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im really sorry for being inactive for the past 2? months. schools been hard and i havent been up to making wallpapers <b>sigh</b> anyway i still have about 20 requests to do. im so bad. im really sorry to those that have been waiting. ill try post them all before exam season starts for me in december. again im really sorry.

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p.s i made ig (again) so if anyone wants to follow me on there much appreciated :))

ok so like i keep noticing all these “Not Kr/p” blogs by name only who don’t actually give a shit abt the issues w kr/p bc they still write with / follow kr/p blogs /  rb kr/p promos and write w them which is still equally bad to me like they’re essentially still part of the community and contributing to it but they tryna big themselves up/get more followers by posing as Fake Woke rpers who insist on their merit in being Not Kr/p by name n “o look im Better” but they still got that kp/op idol Thirst goin on… like they’re trying to make themselves seem better/get easy followers without actively being open abt kr/p being Not Good and how bad it is towards east asians… so they rly just contributing to the problem n gettin follows from non kr/p people at the same time bc most ppl dont look That Deeply into it like even those weird ass rpers who write the actual fcs as themselves and try and pass them off as “uwu im an oc even tho im usin my fav idol boi for the fc n keeping his name the same” ?? if u ain’t familiar w the fc u aren’t gonna know theyre writing the actual person and im just like……. taking a big fuckin sip of tea…. hm. anyway. 

tl;dr i’ve seen a bunch of them around and i ain’t following u and will most likely block / softblock if there’s even the slightest vibe of you condoning kr/p or associating w the community on ur blog. that is all. i’m probs gonna update my rules on my blogs to reflect this soon enough.

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I literally dont remember following you and I have no idea who you are or what youre talkimg about most of the time, but you seem chill and Im enjoying the ride.

ah!!! ok so my old url was angrytoddhoward, i have a feeling you probably know me from when i was in the onceler fandom stream before, i was the one who played all of those bad onceler amvs when the host foolishly handed me the remote. ANYWAY im.. VERY GLAD UR ENJOYING THIS BLOG!!! i appreciate this ask a lot

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companions + what pokemon they'd have GO

youve unleashed a beast

also i linked all the Pokemon for those who dont know which one im talking about

Cait: She doesn’t actually have any until after she goes clean, and wouldn’t have trusted herself with one until then anyway, but she ends up with a Sawk and a Throh that would follow her to the ends of the Earth, courtesy of a one-time return trip to the Combat Zone to tie up loose ends. She also ends up adopting a mangy little Riolu that takes to guiding her away from the Psycho on her bad days.

Curie: Never had a Pokemon while she was in her Ms. Nanny body, but when a little Happiny comes stumbling into her life she can’t help but adore it. Years and many battles later it’s evolved into a Blissey and is arguably her most important assistant in the clinic.

Danse: In the Capital Wasteland he only had one, a mean old Quilava that had decided to stick with him when it met him on one scavving run. It evolved to a Typhlosion on the mission looking for Cutler, to try to help protect Danse. Once in the Brotherhood he recieved an Onix which quickly became a Steelix and the Ursaring and Aggron that belonged to Cutler. The Aggron can Mega-Evolve. (SPOILERS) Post Blind-Betrayal a beat up, scarred Elgyem bonds to him and scratches the Brotherhood emblem off his power armor after it sees him getting worked up looking at it.

Deacon: A Keclceon, obviously. He’ll never actually tell how he got it but the truth is that after his first face change it was the only thing that was able to recognize him. He also has a Chatot that he teaches rude words and incorrect song lyrics to and an Absol that helped him defend the first HQ he lost. People will occasionally claim to see a Zoroark with him, though he always denies it.

Hancock: Not much of a trainer, but has a ton of Pokemon that just kinda hang out around Goodneighbor and the Statehouse. The ones that are closest to him are the skinny little Persian with a bad eye and a cracked gem that sleeps at the foot of his bed, the Gabite that bites him whenever he tries to feed it but adores Fahrenheit, the Liepard that always yowls when he’s adressing the people from his balcony, and the Croagunk that has an uncanny ability to sense out bad ones in his chem stash. 

Maccready: Though he left all his Pokemon, a Teddiursa that likes to steal hats, a Zigzagoon that bullies the Teddiursa, and a Munna that used to belong to Lucy, with Duncan in the Capital Wasteland he got a Grovyle and a Krookodile while he ran with the Gunners. They’re both absolutely brutal in combat but real sweet on him.

Nick Valentine: He and Preston are the only ones with a full team, and Nick is because he sometimes ends up taking care of client’s Pokemon after they pass away. He has a crotchety old Sawsbuck that he keeps outside the city in a nearby settlement, a Klinklang that he recieved as a Klink as thanks for his first case being closed, a Kingler that always tracks water into the agency from who knows where, a Golurk that stands outside Diamond City like a guard and waves at him when he leaves, a Klefki that tries to hook on to his belt at all times of the day, and a Stoutland he recieved as a Herdier after it’s owner died looking for his daughter with Nick.

