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Honestly it's so cool of you to promo everyone's DA fanfics, I don't have any to toss your way at the moment but I still wanted to pop in and thank you for doing something so nice for the community <3

bless you, i really hope it’s actually helpful! there’s only so much i can do if ppl still dont reblog those posts lmfao. it’d just be great if we could all decide as a community like, let’s appreciate and support content creators, esp those who are undervalued in fandom & on tumblr. there’s a lot of great writers out there who get ignored & disheartened, & even from a purely mercenary point of view that means the fandom misses out on potential new fic that person would be writing if they felt more encouraged

so like. lets take responsibility to help change that? yall in?

On Wednesday, one of my cats ran away. She has been with us for 4 years, and, to me, she was like a sister.

She’d always curl up on my legs whenever I was playing videogames and even when I was on the bed, she’d jump on it and stay next to me. She’d meow at me to call me because she wanted to play, and whenever I wasn’t at home, she’d go to my brother’s room (where the videogames are, lol) because she’d think to find me there.

And she ran away. We found her twice, in an abandoned house near where we live. But whenever we would get near, she’d run away again. There are lots of stray cats here, and it isn’t the first time one of our cats escaped, but they would always visit us each day (also because my mom leaves cat food on the lawn for them). But she never came.

So now I’m feeling pretty down.

Ceren told me, to cheer me up, “you’ll see, she will return before Saturday”. And we made a bet.

On Thursday night, he told me “You’ll see, she’ll come back tomorrow.”

Friday morning, she really came into our lawn, but ran away as soon as she saw us. In a way, she really came back, even though for just a few minutes.

And today, Saturday, I didn’t see her, but a guy in the city who was selling little figurines and such gave me a little wooden cat.

Today I also dreamt that a girl had found my cat and she brought her back to us.

It was… weird.

So yeah… I’m feeling a little down about this. My cat was a stray before we adopted her, and it’s not the first time she actually stayed outside for more than one day, but it’s the first time that she never came back, not even once. I’m not worried about her not finding food or anything, considering that we know that she can hunt on her own and there’s always the food that my mom leaves outside.

But still, my mom is pretty down for this too. We all loved her, but maybe she just didn’t want to stay with us anymore.


Every time I come back to this AU, I get reminded of how pure these two are??

I adjusted Mika’s appearance slightly by adding more scales/fins on his body!! Yuu loves wearing his khaki shorts and fave matcha-green hoodie :-)

How the quiznak did Lotor know?

“You’re going to have lower your shield,”

“Prepare to fire as soon as the shield goes down.”

Deadass know Lotor’s smart but saying almost the exact words in this scene its like someone told him that unless…

He spy with his little eye


Here’s Subject Y0XT39 for your soul

even if it is not Our Shiro I just hope he’ll have his happy ending I mean look at him

God I hope I’m wrong 

(( the quickest doodle to have ever doodled 
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after the law that the romanian government passed 3 days ago (which as i said in my last post, would effectively make corruption legal (if under 45k euros, good joke) and would pardon everyone who previously got arrested for it) , thousands upon thousands of people went out in the streets to protest, making this the largest protest romania’s had since the 1989 revolution

it hasnt even been 30 years, i really hope we can stop it here and now