but ill never stop

You know sometimes I feel really bad for the hipster blogs that follow me.

90% of what I post must look like bizarrely specific inside jokes, but overall fairly normal threads of “OH MY GOD” and “THIIIIIS” and “CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY” or whatever the fuck it is we do on here.

But then, every once in a while, for an ENTIRE DAY,




Or just posts screaming RED! 

Or fucking decapitated heads being smooched in front of volcanoes

Can you image how godamn CONFUSING that must be???!!!

alsooooo ableism in poc communities and the stigma behind it and prevents alot of people of color, ESPECIALLY minors from seeing medical professionals about their mental health!!

also doctors are expensive and tons of people dont have insurance?!?

like if u think self diagnosers are just a bunch of bored kids who want extra “labels” so theyll be “unique” thats so ableist and dismissive and helps further stigmatize mental illness

like stop acting like “actually mentally ill” people never have any idea that we could actually be mentally ill and that we need the always sane, rational & never incorrect doctors to validate if what we really feel is real or not

@everyone who encouraged me talking about my Morgan/Garcia/Reid cg/l headcanons you’ve made a big mistake cuz now I’m neverrrr gonna shut up about it. It’s just wow

Garcia being more of a middle than a little and thinking she’s too big for a paci, but she thinks Reid is the cutest when he’s sucking on his paci and you know those paci kisses people give where you kiss the paci in someone’s mouth instead of actually kissing their mouth? Garcia loves giving Reid paci kisses and it always makes him so shy and blushy and happy 

Derek buying his baby girl so many cute bracelets and bows for her hair and other fun accessories, and it’s gotten to the point where he knows what she likes enough that he can go shopping all by himself and pick out the bestest things he’s like a babygirl fashion expert. Reid can’t be left out though and he always finds himself in the baby aisle at the grocery store or stopping to look at coloring books and picture books and cute teething toys for his littlest baby uwu

Reid’s favorite tv show is Little Einsteins. Cuz he’s a lil baby genius

All three of them are different about how they act with each other at work- Morgan tries really hard to be professional but he always somehow ends up baby talking to his littles, calling Garcia “baby girl” and Reid “pretty boy” and going into Daddy mode right in front of everyone else sometimes. Garcia doesn’t even care, she’ll be flirty and sassy and sometimes bratty no matter who’s listening, and Reid is so shy he’s just all quiet the whole time but keeps close to his Daddy and tries to keep in touch with his big sister even when they go away for cases cuz he misses her after like an hour of not being together

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what would it cost for you to not look at me
with the eyes that i could paint from memory
where you look down and you say my name
and that ill never stop, ill never change
i will always be the same:
giving up, lying down, writing down
“i’m sorry, i hope you still might want me”

Ill never stop appreciating body contact. The whole time we were in the hospital we couldnt touch eachother,not to shake a hand, not even for a hug. I remember sobbing, as I explained while I was there and wanted nothing more than to even touch his hand. It was almost two years ago now, and I still feel thankful everytime I can put my arms around him or kiss him. Im always wraped around him like I’m making up for that lost time

Finally I can hang up,
I cry out,
bawling for another chance.
Im struggling to breathe,
tears and snot run down my face,
I look up and the neighbors are watching me breakdown.
Breaking down in the middle of the street,
curled in a ball,
wishing I never moved.
When they said it was hard,
and the chances were stacked against us,
I knew they were right.
And I knew it would hurt.
And it hurt like hell,
not being able to see him
without a computer.
And it hurt him too.
He couldn’t handle the pain,
for one more month.
And thats ok,
I forgive him.
But I don’t know when ill stop crying.
Or if I ever will.
—  they never said long distance was easy

I have two videos. Halfway through I got called to help with dinner, and when I ate dinner….

I noticed that eating or drinking anything but water, or the onion, burned. I couldn’t taste anything, and I never stopped feeling ill.

I am sorry to disappoint, but I will not finish eating the onion, because my throat burned so badly I had some trouble swallowing.

Also, half of the notes were Margot on different blogs.

Bluestar was an amazing cat and amazing leader to her clan. Her struggle with mental illness became slowly more and more apparent, but she never stopped caring about her clan. Even after Oakheart died, she kept going, knowing she had to live for him now that he was gone. She was a brilliant fighter and hunter, and she defended her clan with all of her might. She even sadly sacrificed herself to save her clan from a vicious dog attack, taking the dogs with her in the process. She was selfless up until her last breath, and now she rests in StarClan with her family and friends, waiting until she meets with her kits.

to all bluestarkin out there, stay strong and know you’re loved