but ill probably never look at it


aight so…i tried this dress today 4 prom and im absolutely in love w it but anyone i ask thinks its really weird and ugly…its not cheap and id have to have alterations made but ugh. idk i just had this vibe with this dress :/


I just published a rad new book about two women falling in love in the Jazz Age. One of the main characters has an invisible illness, another is asexual, and a third is bisexual. Would you possibly be interested in reblogging a post about it? Thank you so much! If so, here’s the link:


this is probably way too late but better late than never! Look everyone a book! It sounds cool!

Young Justice Robin makes me so sad. A lot of this is headcanon or mixing canons, but I wanna say it anyway.

Robin laughs before he goes into combat, does he even see danger anymore? Did he pick that up because Batman laughing before combat scares the living hell out of criminals, or is he laughing because he genuinely enjoys jumping into a fight?

He is admitted to have the most experience crimefighting out of any of his team, yet he’s the youngest (aside from Superboy, but Superboy at least had programmed-in knowledge, and still looks older until season 2).

He has no superpowers, yet I don’t think he ever shies away from jumping into combat with anything, regardless how ill-prepared he may be (and he’s never that ill-prepared. Even caught off-guard he has a utility belt in his civilian clothes).

Between the utility belt and his armor, I’d wager that at least in season 1, he’s probably got an extra half of his bodyweight in gear on him at any given time. No wonder he’s got no sleeves or helmet, any extra weight and he’d be over his carry capacity like a character in a Bethesda game.

He forgot most of his friends, the previous six months, the fact that he was on a team, all the laughs and traumas of the months prior to Byalia, yet he remembered that Batman ordered radio silence, effectively showing just how seriously he takes his job, and how much he hangs on Batman’s every order.

Living in Gotham, he’s seen death, corruption, most likely murders most foul, he’s seen horrific crime scenes that would make even the rest of the League shy away in horror. Another day in Gotham.

As Robin, he’s also most likely the one who goes to children and some women to speak with them after trauma, because Batman might be too scary. Robin has to take the brunt of that trauma for them, and pretend everything is going to be okay.

Robin knows that not everything is going to be okay.

Kid Flash has probably gotten some hushed three-in-the-morning calls from Robin that they’d both like to forget, just trying to handle what he’s dealt with in a day.

Robin grows up to be Nightwing, sees a ‘younger brother’ die, most likely sees Batman nearly get himself killed on numerous occasions as a result, and sees the adoption of another younger brother. And let’s not forget the toll it must take on Alfred, too.

And he’s in school.

And he’s famous.

He’s probably got rumours about him in both of his lives flying all over the tabloids and the Internet.

He has to keep secrets from his friends (somewhere between season 1 and 2 he very likely revealed his identity to his team, because M’gann calls him by name, but we never see when, and it’s possible she only knows because she’s gone into his mind). often that go horribly awry (see also: all of Season 2).

I always suspect that most of the other heroes still look at Robin’s team (at least in Season 1) as “junior justice league”. Batman knows they’re adults, Robin points out that he never calls them kids. But I bet the other adults do. I’d bet Robin’s been waiting for a time to chew out Superman for not taking them as seriously as he would the rest of the League.

I bet Robin has seen more horror in Gotham than Superman has seen in Metropolis. I’m sure Superman has seen bad stuff too, but has Superman seen Victor Zsasz’ rampages discovered a few days late?

It just constantly amazes me that Robin is so young, but has dealt with so much. I HAVE SO MANY BAT-FAMILY FEELINGS.

