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Sam after Eileen dies: 

“I want to punch something in the face”.

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Jensen on Dean after Cas dies: 

“Dean wants to shoot Jack in the face”.

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I’m just going to leave this here. 

Don’t think about how Sam and Dean’s reactions to Cas always reveal that Dean’s feelings are romantic. 

Don’t think about how in 12x22 we were reminded that John was a shell after Mary died and Mary made a demon deal to save John. 

Don’t think about how J2 have revealed that Sam is logical and uses his head whereas Dean is emotionally compromised and is using his heart as season 13 picks up.

Dont think about the season 12 recap video either, that paralleled Saileen with Destiel hugs, then ended with that long shot of Dean collapsing next to Cas’ body while “nothing else matters” plays over the top.

If there’s one thing I appreciate about Nolan it’s definitely the way he forces his audience to consume his work non-traditionally. And its not the sound effects that did it, the score, or the 70mm film that did that for me. It was completely, 100% the way he chose to cut the film together and decided not only how it would be told, but provided such minimal context for each narrative that as a moviegoer i was forced to exist with the character in their current reality.

This seems like some A+ me analysis haha

It’s hard…

And I think every sheith shipper feels the same?

Because you see “something”, but you also know “that something” never actually happens.

Like I have hope, of course I do, but honestly it’s very small. Because I know how these stuff work and that after all Voltron is a bsns. (And I have to admit my hope was kinda high for awhile, because you know.. netflix, dreamworks, creators seem like they really care about the subject, but then I read some stuff that really made me go from like a 7 out of 10 about seeing some of the main characters as a gay couple in the show, to like a 2…)

I think simply put it, Sheith just seems like something that’s too good to be true. 

Like If it actually happens I’d be mindblown! haha.

Because I think deep down we all know that no matter how much their characters revolve around eachother in canon, eventually Shiro is gonna be smoochin Romelle (or dead) and Keith’s gonna be falling for Allura or something, because it’s basically law that when two men show so much love, affection and devotion for eachother in popular media they gotta be “straight bros with a deep special bond” and nothing else, and if the creators are kind enough they gonna say “oh but fans can think whatever in their head, we’re cool with them being gay too” and if they’re REALLY KIND, they just gonna leave things ambiguous.

And I have nothing against strong brotherly relationships, I love them, and I think romantic relationships are overrated and well romanticized to the point people consider them to be the pinnacle of love. Which they definitely aren’t.

Personally what Shiro and Keith have right now, and where I see them going in the future is enough for me. Because to me that’s kind of a level above romance. 

But I really REALLY want them to go the romance way with them for different reasons, because I understand the kind of impact having two characters like Keith and Shiro specifically, end up in a romantic relationship with eachother in a popular kids cartoon would have. And I want that. BADLY. Words cannot describe even.

And also because I love these characters, I love Keith and Shiro and I want them to be happy, and I think they are the best partner for eachother, the person each one of them really deserves to always have by their side, so ofcourse I’m rooting for them to end up together eventually. I mean cmon, they’re so good for eachother.

But I also know that Voltron is not a drama, they are not writing a love story, they are writing an adventure for kids that centers around family and friendship. So in my mind I know that any kind of romance will probably not get the center stage like Keith and Shiro seem to get so far.

And I don’t expect any romance to happen in the show at this point in time but closer to the end of the series. So I can’t be disappointed yet with it not happening haha, because it’s not even at that place for me right now.

But it’s like I’m waiting to be disappointed haha, just so I could finally get this idea out of my head and focus on other things.

I dunno, I feel like part of me is drinking up all this sheith they are giving us and part of me is screaming at the writers and show runners like “Stop doing that!!! You know you’re not gonna pull through with it! Just make Keith act like a fucking brother to Shiro already and not like Shiro is the air he breathes!! What is wrong with you??? Just go ahead and make me choke on the Ka/llura and Shom//elle already, I can take it!! ” haha


season 3 oliver was so sad and angsty