Piper: Most of her Pokemon stay with Nat while she’s travelling, the Gardevoir and Breloom from their Father staying behind and the Altaria she raised from a Swablu going out into the wasteland with her.

Preston: He got his first Pokemon when he was really young, a Growlithe that torched a patch of crops on his family farm that he stopped his Dad from putting down that evolved into an Arcanine when he joined up with the Minutemen. He also has a Dragonite that was originally a Dragonair he found half dead on the beach when he was 15. Throughout the years he also raised a finicky Eevee into an Sylveon that is incredibly protective of settlers, a Turtwig into a very gentle Torterra who has a little mutfruit tree growing off it’s back, a Braviary that he found with a hurt wing who he’s taken to calling “McGann”, and though he doesn’t get to see it often, a Lapras who lives on the coast that later serves to ferry people between the mainland and Spectacle Island.

X6-88: If asked, he’ll always say that it’s against regulations for a synth to have one but that hardly stops a duo of Skarmory and Houndoom from following him around while he’s on missions topside. They’re efficient and have yet to get in the way so he doesn’t bother with trying to stop them, and even slips them food from time to time. He also favors the Skarmory for keeping flying bugs well away from him.

EDIT: Arthur Maxon: He has three, all of whom are fiercely loyal, combat trained since birth, and marked with the Brotherhood insignia in one way or another. The one he is bonded closest to is a Luxray that he received as a Shinx to raise for his 10th birthday. He never went after another Pokemon until he was 13, when he captured a Registeel while he was looking for a deathclaw. He also cares for the Metagross that Sarah Lyons used to own, though it’s not much in a fight anymore he holds it near and dear to him because it’s the last thing he has of her. It used to be able to mega evolve.


hello world. its not my first time on tumblr, but hoo boi its been a while since ive been on here. last time i had tumblr i had maybe 600 followers, and it’d be pretty lit to get those followers back. if you want you guys can like promote me and stuff and that’d be super great. i post things like bts, exo, nct 127/U, voltron, star wars, the 100, riverdale, marvel, hp, and doctor who. im pretty cool with ships too except for sha/ladin and yknow gross stuff like that. i prolly sound pretty cringy rn but thats cuz im bad at intros. anyways my dudes, my guys, if u follow me get ready for a mess that is my life, bc im not a typical “”tumblr”” person so like ur in for it boi. (idk for example i dont stan ppl too hard, im not lgbt, and i am not a potato) thats basically what i hear from tumblr so thats what i think it is lmao. 

have fun tumblring weirdos 


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I finally got the motivation to do this follow forever. I`ve been wanting to make one ages ago but I`m just so lazy. ahaha Uhh.. anyway… Thank you so much for making my dash pretty! :’) You guys are all awesome. BLESS YOU ALL. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) To those who aren`t included, please don`t feel bad! ლ(́ಥ ‿ ಥ ლ) (im practically following you all forever anyway lol i rarely unfollow people) AHHH YOU ALL HAVE AMAZING BLOGS (❁´◡`❁)

To all my followers, you`re all beautiful. (◡‿◡✿) Thank you so much for following my shitty bloggu (≧∇≦)ノ and also for liking/reblogging my posts (✿◠‿◠) You`re all important to me ok. :’) I LOVE YOU EHEHE ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) (please don`t be creeped out pfft)

And now, I present to you list of these amazing blogs (I grouped them according to blog type so it`ll be easier to check these blogs out! Click the gifs for the types. So sorry if I included you in the wrong group! ;A;):

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Celebrating such a huge number of followers damn sure is an amazing way to start off the year! Just recently I hit 1k followers and until now, people just keep coming in and follow me. May it be for my shitposting, my desperate attempts to attract people to the TF2 fandom or even because people are actually interested in roleplaying with me, thank you. Thank you all so much for sticking around with me. You guys are the best. <3

And now, to the BIAโ€™s list!:

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so, 2014 is ending but man there are so many awesome people i met this year, adding to the awesome people i already knew, so why not list them all for a good old follow forever! excuse the lame edit im really busy right now but i want to do this

bolded are faves, italics are friends and if you don’t find yourself on here, i’m really sorry and i love you anyway blame it on my bad memory


5soskingdom k-magnussen snoglucas hollamike badassmuke 5secsofyoutube 5sosmichael 5sos-offical can’t forget those losers who we all are here for 5sos-official

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acoustic-cal addictirwin aerical alltimecliffo all-lime-toe aquajoggers ash5sos ashickey ashotons ashtonirweenies ashtton awksclifford badassmuke bangahemmo bootical bottomcal bradleysluke calmhemmo1996 calsbutt calukehood calumkissmequick chocosos cliffdork  cliffordspizzaconda cliffordsptv cliffortune clinicalum close-ash-strangers cuddlyhemming

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love you all, here’s to a happy 2015!