but im not because i spent time in photoshop for this

YOOO so imma pinpoint the exact moment when Lance stopped being overly flirtatious with Allura and actually started respecting her as a person and maybe even falling in love with her

Okay ya ready??  (oh and im ignoring the vlog completely lol i think we can all agree with that)

So we all know that the turning point was season 3, but Im wondering why exactly.  What made him think, “huh maybe my feelings are more serious than jst playful flirting, or trying to get a kiss? Maybe Allura means alot more to me then just a pretty face”

And I have the answer!

This moment.  Right here.  S2E13

When the castle blew up, and everyone thought she had died.  The moment Lance thought he’d lost her.  Look at his face

ahhh im crying  Everyone else was looking up at the castle completely dumbstruck, but Lance was already doubled over, in full regret mode.  (and we know how hard he is on himself)  

What could have been going on in his head?? Why did I waste so much time flirting?  I knew she didnt like it.  I could have spent that time getting to know her… asking about her father and mother and homeplanet.  I could have been friends with her.  I could have not been annoying.  I could have….. I could have….

but i didnt

omg im actually crying lolol








I swear i didnt photoshop or anything (i dont have those skillz lol)  I actually discovered this AS I WAS MAKING THIS POST lolol and I completely freaked out hahaha XD

So yeah I think it’s safe to say that was the turning point, because from then on we stopped getting looks like this

And started getting looks like this

also damn look at that great parallel

wanted: skating lessons

based on this post that @actualyuuri sent me that of course spiraled into a fic idea (you know, the usual. we’ve been over this) 

disclaimer: not to be taken seriously at all, the skating progress is not accurate, etc etc 

length: 2k 2 many // rating: gen 

Wanted: Skating Lessons

Hi. I am Victor and I need to learn how to skate before Saturday. My parents have been paying for me to get skating lessons every week for the last fifteen years but I never actually attended any of the lessons and I spent the money on marble busts instead. Now they want me to perform to ‘Stammi Vicino’ at their wedding anniversary on Saturday.

If you can teach me, be here at Ice Castle tomorrow at 7:27am with an extra pair of skates. I am a fast learner (well, at least my dog Makkachin is–it took me only two weeks to teach him how to roll over) so I am pretty sure I will pick it up quickly. In return, I can teach you how to say some pick-up lines in Russian or tell you some facts about my love life. Whichever you prefer. Not both, though.

Yours sincerely,

PS. I’m a size 8

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OZZY LITERALLY THREW THE CHALLENGE!!! they were never not going to vote sandra out the editors literally all but PHOTOSHOPPED the moments leading up to and including tribal council so it didn’t look like a bunch of uglies doing the boring thing and banding together to vote out the most powerful woman to ever play the game of survivor. BUT THEY COULDN’T BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WAS!!! THAT WILL NEVER NOT BE THE UGLIEST EPISODE OF SURVIVOR. A BUNCH OF ZERO TIME WINNERS TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT! AND GUESS WHAT? OZZY IS NOT ALL THAT!!!! HE SPENT HIS WHOLE MICRONESIA JURY SPEECH CRYING ABOUT PARVATI BETRA-

So I started thinking about how the FAHC spend Christmas and then this happened.

The first Christmas Ryan is with the crew, Ray jokingly has this idea, it’s a joke, right, and it’s fucking ridiculous, of course. A guys wouldn’t it be funny if- type thought, nothing ever meant to come of it, that they should do a Secret Santa. he blurts it out in the middle of a crew meeting and Michael laughs, Gavin rolls his eyes, Jack smiles fondly and Geoff just tells him to shut the fuck up, they’re in the middle of important business.

And Ryan… Ryan has only been in the crew for like two months, if that, and he’s still wearing his skull mask, so who really knows what the fuck he’s thinking.

In the end, as they’re all shuffling their respective notes and joking about their code-names (“fucking wee-wee wrangler, what the fuck kind of name is that?”) it comes as a surprise to everyone when Ryan asks “so are we doing the Secret Santa thing or…?”

And everyone is a little wary about saying no to him, and Ray especially does not want to admit that it’s a joke because holy shit does he not want to make The Vagabond feel foolish.

So they wind up finding a Santa hat in Jack’s stash of disguises, and they pull names and apparently Secret Santa is a thing now.


Geoff pulls Michael and he breathes a sigh of relief. Michael is probably the easiest out of all of them. Geoff essentially cleans Ammunation out of everything explosive, and calls it a day. Michael insists he spent far too much, But Geoff waves him off. “They’re mostly fuck around with, but I’m not gonna lie, that shit’s definitely gonna come in handy for a heist at some point. Call it a business expense.” Michael is not about to argue with, especially not when he’s finally got a fucking grenade launcher in his hands.


