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Ily: I love you

Ilysm: I love you so much

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hello everyone!! i recently hit my first big goal so i decided it’s a good reason to make my first follow forever!! i wanted to show appreciation for my lovely mutuals, you really make this place so fun!! thank you for making my dash look so beautiful ♡  sorry if i excluded anyone, some people changed urls and i couldn’t find them… and if you’re following me from a sideblog i could forget to check it ;;

special shout out to @leejinks for teaching me pretty much everything photoshop related, i’m sorry i’m so dumb but you can’t escape me, ily too

to @jimissi​ aka my bro. my lovely dude. thank you for loving and accepting me as i am, i know that even that pineapple discourse can’t tear us apart

anyway here’s a list of some really wonderful people, thank you sososo much for following me!! ♡

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for @mysticdaddies <3

It was a regular Friday night and you were hanging out with your boyfriend, Saeran. He was completely absorbed in some computer game, but you didn’t mind. Just being together was enough for you two.

While he clicked away on his laptop, you sat upside down beside him, legs hanging off the back of the couch, ranting about your day.

“..and then the asshole said the final was 300 points! What the fuck happened to it being worth 100 points? On the syllabus it clearly said 100, but now he just changes it?”

“Uh huh,” Saeran murmured, too absorbed in his game to be paying much attention. “What a dick.”

“I know, right? Who does he think he is?” Sighing, you kicked your legs up and down a few times, thinking. “You know what? I wish somebody would run me over with a Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari or something.”

“You… want to be run over by a car?” Saeran asked, shooting you a startled look.

That caught his attention.

“Yeah,” you confirmed, “by a fancy car, so I’ll go out with class. I’ll be dead and I won’t have to take the final. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.”

Saeran rolled his eyes, turning back to his laptop. “You’re an idiot.”

“But think about it,” you insisted. “If I’m dead, this wouldn’t be a problem.”

“That is if the impact kills you at all,” he pointed out. “A lot of people survive it.”

You considered it. “True, but it would be a good way to go. I’d die knowing that some rich motherfucker ran me over. It’d be an honor. Also, they’d have to pay for my funeral. Hell, you might be able to sue their asses and get rich yourself. It’s a win win for both of us.”

Saeran sighed and sat his laptop to the side as he stood up.

“Come on, you bum. We’re going out.”

You slid your legs from the back of the couch and sat upright. “Where to?”

“I’m going to steal one of Saeyoung’s cars and run you over.”


“No. We’re getting ice cream.”


After getting ice cream, you walked around for a bit, enjoying each others company. 

“I’m sorry,” Saeran said, glancing at you. “About your professor, I mean.”

“It’s okay,” you replied, and it was. Life sucked and your teacher was certainly an asshole, but at least you had Saeran. As long as he was by your side, you could get through anything.