but ily and if i forgot you then im so so so sorry

500 wtf

okay so somehow this mess of a blog hit 500 praise the babadook lord and i wanted to do a follow forever 

mutuals are bolded i don’t even know how these people followed me back wtf thanks

if, somehow i forgot to put your name on here and we’re mutuals im so sorry forgive me im a mess


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i refuse to apologise for the ”banner”

also are you sick of the babadook meme and want me to rebrand or are you just here for the babadook please lmk i’m dying trying to figure out what to do

National Best Friends day was a couple days ago but i’ve had a lot of stuff going on with my health and pretty much everything has been queued and i haven’t been able to make a post about all of the amazing people i’ve met and had the privilege talking too .even if we’ve not talked much i still consider yall as bfs. i love you guys!!

in no particular order!! :) 

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i know i probably forgot someone and i’ll probably add to this list later but i just wanted to say seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy and i’m glad youre alive and such amazing people. i love you! if you guys ever need anything i'm here, always. i hope you guys have an amazing day and follow these amazing frens.

pony and his gf’s wisdom teeth removal - headcanons

requested by 2 anons! - hope u like them!

  • u come out of surgery and he’s like
    • “heyyy how r u feeling? :)”
  • and u greet him w nothing but roasts
    • “awwwwww ponyyyyyyyy ily”
    • “pony-kid”
    • “horsechild”
    • “love my love”
    • “loVE of my LOVE
    • “what were ur parents thinking”
    • “it started normal and then it really just went downhill huh”
    • “you say original, i say just plain cruel”
    • “like i just don’t understand how people could be so mean to a baby”
    • “i mean……look at u….. ur cute and decent….just….why ‘ponyboy’”
    • “who had the breakdown”
    • “and why is ur brother named darrel”
    • “might as well have called him milkshake or something”
    • “milkshake curtis”
    • “I’m gonna start calling dairy (darry) that now”
  • he looks to the doctor and he’s like
    • “ok so when will this stuff wear off???”
    • “why is she bleeding so much??”
    • “is her face ok”
  • pony cant fuckin drive so
    • he’s there for moral support <3
    • darry is ofc the one to drive
  • but when they get @ the Curtis house,
    • “pony r u sure u got this”
    • “omg yeah for sure im sure we’ll be fine”
    • “ok well i gotta go food shopping. steve has off today and if he isn’t hangin around soda u can call him over to help”
    • “steve”
    • “yeah ste-“
  • im tellin u its been like 9 minutes and pony calls steve at the DX (he won’t pick up his house phone bc he’s at the DX hangin round soda) & he’s literally hyperventilating that blood is everywhere
    • soda picks up the phone first lmao
    • “never thought i’d hear u say that”
    • “wtf do u want pony” (steve)
    • and tbh you’re knocking shit over and tripping over yourself before u end up spitting ur gauze at pony while he’s on the phone??
    • “OH GOD ITS ON ME”
    • “pony wtf are u talking about”
    • pony practically whispers into phone bc he’s about to have a breakdown
    • “she just won’t stop knocking over things”
    • * huGE crash from the living room*
    • “ok well pony…….im…..busy…….”
  • darry eventually comes back after 20 minutes bc he forgot his wallet
    • and he opens the front door to see but nothing but a wrecked living which makes him vv concerned (like omg did they get robbed)
    • but then he follows the sound of crying which leads to soda and pony’s room
    • he opens the door and there u guys are
  • darry thought it was just u sobbing
    • but it turns out that pony’s cryin with u
    • like u are v emotional and u keep falling asleep in the middle of sobbing
    • and pony just doesnt know how to handle it??? so he cries
    • there are tissUES EVERYWHERE
    • and melted ice cream sitting in a bowl
  • darry’s just “OK WHY R U CRYING”
    • and u lose it??
    • ”milkshake??? but pony why are yOu crying??”
    • they both look over at u, but this bitch is literally knocked tf out and drooling peacefully
  • darry will never let pony live this down js
500 Follow Forever!

Hey guys!!! I finally hit 500 followers!! That means 500 of you put up with me and my shit and that’s insane. And while it’s not that much, I’d still like to give a shoutout for those who have supported me so far! 

Here are a few of the greatest mutuals alive and I am so very Blessedt.

First, even though she’s not really online anymore, I’d like to thank @hemmoful, for encouraging me to start my little blog in the first place and I am forever grateful. I’ve been given the opportunity to meet so many new people and the support is overwhelming!

@mikeys-jet-black-demons Myrennaaaa you are the absolute best and you’re so supportive and I am so lucky that you’re in my life. I know you’ve been in kpop land for a while but I know you’re still around and that makes me very happy!

@hemmigns oh m y gOD. If you’re not following Daisy, then stop everything you’re doing and do it right tf now. Her tags? Relatable. Her stories? Amazing. She’s a great gal and she constantly makes me laugh and I’m so glad to have her!!

@lukescurlies Lisa and I have a huge time difference between us but we still make time to yell about Luke and how disrespectful he is and how he makes us happy and makes us want to cry all at the same time. lol ily girl!

@ivegotashothough My dearest Sierra.. my beautiful garden angel… the pupper queen… the sweetest peach… thank you for being the most beautiful soul I have ever come across in the entire world. It feels like I’ve known you forever. Thank you for supporting me in everything I do and for not judging me (too harshly). I hope we’re friends forever and ever. ily!!!!

For honorable mentions that still mean the world to me and that you should also follow if you’re not already:

@airplaiines @applesauceluke @badbehaviour @celmmings @charcoaledlines @cashtontrash @gladsyoucame @getsosd @honeymoonmuke @hotdamn5sos @independentassbitch @kaitididd @lhemmings @micool5sos @michaelgclifford @michaelcglifford @okbutluke @orgasmichaels @starsstruck @veinmichael @wastethemuke @mukehug @cliffordchick


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mxrksgf​ said to luminescenct: hey hey hey it’s ya fave person, can i request a neighbour mark?♡♡ty ily♡♡

jai i miss u!! i hope u enjoy this once u get back and get wifi again❣️

  • so u’ve been living next door to mark’s family for a while but u haven’t talked to him properly before but u may have a teeny tiny crush on him whenever u see pick up the mail in the morning at the same time as u with his tired doe eyes and ruffled bed hair :))
  • until one day when u get a package at ur door but it wasn’t yours,,, it was a certain cute neighbour’s,,,, time for interaction
  • so u go knock on his door when his dad opens the door so you’re like oh um this is mark’s so he takes it and is like “thanks he’ll appreciate it”
  • ur lowkey (highkey) disappointed bc u wanted to have a proper convo with him :(
  • until half an hour later u hear a knock on ur door and ur like ??? and open the door and tHERE HE IS!!
  • he’s kinda like shy and says “hey i just wanted to say thanks bc this package was kinda important so,,,,,, ye thanks” and he abt to walk away until ur like “hey wait!!” bc umm take that opportunity to talk to ur v cute neighbour ok
  • he turns back like ?? and u ask abt what it was if it’s ok for u to know and suddenly his eyes start to light up and he’s like “oh it’s this new speaker that jaehyun got me!! wait u don’t kno jaehyun ahh he’s like my brother!!!” and he starts to talk abt music and he loves playing guitar and rapping etc
  • and u talk abt how much u like music too!! and u end up having a rlly long convo like at ur door just abt how much u both like music and which artists u both really like until mark’s like “oh shit what’s the time??? i have to go to dance practice today uhhh bye!! see u soon!!!!” and runs off
  • so after a week ur kinda like :(( bc u two haven’t talked since but then u see each other again when ur talking to ur friend jeno (!!!) in class and he’s like “sorry i have to meet up with some of my friends in my dance class so im skipping study group after school today” and ur like ….dance..class…..mark…??? so u kinda ask and jeno’s like o u kno him??? i’m meeting up with him yeah
  • so things happen and jeno offers to take u with him and ur like o no,,, that woudl be intruding tho but jeno’s like no it’s cool!! there’s like 6 other ppl too it won’t be awkward i promise
  • u go and then mark’s like !!!! bc u are cute and he likes u ok and u meet the other dream members and it’s v fun!! u get to kno everyone and it’s lit
  • ok after a while by this point ur like best friends with mark ok. you are truly bffls and one fateful day he’s like ‘hey i have dance prac tomorrow u wanna come and hang out’ and u havent seen mark dance yet so,,, ur like ofc!!
  • so the next day u dress nicely bc u still like mark,, like u like-like him :)) but when u get there no one’s there but u see a chair with a post-it on it (sorry for johnnys bday memories but ull see where im going with this) and it says “go take a seat in the middle of the front row in the auditorium” and ur like still shook but u go
  • the lights are v dim but u take a seat and after liek 4 secs the curtains open and mark has his guitar and begins to play half moon by dean and he sings too and you’re honestly mesmerised ok
  • at the end of it he’s like “will u be mine?” and u can see he’s like blushing and abt to die on the spot bc this was CHEESY but u love it and ur like get down here so i can hug u and he SMILES SO BRIGHT and then u live happily ever after :)
  • extras: the rest of nct dream filmed everything and started screaming when u kissed mark on the cheek and jaehyun probably planned the whole thing for him lmao

hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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anonymous asked:

If you read them, do you know any good sheith fics?


i’ll list a few of my personal favs that come to mind, certainly not everything tho ahha. i haven’t had time to read a lot lately which is a shame bc there’s a whole lot of stuff out there. most of it is rated T, no disrespect to anybody just i am sex repulsed so i find nsfw hard to read. 

and this is so cheeky and omggg im SO SORRY HAHAHA but idk maybe you’ll be interested in them so im also gonna shove a little link in here for in the lights and buzz im writing with @itbespacegays which is the light of my life, and a link to a few fics i’ve done 8). 

also @dent-de-leon made a fic rec list recently! 

Hope you enjoy!! 

hello, it’s me - saffron!!! so this is my first follow forever/mutual appreciation (lol i havent even reached a goal i just wanted 2 make this for funsies) and i am immensely happy to have found a little home here on tumblr. i have made a couple tumblr blogs before but this community is one that i really treasure. look idk how to explain myself but whenever somebody says something nice to me - even just acknowledges me on here it really makes me feel so warm inside and i just wish i could perfectly express how grateful i am to all of you beautiful souls. just take this as a thank you!!!! 💖💗💓💞💘💝💕 

i really hope everyone that i have tagged will get to see this (pls tumblr fucking work for once will u)! also i scheduled this for 3am so that i don’t get embarrassed about how badly this flops loool. 


  • 🌟 : i see you often & adore seeing you on my dash & in my notifs!
  • 💌 : i have interacted with you & even if you forgot that interaction; i didn’t. it must have made my day!
  • 💎: ily & our convos, wow ur just a precious gem & even if i dont speak to u regularly i really love our chats! look, even if i dont speak to u at all….ur a bloody gem u r!!!!!! 

[ mutuals should be in bold ]


@ahoneyyboy | @ange11nc | @angelxtae@alecaf 💎| @almondyoongi 💌| @artychim | @babyjbum | @balloongi | @bbltae @bfnochu 🌟| @bipjm 🌟| @blumiin 🌟💎| @bubbl3tae 🌟| @busans97@butterflyguk  💌| @castellas | @chibi—hana@chimchim-cheree | @chim-jiminie-cricket@chocoulat | @cozysproutbee@cuddleseok @cupoftaehyungs  💌| @destructivemisfits | @dirtywaterpjm 


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@ilysoftjimin | @jaevums@jeon-coconut 🌟| @jeonnings@jeonpeachy | @jh1verse | @jichangswook @jiminhoseoks@jiminieee95 💎| @jiminslolli |@jjjoonie@j-neoyeppuda 💌| @jungkooksidehoe@jungkooksweetheart 💌| @jvstkookie | @kimseaokjin 💎| @kimtae95s 💎| @kimtaeng | @kingkookies | @kohharu@liebenswertae | @literaltae@lovhobe 💌| @luvably 🌟 | @mewlly@mintbunnytea  💌| @min-yoongle@momomint 


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p.s : if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry, this was really fun but i couldn’t keep track after a while and i really wanna post this sooner than later!!

Jaehyun - Pizza-girl & Dimple-boy

genre: fluff and other stuff idk some college!au thingy majingy
word count: 5,527
plot: Yo mama ineffable mark HAHHAHHHAHAHAHAH (as you know personally I love reading your fanfics) Im gonna request something. Can you write about a pizza deliverer (a girl) not knowing she is delivering to Jaehyun’s house during his break. okay I believe your creativity from here 💕 Please write more often I will support you forever💖💖
A/N: @jaelyeoh sorry for taking 103473475638324 years ily hope this won’t be a disappointment. the ending is so gross

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(an anon asked me for blog recs but i accidentally deleted the ask so im just doing it like this whoops)

okay first my friend @happydnp,, rubys great and she deleted her blog but shes back now so please follow her !!!  

mutuals (in no sort of order)

@danffodils, @nikedan, @awrff, @cringe-attacks@shingekihowell@nasaphil, @paradisedan, @philtrashblr, @softdan, @dantea@flowrphilly@wafflydan@bubblegumdan@rebloggingphan@danjlester, @prettydan, @lesterial, @fringecringes, @fuckinlester@azuredjh@crisshowell@calmdan, @plantpot-phil, @princessdan, @fringegaps, @ripdan, @pansexualphil@dnlhwl, @champagnehowell, @phanniephil, @writerlester, @petalphan, @cappuchinophil, @bitesizedhowell, @dnjhwll, @howelletc, @roseydan, @puritylester, @softphl, @lattehowell, @dayphil, @amazedphill, @spaceclub, @energeticwarrior, @heathnes, @howelljesus, @lsterr, @theaterdan, @vyou, @momhowell
@iridescentlester, @demonphannie@lesterose@hobbithair, @dansucc, @oops-phan, @dantlers, @asleepyphilly, @softdnp, @dansomniac, @astronautdan, @howelle, @ratinof, @gloaminghowell, @cozydan, @cosmologicaldan, @neonlester, @pacificlester, @glasshowell, @koiphil, @dans-tampon, @lesterie, @floatphil, @mrphilip, @danrat, @phanhtml, @fireflyphil, @amusedan, @hwlle, @leftsharklester@nasahowell @angelbud, @articulatehowell, @scowlhowell, @femlester, @paranormalhowell, @dimplydan@adorablehowell@arcticlester

im not mutuals with these people but i lov there blogs 

@dawniel, @djnof, @radioheaddan, @feministdan, @pinofs, @rosylester@softestdan, @crescendohowell, @theanomex, @planetarylester, @philliester, @bestestbuddy, @amazingphilz, @vintagephan, @howelles, @chocolatesaucelester, @forgetfullittleguy @aurellialester@spanielhowell@goincrazyfast@phiru@bondange @glowinghowell, @dailybooth

sorry its so long omg

hello i’m back again with my second follow forever!!! i meant to do this a long time ago so i’m sorry it’s late ;-; but i hit my goal of 800+ followers and i wanted to thank all of you beautiful people for following me, i really do appreciate it!! but for this one i’m strictly mentioning mutuals only. ily all so much and i hope you’re day is wonderful!!! 💞💞💞💞 (also sorry for the really bad header ahdkjsad) 

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mutual appreciation post  ‘”

  hey yall soooo i am so sorry for being absent for the past few days, but recently ( on my 4th!! month!! ) i hit 3k ( ???? ) and honestly i just want to thanK all of you?? so much?? like i don’t know what i’d be doing rn if i wasnt on tumblr lbr ;; so here’s my mutual appreciation ( because i really appreciate yall i know i never say shit anymore but here look ) 

  ⌜smol shoutout to my og tag list / @ctaeth @howlingremus @expelumos @puveblood @scourgify @evanrsiers 

 ⌜#razorgulls4lyfe / @delaqour @fleurrdelacour

 ⌜i love you all more than earl grey?? / @amhinyard @blcise @cuipid @deadgwen @ilyiad @jilys @lilyqvans @mavencalore @mermaeids

if it weren’t for yall discord would be gone by now / @cedrjcdiggory @cruciotus @fortesques @katie-bell @kingscross@lunsy@narclssa@pctter@pxnsypctter@rosevtyler​ @rowle@scamandersnewt

 ⌜a-m / @abrcxasmalfoy @aelin @alrightpotter @arrtemiss @cabeswaeter​ @charluspotters @draconismalfoi @drerry @driacomalfoy @efruse @euphemiapottcr @faeheys @finnblush @fortesques @ginevraparkinson @ginnyweaslcy @goldweasley @gryewaren @hermioneggranger @hermionegrangcr @jamespottuh @katiebells​ @kiyioko@lilyevians @looonyluna @lunaloved @merflk @milliebobby @mollywealsey @mytholgie

 ⌜n-z@nejighafa @neljostns @njmphadora @oblviqte @okayjily @orestiea @oylmpians @padfootd @padmaspatil@petuniaevans@poethry@pure-blooded@ravehclaw​ @rrey@salazarslytherin​ @septimvsmalfoy​​ @siruisblack@stormybisexual@theodorenctt@thestrlas@theunseeliecourt@tonqs@valxyries@virtuestars@wintercovrt@zabiniblaise

  if i forgot about you most likely you recently changed your url and i couldnt find you /// and there are so many of you?? who i love so much ?? but i couldnt find you a category because i dont know if you would consider us friends ( or like we dont talk as much now so i couldn’t think of a category to add you into ) im sorry fr like just know ily ok ( if you wanted a personalised message i’m sorry i’ll do something about that soon

soooooo I hit 3k the other day so I thought I’d do a follow forever to say thank you for putting up with my annoying tarjei and one direction loving ass.

first of all shout out to my squad aka the bbqdadsquad <3

@isakthesnake : TAYLOR. my partner in crime. the loml. you’re probably the first friend i made in this fandom and i lobe you a lot. I love staying up until the ass crack of dawn with you literally talking about the most random shit (and pizza drew), laughing until we cry, and of course all of our constant shitposts (and highkey annoying everyone that follows us)

@even-bitch-naesheim : ABBY MY DEAR. we met when you started sending me anon messages and you were so shy but then you finally came off of anon and talked to me and now we’re friendsssssssss !!!! you’re v sweet and cute and lovely and highkey weird (in a good way) and ilysm.