Michael pulls Gavin and though he doesn’t say it, everybody knows because he immediately fist pumps, bragging about how he’s fucking got this, holy shit it’ll be so easy, one of you fuckers is gonna be so lucky.’ It’s all talk, of course, because on December 22nd he’s lying in bed with Ray, complaining. “What the fuck. What do I do? How is Gavin so hard?”

“Fuckin’ spoilers, dude. What happened to secret Santa?”

“Fuck that. You’re a secret elf now. Help.”

“Just get him, like, something gold. It literally doesn’t matter what it is.”

“I’m not spending a fucking fortune on some useless piece of shit. I refuse.”

“Fuckin’… blow him, man. I don’t know.”


He winds shelling out way too fucking much for some real gold sunglasses. And because they’re stupid and expensive, of course Gavin loves them. He wears them indoors, for Chrissake. At least he wears them.


Gavin pulls Jack, and immediately tells everyone except for Jack herself. “What do I do? What does she even like?” He tries to enlist anyone’s help he can, begging them to ask on his behalf. “As long as you don’t tell her why.” Everyone turns him down because he’s ‘ruining the fun’. Right.

Michael jokingly suggests a gift card to a local costume shop, ‘for her disguises and shit’

Instead he makes her a certificate in Photoshop that entitles her to “One Helper in a Two-Person Heist” The fine print states that the heist must be performed at the costume shop, and the helper must be him.

It’s the silliest, most genuinely sweet thing she could ever imagine coming from Gavin. Two weeks later they go together and pick the entire store clean.


Jack pulls Ray, and it takes her approximately 15 seconds to have her plan locked down. New sniper rifle. Bright fucking pink. Every bullet Ammunation carries.

At the last minute she throws in three different fast food gift cards. (McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s)

He claims he’d marry her for all this shit once he sees the cards. Seriously. She’s hit two of the three things he spends any of his money on, that’s the best wife material if he’s ever heard of.

“Sorry, Michael.” he jokes.

It doesn’t phase him. “Please, Jack, take him off my hands. That’s the best present you could give me.”


Ray pulls Ryan, and he’s immediately regretting every choice that lead him to suggesting this shit in the first place. Fuck, what do you get the masked man in your life who scares you shitless? Food? Nah. Come to think of it, he can’t remember ever seeing Ryan eat. Maybe he’s actually a robot, who would know under the mask?

A new mask? But what if Ryan takes that as a judgement on his current fashion choices and decides to gut him over it? Better not risk it.

Weapons? Ray’s pretty sure he already has a collection that would put the military to shame. Also, what if he takes that as an insult? Ray does not want that collection to be used on him, thank you very much.

Video games? Maybe. He thinks he once heard Ryan mention an Xbox? Must mean he’s super into games and will hopefully appreciate the humor in receiving Hitman.

Michael says it’s the dumbest idea he’s ever heard of, do it, he wants to see how this ends.

It goes… well, to the surprise of everyone. Ryan laughs and says it’s actually pretty funny, and besides, he’s actually wanted to play the game for awhile. Just hadn’t gotten around to it.


And Ryan pulls Geoff. Which, fuck, he hadn’t really thought about when he’d awkwardly brought up what he later realized to be a joke. He’d only been with them for a few months, had no idea what the city’s weirdest crew might do for Christmas. He hears ‘Secret Santa’ and it kind of makes sense. Of course the Fakes would do something silly like that. It isn’t until much later, when he’s sitting in his apartment alone, rolling the little paper with Geoff’s name on it between his fingers, does it dawn on him.

It’s a joke. They don’t actually do this every year. Ray had been kidding.

Well fuck him, man. Now he’s in it, he has to do something.

The simple answer is booze. He’s not really a drinker himself, but anybody who’s spent more than five minutes around Geoff knows how much alcohol means to him. He knows Gavin or Jack could probably help him out, tell him exactly what brands and shit to buy. He could just rob a liquor store and hope for the best. Geoff would probably appreciate the theft aspect, honestly.

But that’s too easy. Beyond knowing he has to do something, he wants to. He wants to do something good, too. Something that matters. Part of him, a very deep part that he would gladly skin anybody who got to close to it, wants to make Geoff, and the rest of the crew, understand. The fact that they’ve let him in, allowed him to be part of their family, even if it still feels somewhat distant and awkward, it’s getting better. He feels more at ease with them, more comfortable. Like it really could be permanent. He wants something that expresses that.

