but ill never stop

ill appreciate nonblack drag probably never but ill get closer to it when they stop wearing afro wigs and you know pretending to be black

You know sometimes I feel really bad for the hipster blogs that follow me.

90% of what I post must look like bizarrely specific inside jokes, but overall fairly normal threads of “OH MY GOD” and “THIIIIIS” and “CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY” or whatever the fuck it is we do on here.

But then, every once in a while, for an ENTIRE DAY,

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Or just posts screaming RED! 

Or fucking decapitated heads being smooched in front of volcanoes

Can you image how godamn CONFUSING that must be???!!!

sydney tatinof experience ☆.。.:*

a tldr for anyone who cant be bothered reading everything

  • dan piggybacked phil across the stage, he also dabbed, he also impersonated dat boi
  • phil is extremely soft
  • dan is extremely soft

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top 5 things u love about saint chanyeol

if i open my mouth im never gonna stop so ill just answer with a short answer lmfaodggn

  1. i love his eyes because theyre so big and round theyre not really an almond shape or amorous theyre just unique in their own way just like him i just love them 
  2. i love how hes always so gentle but so extra like whenever someone says a joke people are like “yea haha” and then u see pcy rolling on the ground and hitting anything he can which is hilarious to me im crynisg
  3. i love how hes so caring towards everyone and hes very understanding and knows his wrongs but he also isnt afraid to defend himself which i think is great knowing that kpop idols and just celebs in general try to appeal to everyone so much that they dont really speak out so him being able to say what he wants to in a respectful manner makes me feel good and not so worried about him as i would be if he just did everything the fans or haters wanted him to do but sometimes hes just too apologetic towards things that arent a big deal which sometimes make me sad tbh my smol bub csngoseg
  4. i love his love for what he does and how much hes involved with music and how much he writes and composes because its just him moving forward with his career and being happy with his job and what he does which makes me happy to no end
  5. this may sound strange as fuck but i love when he frowns a lil bit when hes tired bc his lips are kinda pouty and he looks so soft and fluffy and sleepy and warm im crying i just wanna hug him for a week straight and take care of him niusniogsogn

and wow this isnt short at all lmfao im sorrY                                              

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Inbox thingy How do you draw so good? Also how are you so nice

Practice. lots and lots of practice! even if you think your art looks like crap , take a look at this

i made this about a month ago and it’s fucking horrible look at it LOOK AT THAT SHIT TONY HOLY FUCK

this is my most recent one ill explain it later don’t worry , look at what one month can do

So even if your art is shit , keep drawing! you never know what you might end up with YOU ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING OKAY? NEVER STOP … OR ILL BE SAD 

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as for the nice thing , I just have a high bullshit tolerance