but im going to sleep now

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i am so stressed and unhappy, and i don't even know why, do you have any advice to help an unwell sapphic?

try to set aside time to just do whatever you want! like even if it’s just a few hours a week, having time specifically set away to just sleep or go on the internet or do whatever without having to justify it to yourself can be so nice. if you have someone close to you you can talk to about this, i would try that as well! and if ur still in school i’d maybe talk to your guidance counselor about this? because even if it doesn’t seem too too bad now you don’t want it to get worse, ygm? im thinking of u and hoping for the best <3

Ignore this post im frustrated and crying and need to get my thoughts out somewhere

Honestly fuck this. Like i just have no idea whats gonna happen and i am just SO scared and my mind wont shut UP and i just want to sleep. I thought i could be this person but now i dont know anymore and im so worried about my future and everything and i. GOD I JUST WANT THE WORLD TO STOP FOR JUST ONE SECOND. Just stop and let me clear my head and take a breath and figure it all out. But everyones going so fast and EVERYTHING is happening and i just cant catch up and i dont even fucking know who i am or what i want or who i want to be and im stuck. All i want is some peace and certainty and not this hell cycle of thinking and wondering and getting my hopes up and dissapointing myself and everyone around me and NOT. KNOWING.

Not gonna lie when Niall said he missed Liam’s scent I immediately thought of the bullshit that was Ian and Mickey BYE IM GOING TO CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP NOW

gizmo is home and ate A LOT of food lol he’s sleeping now and seems to be comfortable. don’t know how the appointment tomorrow will go but right now im just glad to have him.

hello my beautiful chokers, we haven’t really reached a specific amount of followers, but our anniversary is approaching so we figured might as well do our first follow forever in honour of the day we became KPOP trash. this blog has developed from just reblogs to memes to writing to gifs, from exo to bangtan to got7 to bigbang to monsta x to b.a.p. we’d like to thank everyone who has followed us since the start and to all the new followers welcome! 

우리 오래가자 (let’s stay together for a long time) 

writers: ✍, favourites: ♥︎

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We almost missed out on something amazing

Why isn’t TodoDeku considered THE Christmas ship???? 

Todoroki’s painful childhood, Izuku’s lonely childhood with only his mother as his comfort, both wishing for something a little better, seeing things they want more than anything but can’t have (Todoroki wants family and Izuku wants to be a hero) and like. Their colors. 

Pls look at this evidence.

it is,,,,,, destiny,,,,,,,,,, they are each other’s PRESENTS 

All I can say is that I’m going to be furious if the team flare arc “redeems” Ash as being stronger than Alain. That’s such a cheap writing tactic to get out of Ash winning a league while still having him be the strongest by the end. It’s akin to having him be ~only defeated by legendaries~ in the Sinnoh league, only worse because this time Ash COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE won but didn’t because the writers can’t allow him to move forward.