but im glad that everything is good now

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in love w/ my best friend but everything is so convoluted that dating right now is not a good option for either of us but god. i'm so happy to know someone like him exists in the world even if i can't be with him in the way i want to be

!!!! awhww thats so sweet omg… im glad that ur happy with how things are!! the last sentence u wrote is so pure sjdkfsjdf i cant get over it aww

so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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🌈 I had a really slow day today and I was very lethargic, but during the evening I perked up! I feel a lot better now.

I fell asleep before seeing the most recent asks so sorry about the delay~ I’m glad you feel a lot better now! I know the feeling of listlessness that sort of seeps into your bones and makes everything slow and weird. I hope you’re having a good day today <3

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i really loved sam as a boyfriend! that was SO GOOD i just died inside. can you please write a fanfic where sam falls in love with an international fan when he met her at one of the concerts and theyre the same age and everything? THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤

thank you so much! and thanks everyone else!! Now i would like to apologize for how long this is… idk what got over me. I hope everyone enjoys! The next request is in the works~ 

im glad I met u

You graduated high school a bit ago and things have been working out smoothly for you. Your parents decided to let you go Korea University for the summer program. You were ecstatic and started organizing your plans. You would be staying with another transfer student who you happen to know from online, so you won’t have to worry about that. Your parents provided you with money, but you decided that you would do some english tutoring on the side. 

Now you really liked kpop, like who doesn’t? You were sooo hype that you’ll be able to attend shows and fansigns. Sam Kim was a special one though. It would be an understatement to simply call him your fave. But it’s not like your were obsessed with him in an unhealthy way. You just really appreciated his music and all the intricate skills. And yes, okay, it didn’t hurt that he was extremely good looking. Summer time was the best time for outdoor events, especially for acoustics, so you’ll have plenty of times to see him. You would leave for South Korea in the morning. That night you had blissful dreams about adventures to come. 

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vvarp-core replied to your post “Welp, send me your thoughts on the new Jaal video maybe? I need to…”

The fact that he is not currently hugging me is a bane on my existence tbh. Also i take back any good things i said about gender dimorphism in angara why are the females so skinny. Also the bit where jaal and scott were doing some like secret handshake looking thing?????? Im so fucking down for that i want jaal to teach me everything about his culture if thats some sort of gesture of friendlg greeting (which is the impression i gog) im gunna cry???? I live for aliens tbh

Yeah, I was really excited for the female angara but now I’m just disappointed. 

And yes, I’m glad you noticed that too! Tumblr ate my pics but I’m really excited to learn stuff about these funky cat-squids, including their secret handshakes.

And then everything was good and nothing hurt

*has two separate near tear up breakdowns*

This is the worst day ever, it can only get worse from there-




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THANK YOU SO MUCH moonwhing for the doll commission! I LOVE LAPIS LAZULI IM SO GLAD

I read one page near the end before starting it to see how it ends and i read a sentence that was happy so i was like “yes, good, im glad. my babies deserve happiness”

but than… oh fucking man, i get to the end and everything hurts and i cant even handle touching the book because i feel as though it betrayed me.
Aelin has grown so so so much from Throne of Glass, she is perfection i fucking tell you. 
So much happened yet it still wasnt enough, i fell in love with more characters and now im angry because HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH PEOPLES LIVES YOU GOD DAMN GODS HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. YOU FUCKED WITH HER LIFE ENOUGH BUT NO WHY NOT..


I want everyone to know im rooting for Aelin