but ilu bb


Kind of impulsively decided to start a guilty pleasure project. No due date, easy construction and I can work on intermittently (so I don’t get block from Overwatch (looking at you Mercy)). Plus Tharja is my favorite, ilu hexy waifu bb. Made her neck piece first. It is made from craft foam, 4-way stretch fabric, hand-made piping and lots of contact cement.


For Jenni [insp]

I love her with all my heart,
But I’ll still fight her.

Two seats and two wheels,
She always gives me the feels,
Of wanting to fight.

Adjustable seats,
That always make my heart beat,
As I beat her up.

Two sets of handles,
Always getting manhandled,
By me, the winner.

Tattooed on her arm, 
Her beauty will last always,
‘Till I destroy her.

I was gonna make a serious graphic and then I saw I had this gif saved for an edit and all thoughts of seriousness went out the window I am sorry I am nothing but a meme.

I’ve had Regis maybe three days? If that? And I’ve already reached over 100 followers and this is honestly by far the nicest community I’ve ever been a part of I’ve been welcomed in with open arms and I already feel at home here so I just wanted to do something small to thank you all.

Firstly two special shout outs

@xstrange my babe who has put up with me screaming about Regis for weeks on end sending her hundreds of pictures and gifs and listening to me sob about him constantly. ilu lots bb

@dacteg if it wasn’t for chatting to Ica the other day I would never of made my blog because he just gave me that little nudge in the right direction even with me talking myself into it. So thank you very much Ica honestly I’m forever grateful.

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xombiebrains replied to your photo “I really really really like Scabior in the film. Nick Moran does such…”

Ahh this is beautiful! I LOVE the stars and stitching, honestly!! Put it on all the things!

You’re beautiful ;o)

And aye aye, Cap’n! <3 I do want to be able to add more (varied) detail to the clothes I draw, but for now I’m very ok with putting stars just everywhere, pff. Stars errday. 

Shade Comes From Mind Reading, Darling | Pearlet/Jalaska/Trixya/Biadore | Ramona


-holy fucking shit this took so long to write i started in like february lmao

-i made an author blog bc thts what the cool kids are doing so hmu on artificialramona

-someone called kenny pops up in this fic a bit, he’s jinkx’s best friend/tour manager/general tiny bean. he’s the one who keeps appearing on courtney and adore’s snapchat n arm wrestled violet

-god bless kiwi for beta-ing this fic n being me pearlet data base ilu bb

-this is dedicated to cheshire because i am a horrible person n they wanted to collab on my witchcraft idea but then i just wrote it on my own n i will literally die feeling bad about it

-i worked bloody hard on this i deserve a ridiculously long author’s note


“It was just a general psychic thing, nothing specific. I don’t understand why it’s only certain thoughts,” Jerick explains, “it’s like my narrator got sloppy with their plotline or something.”

warnings: drug/smoking mentions in the chapters “oops” and “shit gets weird.” i tried to do the most tasteful pearlet smut i could in the chapter “accidental voyeurism isn’t as funny as it sounds.” alcohol consumption in the chapters “american horror story: brian mccook” and “another layer on the crazy cake” and mentions throughout.

fic drinking game: take a shot every time jinkx is referred to as “the redhead.“ word count: 13.4k

•song inspo for the pairings•

Pearl and Violet // Me vs Maradonna vs Elvis by Brand New

Adore and Bianca // Somebody Else by The 1975

Trixie and Katya // Wicked Little Town and its reprise from Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Jinkx and Pearl friendship // Comfort by Basement

Jinkx and Alaska // The Only Exception by Paramore

“i hate the wittiness and ability to evoke distress in me ramona withholds and i am planning on sabotaging both in the future. i hate ramona. god, i hope ramona dies. i hope i die.” -kiwi


Right At The Very Beginning (A Very Good Place To Start).

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