but ignore my face

i can’t think of a witty caption for this


I was tagged by @holyxingsdick to do the selfie and ultimate bias tag.
I apologize for my face (and the lighting) but I said for New Years I’d push myself to do something out of my comfort zone!! Ah I’m so nervous…but Yixing always takes stellar selfies~

(Yes I did buy the black choker cause it reminded me of Artificial love trousers)

I’m tagging (but don’t feel like you have to!): @mochyixing @little-lamb-lay @laybaeby @yixing1991 @crownkingzyx @kim-jongmin @amerikaikong (say nothing Sonia.) and anyone else who wants to do it!


Episode 82 | Deadly Echoes

Bonus Percy and Travis:


Some good Josuke faces