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Assalamualaikum! I had a doubt about a hadith on friday, which says Allah will answer any duaa on friday, so seek the hour after asr. Can you elaborate on what an hour after asr means? Does it mean the hour before maghrib begins? I have been having doubts about this, sorry lol Im kinda dumb. Jazakallah khair!

Wa Alaikum Salam, Sister ♥

You are smart for asking this question, for now that you did, you will in shaa Allah know the answer, and be more educated and therefore wiser!
It is the ones who do not seek the knowledge or who do not want to know who are intellectually at loss.

May Allah SWT increase our knowledge and not make us lazy or ashamed to ask, Ameen ♥

The Hadith which you may be referring to is the following one:

“On Friday there is an hour when, if a Muslims happens to pray at that time and ask Allah for something good, He will give it to him.”
(Narrated from Abu-Hurayrah: [Al-Bukhaari (5295) and Muslim (852)])

There are many views about when this hour is, let us explore them ♥

1. Between the time when the imam sits down, until the end of prayer ♥

Specifying Hadith:
Abu Burdah ibn Abi Moosa al-Ash’ari who said: 
‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar said to me: 
Did you hear your father narrating from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) concerning the (special) hour on Friday? 
I said: Yes 
I heard him say: I heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) say: 
“It is between the time when the imam sits down, until the prayer is over.”
(Saheeh Muslim)

2. When the Iqaamah for prayer is given, until the prayer ends ♥

Specifying Hadith:
Al-Tirmidhi (490) and Ibn Maajah (1138) narrated from Katheer ibn ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr ibn ‘Awf al-Muzani from his father from his grandfather that the Prophet (pbuh) said: 
“On Friday there is an hour of the day during which no person asks Allah for something but He will give it to him.” 
It was said: “When is that time?”
He said, “When the iqaamah for prayer is given, until the prayer ends.”
(Shaykh al-Albaani said: It is da’eef jiddan [very weak])

3. After Asr (an hour before Magrib) ♥

Specifying Hadith A:
Abu Dawood (1048) and al-Nasaa’i (1389) narrated from Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah that the Messenger ofAllah (pbuh) said:
“Friday is twelve hours in which there is no Muslim who asks Allah for something but He will give it to him, so seek the last hour after ‘Asr.”
(Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani)

Specifying Hadith B:
‘Abd-Allah said:
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) pointed to me, saying,
“Or some part of an hour.”
I said: You are right, or some part of an hour.
I said: What time is that?
He said: “It is the last hours of the day.”
I said: It is not the time of the prayer?
He said, “Indeed, when a believing slave prays and then sits with nothing but the prayer keeping him, he is still in a state of prayer.”
(Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani)

So how do we understand when these times are?
The first hadith and second hadith are self-explanatory in the times of which it is said to be the hour. The 3rd hadith is a little bit more confusing to understand due to our minds being programmed to evaluate time via the Gregorian Calendar methods.

In Islam, a new day begins with the Wakt of Magrib (not Fajr), therefore when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) talks about the ‘last hour of the day’, he is referring to the last hour before the wakt of Magrib.
So, if you live in a country where the adthaan for Magrib goes off at 6:30, deduct one hour from that, and that hour till Magrib is the probable hour which the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is referring to. Therefore in the example, the hour starts from 5:30 to 6:30 ♥

The actual hour in this case will depend on you time-zone and season ♥

Why are there so many hours? Why can’t there just a specific one?
Maybe it is about hunting the hour down, and praying at all the hour stations, or just one, with the intention of getting closer to Allah SWT and having our prayers answered by Him ♥ Maybe waiting so sincerely for the hour and praying with such devotion at that time, is what will cause Allah SWT to feel mercy towards us and give us our Dua’s in shaa Allah ♥
If you really want your Dua to be answered, you would act accordingly, right? ♥
Maybe it may just be that time which, when a Muslim in the correct conditions and the correct mind-frame prayers, will have his/her prayers answered, in shaa Allah ♥

I hope I have answered your question in shaa Allah, if you are confused about something in the answer above, would like something explained again, or would like to ask another question, please do not hesitate in shaa Allah ♥

An announcement of sorts lol

bc i messed up lmao

sooo, originally i was just gonna brush this under the rug ;) lmao. but i thought about it, and for people reading through from the beginning, or reading sections in large chunks, theyll see it right away and be like.. girl….. lmao

anyways, i was wrong!!!! about when eli cheated on sonia LMAO clearly im a mess. the lovely @onegiantsimlover pointed out my error to me! and i 10/10 was getting it mixed up with the night from the club, when they didnt actually hook up yet and the next day he found out about the pregnancy. and ni now remember that elliot went out of his way to not tell clem that sonia was pregnant loool yikes. 

