever or dramatic or unique about your identity and that is what builds a creative mind and an interesting person- david Mason 

i start my new job today & im gonna be working in the daycare room of a gym which im really excited about bc:

1 - it sounds EASY and im going to be a full-time student again so i dont want a job where i constantly feel like i am dying. the room is very lowkey and i know there’s gonna be a lot of down-time with no kids at all SO im excited to Chill, and

2 - i actually get to BE CREATIVE and USE MY SKILLS at a JOB??? im gonna be a professional pintrest mom for real, bc i have to come up with Crafts and Activities that fit the theme every month, so im literally gonna be crafting and having fun with cute lil kids and earning money!! wtf!!

im a lil scared bc ive never worked while enrolled in school full time & i know it’ll be hard but im hoping to be able to save money so i can go to germany next summer, and if u wanna have fun u have to be willing to work hard!! gotta keep the main goal in mind!! also they’re only giving me 20 hours a week max so like… i can do anything for 20 hours! and the LATEST possible shift ends at 8pm so i get to have my nights back! i love it!! anyway everyone cross yr fingers for me that it goes well and is actually a chill fun job:-)