@happily-found-strong : ELIZABETH. you’re literally my mother… I don’t remember how we met but im pretty sure you started talking to taylor and i when we were shitposting at some point. we like all of the same things and i know i can always come to you when i need to scream about larry or 5sos or anything involving youtubers. 

@skam-jam : PAIGE. im pretty sure we met when we were both trying to be taylor’s biggest tumblr fan… that was… iconic. you’re very gay and you live extremely close to me. you’re also extremely weird?????? but in like a cool way???? you know?? (also im pretty sure it was you that started the tinky winky shit so thanks for that :))))))))))))

anddddd also @skevak : iva i love and adore you sm <33333333

my mutuals :


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Soulmates AU; Taehyung

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Summary; Whatever your s/o writes on their skin, will end up on yours and visa versa.

i wanna scream hes so cute

told ya it was gonna be messy 


-when you were 4 you were given you first painting set

-along with a whittley read-along friend

-after for months of having that toy you decided that whittley was creeping you the hell out

-you also thought it was haunted

-but the painting set started something off that would stay with you for a long time

-you had a love for painting

-there was something you could do forever

-you accidentally got paint on your arm

-and halfway across the world in south  korea

-a small Kin Taehyung was eating cereal

-when a small red blob turned up on his arm out of nowhere

-he s C R E A M

-he cry

-his parents didn’t know what it was until it disappeared after you finished painting and were putting your pots and paints away and you washed your arm 

-he discovered the knack of having a soulmate at the age of 4

-what a kid

-but you didn’t know until you got into primary school

-where you were writing in class

-just minding your own business

-and guess who else is in class?

-Kim taehyung

-he was just so bored….

-……………..that he doodled on your arm one day with a little hello on the side 

-he remembered the times that red blue and yellow paint would just turn up out of nowhere

-and maybe it was the same person so he tried to contact you

-the doodle……. 

-and it turned up on your arm

-you screamed in class

-you scared

-you didn’t cry 

-you came home and found out you couldn’t wipe that shit off

-it was ballpoint pen too!!!!!!!!!!!!

-it wasn’t sHA R P IE  MUM      LIS T E      N

-she then realised what has happened 

-she told you it’s your soulmate trying to talk to you 

-you’re like wait hHATW WHAT 

-she just sat there and laughed at you because you didn’t know what the fuck was going on but ok you went with it

-so on your left arm you wrote the word hello

-you waited a while to hear a response

-MEANWHILE in south k

-he looked down to see his arm had a little message

-”oh…they responded?? i’ll write back”

-and boom

-”they’re not going to oH MY GODH THEY REPLIED WHAT

-”hiiiii i’m taehyung! what’s your name?”

-you blinked

-this kid must be younger than you with a writing style like that

-you replied with your name and he asked how old you were

-you responded with your name and you were like oh my god this is an actualy person wh  AT TT TT TT  TTT

-it turned out that you two started to talk a little more 

-that little more turned into a lot more

-that lot more turned into a wHOLE LOT MORE


-you were actually into being his friend

-even though you found out he lived in sk


-your parents decided to move back just after you finished high school

-yeah cool going mum and dad

-and they asked you to join a college there

-so you did

-you enrolled on the god damn fucking plane what the fuck

-and they accepted you because you had pretty good grades and your art was good!

-y/n the art student

-an amazing title!!

-so you touch down in sk and head for your old apartment that you sister was living in

-it had like 3 bedrooms so it was chill

-she was just holding the keys for your fam 

-you couldn’t remember your old baby room

-but it looked nice now

-ok thats cool

-so after a while you got a message from taehyung

-the first one in like a month

-it turned up on your thigh and you smiled as he wrote it with a couple delays

-”anyone still here??”

-”yes im v jetlagged though”

-”wait where are you??”





-you were just about to reply when your mum called you out of your room 

-and you kind of forgot about the message 


-he…..then felt sad ; ^ ;

-cause he wants to hear from you and especially if you’re in seoul then he wants to meet you and just find you and hug you and maybe kiss you if you let him because he cares about you and loves you dearly wAAAAAAAAA

-you kind of feel bad about not replying too and it was a little too ate because he washed it off


-so on the first day of college 

-you stroll into your new art class and just sits down at the back with a nice desk and chair 

-and this dude comes in behind you

-he’s got this wide ass smile on 

-like hes so happy atm 

-he decides to sit down next to you because you look sweet and stuff

-“hi i’m taehyung what’s your name?”


-a smile soon emerges on your face because it may be a coincidence that he has the same name as your s/o wow

-”when did you start art anyways?”

-”a couple years ago…i’m not good at drawing faces…i’m more a natural artist…like trees and skylines and stuff”

-you nod but notice that his smile faded into a small glum

-and you ask him what’s wrong

-”my friend…who also has the same name as you….coincidentally…she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months….”

-”oh….well maybe there’s a reason for your friend not being able to reply….maybe they ran out of service?”

-”it’s a little bit….more complicated than that….”


-you two still talked but you were a little quiet

-you dropped your rubber and your pen tip accidentally ran over your ankle

-and guess what

-the same mark turned up on his leg

-oh my god

-oh my god

-miss y/n? miss y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead


-he still looked a little down

-so what your clever ass did 

-was that you saw he had his left hand in a fist while his right hand was open

-so you started to doodle in your left hand 

-little hearts with the word ILY in big letters

-you became anxious soon because what if that mark on his leg was merely coincidental 

-and it wasn’t actually him

-you sighed and waited for it to be break time so people could leave the class while you two waited behind for more work

-on the first day too wow you eager beavers

-you then tapped on his shoulder

-”ah taehyung? i think there’s something in your hand….”

-he looked to you and sighed

-and when he opened his left hand

-he got so excited!!!! 

-his brain;



-you hid your left hand under the table and you acted like it was a new thing

-”whoa..did you do that?”

-”no…this is what i mean by me and my friend talking in our special way”

-”that’s really cute…..because me and my friend do that too.”

-you brought your hand up and showed it to him


-the exact same shaped hearts

-the exact letter shape and detail 

-even the small sparkles were the same

-his face

-he went from 



-( ✧Д✧) OMG!!

-he was so hAPPY 

-you could’ve sworn that he had tears in his eyes

-”i’m sorry for not replying back to you…..”

-”i-i don’t care about that…i’m just so happy that i met you finally!”

-”same here taehyung.”

-oh y’all wanted a twist huh?

-so as well as jumping up and down he also picked you up and held you tightly in his arms

-but before the session was back on he turned to you and 

-”can i do something quickly??”

-”oh sure what is–”

-just before you could finish your sentence he quickly jumped up and kiss you on the forehead

-and you just stood there

-your brain;









-you hid your face into your jumper because you knew that your soulmate was so cute and nice and you loved him a lot wow im soft byeeeeeeee

“hey what did michelangelo say to the ceiling?”

“what did he say?”

“i gotchu covered”

“that was good….but what is red and smells like blue paint?”


“your nose”





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Happy Birthday @trintownsentill (。・ω・。)ノ♡

anonymous asked:

!!! please do a recommendation of blogs for each member?

i’ll try 💜,, i’m sorry if i left anyone out omg, im really bad at these

Taeil: @1aeil & @taeiloves!! my two favourite taeil-centered blogs and this angel needs more love so 💜

Hansol: istg we need more hansol fans like?? don’t sleep on him please!! but @debuthansol (i love this blog so much i lowkey always go to stalk their blog because i’m hansol-deprived) & @ncttrashaf (they’re a scenario blog but one of the admins (i forgot her url ahh) stans hansol and it’s really cute), on a side note their scenarios are really good too so go check them out!

Johnny: @suhsexual (lauren we dk each other personally but i lowkey squeal everytime you reblog/like any of my posts your scenarios are so good hehe), @lovejohnnyseomuch (your url’s the cutest thing ever)

Taeyong: @grandpa-ty (even though you post more about nct as a whole, i still love you & your love for ty track hehe), @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @cutie-lee-taeyong & @teewhytrack

Yuta: @nakamuto (even though she reblogs more about mark 👀 it’s cute aw), @iloveyu-ta (hazel ily hehe, she stans taeyong too if im not wrong so!

Kun: same for hansol y'all need to stop sleeping on him like? @stannctchinaline (chinaline in general so !), @kunxxxsol (they post about hansol too sometimes so yay)

Doyoung: i love him someone please recommend a doyoung stan blog please

Ten: @teninist (whenever i see you fangirlling over ten on my dash my heart just flutters because it’s so cute honestly??) @tenislove, @tensluckycharm

Jaehyun: @thirsty-for-jae (their blog is of high quality™ and i love seeing their posts on my dash hehe), @why-jaehyun (cody your gifs & posts are wonderful too), @yourjaehyun, *lowkey tags everyone because we all let jaehyun ruin our bias list & dash am i right*

WinWin: @vvwin (i miss you jie i hope you’re feeling better in every way possible ;-;)

Mark: where do i start there’s so many mark fans sksmns, @marksvocals (your posts are so cute kaksjz), @mxrksgf (i love your blog aw), @mochamark/@marknicorn (my idol ily lots, go check out her scenarios y'all, even though she lowkey posts about jeno too 👀), @markleesa, @markmy1st, @markleesgiggle, @sammymunchiecheerios, @scraemin, @trademarklee & @nct-marklee (y'all make my heart flutter because who doesn’t love mark akksns)

Renjun: @fairyprincerenjun, @renjunstoothgap & @renju-n

Jeno: zelia 👀👀, @jenowhat, @jenothanks (both of your love for jeno are so cute!!)

Haechan: i dont wanna see any of y'all sleeping on him anymore!! @donghyuckstudies, @donghyucks90sgf, @haecchan, @haechansgf, @haechannie, @hyuckmeup (the amount of donghyuck fans yay) & also lowkey @freakydeakytaeyonq (even though your bias is taeyong hehe ily)

Jaemin: @jaeminnana (lemme introduce to you jaemin’s soulmate!! ily vivienne), @jaeminniemouse & @mkayjaemin

Chenle: @nct-dork (if im not wrong her bias is chenle, but her scenarios are great too so go check her out), @chenleismyson

Jisung: vivienne im watching you too 👀, @jisung-ie

Scenario blogs: because im a sucker for scenarios, @nctreacting, @cutiephon-texts, @cremethorns, @chipsandwaffles, @alwaysinmyheartnct (vivienne & amy i love y'all), @stormae, @texting-nct, @ncttexts, @squaresreact *lowkey tags myself,nah kidding*

Wonderful and great blogs you should just check out and follow in general: @dreamteamnoona, @odetonct, @yutasings, @nakamotens (super high quality blog like?? 💜😭), @haenyan, @taeyounq, @smolmarkhyuck, @zeusmayo, @neotechs, @nctiful, @neocitys, @nctees, @nctales, @nctgiri, @nctuhohahyes

i hope this helped in some way!! feel free to add on to the list if you need to, my mind’s blocked rn so sorry if i left you out i still love y'all 💜

anonymous asked:

hey sam! it's been a long time since i requested a headcanon from you omg i miss ;; (but i still stalked your blog tho hehehe i'm shy) can i request a jikook headcanon about jimin who adores jungkook who is a radio broadcaster and he sort of fell in love with his voice but jimin does not know how jungkook looks like until he recognized his voice somewhere? (tbh the plot looks like a manga that i like but i forgot the title) thank you so much sam ily❤ ps: i'm week for jk as hyung and smol jimin

hi sweetheart!! don’t be shy! I’m kind of an awkward potato at first…..and later also…. but you end up appreciating me :D  so feel free to stop by and say hi whenever you feel like it, ok?

I’m sorry i haven’t been posting too much lately :( it’s been a while since I wrote some hdc, tho so im a bit rusty, i ask for your forgiveness… I have a lot of messages on my inbox so I will respond to them eventually…. I will try to do it this weekend since today i’m a bit busy but I will write this one for you as a thanks for being so sweet to me and as a promise to reply to the others ^^

have a great day pup <3

//Jimin found about jungkook’s radio program one night after a really long day at work. he usually put on his earbuds and blasted loudly his favorite artists but that night his ipod had run out of battery and he didn’t have any music stored on his phone so his only option was to tune in the radio. and oh boy does he not regret it at all.

//jungkook has  melodic voice, sweet and that exudes warmth but at the same time is deep and boyish, really charismatic. no wonder he works at a radio station.

//the program varies from listening to jungkook’s song recommendations to reading letters from fans asking for advice. the host can go from a total dork that tells the most ridiculous jokes to a sweet caring boy trying to help a lost soul.

//jimin finds himself listening to his show every single night from then on. he has the show tuned in while his night shift at the convenience store, which always helps him overcome the night with a better attitude.

//taehyung laughs at him, says he’s obsessed. Jimin likes to say he just knows how to appreciate the good things in life.

//Jungkook opens about himself sometimes, and jimin learns he’s a young man -but slightly older than him- that has struggled his own in life as many others and uses his experiences to give advice to his listeners. Jimin loves to hear those stories, feels like jungkook is opening up to him only and not to hundreds of anonymous people that listen to him as well.

//he’s tempted to call, talk directly with jungkook those nights the phones are opened to the spectators, but he knows he’s shy and would stumble with his words a lot. also, what is he supposed to say to jungkook? “oh hey i’m jimin, big fan of yours. i love your voice and i love you too, marry me?” nah, too creepy…. 

//so he simply sends letters to jungkook for the other to read. he usually shares his own struggles, tells jungkook how difficult is being for him to manage the student life, living on his own and have his family so far away. jungkook is always sweet, reassuring, tells JM to keep fighting for his dreams like he did some years prior, shares his own story so he can give jimin the will to keep going. jungkook tells JM they have a lot in common taking in consideration his letters, and jimin likes to think jungkook’s voice softens a bit while talking to him after reading his letters, and his heart stutters happily every time jungkook dedicates him a new song he’s found recently.

//it’s a sunday that finds jimin working a morning shift. he hates it, because not only he had to woke up really early, but he doesn’t have jungkook’s sweet voice helping go through the boredom.

//the good thing about it is that he can afford sit in a corner and read a book, or try to catch up with some work he had been delaying, since just some grannies come for some shopping.

//he’s immersed in one of the books he’s supposed to read for a report when someone enters the store. a young boy, dark hair and darker eyes. he’s pretty attractive, but the side glance and small smile he throws jimin when they lock gazes tells him he’s a bit shy. the boy strides to the farther aisles in silence, jimin focuses back on his books.

//”Hello,” says the boy and the single word has jimin’s head snapping towards him, it sounds slightly familiar. the boy raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything else.
“hello.” he answers, and starts charging everything without saying anything else.
“Thanks, have a good day.” he says once the other has paid and is about to leave. the boy smiles charmingly, sweet, and says:
“you too, thank you.” jimin stares a him because his voice sounds so so so familiar. 
“is something wrong?” asks the boy with confusion written all over his face and then everything clicks. 
“oh my fucking god, it’s you!” screams jimin, blushing immediately because holy shit it’s jungkook and holy shit he just screamed at jungkook
“uhm…. do we know each other?”
“no…I mean i do, i know you and this just sounds so creepy but omg im a fan- im so sorry.”
“oh….” jungkook’s face changes then, goes to confusion to realization and smiles once again at jimin. “you listen to my radio program?”
“Yeah…. i- i love you - your show”
“Wow, im glad. it’s always nice to know people like listen to me… thank you so much.”

//Jungkook starts coming to the store more often and jimin tries to play it cool every time, specially when jungkook is being friendly with him and starts a conversation. but they quickly fall into a more comfortable relationship, specially after Jimin confesses he’s JM and jungkook seems happy to know about it.

//jungkook is funny and nice outside of work also, manages to make jimin laugh without really trying. sometimes jungkook is the only one talking as jimin just smiles and nods, staring. because jimin likes jungkook’s soft voice, but likes even more his crooked smile and bunny teeth and the way he feels every time jungkook looks at him. and boy, he’s so in deep.

//they exchange phone numbers and start talking frequently. Sometimes jungkook texts him in the middle of a broadcast. it makes jimin feel special.

//”this song is dedicated to a friend of mine. we’ve become closer recently and im glad to have found such a nice person that fits so well in my life. so, ehm… jimin, i know you are listening- this song is for you”
Jimin tries not to scream in the middle of the store, but now that he thinks about it he’s alone so he squeals out loud out of happiness.

//”It was a beautiful song” says jimin over the phone, after deciding to call jungkook in a boost of braveness.
“Really? I’m glad. i found the artist recently and he really has beautiful songs. I thought you would like this one.”
“I loved it…”
“You know what it’s about?” asks jungkook, his voice soft and warm. for a second jimin forgets they are talking live on radio and there are hundreds of people listening to their conversation. “It’s a bout a new found love.”
“jimin, would it be too brave of me to ask you out on a date?”
“Are you serious?”
“totally…. I like you a lot JM”
“I would love to…”

//after that night jungkook receives a lot of letters asking for advice in love matters, because his way of confessing to jimin was cute and romantic and had all his fans squealing with feels. (jimin dowloaded the podcast to save it on his computer)

//jimin discovers dating a radio host is a bit embarrassing, specially when said host dedicates romantic songs to him or says out loud how much he loves him, but jimin wouldn’t have it any other way. (he loves calling to the program and talk to the other, sometimes embarrassing jungkook on live radio)