but im happy with the result idek


The stage is all lit up. It’s so bright… Back then, I wished to become an idol… or something that shines. That’s why I was so happy when you found me. It’s like I fell under a spell… I didn’t want it to ever end. But the spell was broken. If we don’t produce results at the ball, the department will be dissolved. So I meant to do my best, but somewhere along the line, it turned into a lie. Mio-chan’s solo activities, Rin-chan’s Triad Primus, my work with Miho-chan too. I tried to see that we were each getting stronger, doing what was needed so the ball would be a success. I meant to give it my all like they were. But everyone was shining, except for me… And I was so scared because I thought I couldn’t.

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls