but ill be

Traits of a Best Friend

1. They believe in you even when you’ve stopped believing in yourself

2. They respect your boundaries, and don’t try to manipulate or control you

3. They’re faithful and loyal – and are always there to listen when you truly need them

4. They put up with your annoying little quirks and habits because they understand you’re not perfect yet

5. They’re not envious or jealous when you succeed at something. They’re on your side and want the best for you

6. They allow you to be you, to have your own viewpoints, and to follow your own interests - as they like you being unique

7. They are generous, large hearted, and quick to forgive. Also, they don’t bear grudges, and they think the best of you.

Ay its the last day of turian week, didnt do as much as i thought due to moving but I got this out just in time. 7th day is OC day, and look at all these birds! These nice guys belong to by @cafecrashlanding @stormcallart @palavenmoons and @heli0pause, and I love them all! Please check them out





also let me know if i misspelled im terrible at spelling :D

I don't carry around your picture anymore because I can just close my eyes

it’s one thing
to be a fuck up
it’s another
to be a fuck up
fucked up altogether

I can’t remember
the nights the stars left
like you can

I read our ghosts
trying to explain why
their tomorrow
our yesterday
couldn’t stay the same

how my next day
your next day
became today

all I really wanted
was your laughter after
a ludicrous joke I told
all I really wanted
was your lips after
the lights went down
all I really wanted
was your eyes before
fall closed them
winter came

all I want now
is to drop
past participle

I don’t wish you
stop existing
I wish you never
burn out

I hated, despised,
loathed or cursed you
I really don’t
I think those feelings
were directed at myself
the alcohol didn’t give a shit

I hate myself
because I was already broken
then I broke you too
I despise myself for taking
the valleys of your dimples
I loate myself because love is
just a poetic technique for me
I curse myself because even in
your happiest pictures I see

a blur,
light glare,
black wings
I know the worst parts
of our yesterday is your
the best parts of our yesterday
are the worst parts
of my tomorrow

if it was a single night
maybe you could forgive me
I wanted an apology from you
for so long but now
I just want you to hear mine
now that I’ve replaced glass
with plastic

you already hold the branch
in your arms
if I brought you every
Pisciottana trunk

could I hold him
so we can talk about

how my next day
your next day

can become our tomorrow?


HI YES i’m still alive (barely lol)

here’s something .. summer-y – idk
kinda sad since i haven’t even been able to visit a beach/pool O<-<

anyway i hope everyone else is having an amazing time ♥
- btw i snap updates/wips on my IG stories sometimes :D

Stay humble, no matter how much you changed for the better. 
Stay kind, no matter how many people broke your heart. 
And stay hopeful, no matter how many times you’ve been let down.
—  The Most Important Thing in Life is…