but im jealous of the teddy bear

I wanted to do a different ship meme...

So here one is! 

  • Who is the restless sleeper?
  • Who eats cereal for dinner?
  • Who wears odd socks?
  • Who reads more?
  • Who prefers a bath over a shower?
  • Who can knit?
  • Who has the weirder laugh?
  • Who gets more jealous?
  • Who sleeps with a teddy bear?
  • Who still uses internet explorer?
  • Who is the most sentimental?
  • Who can play an instrument?
  • Who has the worst sense of direction?
  • Who cooks breakfast?
  • Who is the early riser?
my camren theory

okay ive done some research, some stalking. actually no. i just stared at these photos on my phone and came up with this theory

 you see here that lauren the jauregayy says just wanna quickly remind you of how much i love you most of you will say theres an all in there, but i cant see it so… i think this post really is for someone, which i think is for oprah but my friend keeps insisting its for camila so okayyy, its for camila

and we all know that camila unfollowed the girls recently and deleted birthday greetings so i think, this posts which is a day after the unfollowing tragedy happens, is for them, the girls, for the girls. meh

after the unfollowing. this post went viral i dont know why. just kidding it didnt went viral, just messing with yall

as you can see here this post is from a month i dont rememeber and from a date i dont remember too, and she is eating ice cream and when you look closely, you wont see what brand of ice cream the ice cream is, AND YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE RELATION OF THIS GIF TO MY THEORY??? NOTHING, but that woman behind lauren has a terrible jacket. # just saying

in this gif you can see lauren get jealous of the dog cause the dog get to kiss camila in public while she cant, so shes wondering how to strangle the dog by its collar.

after the dog incident lauren buyed a teddy bear, white just like the dog to make camila jealous and surprisingly it work, camila then asked this jaurello editor to edit her to this lauren pic 

but after all this drama we should keep in mind that the dog is A merch, the ice cream is a merch, the teddy bear is a merch, dinah is a merch, lauren is a merch and camila is a merch, we are all just a merch store shipping our items together, 

conclusion: i am just so bored, and i am so high, and i dont know what im doing, you shouldve known that by now so yeah.


What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Cute Needy Seungri, receiving a surprise gift and an exciting skype call that gets interrupted by a tipsy ball of ginger fluff…


Author’s Note: I couldn’t not include adorable *cough cough* drunk Jiyong ;)

Recommended Listening: Nothing Left To Lose - Kari KimmelLets Not Fall In Love - BIGBANG

Chapter 11 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 10

[SR: Skype me? :) x]

You narrow your eyes at the text as you make your way home from work on the bus, having literally just got off the phone with Seungri moments ago, after he’d called to ask about your day, brightening your mood after your 9-9 classes which for some reason all felt like you were pulling nails from your students today, using stupid jokes to make you laugh and explaining scenarios in which he would have made you feel better- all strictly PC of course.

You definitely weren’t adverse to talking to him some more, but from past experiences of boys on skype- all from your friends stories and smut that you’d read online- you couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous and uneasy about video calling with him.

[Y/N: We literally just got off the phone xD Why do you want to skype?]

[SR: Because I miss being able to look at your beautiful face ;) x]

His answer comes literally seconds after your message, and the usually naïve, trusting side of you immediately begins to melt at his words, smiling shyly to yourself as you get off of the bus at your stop and walk down the street to your apartment. As you walk in through the main door and bow to the usual receptionist that dealt with the mail, maintenance and security of the place, you’re surprised when he stops you, smiling as he calls you over before disappearing into the back room.

You hear a lot of shuffling and grunting before he emerges again, and your eyes stretch like saucers when you see him heaving out a giant, beautifully decorated white box and the biggest bouquet of flowers you’d ever seen.

