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i think it’s really amusing how quick everyone is to act so pro-women, pro-feminism and in support of strong female characters in literature, television and cinema but then just how quick the rp community is to talk shit about female muses, tell people they are mary sue’s or to just shun them in general. strong female muses are so incredibly important - canon’s and oc’s. female representation is important and crucial, trans women are important, poc women are important. 

seriously, i love female muses! give them all to me, i will treasure them all greatly! i will forever support writers of female muses - canon or original characters! y’all are important! y’all matter!


JUNE 1ST, 2016 - JUNE 30th, 2016

Guess what, Summerarara’s back!

Let’s all celebrate the completion of Durarara!!x2 with a fun, summer-themed event!

It’s incredibly simple- if you’d like to participate, go ahead! This is for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re an ask blog, an rp blog- if you draw fanart, write fanfiction, or make GIFs, you’re welcome to join.

☀All you have to do is tag your work #summerarara. (Be sure to tag your work appropriately. Violence, nsfw, etc. You can do whatever you’d like, but please be sure to tag it. Thank you!)

☀This event is purely for fun! If you join and later feel like it’s too much, that’s absolutely fine. No pressure, I promise.

If you’d like to have your participation advertised, message me your blog url and what kind of blog it is (ask, rp, fanart/fanfiction, gif, etc.), and I’ll include you! Here are previous examples of what the navigational post will look like. Summerarara 2015, Duraween 2015.

☀If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I’ll answer as best I can!

of monsters and men | sentence starters

“well, maybe i’m a crook for stealing your heart away”
“and these fingertips will never run through your skin”
“so i think it’s best we both forget before we dwell on it”
“you love, love, love when you know i can’t love”
“alone, i fight these animals”
“but i knew that i was safe from there on out”
“far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy.”
“i don’t like walking around this old and empty house”
“so hold my hand; i’ll walk with you, my dear”
“there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back”
“some days i don’t know if i am wrong or right”
“though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore”
“just let me go; we’ll meet again soon”
“the books that i keep by my bed are full of your stories”
“i met a man today and he smiled back at me”
“but these problems aside, i think i taught you well”
“and as the world come to an end, i’ll be here to hold your hand”
“you’re a king and i’m a lionheart”
“i heard them calling in the distance”
“so i packed my things and ran far away from all the trouble”
“and as i looked around i began to notice that we were nothing like the rest”
“i’m looking for a place to start”
“i dare you to close your eyes”
“oh, i miss the comfort of this house”
“can you chase this fire away?”
“i spend my night dancing with my own shadow”
“i’m letting go, but i’ve never felt better”
“my dear old friend, take me for a spin”
“you’re cold against the skin”
“take me in your arms when walls are closing in”
“you overwhelm my lungs and it’s tearing me apart”
“i live the life of letting go”

“if i could make amends with all my shadows, i’d bow my head and welcome them”
“are you really going to love me when i’m gone?”
“darker days are taking over me”
“i am sorry this is how it always goes”
“you could have tried to take a closer look at me”
“i should not care but i don’t know how”
“i am sorry for the trouble, i suppose”
“we’re stuck in slow life”
“you saw me in new light, and i saw you sheltered by the night”
“feel the ocean as it breathes”
“i find comfort in the sound and the shape of the heart”
“i’m finally at peace but it feels wrong”
“there’s nothing that i’d take back”
“it’s hard to say there’s nothing i regret”
“no matter where i sleep, you are haunting me”

@fieryknowledge closed RP

He tried not to stare, the more and more he saw Ignis’s scarred face as they sat around the house. Cape Caem would be safe for a time, but Cor didn’t know how long that would be. Both Iris and Talcott were there too, nervous of the raging storm outside. It was dark and the wind was wild and the trees were tapping against the windows. The dark had been there for a day now, Cor knew deep down something was wrong. Daemons were out prowling, and thankfully Talcott had the idea to turn the lighthouse on once the dark suddenly came.

“Ignis.” Cor spoke when he entered the room, concerned he would startle the newly blinded man. He held some empty cups, and a couple cans of coffee. “This is the one you like, right? Ebony?” He had to search around the house since he didn’t often drink coffee, and the kids didn’t like the taste. Cor sat down by Ignis. The cushion on the chair hisses when he sits down. The can of Ebony cracks open, there’s another crackling noise, the sound of an ice cube tray.

“Would you like ice in it?” Cor had already placed the ice in his cup, clinking against the glass. “I can take care of dinner tonight.” Cor was concerned about Ignis’s eyes for many reasons, especially for his personal hobbies. Ignis liked to drive, but, he knew now that it wasn’t safe for anyone to drive. Daemons bellow outside the door, only sent away by the lighthouse. “I’m glad you’re all here, and safe.” He doesn’t mention Noctis, he knows what happened, he can’t blame them for it, any more than he can blame himself. “I do wish you stopped in Lestallum instead of coming to see us. I know you’re all strong, but being safe should’ve been your priority.”

Cor sighed, and poured his own cup of ebony swirling the ice around to get it cold faster. “Since you’re here, maybe you can help me with dinner?” Cor offered, trying to give Ignis something to do since he knew the man had been cooped up for a while. Gladiolus had been outside hammering the boards up against the windows and doors so that it would be more reinforced. Now he was just resting upstairs. “I’m not exactly a chef or anything.” Cor remarked. “The kids don’t complain, but I have a feeling they want to.” he tried to be casual. He was still staring at the scars.

anonymous asked:

I really want to rp with you but I'm super new to this community and I just joined the church, through Astaroth.

[ oh well no worries about that! by all means please drop me an ask and we can discuss things pertaining to your character and maybe even a small plot as well! ]

anonymous asked:

I think you are an amazing rper and an awesome person. when I first started rping here I didn't think someone as awesome as you would want to rp with me but now I'm glad I was wrong <3

HONEST OPINION OF ME / MY PORTRAYAL  |  if anyone wants to!

[ it’s important to give everyone a chance! i’ve stated this many times, and i’ll state it a million more: i don’t care if someone doesn’t match my response. as long as their writing is literate and they write at least a paragraph, i’ll role play with them. especially if i like their oc / their portrayal.

if there’s someone who maybe can’t write that much, i don’t mind. i discuss with them beforehand and ask if they can write at least a paragraph and if they do, then we’re all set!

if you don’t give everyone a chance, you’ll miss out on partners and good friends. i’m happy i gave @thelittleitalian a chance on my old holy rome blog. because otherwise, i would have never had the best chibitalia / best rp partner anyone can ask for!

thank you for the compliments by the way. and, you’re welcome! ]

“P-Please…” He muttered, trying to take a step back from the other person, “I’m fine.” A lie, but one that the blonde boy was so used to telling that it always escaped past his lips before he could even think about it. “Just-” He cut off his own words, trying to pull himself together for them despite his currently panicked state, “Just please don’t touch me right now.”