So Christmas day, he walks into Geoff’s to find the whole crew already there,which fuck, doesn’t make it any easier. He has a bottle of whiskey tucked under one arm, a six pack of beer in his other hand and…no mask.

He might be more comfortable walking down a street naked. Shit, he feels naked as five sets of eyes turn to him, all conversation stumbling to a halt. He tries to ignore the panic in his brain as he steps up to Geoff, setting the six pack beside him on the couch. “Uh, Merry Christmas? I was your Secret Santa so…” He holds out the bottle awkwardly, and Geoff makes no move to take it, just staring up at his face.

“Right. Well. I’ll just…” he sets the bottle at Geoff’s feet and half-collapses onto the other end of the couch.

Michael is the one to break the silence.

“Holy shit, Ryan.”


“Oh come the fuck on. You know what.”

“Yeah, yeah, ok, it’s my face.” he runs a hand through his hair. “It-I just-” he shakes his head. “Merry Christmas to all of you, alright?”

And yes, the rest of the day is slightly awkward, and every time he turns around he catches someone staring, but it’s a start.

anonymous asked:

all of the munday meme questions!

Munday Meme WELL THEN | Anonymous
Accepting But this is all of them LOL

♻ Any advice on improving Tumblr RP experience?

      I think my advice for this question has always been the same for everyone. Just don’t stress about things here. You haven’t written in weeks? Doing one more OOC post? Haven’t replied to someone in a month? That’s okay. I want to advise everyone that this is suppose to be our fun space, where we can sit here and talk and enjoy the things we love together. I know that it’s easier said than done but everyone stresses SO MUCH over this stuff when really it’s stress that you can easily avoid. Just take in a deep breath and have fun, it’s as easy as that. And if anyone gives you issues ever, just unfollow, block, and blacklist.

     Simple. But saves you so much more stress. 

⛅  Do you believe aesthetics are another form of expression?

       I love the form of aesthetics. I really do. I think it’s fun to find something that screams your muse, to see aesthetic boards, with images that all represent one thing or person and more often than not you can tell what it means. It’s fun interpreting it and figuring out how each would fit a muse or person. It’s very much like an individual representation on on a poetic level, except it’s like poetry in a visual representation. And I personally, am always a sucker for symbolism and aspects that mean so much to muses.

☮ Are you feeling happy and inspired right now?

       Well. I’m listening to music, I feel asleep for 3 hours, and I’m bundled up. I enjoy my muse and I enjoy her general time period. So in a sense of muse yes, I am feeling inspired. Now whether or not I’m responsible with that is a completely different matter.

☄ Has someone ever admitted to being inspired by you?

       Yes, @kingslaying actually started up an RP blog because of me. She is my anon’s HERE , HERE , & HERE and is now my Main Jaime because she has a dedication and love for him that is always poetic and so true to his character. She has quickly become one of my most cherished friends next to @cerseilionesslannister and our triplet verse is one of the best things that has ever happened on my blog.

⚌ Who inspires you?

      Wow this might be such a long list. @cerseilionesslannister @kingslaying , @starkmatriarch , @handofhonor , @killthebxy , @taintedblccd , @princessbcrn , @mistressmxleficent , @watcherandshield , @phaesm , @neitherknightnorlady , @iniziare, @kingwhocared / @fadetogrey, @undeadcersei , @boltxnbastard . @decthsentence , @royalsadist-hiatus (sorry but I STILL ADORE YOU REN!!!) , @rainbowguard  , @scarredhound , @predative / @conduicive , @willbeshot (listen- we don’t talk but my dash would seriously be less without you in it) , @wildmoored , @thecodekeeper , @hangtherules , @trickstercaptain , @obdurare , @obuljagon , @queenlannistertyrell , @theeldestsun , @thesellsword , @womenwritten (we don’t talk but heavens you’re quality ) , @twiicetheheart , @podstye , @aloneinmycage , @dxdger , @drdumaurier , @donapirata ,  @flxbber (adorable bean ) , @goldenhaircd , @godsiwasstrong , @hydrophobiic , @needlcd @mithraiic , @lynchthedove , @akingslayerx

♋  Are there any FC’s you believe should be used more? Why?

       I honestly have zero complaints about FC’s aside from the point that I am UNCARING of the popular fancast of younger Cersei. That one from Reign.

☸ Do you reblog from the source when someone practices reblog karma or do you follow it?

      I am really respective of someone’s rules if they wish for someone to send, or if i feel like they’d be more comfortable with me sending one in, I do it. Sometimes it’ difficult because while Cersei is fake nice, when true colors are shown she doesn’t like very many people so I have to go through the options with a very meticulous thought process. I personally never require people to practice reblog karma and would never mind being someone’s meme source. 

