but im in love with them

I started thinking about Taekook constantly teasing and acting dorky around Namjoon just to get his attention and make him laugh and just all three of them chilling on the couch watching some tv show or movie with Joonie sitting in the middle and Taehyung and Jungkook curled up on either side of him. It’s not that they’re bored or that the movie’s not interesting but rather that Taehyung and Jungkook can’t sit still for too long around Namjoon so they just kinda

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to get his attention but Namjoon has the patience of a saint and ignores them, completely engrossed in what ever is playing on the tv. Taekook would start doing all sorts of things, tugging on his arms and poking his dimples and sides, tugging on his sleeves and whining for their hyung to pay attention to them 

also, I’m not saying that Namvkook are the typa boyfriends who’d dance drunkenly in the living room at three in the morning but 

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can you imagine the genuine hell that is jirard and shane’s dorm in the morning. jirard waking up at the Crack Of Dawn (6 am) and shane waking up 10 minutes before class and being so grumpy about it so it’s safe if you knock and get smiley, i’ve-been-ready-for-three-hours jirard but you know you better run for your fucking life if the door slams open and shane is stood there snarling and pressing his hands into his eyes to simulate sweet nighttime

forget the chocobros, i want an oracleglaive road trip.
give me crowe picking UP luna and going BACK to
insomnia, “though i hate to admit it; i can’t do this
alone. help me out?”

give me crowe, nyx, libertus, and luna all cooped up
in some SHITTY RENTAL CAR to get luna to altissia.

give me the three of them going to gas stations late
at night to avoid any attention, them pulling over and
just passing out— give me steamy windows and part
of their morning ROUTINE to wipe them all down. or
them ‘drawing’ dumb pictures on them..

give me them in shitty disguises, luna learning to do
galahd-style braids, ridiculous photo-taking, and all
of them just LOOKING OUT for each other?

give me a tough goodbye when they each altissia,
and the glaives driving off. give me them getting
two hours outside the city before they realize—
“she won’t make it a week without us.” and they
swerve that car around and probably get eight
speeding tickets to get BACK to her.

give me an oracleglaive road trip and relations.

anyway !! i received a lot of nice comments on those url memes i sent to others, so consider this a small one-line dialogue starter call! this is for those who wanna interact with me, but don’t wanna plot anything out. i’ll definitely take priority on those i have not interact with yet!


the most romantic interaction i’ve ever had in skirmish: when enemy genji used swift strike on me, then ran to a health pack and shot shurikens at it, telling me to use it


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333