but if you want to play that card

(Aomine being a pouting loser with games? I think so.)

“Why are you so good at this game?! Are you cheating??”
“You can’t cheat at Monopoly, baka.”
“It’s because I haven’t played before.”
“I’m pretty sure it’s because you keep going to jail for some reason.”
Aomine scowled down at his turned over cards, his measly six dollars, and at his top hat in the orange jail box.
“This isn’t fuckin fair. I want a rematch.”
Kagami sighed, rolling his eyes, then the dice. Moving his ship the allotted spaces, he landed on free parking.
Aomine threw his hands up as his boyfriend reached for the pile of money in the center, “You have to be cheating somehow!”
“Aomine, just because you aren’t winning doesn’t mean I’m cheating. You’re ruining the game for me. Now shut the hell up and roll.”
The blue haired boy grumbled under his breath, rolling the dice, wishing for a pair. As the dice landed on different numbers, he stood and stomped off, leaving his boyfriend alone. Kagami tried hard not to laugh, but as he remembered Aomine’s pouting face when he stood, he couldn’t help but let a chuckle slip through. But as he did that all the laughter from the entire game bubbled out.
As Aomine came back to the room to apologize for storming off, he found his boyfriend on the floor on his side, his hands on his stomach as he laughed loudly, tears streaming from his eyes. Aomine glared down at the big red head.
“Oi, what the fuck is so funny?”
Kagami looked up at him, his smiled as big as ever, “You just looked so pouty. I bet you were like that as a kid too. I can just imagine little Daiki pouting over losing a board game and stomping off.”
At the image, the red head started laughing again.
Aomine mumbled, “It isn’t that funny, dumbas.”
He was right of course, but it was very late and Kagami couldn’t stop laughing.
Aomine scowled and sat back down at the table, rearranging the board, putting it back to normal, “Get up here bakagami, we are having a rematch.”
Pulling himself together, Kagami sat at the table, wiping his eyes, “It’s a board game, you don’t have rematches, you just play again.”
“What the fuck ever. Roll to see who goes first.”
It wasn’t even an hour later that Aomine was yelling at the board game again and Kagami was laughing on the floor.

hey guys!! telly here!! myself and tumblr user featheringthetrigger have put together a Cards Against Humanity game, and we also made some Warframe-themed white cards to play with as well!!

interested? just click the link!! the password is memes; don’t want anyone not-Warframe interested randomly joining.

guys i’m so bored pls send me reading requests

i’ll do them free, you can ask me almost ANY question aside from medical and legal stuff. just send me a message, anon or not, and let’s do this

also there’s not a limit on how many i’ll do so ye

however if you want to donate i have a button on my blog that will let you

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If you´re gonna attack people for the smallest things and calling them racist for nothing, you´re really in the wrong fandom. KPOP is basically pretty racist. Most of the genre. From the idols to the entertainments. I think you´re a hypocrite who just want something to stand up for so you can actually have a little piece of identity. I think you´re pretty pathetic tbh.. I´m half black myself so don´t try to play the race card lol

this ask don’t make no damn sense my dude

“Why can’t I use [slur] at FNM? Why do you care so much?”

Because you never know who might be listening.

Because you never know who might be listening.

Because you never know who might be listening.

Because you never know who might be listening, and how much hurt and pain words like that have caused them.

Because when you say harmful words like “r*tarded”, or make rape jokes, or mock female players, there is going to be one person in that room who decides that this space, this game, this culture around it, is not safe for them anymore.

Because hearing these slurs and harmful jokes can ruin what was supposed to be a fun night playing a fun card game.

I really, really, believe the toxic atmosphere of some FNMs/card shops is the reason why there are so few marginalized folks in Magic. 

Be an ambassador to the game. Be the person MaRo wants you to be! Step up and call out derogatory jokes and slurs when you hear them, and don’t wait for marginalized people to do it. 

Magic: the Gathering is a great game, but the overwhelmingly white cis male player base can mean the fandom is a breeding ground for toxic language, and a general toxic atmosphere for marginalized players.

I'm going to be completely honest.

I don’t think Sarada knows about the Uchiha clan.

I think it would mentally mess her up knowing that Madara was crazy. Her uncle killed the entire clan except his brother to prevent a war. Her father leaving the village to get revenge on the Leaf and Itachi, only to find out Itachi did it for the sake of the village and the Uchiha clan.
Obito Uchiha brainwashing Sasuke and starting a war.

Sarada is asking a lot of questions and Sakura, gets furious because she wants answers, and isn’t getting them.

It seemed as Sakura was playing the….dumb card because she doesn’t want her looking into it. Or possibly looking for her father?

I mean you’ve loved a man your entire life and you don’t know if he wears glasses?

But what I want to know is what awakened her Sharingan at such a young age?

Clearly Sakura wouldn’t tell her then about the Uchiha clan…telling such a young child seems pretty messed up.

Also what is wrong with Saradas eyes… When we got that close up of her eyes, it looked like her fathers when his vision was going.

Can you blame him for not wanting to stay in the village? I mean if it’s best for Sarada to be protected in Konoha.

It also seems Naruto or anyone in the village who we’ve seen Sarada isn’t sad.
Why would Sasuke just leave for 12 years (if that’s even so) Naruto would have brought him back for nothing.

We’re just 1 chapter in, and there is a lot to discuss and this is a mini series.

I’m interested to see you POV and your speculations.


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Playing Cards Construction Set

Put your house of cards to shame by constructing a mind blowing sculpture with the playing cards construction set. The specially designed plywood discs feature 16 different laser-cut slots that allow you mold the cards into seemingly endless configurations.


