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Christine: aro/ace

Jenna: lesbian,ace

Michael: gay

Brooke: Lesbian

Rich and Jeremy: Bi


Chloe: pansexual

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hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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bangtan pokemon au! 


At this same ancient game of Gryffindor’s
Plays the fair chaser whom thou so lovest,
With all the admired players of Hogwarts:
Go thither; and, with unattainted eye,
Compare his moves with some that I shall show,
And so prove that thy beau is not a pro.

- the real reason™ i didn’t take english lit

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Can I still submit my house? I'm a Slytherin and I'm extremely ambitious until I have to do something about it. Then I shy away in my snake hole (room). And yes, stay up too late for my own good, too.

It’s like being all FIGHT ME and when opposition begins rolling up their sleeves you’re like so let’s talk this through a little more

so on today’s news i heard a radio station giving out a $120 prize for the first person to call the station when the temperature hits 120 degrees
it bordered on 119 for a while, so
if youre wondering how southern states deal with the heat, this is it


ok im officialy obsessed with @earily‘s Oculus gdi its my new favorite creek fic bc i love horror and even im so busy with college / sleepy bc of college, i tried to draw this tonight (and im still listening to some sad/creepy musics especially I’m Sleeping Under the Dead Tree)

im still halfway of this fic and im so attached w the characters, poor craig ;;;~;;;

i do recommend for everyone to read Oculus, but read it at your own risk if you’re easily triggered w gore, violence, etc.

Meeting the team

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request : Hey girl! I’d love to see a Morgan Reilly story about him meeting you through Insta and him introducing you to the team? The reader can be shy at first but gets sassy as she gets comfortable? Looking forward to seeing your writing! Feel free to take this wherever you want 😊😊

authors note: at one point i though connor was freddie and freddie was conner even though they dont look alike idk im sleepy have a good night yall 😂😂😂

warning: none 


It was a sunny day in Toronto Canada, when  Morgan decided to ask you this big question. You and  Morgan have been dating  for over 3 months, so things were getting kind of serious for you. You originally met Morgan through Instagram by one  of your friends that he grew up with. After your friend introduce you two, you guys hit it off. Everything was so much easier when talking to Morgan. He made light of serious situations, he was open-minded, funny ,smart and just all-around good guy. This was one of the many reasons why you were nervous when he asked you to meet his team. You were sitting in the kitchen having a normal morning ,getting ready for work and school As usual, while Morgan  got his bag ready for practice.  “Morning babe” Morgan said as he snuck his arms around your  waist.  “morning” you responded “are you ready for practice?  “Yes  I got everything I need, double check, triple checked, quadruple checked, I got everything” he said “Good cuz last time you did not check your bag ,you ended up with 2 left ice skates, which to this day I still don’t understand, And the wrong size gloves” You responded laughing. “ but about practice I wanted to ask you something “Morgan asked timidly. At this point you can feel your anxiety bubbling up like a volcano. You were dreading this day, you did not want to make a mistake and for his friends not to like you. He was about to ask you when you beat him to the punch ‘“ let me guess you want me to meet your team”  you said trying not to sound so enthused “ babe you don’t have to if you don’t want to, we can put this off for a later date” he said  understanding how you felt.   “ no no no we made it this far and this relationship I think it’s time that we take this big step”  you said dramatically and sarcastically. Morgan  reply with a laugh. You dropped him off at the rink and headed to work. All you could think about is meeting his team .

Later on that day this was the big moment, You were extremely nervous but luckily Morgan was there to guide you through this. You walked through the arena doors ,something that you were also familiar with going to Morgan’s games. This time it was different Morgan gave you a pass that you have to show to at least 5 different security guards to get back to the locker room.  Morgan came out of the locker room to greet you “ Hey babe are you sure you want to do this? if you don’t want to I understand .The guys already know that you’re coming so don’t freak out, I know that you are  but everything will be ok” he reassured you. You pushed on the big blue doors instantly you were greeted by warm faces and smiles. Morgan started with introducing you with some of the younger players “ So you’re the Y/n that Morgan can’t stop talking” Auston said to you “ yeah how do you deal with this one at home?” Mitch added “  You know I take it day by day” you said in a joking manner. Player by player it got easier to introduce yourself and you started to feel more comfortable and less anxious. Then someone ask you how you met “  Well,we met through Instagram and a close friend”  Morgan said    “do tell do tell” William said joking  causing the whole room to erupted in laughter. The guys could see that you were getting anxious again  “ Don’t sweat it kid we’re just bullshittin you”  Connor said clearing the air. The rest of the day was good you had a few laughs and had some fun. “Was it better than you thought I would be?” Morgan asked  “yepp a lot better” you said with a smile “let’s go home”

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