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Can you imagine human Tae just going out to pick some fruits&flowers but one of them smells danger approaching so they literally go out running while transforming and their wolves just instinctually surround Tae but it was just a sole nymph passing through and Tae never fails to bring it up but he's secretly happy he has the best protectors as his boyfriends& also just imagine him baking and it's kinda bad but they pretend its delicious so that they don't make him sad. man anons back me up here

why must you hurt me like this? this is my new favourite concept istg i will pay money for this (lmao i won’t because i’m broke) but still!!

i can’t get over the idea of wolf pack bts adopting human tae like maybe tae was ‘rejected’ by the human world, his human family didn’t accept him, society doesn’t approve of him so he finds a new welcoming home with a pack of wild wolves in the forest and he’s never been happier. 

bts pack as so smitten with tae, they love him to bits and they’re sooo protective of him (bc even though tae is capable they have this idea that all humans are weak) so they’re constantly by his side and even though he teases them about being overly protective it means the world to him that he’s finally found a family that cares about him :’^) 

pretending to like his subpar human cooking!!! i’m crying, they are so whipped for him. they literally tell him it’s delicious because they want to see him smile <3

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General message to all if anyone EVER wants to draw anything from any of my fics I would literally………DIE……..just putting that out there……

that said I hope you LIKE IT to begin with lol 


HELLO everyone!

I have finally made it home after an absolutely fantastic vacation and WOW a lot happened while I was away!  The spn finale….. which was just a big fat NO THANK YOU

 But luckily it was thankfully SAVED by all the beautiful stuff that happened at Jibcon :D

Anyways i’ll try to get around to posting more stuff soon once I get all unpacked and peel off all my sunburned skin XD.  Big hugs to all the new followers I got while I was away!?!?!?!  *waves excitedly*  I have  @prayforjensen to thank for most of that.  <3

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Some fans met Tarjei after his play tonight and he was such a sweetheart to them. Carl was there as well and he was wonderful as well. The play was apparently filmed professionally and Carl may have been filmed (perhaps to say a few words), so we'll see if there's a DVD or something. I love that people are having such positive experiences meeting Tarjei and have nothing but good things to say about his play.

if they put out a dvd of it im gonna cry thatd be great,, also yes tarjei is too nice and from what ive read/seen the play IS really cool so like!! im so sad i didnt get to see it live


have a celebratory brotherly reunion fanmix that is set up to be the soundtrack for a lot of adventures yet to come

circles - passenger // i bet my life/shots mashup - maddie wilson // brother - mighty oaks // sax rohmer #1 - the mountain goats // somewhere only we know - keane // hills to climb - tim meyers // on your side - cin3ma // bumpy ride - the hoosiers // here’s to us - halestorm // brother - needtobreathe // anything for you - ludo // never look away - vienna teng // don’t tear us apart - dropkick murphys // you know me - air traffic controller // warrior - paradise fears



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