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[ crush ]

pairing; got7 bambam x reader

genre; fluff, suggestive smut (but it doesn’t get to the climax of smut, it stops at the kissing part)

synopsis; she heads over to their dorm for movie night and gets confessed to by bambam. feelings were mutual, so things got heated.

word count; 1211 words

My phone vibrated loudly on the nightstand, giving me a shock. I put my hand over my palpitating heart and picked up my phone, calming down quickly. There was one unread message - from the one and only Jackson.

Movie night tonight. You up?

I smiled.

What time?

Jackson: We just ended practice. Bambam says he wants to pick you up since he finishes bathing the fastest.

Me: That’s late, I need my sleep!

Jackson: It’s either you get prepared before 12.45 or I’ll kidnap you in your pyjamas :D

Jackson: That was Bam.

Me: Asshole.

I glanced up at the wooden, antic clock hanging on my white wall, which drearily read 12.13am.

I had barely half an hour to get ready, because BamBam would probably come anytime before 12.40am. I knew him. He would always say ‘I’m going over at five’ and boom, you have him grinning like a horse in front of your front porch at four.

I quickly stripped myself from my super-comfy pj’s and pulled on a white, thick hoodie, paired with skinny jeans. Not exactly complimentary on my elephant thighs but whatever, they’ll do.

I stared at my makeup table, considering if I should put on makeup or not. I wasn’t a full-on makeup fashionista, but I do use them to cover my pimples if they’re too visible. I didn’t like putting on makeup anytime after eight, too, because I knew I’d be too tired to remove it once I get back home.

I pressed my lips together as I eyed my own reflection in the mirror, and decided to go without makeup. It’s just the boys anyway, it’s not like they’ve never seen me bare-faced.


I looked at the clock once more. 12.30am. What did I say?

I quickly fixed my hair and grabbed my bag, running towards the front door soundlessly. My parents were probably sound asleep - they never bothered if I went out late, as long as I don’t come back as a corpse or disturb their beauty sleep.

I flung the door open and there he is, his chopstick legs still as chopstick-like as ever. (That was a compliment.)

He had that wide smile on his face, while I was still looking like some person who came from the dead. I was sleepy, that is. Just a little.

I got into Bambam’s car after him, and he drove me to the dorms.

“Y/N!” Jackson exclaimed and crushed me in a hug. I felt his body heat right after I had wrapped my arms around him, and quickly let go.

“Hey, have you bathed?”

Jackson smiled sheepishly in reply, and I smacked him on the arm, quickly regretting it as his sweat got onto my hands.

“Ew! Jackson, please!” I grumbled aloud, chuckling as he laughed aloud. The others greeted me casually, like they always do.

“You have five minutes to bathe, hyung, before we start the movie,” Yugyeom said from the sofa, the TV controller in his hands.

Jackson made a sprint to the toilet. Never had I seen him disappear so fast.

“Go sit there, Y/N,” Mark said, gesturing to the L-shaped sofa they had in the living room. One spot caught my eye, and it was the corner of the L-shaped sofa. Bambam and I always fought over that spot.

I raced towards the beige, inviting furniture, not noticing Bambam making a beeline for it too. He jumped at the last moment and plopped onto the corner of the sofa, and I ended up landing on top of him.

We both didn’t bother to untangle ourselves. I just remained there, since I was laughing too hard. My elbow had somehow jabbed him in the stomach, but it seems like he was fine because his laughter was ringing too.

“Get off me, you’re heavy!” Bambam exclaimed between giggles.

“I want this spot,” I argued, sitting in the small gap between the sofa and Bambam, wiggling myself in and gradually pushing him aside.

“Hey!” Bambam reached forward to pull me off, but I slapped his hands away.

We ended up both squeezing into that spot, but it wasn’t uncomfortable since it was actually big enough for the both of us. It was really comfy, actually.

Jackson came out of the bathroom exactly 6 minutes later, and Jinyoung started the movie. Youngjae was sitting on the other side of Bambam, and casually handed me popcorn every now and then.

