but im bad at following those anyway

so, 2014 is ending but man there are so many awesome people i met this year, adding to the awesome people i already knew, so why not list them all for a good old follow forever! excuse the lame edit im really busy right now but i want to do this

bolded are faves, italics are friends and if you don’t find yourself on here, i’m really sorry and i love you anyway blame it on my bad memory


5soskingdom k-magnussen snoglucas hollamike badassmuke 5secsofyoutube 5sosmichael 5sos-offical can’t forget those losers who we all are here for 5sos-official

A - C

acoustic-cal addictirwin aerical alltimecliffo all-lime-toe aquajoggers ash5sos ashickey ashotons ashtonirweenies ashtton awksclifford badassmuke bangahemmo bootical bottomcal bradleysluke calmhemmo1996 calsbutt calukehood calumkissmequick chocosos cliffdork  cliffordspizzaconda cliffordsptv cliffortune clinicalum close-ash-strangers cuddlyhemming

D - H

dathoodlife deadlymuke downunderirwin duhmichael dylanolarry eightn erectedirwin fallenfor5sos fiivessos f-ivesos fknmichael fortheloveofirwin ftmike goldhemmings heartcake-girl hehemmos hemmoan hemmoballerina hemmofab hemmokay hemmomermaid hemmoniac hoecasta hoodhug hotdamn5sos hrrys httpcal huggablehemmo hugthehemmo

I - O

ichaelclifford idblowluke irweed irwiggle irwinee irwinsobs irwinty jamesniall kickassclifford loudons lucascuddles lukehemnno lukey lukeyslaugh maggys-ashtonopia marvellashton masturbassist mikashton mikerowaving mikeyshemmo mikeysvevo minniemichael mpregashton mtvirwin mukenope ohemmoh

P - Z

panicinthehood pinncock plaidmikey poppumkirwin punk-roque reclifford rejectlucas rememberingclifford sandslashton sexgodirwin sexkittenclifford smurfyclifford snoglucas snogsniall spoken-not-written steakpanties sunnylukey tallirwin tardismuke twerkitcashton unpredictcble vodkaclifford vogueashton voodoocliff weedmikey

love you all, here’s to a happy 2015!