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I’ve had this 10s clip on repeat. Not just because it’s Tommy Shelby saying the Peaky Blinder’s tagline. But because it’s a beautiful example of Cillian’s complete transformation into this character. His naturally deep voice is significantly lower, the delivery is chilling and he looks properly tough.

Cillian Murphy isn’t here right now…

Master of Fear no more

With his normal body and quite the de-aged mind, Crane found himself rather… confused. The revelations given to him last night were… One could easily say unpleasant. A failure still. Still no one would listen to his findings. A criminal. Insane. It would seem he’d lost the one thing he’d ever truly had. 

Worse yet, all his secrets were known. These people KNEW of his childhood, something he had kept hidden all these years, not wanting the pity. Or worse, the blame. 

The biggest shock, however, was when he had attempted to take a simple walk in the park. The people there, they had screamed and run, dragging their children behind them. 

He sat on a park bench in the now deserted park, and held his head in his hands.

This… this was not what he had wanted.