I had no idea what we were watching, but I just kept my eyes on the screen. The movie was approximately an hour and 30 minutes long, so by the time it ended, I was slouching a lot on the sofa. I didn’t want to sleep, but my eyelids were heavy.

I was aware that my body was leaning against BamBam, but that’s nothing. We were at a really high friendship level where we wouldn’t make a big deal about skinship.

“Tired?” he murmured, and I shrugged.

“Sleep over. You can bunk in my room,” he offered. I looked up at him and smiled gratefully. I loved sleeping over, especially in Bambam’s room. It was really warm and had a snuggly kind of feel.

“Goodnight, Y/N!” Mark said, overhearing our conversation. Everyone else quickly understood and said goodnight to me too. I smiled before walking into Bambam’s room with him.

I lay down on the right side of the bed, hugging his extra pillow close to my chest. I immediately closed my eyes, but was awaken by his humming.

“Y/N?” Bambam mumbled softly.

“Hmm?” I turned my body to face him, while his was already facing me.

“You know…” he trailed off, his soft hands moving up to my face and gently stroking my cheek. “I really like you.”

I stared at him, stunned. That was sudden.

“I liked you since the period we became close. You were so damn cute, and everything you did got my attention, it’s just.. I don’t know. I just like you a lot.”

I blushed, looking down and away from his intense gaze. I’ve liked him too, for the longest time ever, but I never showed anything due to being afraid that it may ruin our friendship.

“I… Uh…”

Bambam placed his thumb and index finger under my chin, tilting my head up to face him, before pressing his lips against mine. I melted into the kiss, which got heated real quick.

I didn’t notice then but Bambam pushed my gently onto my back with his body, not breaking the kiss, and ended up on top of me. He sucked on my bottom lip hungrily, his tongue pushing into my mouth. I unconsciously moaned into the kiss, and I felt him smirk.

“You’re enjoying it, huh?”

I was surprised at his sudden change to a dominating tone. It was a good change.

His hands lingered down my body, sneaking into my hoodie and massaging my breast. I didn’t wear a bra since my hoodie was pretty thick and my long hair could easily cover my chest. His lips left mine and trailed down my neck, leaving ghostly kisses along the way. He nipped and sucked on my skin at random spots, and one of those ‘random spots’ happened to be my sweet spot. I whimpered from the pleasure as he continued his heavenly actions, purring something.

“Tonight’s gonna be one hell of a night for us, baby.”


Sorry I had to end here !! This was my first ever request from an anonymous account and ya’ll have no idea how glad I was to receive a request. This is also my first time writing a smuttish scenario and I couldn’t go any further because I’m not exactly sure how to phrase things and I didn’t want to ruin this whole thing. But I hope you guys like this scenario! And thank you sososo much to the anonymous user who sent in the request!

Remember to leave a request or ask if you have anything!

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Okay, I officially want to get into the gorillaz because of all your reblogs. So, if you are not busy, please Tell. Me. Everything. I want to know history/best songs/fun facts/anything. Please and thank you.

im so excited!! i love that my reblogs made you wanna get into gorillaz that makes me so beyond happy

gorillaz is a virtual band, and the members are 2d (lead singer), murdoc (bass), noodle (guitar), and russel (drums). these are just characters, though, and the irl members of gorillaz are MANY. there’s been SO MANY people that have worked on gorillaz, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the hundreds. but the main guys are damon albarn, who does the music, and jamie hewlett, who does the artwork!

the best songs from each phase are just my own opinion and all of their albums are definitely worth full listens, these are just the ones that i personally love the most!