So, figured I’d own up to my mistake, and be honest! Also bc im too lazy to go back and change everything so it makes sense :’)

tbh though, the way i am conceptualizing of this part of the plot, the actual technical details don’t matter too much– it’s more so the feelings and emotional reactions the characters are having to the info. :) you’ll be upset over being cheated on whether you were pregnant at the time or not! ;) plus, `*~*~all will be revealed soon~*~*~* aka real character motivations for all this crap. :’)

but side note, to those saying sonia has no right to be upset, this might validate her a little more– after they found out about the pregnancy is when their relationship got so much more serious! and that is when he slept with clem. after that point. :*

while im still here n at it let me throw some sugar shade @ some signs

aries: ur still my #1 even tho i’ve tried to kick u out of my heart for a while now. fuk u. eat a good dinner or something and leave my ass olone

taurus: ur beautiful n angelic but honestly so lazy do ur goddam work on time u make me want to cry,

gemini: highkey the most entertaining but always spilling the tea and talking (shit) like ur life depends on it. sh for a sec

cancer: honestly i’d protect u with my life but when i disagree with u idk what to tell u sis,, ur probably going to block me if i drag u even the slightest tbh

leo: good lookin but honestly? i dont know any of yall

virgo: a goddam human cinnamon roll if i ever saw one but lowkey planning how to kill u if u do something they dont like i mean…..chill

libra: always glowing like some ethereal angel but truthfully? a Demon. im not a satan stan keep ur demonic face away from me n go

scorpio: i mean,,,i guess ur fun sometimes,,,,, as long as ur not around me

sagittarius: best n possibly only tru friend if they really really like u, but i cant even throw shade @ anyone around them tho bc they do too much of that already

capricorn: good friend to chill wit during good times but when times get hard for them u are Dropt within 0.43 secs

aquarius: wise Cool fairy godmother types but lowkey dont kno what theyre talking about 63% of the time

pisces: listen i love yall but pure n good? evil n untrustworthy? whiny n annoying? i dont even know which u are?? in any case stop ruining my life

do yall like how i misspelled mutuals KALDJFKASDJF

hey its becky comin at u live w my first follow forever lmaoo UM so i remade 3 weeks ago and im already almost at 1k???? i was gonna wait to do this but i knew i wouldnt be in the mood to make this later this week so i jus did it now lol um thank u everyone for followin me like i rly dont know why yall are here? but i appreciate it n i love yall w all my heart <3

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“The crimson bird took in the sight of his blackened, frostbitten body and cried. He heard its musical lament and saw the sorrow in the depth of its obsidian eyes for the loss of its master, a loss that it would carry for the rest of its immortal life, and for the first time the Dark Lord understood empathy. He would grant it mercy. 

They say it is a great sin, to slay a unicorn. They say it is an atrocity, to kill something so pure, so innocent… That to drink its blood will save you from the brink of death, but that the moment the liquid touches your lips, you will live a half-life…a cursed life…They say nothing of what it means to kill a phoenix.

To take the life of the eternal. No one has ever accomplished such an impossible feat, would even think to try. But the ability of Lord Voldemort knows no bounds, bows to no laws, conforms to no boundaries… He drank its tears and drained it of its blood. He consumed its heart. …Such power. Such ancient, pure magic. It ignited in him. It was the healing fire. It brought his frozen limbs back to life in a burning, scorching pyre.”  Hauntingly


I’ve been meaning to do a quick Jadzia Dax closet cosplay for a while now and I finally motivated myself to do it today! And since I’m going to be doing an Ezri cosplay soon, I wanted to test out making the spots too!

I have more pictures but these two I had the most Jadzia-esque facial expressions so I wanted to post them first!


AKB48 A to Z Documentary 2016

↳ B for Backstage: The Many Faces of Jurina

 look i love my cat son but i love my gay girls too. goddam @larvesta ‘s chlonoir/alyabug au, making me betray my furry boy like that. 

also ooops i’m too used to drawing naked muscly men now my girls are too ripped and their suits are weird

Different Ways to Cleanse

Originally posted by ikemasda

   As we all know, there are many different ways to cleanse. You just have to find what you like, and are comfortable with. So here’s just a few ideas on how you can find your style of cleansing, but don’t forget to try your very own ideas!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

My family absolutely loves these, and I do too. These lamps are normally made from big hunks of Himalayan salt, and the natural colors are usually a mix of pink, peach and orange. But you can find special colored ones such as white and green online and even in some stores. Depending on the size, weight, and even color, the price range is usually anywhere from $15-$30 for a decent sized one. Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Micheal’s Craft Store and even Walmart have them.