We just had a wiiiiiiild sunset and I just told a good four regulars to look at it before it went away and they were all as stunned by it as I was. Also there was a very fat baby, very chubby and widdle and small, in the store earlier and I was dying. still have a migraine and feel ill (probably note emotional than physical tbh) but there are lots of good things in life to be grateful for, including living in a gorgeous city. I got on the train today and went “Holy shit I live in Chicago and I was born here but I will never get over how beautiful it is.”

im glad my nepeta photoset is getting a lot of notes but its really disheartening that so many people ignore my pronouns :^( i know that ill probably never have my pronouns respected by people irl, but usually on the internet people have more respect for people who are non binary, so when even on here my pronouns get ignored, especially when i mention them so often and even have them up right on my blog in bolded letters, it makes me want to stop posting my cosplays if it causes me to get misgendered so much more. guys please please check for someones pronouns before assuming stuff, it makes me feel like shit when people dont care enough to take 2 seconds to look at my blog to learn my pronouns

So....I just got bad news...

My Great Grandmother just passed away. She was in an old folks home and had severe Alzheimer’s disease, and probably never remembered me. She recently got very ill, and died of pneumonia.

I really don’t know what to feel…..

It’s been so long since somebody in my family has died.

….She was an artist and incorporated math into her work. I have two of her paintings hanging up in my room, and I often look over at them and wonder how…how does she see beauty in that? And eventually I found out.

I wish I could have said goodbye.

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First when you said everyone else being eccentric witnesses my first thought was Bloodwing on the witness stand instead of the parrot. Second the psyche-locks on Jack probably would make Rhys ill to look at them, because he doesn't understand but they feel so wrong and there are so many. And Jack is standing there looking so smug and full of himself, and all Rhys sees is this mess of chains and locks enveloping him.

“I call in to cross examine… the… the judge’s hunting bird!”

“This is not what I expected.” - Mordecai probably.

[whispers] Jack has so many disgusting secrets, so many horrible things he has done that Rhys is never going to uncover bc Jack has everyone wrapped around his finger; and Rhys gets so close, so close, but then loses it all.

Body Image

Today whilst at the drs I overheard the nursr tell thr Dr that I was huge. Now yes I am big but I am also very pregnant and gained a lot of weight in my butt and thighs. If i didnt I wouldnt be able to carry this baby around. It is just plain insensitive to say that about anyone but specicifally when the person is pregnant. I already feel quite large, looking at my thighs and legs disgusts me because I just have never been this big I have always been on the underweight side of the scale. I weigh 145 lbs at the moment and still have a couple weeks to go in which Ill probably get up to 150-160 lbs. My usual weight has always been between 100-115lbs. so yes this is a lot for me. I just feel slow and tired and insecure so to hear that really hurt me and made my day really sad. Also saw an old math teacher today when I went to the grocery store and he recognized me and gave me the weirdest look when he saw I was pregnant. It was just strange for me.

a random guy came up to me while i was waiting for a train. he told me i look beautiful and wished me a good day ! also he was v cute and in his early 20s probably !! but he was in a rush so ill probably never see him again. but he legit made my entire day

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Beros/Braz ♡

                                                           meme   |   accepting  .