  • 5/4. i have no excuse for this one it’s just sick
  • clint eastwood, which is what a lot of ppl say but honestly? there’s a reason this one was the big single off this album
  • slow country, bc it is SO overlooked

demon days

  • o green world, i love the creepy horror movie noises in it
  • dirty harry, especially live performances, go look up the BRITS performance of this song and look how much fun the kids are having
  • don’t get lost in heaven/demon days. the first time i listened to this pair of songs, i was at an assembly for school and ignoring it with my ipod and it was an EXPERIENCE

plastic beach

  • welcome to the world of the plastic beach, you cannot go wrong with snoop dogg
  • rhinestone eyes, because it feels very classic gorillaz
  • on melancholy hill is beautiful and ethereal 


  • rockit is just a jam lets be honest
  • the soulchild remix of 19-2000, which i actually like better than the original
  • revolving doors (i count this one as other bc The Fall is such an anamoly of an album)
  • doyathing is just so much fun
  • let it out is shaping up to be my favorite song off of humanz we’ve seen so far but i am filing it under “others” because the album isnt out yet!

AND there is a certain order you should watch the music videos, since it goes with the story! phase 1 is ok to watch out of order imo but phase 2 and 3 need to stay in order.

  • Tomorrow Comes Today
  • Clint Eastwood
  • 19-2000
  • 5/4 (Storyboard)
  • Rock the House
  • Rockit
  • DARE
  • Dirty Harry
  • Feel Good Inc.
  • El Manana
  • Stylo
  • Melancholy Hill
  • Broken (Live Visual)
  • Doncamatic
  • Rhinestone Eyes (Storyboard)
  • DoYaThing

and now ill do my best to summarize the entire lore! this will be under a cut because it is so so much already. the gorillaz wiki also does a really good job of explaining this story on each of the character’s pages if you want more detail!

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*props chin on hands* tell me more about any domestic soriku headcanons u have~

/Me, reclining on therapeutic recovery couch/

- Sora sitting on the washing machine and blabbering on about stuff that happened in his day while riku chucks laundry into it. (he’ll toss sora an article of clothing every so often and Sora will slam dunk it into the wash for him) Riku won’t say anything and just let Sora talk. (He likes listening to Sora talk) He just interjects with an occasional “mmhmm”.

-Sora trying to make housecleaning fun by making games out of it (he ends up dirtying the place even more) 

-Both singing disney songs in the car with varying levels of enthusiasm

-Riku getting badly sunburnt all over and Sora slathering a heck ton of aloe vera on his lobster bod. He’ll offhandedly mention parts of Riku he likes(ex: “your shoulders are huge; it’s super cool!!”) and Riku just gets redder. 

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pillow talk // michael clifford [fluff]

word count: 1,436

warning: this is pure fluff like i’m lonely and it’s late and i just had to write something i don’t know don’t expect much from this tbh

“So I can’t sleep,” Michael reasoned in a hushed voice, not wanting to wake his parents up in the dead of the night. Clearly he didn’t have the same mindset when it came to you.

“I’m sorry, but what does that have to do with me?” you asked through a yawn, digging the heel of your hand in your eye. A quick glance at your phone told you that it was 3:08am and your boyfriend obviously forgot that most people are sleeping at this hour.

He hummed through the phone. “It has to do with you because I’m lonely and you’re obligated to come over and fix that,” he reminded you. It sickened you that you could hear his grin through the phone and it was even worse that picturing his dumb grin made you smile.

“Oh really? Because I don’t remember agreeing to that,” you said, kicking the duvet off of your legs and sitting up, speaking in an equally quiet voice so your roommate wouldn’t wake up.

“Yeah? Then what were you agreeing to when you said you’d be with me?”

“Honestly? I thought I was just getting good sex and a say in what color you dyed your hair. Unfortunately neither of those came true,” you teased, cradling the phone between your cheek and shoulder as you tugged on sweatpants over your underwear.

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Why Qrow Branwen isn’t Ruby’s biological father

so I’ve been REAL STEAMED about this really shitty theory.  I’ve seen it on Reddit, I’ve seen it on Tumblr on Wiki, ANYWHERE I’ve seen it and its wrong for many reasons.

