but im just being ignored

underneath every personality trait ive stolen, under every faked opinion to get you to love me, im nothing

  • <p> <b>The Interview:</b> Bruce won't be able to recover from Ra's Al Ghul<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OH MY GOD SO ALFRED IS DEAD WHAT<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Barbara is intrigued with Ed and thinks he is a good equal<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OMFG BABS/ED IS HAPPENING WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE SHOW<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Ed and Oswald's love for each other is so strong that it could basically destroy them<p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> come on<p/></p>

Adrinette Month Day 24: The First Kiss

I love them so much and I just need them to be happy.

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in reality, he

you know what i wanna do in life…..theres 2-3 things i rlly wanna do…i wanna get my phd in clinical or counselling psychology and i want to work with teenagers suffering from mental illness, i wanna work with women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse and i wanna go up north and work with communities there

i could also later get into politics to create a left wing party in quebec that is not separatist

my dream is i win big on the lottery and create an organization that offer all these services for free or at v low cost for people who cant afford it


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where the fuck do you draw the line that major character death is a no-go but incest is totally fucking fine? and how are you gonna demand fics have good grammar and english when you can't even spell grammar right in the stipulation

i draw the line because personal preference??? i mean if you want to read fics with major character death that tears your heart out and not put it back together, by all means go ahead, but that’s not my cup of tea. if you don’t want to read incest, also go ahead because i put the warnings there for a reason. but if i personally don’t read fics that have major character death, then you won’t find it on here cause i can’t rec what i haven’t read. 

and also thank you for pointing out that i spelled grammar wrong, spelling has never been my strong suit and i tend to rely heavily on spell check. oh the irony of me demanding good grammar and spelling it wrong. 

on that note, i will admit that depending on my mood, as well as the ship of the fic i am reading, my standards for the quality of the grammar definitely changes. but as a native english speaker, if you can tell me you can read something like “he walk school with boyfriend and calling his mom together” easily, then please, share how you do it. 

i guess the whole point of your ask is to point out how unfair i am in regards to reccing fics, and you know what, you are completely right. but you are not at all obligated to follow this blog. if there is something that this blog does not provide, you can always go to aff or ao3, on your own, and read them. this blog is not at all a database for all the svt fics out there. it is merely a database of fics that were filtered through me, by my standards. if you have different standards, then please, feel free to start your own fic rec blog. 

good bye :)))))

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tbh im not the "poc lesbian" but i do think something these labels get out of hand. i have no issues with someone calling themselves whatever they want, but if that anon wants to refer to themselves as a poc lesbian instead of a wocwlw then whats the difference? if im being ignorant im open to being educated, i just don't see why the labels matter if theyre not offensive and mean the same thing.

it’s not that the labels are bad, it’s that that isn’t the way to use them. “poc lesbian” means “person of color lesbian” which isn’t…correct. i’ve heard some say that turning poc into an adjective is a way of emulating the word “c*l*red,” as in “c*l*red lesbian,” which is…Yike

basically just expand and see if it makes sense. wlwoc = woman-loving woman of color = good. lesbian of color = good. poc lesbian = probably not good

again this is all just repeating what i’ve heard from people of color, if i’m wrong pls correct me

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Hello, I saw your argument against the fact that McCree's white and I noticed that your only standpoint was the fact that you as a mix person live out a life of being white passing. But that has nothing to do with the game. I would like to know your opinion on the fact that McCree is based on Clint Eastwood, his name is Irish, his legendary skins have him with blonde hair and blue eyes, his sprays have light skin, and his voice actor is white. Give me some canon proof that argues these facts.

hey quick question, have you ever seen lucio’s voice actor