☯ Do you believe you’re a forgiving person?

      I honestly am always willing to work through conflicts and do what is best for the sake of peace but I have to work at it. I’m not an automatically forgiving person, and I can be pretty petty. But I’m always willing to let bygones be bygones if necessary. I suppose it depends on the situation.

⚑ Have you been forgiven for a mistake you’ve made?

      Yes, I have. Thankfully. And I have made mistakes, plenty of them. I’ve accidentally jumped the gun on some people, I’ve made wrong assumptions, and I’ve lightly confronted and came out completely wrong. And each time I apologize I never expect someone to automatically forgive me always keeping in mind that if they don’t and they wish to unfollow me. I make it clear that it is okay and I will not respect the many less. Thankfully, I’ve been forgiven and am always as honest as I can be.

♛ Have you ever seen drama be maturely sorted out?

      Yes, I’ve seen it and experienced it . And thankfully it has led to a peaceful existence between both parties. And thus far, so long as each party, [myself included] remain a 100% honest and communicate wholly when it comes t our feelings. It’s a relaxing and honest partnership.

♞ Do you tend to ignore drama?

    Ignoring it, solving it, and not feeding it are three different things and more often than not they mix together. Ignoring it to solve it is actually the biggest and best way to solve it, because you are actively not feeding it. Because 90% of the things that I have witnessed lately have done nothing but feed the drama instead of solving it. (this is where I always say to block if it becomes too much. People always think that unfollowing and/or blocking are the ultimate taboos of tumblr. which they aren’t. The whole reason that these two options exist is to make YOU more comfortable in your space and once you realize there literally is no shame in using it then your dash is a 100% stress free space in true.) 

      I also highly believe and always recommend solving issues privately. If there is a user that you have an issue with or a concern or a question concerning an issue. Just go right to their PM’s and talk it all out in a civil matter, and if it doesn’t work that’s okay. Just unfollow and/or block by both parties. And if the said person doesn’t wish to talk and ends up being rude, then end the conversation and again, block and ignore.

      So I don’t ignore it, so much as I prefer to settle things privately without a show on the dash and the wrong kind of attention brought to both parties. You know I’m not the type to play white knight in my valor armor and my sword of justice. No I’m more like the average jane wrapped in leather climbing over walls with my slingshot because I want to face an issue directly instead of making a show for dozens of people.

☾ Have you ever tried to bring peace to a situation?

        Always. I always recommend peace to all situations. That, or just parting ways and going on their way. There are often times that so many different people confide in me and always advise the best course of action to get them to come to a form of peace. (often times I would be the confidante of both parties working it out for the best)

        And in situations like that I always ALWAYS stress how much I will not utter a word of the other’s conversation and I haven’t. (unfortunately it drove one in one of the situations to try and guilt and lie to me to make it sound like the other party turned against me. And then proceeded to lie to OTHERS about the situation and continuously vagues like crazy about it today; but I won’t go into too much detail)

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Making things is work. Work takes time. Time is valuable. It sounds like you're pretty young so I don't blame you for not understanding, but creators charging a very small amount of money for the hours and hours of work they do isn't a bad thing. The money they charge allows them to create the content you like. The fact that they create content on their own time is an argument in favor of paying them, not against. They don't have to make stuff, just like you don't *have* to pay for it.

idk what’s up with that belittling tone, because i’m deffo old enough to understand how it is to work hard for this stuff, more than enough. do you think i don’t spend a lot time on the stuff i make? i spend hours and hours on it. heck, i sometimes am busy a whole day just perfecting that one little thing nobody is probably going to notice, but i just want to be happy with the things i make so i try my best and take the time it needs because i want to release content people can enjoy. but do i feel like i deserve money for it? hell no. i am the one deciding i want to create content, so others can enjoy it, i’m not going to force people to pay for it because i decided i wanted to be a custom content creator. but it seems like you are the one not understanding that. it’s a choice a creator makes for themselves, they want to create content, but they shouldn’t be the one to say ‘hey dude, u gotta pay up for this because i spent my precious time on it’. 

why not give people the option to donate? ‘hey you don’t need to do this, but if you appreciate me i would be super grateful!’ give people the freedom to make the decision and honestly, i would feel a thousand times better getting money via donations than via patreon, because it’s literally someone going out of their way to say ‘hey you are cool and i appreciate you and you deserve this’ instead of the ‘well i want this thing so i guess i gotta pay up’. 

also, ‘the money they charge allows them to create the content you like’. you’re joking right? i really hope you are. blender = free. sims 4 studio is a program a ton of people worked hard on and wow.. it’s free. photoshop you can get for free in some way, and even then there’s gimp, which is, once again, free. you literally do not need any money whatsoever to create content. the only thing you are paying for is a computer of some sorts (which i guess u already have so that’s no problem) and ur internet and the sims game, which you already have if you are deciding to be a creator. damn.


devildart replied to your post “Late to the party, I know, but could Wroka’s special ability be that…

Can we see these in progress works or were they merely concepts? (Or do you merely wish to keep them from view because in that case im sorry for bothering you)

Unfortunately I was way too impatient for concept arting back in the day. I only remember vaguely doodling something in photoshop about the wing contraptions the dogs used, but I’ve just spent an hour digging into my old image files and have found absolutely no traces of it.