Now rather than just talk shit and insult people behind this crackpot theory I’ll just present my case against common Excuses. This is gonna be a long post but i won’t Read More it. feel free to keep scrolling

  • Ruby and Yang’s age gap:

obviously people don’t understand how babies work, and how fast relationships can break or develop. Literally I’ve seen people date and be in love for about half a month before breaking it off. A lot of people pointing this out like to mention that taiyang possibly cheated on raven while with her and a bunch of other Soap opera novella bullshit. EVEN THEN Yang has never met Raven. In burning candle she references to Summer Rose as her and Ruby’s mom of course, Summer RAISED her and Ruby.

Its totally possible that Raven left not long after yang was born with yang Not knowing who she is

 until summer passed away. its more than possible she downright says Raven left her after she was born.
After Raven left, Summer stepped up to help Taiyang raise infant Yang so of course, being close team mates and with how things were it was bound to happen that they got together leading to Ruby’s birth. Summer was Yang’s real mother in her eyes until Taiyang told her the truth after her passing leading Yang to search for her biological mother, Raven.

  • Different last names: 

    “but Yang is Yang Xiao Long and Ruby is Ruby Rose, IF ITS THE SAME DAD WHY DIFFERENT NAMES” It’s not unlikely that Taiyang and Summer weren’t actually married. Ruby could have been an accidental conception so they married AFTER Ruby’s birth.  There’s literally so many other explanations that aren’t drama reaching.

  • Qrow Trained Ruby and is Closer to her, Yang and Ruby fight differently :

    congratulations, you’re observant and watched the show, minus ten points for not getting the point. Ruby is a scythe wielder with emphasis on speed (due to her semblance), Yang is a Power house, close combat fighter who’s semblance converts damage into power.
     Qrow trained Ruby because he too wields a Scythe and relies on speed as well… Taiyang does not use scythes nor does he seem to be the speed type so he lets Ruby train with her uncle.
    Of course she’s closer to Qrow than yang is cause he trained her. Your very reason for thinking they’re father-daughter is the same reason he absolutely isn’t. Her father doesn’t know how to use a scythe or have a speed semblance.

    That’s like asking Pyrrah to train Nora, or Sun to train penny, completely different weapons and skill sets incompatible to what they need to learn.

    I’ve seen people also argue that Qrow took time out of his “busy world saving schedule” to train Ruby. They forget Qrow is a Professor at Signal academy, and Ozpin is still Beacon’s headmaster despite his even busier “world saving schedule.”

  • Qrow hates Taiyang because Taiyang totally cheated on raven

    No. Going BACK to Burning candle. Yang mentions how utterly CRUSHED Taiyang was from Summer’s death, Not only did his first wife leave him with a newborn Yang, a young dad, single and never having raised a child before, But his second wife dies after filling his family with love and raising not only Ruby but his first child like his own. Of course he’d be devastated, as well as irresponsible.
    He didn’t cheat on anyone.
    If there is ANY REASON for Qrow and Taiyang to have bad blood it would be because:
     A) Qrow Saved yang and Ruby, possibly because Taiyang wasnt aware of Yang and Ruby going missing because he was busy morning. He was probably sour how irresponsible Taiyang was.
    B) Silver eyes, Taiyang kept the Silver eyes hidden from Ruby. He obviously knew because he was with summer, and he was definitely not going to tell her when she outright asked him in “end of the beginning” 

qrow doesn’t even hate taiyang, if anything Taiyang is upset that Qrow interrupted a moment with him and Ruby. She just woke up from a coma and like the worried father he is he doesnt want Qrow to overwhelm her.

Do you see any bad blood? No, these Are two close friends who have fought together for years who are now adults. One is afraid of loosing more of his family and the other wants to help continue Ozpin’s mission. something they disagree on obviously since Qrow wants to practically use Ruby’s special powers.

Taiyang and Qrow obviously spoke about this to each other before Qrow spoke to Ruby. Qrow knew Ruby would want to go to Haven, especially after all that talk of her being special and Ozpin’s mission. Taiyang is a single father raising two teenage girls and Zwie, who’s lost plenty and scared of losing more. He Trusts Qrow but he’s still protective of his girls. I don’t care how cool you think a dad Qrow would be, a father that cares about his daughter, trusting or not, won’t send her on such a dangerous mission so off handed like that.

