but im doing it still

Ko-Fi comm for I.T.: Doodles of SeriRei

this page seemed a bit standard, but I got to draw Serizawa and Reigen emoting more than I’ve ever had. which says something I think. but honestly I just really enjoyed drawing this :’33 Thank you for the commission!! 

you can see how much stronger I press the pen towards the end tho what happened there

Ko-Fi Commission Info

@lesfemmesdangereuses and i were discussing robert sugden’s instagram life, as we often do, and we realised that the truth is that rob probably has people he knew from pre-emmerdale days who follow him and they have slowly been forced to witness his instagram just nosedive into a fuckin aaron shrine. 

like, all these random business people would be out there, just feeling like full on robron antis without even having met aaron, because robert never shuts up about him on social media. they would go to pubs and literally mention to their friends that they follow the worst person alive on instagram and their friends would be like this sounds like homophobia but then they would show their friends rob’s insta and their friends would be like we’re sorry for accusing you of hate speech this man is in fact the worst

and robert would just be there, living his life, posting random candid close ups of aaron’s face that aren’t even particularly well shot photos and that aaron doesn’t even know he’s taken and every single caption would look like this:

This. Man. #mylove #husband #myhusband #husbands #ilovemyhusband #marriedtomybestfriend #handsome #men #man #youcanthavehim #thisiswhatlovelookslike #love #loveislove #solucky #lucky #eternallyhis #life #success #goals #husbandgoals #bestdad #lovehim #🏳️‍🌈 #👬

and that’s just the real robert sugden tea

Today I was doodling in my Colleges Art Hall, and my art professor just lept around the corner, and said

“AHA! I see you’re drawing Gravity Falls??? *takes sip of coffee*

Me: Ah haha, yeah. ;^ ^
I just wanted to indulge myself a little before choir.

Professor: That sketchbook is completely full of Gravity Falls Fanart isn’t it?

Me: !!! W-what?? No! I got some other stuff in here-
*flips through all the used pages that are completely covered in Grunkles and cute 12 year olds*

i was so embarrassed

low-key feeling like if i was gone, it wouldn’t even matter.

yall ever associate two things & u cant figure out why

heyyyy guys

are bnha OCs still a thing?? bc i rly liked that trend. and i never got to post about my own back then… but i kind of want to now.

ok but anyway not even as a meme like in real life the xfiles makes me believe SO genuinely and strongly and truly in love to a point that it’s dangerous…. the second the credits roll im texting every fling/possible hook up in my phone contacts like “hey u up” because i SEE it now i DO!!! Love is real and powerful and GOOD!! and SEXY!!! Bitch when will i be that married!!!!!

i’m going to write a more detailed post, but please don’t assume my veronica is riverdale show! canon ( i may still draw from old headcanons and will probably tweak them ).

Wow had a horrible night, guess the only thing to do is sleep it off and hope the despair goes away lol!