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OK IM VERY SORRY FOR THE LATE HUSBAND!JEONGHAN like im just gonna leave this here, and if i ever said the scenario will be up tomorrow that means 3000000 years later ok love u im rly sorry:

  • waking up next to an angel every morning
  • isnt that the best thing ever ;;;
  • if he woke up first he’s going to make breakfast and its gonna taste like its from heaven and also he is from the heaven too so that kinda makes sense
  • “here comes the airplane aaaaaa”
  • “but ur my baby :(”
  • ok yoon jeonghan stop it right there
  • ok lets be honest he’s gonna be the one cooking in the house no doubt
  • him doing many aegyo just for u
  • those lazy mornings where he doesnt have any schedule
  • “um… ..jagi… …what are u doing with my shampoo”
  • he bought this big teddy bear for u and name it jeonghan so when u miss him u can just hug the bear cliche af but u love it dont deny it
  • you taking sneaky photo of him when he’s not looking for ur lockscreen
  • u getting mad bc he’s so beautiful
  • he’s gonna be so happy when u tell him youre pregnant with his child!!!! like!!! no!!! way!!! im!! gonna!!! be!! a!!! dad!!!! tHAT SUPER COOL AND YOURE THE MOTHER WHTADH
  • and he’s super excited like youve never seen him this excited he’s so hyper
  • “OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH” thats probably what ur gonna hear for the rest of the day
  • idk how many kids he wants tho???/ maybe 2 or 3
  • but he’s gonna be a very supportive dad seriously
  • and he’s those dad that his kid’s friends kept talking about
  • sure sometimes theyd mistaken him as a woman but trust me he’s so manly like have u seen him im crying
  • he’d gave one of his kids piggy back rides and the other would be jelly so he’d have to do the same with them
  • theyre gonna be watching something when youre not home and when youre home theyre sound asleep with the tv on and popcorn scattered around
  • playing soccer or backetball is like a routine ok
  • and his hair when he’s playing is like so beautiful have u seen that one clip from mansae where his hair is just like WHOOOSHSHSH
  • one time he slept with the kids and theyre hugging him everywhere one was hugging his hand and the other is his leg and one is laying on top of him AND ITS REALLY CUTE U JUST NEED TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THEM
  • many cute sellfies with him saved in his phone and he’d just smile like an idiot looking through them
  • he bites his lip a lot like
  • BITING HIS LIP THO HMHMHMHMHM I VOLUNTEER ok the i volunteer part was so old i apologize
  • making out with jeonghan tho gmmmhmhmhm ok why am i like this
  • but i can see one of ur kids walking in on u and him having a hot make out session IM LAUGHIGN
  • he’s probably gonna clear it up to them bc ur just too embarrassed to
  • he likes to randomly hold ur hand and kiss ur knuckles SO CUTE and youd blush and this boy will just flash u his angelic smile and get u dead
  • trying new recipes with him
  • “ok put 2 eggs”
  • “and also sugar”
  • the kids asking him to sing before they sleep bc he has a voice of an angel duh
  • and when theyre finally asleep he’s gonna sneak out the room carefully and went to u guys room and saw u already asleep
  • he’d smile and lay down next to u and wrap his arms around u and u stir
  • “jeonghan??????????”
  • “sssssh its me now go back to sleep”
  • “are the kids asleep”
  • “yep”
  • and so youd just sleep like that ur ear pressed against his chest and u can hear the faint sound of his heart beats that calms u down as he stroke ur hair AND ITS JUST SO PERFECT WHYWWHWYWH
  • and just in case u happened to marry this angel u need to be prepared since one of the things above might happen to u right you never know

OK LMAO SO LATE click here for more husband!au :~)

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Kiyoshi my perfect bae headcanon, pl ease? *puppy eyez*


• His favorite PDAs are holding hands and holding his partner’s waist. When they’re alone, whoever, the beast comes loose he varies from cuddle king/teddy bear/forehead kissing monster to “I can’t have you thinking that I’m a nice guy all the time” omg help me im blushing
 He doesn’t get jealous very often. It’s not that he likes when people are too friendly with his s/o, but he knows they love him and they show it all the time, so he doesn’t really get worried.
• He and his s/o have the adorable habit of going to the hospital every saturday morning to read stories to the sick children.
• His weakest spot is right under his ear, right at the beginning of his neck. Kiss him there and he’ll do seriously anything you ask.