who asks the other on dates Braz does !! ! 
who is the bigger cuddler : Beros, b ut she will never admit it .
who initiates holding hands more often : probably Braz, but i do think B er os wo uld hesitant ly pull on h is hand. &. hold it . w hile looking away bc she ‘s b lushing asfhjakjshfkjahf
who remembers anniversaries : Braz !!!!!! Beros honestly fo rg ets it .
who is more possessive : definetly Braz. d EF INETLY B RAZ, HANDS DOWN.
who gets more jealous : tbh Beros does. d ON ‘T EVEN BREATH E NEA R HER MAN. S HE W ILL S TART HAVOC . but you will never want to see Braz jealous, his silent glare speaks more t han a ny of Ber os s cand als .
who is more protective : Braz !!!!! ashfhajsgfjhasgfjhsgf
who is more likely to cheat : Braz again . .. t bh even though it’ s n ot likely i can see hi m d oing that. 
who initiates sexy times the most : B RAZ AGAIN J FC . B ER OS IS TOO EMBARRASSED &. BRAZ IS H ONES LTY. U KNO . 
who dislikes PDA the most : Beros, b ut Braz honestly love s it. 
who kills the spider : the y both do, t hey b oth ain’ t afr aid of no s pider 
who asks the the other to marry them : B RAZ AGAI N . &. HE ‘D BE SUP ER R OMANTIC  AB OUT IT .
who buys the other flowers or gifts : SAJHFJSKAHFKASJFHKAJSH BRAZ . B RAZ . ev en tho Beros w ould surprise him w a fancy watch or a tie f rom t ime to time .
who would bring up possibly having kids : B ra z a g ain o mg . .. 
who is more nervous to meet the parents : none of t he m bc ???? Braz is really c hill abou t t his &. h is parents ar e kind of d ead  .. . b u T Beros w ould b e th e nervo us one if his parents w ere aliv e.
who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry : B RAZ . B EROS PUTS HIM OUT OF TH E BED WHE N S HE ‘S ANGRY.
who tries to make up first after arguments : depends o n w ho’ s in the w rong . if Beros fucke d up sh e will apologiz e, &. it is th e same with Braz. t hough he’ll try to be more romantic with that.
who tells the other they love them more often : BR AAAAAAZ. &. S HE IS EMBARRASSED WHEN HE D OES &. J UST TURNS HE R FACE AWAY LIKE “ loveyoutookbye. 

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'Mother's touch' ;U

Send ‘Mother’s touch’ for my muse’s mother

“…Gods help you, boy, you look just like your mother. I hope its only looks that draw a resemblance between you two… she was a vastly unhappy woman, I’d hope for you to be more content.”

“This probably doesn’t mean much to you now, but you really should know I never wished you or your siblings ill will. You were good children, but there were things at work you couldn’t understand– probably still can’t. Your father was, unfortunately, weak (my first husband was too, really), and I admit I took advantage of that. Maybe now that you’re grown you can see why I had to, what with a baby in one arm and no family name in the other…

“You were, at the very least, kind to my daughter as she grew up. For a time, anyway. For that, I’m quite proud of you. Nohr needs more leaders like you, who will put aside their own petty desires for a greater sense of morality. Do try to keep that when you’re king, and for your own sake, don’t fall for every woman (or man) you meet. It will leave you vulnerable to the people like me, who do what they must to survive. We’re not an evil folk, but as you’ve well seen, we can bring quite a trail of turbulence and upset wherever we go.

“…And for goodness sakes, lay off the drink. You’ll need your wits to be sharp about you, dear. Alcohol dulls the senses, and only makes you more vulnerable.”

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So do you have Raven's beast form from your headcanon? I'd like to see it, 'cause I really like the idea

Yes i do ive actually redesigned it multiple times cuz im never satisfied with the way it looks but i think my current one is good enough ill probably post it up tomorrow so u can c for urself.

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Will the applications ever open again or are they closed for good?

i’ll probably be re-opening apps soon, or at least have it as accepting members, so please keep a look out! if you wanna contact me off-anon, we can work something out if you want to join.

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hey i hope you at least have fun playing symphonia and dotnw!! symphonia was my fave but there were a lot of issues (there always are in tales & its okay)! ill probably will be agreeing w u on ur posts hehe. anyways you are awesome and have fun!!

Aaah, thank you so much! I have never played DotNW before so this will be a first time experience and I’m looking forward to it!

I don’t hate Symphonia, or I wouldn’t be playing it for the fourth time in four years but I have… a lot of problems with the writing of this game, the pacing and some of the characters. It’s still a fun game, even though it makes me rage during some scenes.

I can’t wait to finish Symphonia to start DotNW!

hay yall i haven’t been active on this account sense i made it iv mostly focused on my instagram but im probably gunna make this account my dark side not like hate or anything like that but my sexual side ill post some NSFW fnaf pics and ill write NSFW storys ill form some new habits of writing and ill be doing something iv never thought about doing adding my OC Dolly in a Sex story theres some things to look forward to i will make a decision soon could be 10 minutes could be 10 hours or it could be 10 days so see ya then

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