  • It would make a good plot twist/It would be cool:

no it wouldn’t, this is not only the most popular theory around but the laziest I’ve seen personally. Sure RT isn’t known for being the best at smooth character development and the writing could use a little work, but i doubt that Kerri and Miles would use such a LAZY plot twist, especially after killing off pyrrah and penny, and revealing Salem as the Narrator who’s been with us since season 1. Its just not original and i have about a hundred, Mexican Novellas, American soap Opera’s and Foreign dramas to back me up. its not an original nor interesting idea. Rwby isn’t about Family drama.

Lastly the EASIEST to debunk

  • Ruby and qrow look alike

Uhm… no, they don’t

Qrow’s face is almost heart shaped (its not a style thing either since Taiyang’s face is squared), Eyes are narrow, and hair is black (graying due to age/stress), Really tall, hair spiky and unruly,

Ruby’s face, Rounder, eyes also round and boxy, silver eyes, black hair red tips smooth and nearly flat aside a few straw wisps. Who else fits that description exactly ?

oh is that ruby? NO ITS HER MOM, literally the only other person who shares physical traits to Ruby. So if you’re going to argue she looks like Qrow, then you might as well tell me she looks nothing like Summer cause i don’t see it.
She may not resemble Taiyang much either but i can assure you she still looks nothing like Qrow.

tl:dr Qrow isn’t the father because of literally every reason ever.

I end my rant and debunking here, Maury aint got shit on me.

Thanks to anyone who stayed long enough to read my post, I don’t typically do this kind of thing.

I understand everyone one has theories and i respect that, but when you’re insisting its canon, or trying to get me to agree with you without providing evidence from the source material even a little bit, your theory is just a head canon.

Breakfast at Hamilsquads

this title is such a lie it doesnt even talk about breakfast but like it takes place in the morning so its ok right 

Ship: Lafayette x Reader (im trash)

Prompt: #177 “I have good news and bad news”

Trigger: None

W/C: 754

Time: Modern

You woke up and jumped out of your bed, it was your birthday and you woke up next to your gorgeous french boyfriend Lafayette in his bed that morning. He smiled and gave you a kiss “Joyeux anniversaire, mon amour” you smirked “Maybe I’m old enough to learn french now” and you sat up in bed, excited to start the day. “The guys have probably been up for an hour, I have many surprises for you - hopefully they haven’t messed up already” he laughed.

You both got changed and Lafayette covered your eyes with his hands before you opened the door. You walked down the hallway smiling wide, Lafayette knew you to the core so you knew his surprise would be perfect, no matter what it was. “Okay, we’re almost there …” suddenly you heard Lafayette gasp and Hercules saying “go back! Go back!” in a whisper shout.

Lafayette turned you around and practically carried you back to his room, still covering your eyes. “What’s going on??” You asked as he closed the door behind him. He sighed “Ummm nothing they just they need more time, mon amour. It’s not quite ready yet” he explained. You raised an eyebrow, “Laf?”


“Can you stop covering my eyes please?”

He took his hand away and moved it to your waist. “I’m sorry” he breathed. You both heard a crash from the living room. “That was (Y/N)’s gift!” Alex yelled over John’s screaming. There was another bang. “What the fuck??” Hercules exclaimed over all their yelling. “GET IT OFF!!” John shouted at the top of his lungs.

You and Lafayette both looked at each other. Without saying anything, Lafayette knew you wanted him to go see what was going on and if the police needed to be called. Taking in a breath to brace himself, he went. He closed the door carefully behind him. You pressed your ear against the door and strained to hear his footsteps as he approached the scene.

“CE QUI NE VA PAS AVEC POUS IMBéCILES ??!” Lafayette shouted at all his roommates.

