but im an mv maker

 @hazlouquitefinished​ posted about 2:47 before, but didn’t mention the whole article, only a song.

let me introduce you to this nice screenshot:

what you see there

is an article about mirrors.

I quote,

“MIRRORS have artistic heritage. In the 19th-century, the convex kind were a source of fascination for artists who used them as props, hinting at things going on in the background.

Sometimes they included themselves in the scene — depicting their reflections grafting away at the easel. Mirrors brought light to dark palettes and gloomy interiors, just as they do today in our homes.“


  • artists who used them as props, hinting at things going on in the background.

Does it maybe… sound familiar? These are the very first sentences from the article. (Further the article focuses on mirrors and their meaning in our homes, trends etc., but remember that what makes you interested in an article is the first few sentences.)

Hinting about hinting, Louis?

finally started making a game hhhhh. im making it in rpg maker mv and oh boi do i have a lot to learn. im probably gonna start learning more about javascript and stuff soon too.it has no name yet but!! its gonna be (mostly) horror!

oooo main character  ( > v ‘ )/

Edit: i forgot to add that this is a side project! Im gonna start making my main game very soon ( > v ‘ )/

Thank you for this but i still feel like this EdGG looks somewhat weird?? I hope i did good for ya!

and :O!!
See,, im not like studying or anything,, i just got my hands on RPG maker MV and im having a grand ol’ time seeing if i can actually pull this off?

Gosh though! I’ve been thinking,, that I’m gonna make a separate account about the game and it’s characters to interest people?? also i love sharing the characters so much,, ive already made joke comics,,

It’s p much about a man getting killed on his wedding day, waking up in the world of the dead and doing his best to get out– come back to life and finish his wedding! :0c 
Simple plot,, but the characters and everything else should make up for the kinda simplistic?? not too interesting plot??

I’m glad to see someone’s interested though! And I hope to get that account started! I hope to get more people interested! ^o^