These lamps cleanse the  air of dust, pollen, and electrons and replace with protons, some say. They can even increase energy levels. They’re also environment friendly. With all the good stuff is can do, no wonder it can be used for cleansing…

I have a small/medium sized one in my room, and I charge and cleanse crystals with it, and other things such as charms. I just say whatever needs cleansing/charging near it and go about my day.


Note; some things should not be put into water, such as certain stones, etc.

As we all know, the Elements are known to be able to cleanse and charge objects. Water can be one of the easiest elements to cleanse with, since you can literally just put things in a bowl of water.

If you have certain stones that are safe to put into water, then try this;

1.Take a bowl

2.Put some warm water in it

3.Put some salt in the water and stir.

4.Put stone in water and let it sit.

5.Once done cleansing it, run it under water to make sure the salt doesn’t dry on the stone.

You can also cleanse things by just running it under some water (on high…if that makes any sense? Like, the water pressure is high, if you get what I’m saying.) You can even cleanse yourself with water while taking a shower. While showing, imagine all the negativity is washing away from your body, and into the drain.


I think Air is one of my favorite Element to use in witchcraft. It’s powerful, but also gentle. You can cleanse objects, and yourself, by going out on a windy day and just standing/laying there. Let the wind go through you, getting all the bad energies out of you. This is also the same with charging.

Moon & Sun

People seem to normally cleanse with the sun, and charge with the moon. I personally like the Sun better, but that’s just my opinion. Charge/cleanse things by putting them under the sun/moon as let it sit there. Some people say let it charge for 24 hours, but I think letting it soak up as much of the energy it can is enough.


The Element of Earth, you can cleanse with easily. Simply take your object, and bury it a couple inches and put dirt over it (don’t do this extremely close to your home.)

Note; you should not do this with certain objects.


There’s a lot of debate about using sage, but I’m not getting into it on this post. Certain incenses can be good for cleansing. Either using your sage/incense, cleanse your object by putting it into the smoke. You can cleanse your way like this too.


This is especially good for cleansing large areas such as rooms/buildings and spaces outside. I personally do use this way of cleansing, by using a tambourine  and/or a bell. You can also use your beautiful voice as well. Say a chant like “All negativity and evil is banished now leave” or something like that.

I was actually gonna make this post longer but im lazy af so yeah


the cicadas are singing / the cicadas are dying
in droves. they are droning graveyard hymns
so relentlessly i have to wonder:
is it their funeral or mine?
maybe i am the one being buried
here under the summer heat.
maybe i should be mourning too.

dear dante, do you wear shoes in chicago?
what i mean is: will you still be the same
as i remembered? and do i want you
to be the same? you can’t answer
these questions; i’m just wondering, i guess.
just wishing something could be different
even though i don’t know what.


dear ari, chicago is too full of shoes;
not enough birds / not enough dreams.
i miss swimming, and i miss you—
can i say this, at least? i almost miss
el paso, but the memories of home
are starting to blur. everything hazy
except you’re always in sharp focus.
you can’t answer but i’m also wondering:
if i held your hand, could we make it
through all these faded june afternoons?


(maybe. i don’t know. i don’t know—)


if we carried hope into a thunderstorm
could we finally taste the rain?

boys like us || a. cho

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Magnus Chase comics?

The thing is, I had this cool plot for a Magnus Chase fanfic, but I ended up making drawings of it. Now I want to create a serie of comics but I never did it before. So, would you guys like to read it? Here one of the characters :v (And yeas, it would be Alex and Magnus. 

(Just warm up cause Im too lazy to finish my drawings)


OHMAIGOSH! IM FAQING DONE!!! But now.. I gotta colour it and trace it later on… Help me from my suffering…! ;-; so, here’s ALL MY TUMBLR friends.. So if people follow me and say that they wanna be friends.. Imma put it in a another poster paper in my school and stuff.. So here’s the front and back,s Rory if you can’t see it really well but I’m going list the people now..

Front (1st pic)

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And I’m finally done with the space girls in space dresses. I got kind of sick of it lazy with Cinder halfway through so it ended up with simpler cell shading instead of blending (even though i’m frankly terrible at cell shading). But hey, I added another (older) piece of Cinder as consolation