But I did find some other (less interesting/weird/WTF) concepts from The Old Days!

Wall of text below.

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Submitted to me.

Hey, english is not my first language, so please bear with me. i just want your opinion on the things i heard, this’s like really important to me. So I live in Thailand and when 1d came here, my friend was following them around. As you all know, louis and zayn went clubbing every night while they were here. Im not talking about zayn and the cheating rumor, this’s about louis.

Putting the drama inducing part under Read More. . 

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Considering Ill be leaving for vacation this afternoon, I just wanted to make this follow forever in celebration of making 400 followers :)

Well other than the obvious, The Bollywood Fandom is full of so many wonderful people. People who you will become so accustomed to seeing on your dash every day, or some who you will be happy to see every once in while. I made this blog during a very rough time in my life, which caused me to leave my dream school and have to come back home. It was a hard couple months considering I had to sit and watch alot of my friends continue on with college while I stayed home just healing. Thankfully having a supporting family, Im able to live day by day as if those few months in the fall never happened. Most importanly this blog kept me always using my head. I wouldnt sleep sometimes waiting for something to upload so I can Gif-it, we all have that photoshop fever sometimes. I spent so many hours on here looking at how amazing editors this fandom is full of. Ps envy is definatly the word to describe it. Although it may not seem obvious, this fandom has become part of my life. Ive made some really nice friends here, that I hope to keep forever. 

Thank you all who have followed and those who encouraged me with kind messages. I owe you all the world, because of you all I never lost hope in myself (kinda corny, dont care). Thank you

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Rosemary / Rose / Deepi-kat / 

okay so roughly a year ago I realized something very important about the blue jackets twitter - they love taylorswift. like a lot. and so being the taylor swift stan I am, I decided the only logical thing to do was to collect as many of these moments as possible and put them all into one spot.

(if you are on mobile and this doesn’t show up as a read more i am so so so sorry i will feel so bad)

and so I present to you, a giant love letter from the bluejacketsnhl to taylorswift

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leave chanyeol the fuck alone and im really directing this to the korean fans. I understand and obviously chanyeol understands that he did wrong by downloading a game illegally, but he apologized and what makes me angry amongst all things if the fact that people have to go chase after him ON THE DAILY for the stupidest things just because he’s enjoying himself.

first of all, that pokemon game version is no longer able to be found anywhere and the fact that he illegally downloaded it isn’t hurting the game’s producers. if the game had just come out or something then this would maybe be more serious but it’s been not promoted or sold for some time and therefore it is hard to get it by a legal means. 

that being said, I’m so mad at the kfans because kfans are notorious for downloading everything illegally. in this 21st century day and age, is there really anyone who hasn’t downloaded / streamed / torrented something illegally??? I’m pretty sure whomever fucking had the nerve to write nasty comments about him downloading the game illegally also downloaded exo’s albums illegally? downloaded word and photoshop illegally?? streamed movies illegally? 

fine, yes. he is a celebrity and should be held “responsible to a higher degree.” yes so he apologized. that’s why he apologized. and then the fact that people had to CRITICIZE HIS APOLOGY? oh what it had too many exclamation points? because it seemed insincere because he originally uploaded a photo of himself with it? if there is anything I want to say it’s that chanyeol takes his sns seriously especially because it’s the first most method of contact and exchange between his fans. whatever he posts he probably posts after thinking about the response from the fans for some time. and especially with things like apologies, I can fucking guarantee that he spent at least thirty minutes to an hour re-reading, re-editing that apology and wondering if it was enough. 

and then finally, the fact that fans when making comments like this have the audacity to start out with “i’m saying this because I’m your fan… but no offense” just don’t say it. only give chanyeol good things to read. at the end of the day he’s a 25, 26 year old boy who still enjoys games and just wants to share his day to day life and music with people who adore him. you clearly don’t adore him and do not appreciate him enough to leave such comments for him to stay up so late at night to post an apology post. leave park chanyeol alone. just shut up if you don’t have anything nice to say.