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I stole the fingerless kitty gloves from on of my friends today XD

it makes me unfomconrtable when people are like “how are you opressed!??? what laws are there??? when have you been a target of violence out for being asexual” like lets just apply that logic to like, my gender for a sec. im nonbinary and ive never been targeted violently because of it nor has the law had any material impacts on me. so by this logic im not oppressed for being trans… but thats just ignoring all the misgendering and microagressions and weird sexual questions people ask me because im nonbinary. YEAH those are forms of oppression and when you ignore those towards asexual people then youre implying that they should be ignored for all marginalized groups. 

Adrinette Month Day 24: The First Kiss

I love them so much and I just need them to be happy.

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  • <p> <b>The Interview:</b> Bruce won't be able to recover from Ra's Al Ghul<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OH MY GOD SO ALFRED IS DEAD WHAT<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Barbara is intrigued with Ed and thinks he is a good equal<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OMFG BABS/ED IS HAPPENING WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE SHOW<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Ed and Oswald's love for each other is so strong that it could basically destroy them<p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> come on<p/></p>

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Broduce 101 Story Time & Family Appreciation

My PD101 story isn’t too tragic. I mean, the ending is, but we’ll come to that later. I would like to thank one of my besties, @kpoppoopie (Thor), for getting me into PD101 in the first place. Without further ado, I give you my Produce 101 story.

First, it started when my friend Katy told me that there was going to be a second season for Produce 101. Now, I had heard of the first season, just never really got into it. Just before I.O.I disbanded, I had started to get into them a bit. For season 2, I was a little more excited because I actually knew trainees who were going to appear. The first person I heard of was Kim Sanggyun aka A-Tom of TOPP DOGG. And then BTL (they disbanded, bless them), HOTSHOT, JJCC. And it wasn’t until later, right before the show began to start, that I heard NUEST was going to be on. So, I knew a pretty good handful of the boys. 

At school, in my last class of the day, I was on a chromebook on YouTube. I saw that the stage for Produce 101 Season 2 “Pick Me” had been uploaded. So, with no earbuds and a completely silent class, I watched the performance with no sound. 

Later, I eventually listened to it. At first, I didn’t really like the song. I also read articles about different trainees who caught people’s attention. For example, Jang Moonbok, for his appearance on a show where he rapped. Lee Euiwoong, for previously being on ‘Hello Counselor’. Park Jihoon for being “wink boy”. Keep in mind that I didn’t really pay attention to these articles at the time until I seriously got into PD101. 

In April or May, Katy showed me pictures of Bae Jinyoung, her favorite trainee. Now, a few days (or weeks?) before, she showed me pictures of other trainees (but I can’t remember who) and I was semi-interested. When she showed me Jinyoung, she asked me how old I thought he was. I thought he was one of those guys who looked really young but was actually older than how he looked so I guessed 21. Another person, one of our other friends, guessed 17. And she was the one who guessed correctly. And I looked at him again and said, “he’s pretty handsome” (or something along those lines).

In June, during the last week of school, I started falling in love with PD101. First I started out with clips of the boys. I re-watched the “Pick Me” performance and I’m now addicted to the song. The trainee I fell for was Park Jihoon. Remember the articles? I didn’t know Jihoon was wink boy until I think Katy told me. Or maybe I was watching the performance and was looking for him and I saw him wink. This was a couple weeks ago, please forgive me. 

Later, I fell for Bae Jinyoung. A week ago. I finally started watching the show and am currently making very slow progress. So far, I’ve watched episodes 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, and 11. Yes, I completely skipped over, but let me tell you that either way, I was very emotional for that finale.

But back to Jinyoung. Katy had been so obsessed with him, and then she revealed her real bias, Park Woojin. So, as I was watching clips, looking at blogs, getting to know the trainees, I noticed a boy. Two boys to be exact. Two trainees from CUBE Entertainment we call chicks. These boys are none other than Lai Guanlin and Yoo Seonho.

I don’t care if you say they don’t have talent. I’m still stanning them okay because that’s what development and practice are for. 

Aside from the trainees, the show itself was good. Besides Mnet’s evil editing, it was okay. I mean, if you were part of the Mnet staff, try getting 101 boys into a one hour episode. Yes there were favorites, but put yourself in their shoes. 

I didn’t realize I was so emotionally attached to the show and the trainees until I was watching the final episode live. I got up once, and it was to use the bathroom. But the whole time, I was screaming at my chromebook, crying into my hands, wiping the tears off of my cheeks, and talking to myself, telling myself to stop crying. When the episode stopped streaming (it completely stopped streaming right before they were going to announce Jihoon and Daniel’s ranking), I was torn. I wennt back to Tumblr and asked Katy for updates. And when she told me Daniel was 1st and Jihoon was 2nd, I was thrilled because I was actually getting updates. And then I asked for number 11, who had not been revealed yet. And then Katy said, “Ha Sungwoon”. Well, it was in all caps, but you get it. Basically I was bawling so much that I ended up making these weird sounds of happiness/sadness for all the other trainees that had gotten eliminated and the final lineup. And then Katy said something about Jonghyun being 14 and Samuel not making it and I got even more emo, probably sitting there mind-blown. And then I completely stopped functioning and stared at my screen thinking, ‘my boys did it, ohmygod, they did it. I’m so proud of them all’. Turns out I was mumbling to myself, according to my sister. 

I am still emotionally drained from that day (and it didn’t help that I had to follow someone around a wedding for two days; it’s a Hmong tradition). I will forever support my boys in Wanna-One and the boys who are going to debut/comeback or continue pursuing their dreams of becoming an idol.

Produce 101 Season 2. Thank you for bringing me on a emotional roller coaster ride. Thank you for allowing me to give you the title(s) of Broduce 101 and Adoption 101. 

I especially want to thank the trainees, who have found a way to my heart. I will always support you all and I will always be by your side.

The people I want to thank even more, are the people in the Produce 101 Family. We stick together, keep each other updated, and share our PD101 thoughts. We don’t all talk, but as a PD101/Wanna-One family, we always stick together. Thanks so much for having me, and I would love to tag you all. Just pray that I didn’t forget anybody. If I do, I’m sorry, but I do appreciate and love every single PD101/Wanna-One blog on Tumblr. :) I’m also sorry if I tag you twice :”)

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Thanks so much again, and I love you all so much ^~^

Can I just say that it feels SO DAMN GOOD when you take a quiz/test and you actually know the answers to them. Like it is soooooo rewarding because you studied and worked hard on it and it’s definitely paying off! 📚🤓👏🏻🗣