but im not an angel

i was chilling in these days but i wanna say @mideoku gives me so much life omg. i could talk to him for hours & never get tired, i could stare at his face & get lost in those lovely eyes & that perfect smile he has like god… fucking god i’ve been so blessed with such handsome & amazing man ?!? i’m so so lucky & proud to be someone this special to him 💖 i love you julie so so much 💖 have a good day at school~ i know how much you are working on your studies, i’m so proud of you i love you so so so so much 💖


i’ve watched this a gazillion times the past several days pls help

Choreo by Ysabelle Capitulé @ysabellecaps on instagram

this is the same man who has talked about mental health issues. he has spoken out loud about suicide and bullying. idk whether to take him stepping up as a call for help or what but all i know is that mental health is still such a touchy issue in korea and no one ever comes out and says they have an issue. and it pisses me off cause to think that maybe he did need help but couldn’t get any cause of a stigma against it is just so disgusting.


the eℓyxion from greek elysian; meaning paradise
presenting the angels you meet at heaven’s gates