but im in love with them

I had this random lil neighborhood kiddo come up to me and ask me what grade I was in and I have no idea why? But it was just fuckin adorable and sweet and the lil kids in my neighborhood are all so sweet and I’ve helped them find their run-away dog on multiple occasions, and they have this huge group of kids who run around on bikes and scooters up and down my street and not to be actin older than I am, but it really makes me nostalgic?


And some really good pictures from my Hollywood Undead concert too!!!!!! ❤ it was super awesome and I still smile when I think about it or look through these!! The guys were so awesome and sweet and it was definitely the most energetic concert I’ve ever been to!!! ❤

  • eva: so if we update the fic every two weeks instead, we might be able to build up a little bit of a chapter buffer! and that would give me time to do the edits and the cover without overloading on pressure!
  • me: yeah that's really smart!! let's do it!
  • me: ....
  • me: [spends the free week crying about our newest characters and writing everything but the next chapter]
  • me: hmm. failed step one

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YEA like. good close internet friends you would protecc and 10/10 recc

ooo all my mutuals and followers i would def protecc but @/gyoomie, @/ash-is-boss, @/bakubros, and @/myagletismissing are all ridiculously wonderful and have really encouraged me these past few months!! srsly they’re all such sweethearts and i cherish them so much///