“Why are you yelling when you could just LOOK AROUND the room?!?” Alexander argued. You heard the boys become a chorus of excuses and apologetic voices, they were all talking over each other, saying their own story and perspective so you couldn’t make out one word of it.

Lafayette groaned, “Come on guys, it’s (Y/N)’s birthday and I love her a lot and I just want her to have a good day today because she deserves it and - what? What, what did I do why are you looking at each other?” There was a silent pause. “SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND SAY NOTHING” all the boys laughed “Alright, alright” Alex promised “Oh wait!- Don’t sit there!!”

You took your ear off the door and leaned against the wall, smiling endlessly to the room. Did Lafayette really just say he-? Suddenly the door opened, and it was Lafayette. “Mon amour-” he couldn’t finish his sentence before you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He was taken aback but kissed you back with just as much love. He pulled away “I have good news and bad news” he told you, pulling his eyebrows together. You shook your head, “that’s alright- tell me.” He grabbed your hand with a nervous smile and pulled you to the scene of the crime. 

“Happy birthday, (Y/N)” The three boys said glumly as you took in the scene.

You burst out laughing.

John had a horsehead of a pinata stuck on his head, the assortment of blue and purple matched his outfit well. He gave a small wave - not in your direction at all - before sinking into the couch.

It was clear Alexander and Hercules had attempted to set up streamers and balloons filled with confetti but miserably failed with tape and confetti and glitter stuck to their faces and clothes.

But the piece de resistance was the butt shaped smush in your cake, to which Lafayette turned around so you could see his jeans ruined by the buttercream frosting. You were almost brought to tears from laughter and also gratitude to your boyfriend and his friends for all their effort.

“You remembered how I liked my cake” you chuckled while licking off part of the frosting from the smashed cake.

“Yeah we put BUTTercream on your french cake!” Hercules laughed. Lafayette threw a piece of frosting from his jeans to his friend while laughing at him. Everyone started laughing and throwing cake- except for John, he couldn’t see and didn’t know what was going on.

And it was the best surprise you could’ve asked for. 

so I got asked this earlier and this is my ridiculously lengthy response about how the adoribull hate is bullshit and you all need to do some research

putting this under a read more for obvious reasons. please do not read this and tell me im full of shit because I legit have five tabs open with all their banters and interactions in relation to this ok I know what im talking  about

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Just Desserts (Pietro X Reader) request

I’m going to apologize about a million times in advance for how long this is-I got really carried away and im so so SO SORRY. I WRITE SO LONG ITS A PROBLEM I KNOW. ;-; 

Anyways, this was a request from justang6-I kind of went off the prompt a bit and I hope it’s ok, I’m sorry if it’s not quite what you had in mind! I probably shouldn’t write at three in the morning but oh well!

“Could you do a one shot of the reader living with the avengers, and she is cooking dinner/ desert, and Pietro comes to help, but licks the batter of the brownies and throws flour; a big mess occurs and Steve comes in laughing, suggesting take out? Much fluff please:) “

Anyways, enjoy! :-)

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Head Down Low (Twenty-One - Repost)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd.

A/N: sorry something fucked up with my theme and idk but im having to repost. also im ill so im really sorry for how shit this is sigh

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

“How’s Alex?” Phil asks as he slips on his shoes. The second Dan woke up he was on the phone to his Mum, and he seems to be in a good mood this morning.

“He’s a lot better. They think he might be able to come home in a couple of weeks. Not that I’m looking forward to that, but at least he’s okay,” Dan says with a shrug, doing up the buttons on his (Phil’s) school shirt carefully in the mirror.

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here is a bunch of posts where we argue about how the theory that sans (and papyrus) is a human (in any way shape or form) does not make sense with the game canon: 1 2 3

First of all, god, I had seen that video float around and never watched it. It’s also the person that made a video called “does Frisk die after a neutral ending?” and go d… thats just… the cliché boring kind of theories that I really dislike.

Sigh. Anyway… This was written as I was watching the video, so forgive how messy the post is.

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