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… some Card illustrations, eh?
Yes. Because I want everybody to know that I am not dead - not yet. Just so god damn occupied for life. Most of you may have noticed that mostly my streams have contained only art for Pandemic Era, digital survival card game I have been working on in OGL past few months. And here are the results packed in one image. There are more to come and even some I did not include here even if I kinda wanted. The demo of the game should be out before June ends and so this is just taking every single drop of juice I have. At the moment I am working for some more illustrations for the cards and actual game play map. Even if I have crossed my comfort zone x 194857893787985 times with it, I feel like I have learned so much already. We shall see if we get to start developing the actual game after the demo.

if you are interested or just want to support our work, please visit on our Facebook page and leave a like!

Shopping for a laptop:
  • Me:I like this Toshiba!
  • Reviewer 1:Good for the casual user. Works well for websurfing, movie watching, and most games, no major problems. Quality machine.
  • Me:Seems good for my needs!
  • Me:I'm a grown adult and won't drop it down the stairs
  • Reviewer 3:Psh, you want to play GAMES on that thing? Maybe if you want to play the SIMS or PORTAL. If you want a REAL gaming computer, you CAN'T use a non-alienware laptop. You need a dedicated gaming processor and secondary graphics card, and if you want to play SERIOUS games like COD, you don't stand a chance unless you BUILD a DESKTOP. Otherwise, buy your shitty Toshiba and have fun playing TOMB RAIDER.
  • Me:I'm sorry your parents never told you "no" and the people you've asked on dates have never told you "yes"
Pokemon Type Asks
  • Normal:Favorite Pokemon?
  • Water:Least favorite Pokemon?
  • Electric:Favorite Pokemon game?
  • Flying:Do you own any Pokemon games?
  • Bug:How many games have you played?
  • Dragon:How many Pokemon have you captured?
  • Fighting:Do you collect Pokemon cards?
  • Ice:If so, when did you start collecting?
  • Ground:How many Pokemon cards do you have?
  • Grass:Do you own any rare cards?
  • Psychic:If you could be any Pokemon, which one would you want to be?
  • Rock:Favorite Pokemon series?
  • Dark:Least favorite series?
  • Steel:Favorite Pokemon character?
  • Fire:Least favorite character?
  • Poison:Favorite Pokemon attack?
  • Ghost:Least favorite attack?
  • Fairy:Pokemon you use the most?

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Well with all respect I don't think we fight for men's right because unless your black, there not being taken away

If you believe that then you’ve been given bad information. As far as rights go women’s out number men’s. 

The only one that’s even questionable anymore is body autonomy because of abortions, but those are legal in every state now. So its a pretty big stretch to even play that card. 

-Men have next to 0 parental and reproductive rights. If a woman wants an abortion and the man wants to keep his kid, they get an abortion. If the man doesn’t want the kid and the woman does, the man has to pay child support. If a women gets legal custody (which they do about 80% of the time)  Inequalities in child support and custody. she can put the child up for adoption and there is nothing the man can do about it. If a boy is raped as a minor, and the woman gets pregnant he must still pay child support. As well as a woman has a right to name literally any man as the father of her child with no proof.

- Constitutional right to a fair trial. Men who are accused of rape on a University campus can have their right of due process and trial by a jury of their peers stripped from them. In place of it, they can then be “convicted” by the university if the investigating body believes there is a 50.0001% chance that the man committed the rape. In addition, the accused is not allowed to seek any outside legal counsel, also taking away his right to an attorney. There is no such thing for woman accused of rape.

- Circumcision is still legal, encouraged, and forced on infants. None of the alleged benefits of circumcision have any scientific backing, and the main reason people choose to circumcise their child in America is because the Father is circumcised and wants his son to be like him. That’s vanity, and we should not be mutilating a child’s genitals for vanity. Circumcision also kills hundreds of infants per year due to complications, and almost all men suffer some ill effect, most notably decreased sensitivity. Which may not seem like much to some people, but after so many times of just collapsing and giving up because you were unable to finish, I’ve started to develop some animosity for this shit. And just a reminder that there are forms of female genital mutilation that are less harmful than circumcision with equal religious significance that are all illegal.

- Selective services. Men are not just granted to right to vote. We must risk military conscription for it. Which also loves to get downplayed by feminism. However Vietnam was only about 45 years ago. Many of us have fathers or at least grand fathers that were drafted, and their fathers before them were drafted into WWII. It’s barely skipped one generation and people act like its just some relic that has no possibility to return.

- A legal bias against men for cases of rape. In America the legal definition of rape is forced penetration, that means the only way a woman can get charged with rape is to shove something up a mans ass. That’s not even a joke. Think back about how many cases you’ve see with teachers and young male students where it was classified as sexual assault or misconduct. In America and if you think male rape isn’t as big a deal as female rape, then you’ve been looking at studies that don’t count a woman having sex with a man against his will as rape, just because she didn’t penetrate him, she forced him to penetrate. The bias is so strong in this country that any man who seeks professional help has over a 65% chance of being dismissed as lying right out of the gate by professionals.

Boys in juvy raped by women. (94% are by women yet only 40% of the staff is female.)Page 18- men are victims of rape in 27-50% of cases. Man raped and forced to pay child support. Study of 7,667 university students from 38 sites: 3.0% of men reported forced sex - See more at: 12% of women reported ever using force strategy while 43% reported using a coercion 92% reported using a seduction initiate sex Military rape effects men more than women. Same study that says 1-4 women will be abused says 1-6 men will. Men coerced into sex. Women are more likely to rape inmates. 15% of male prisoners are raped every year. Putting America to be the first country ever to have a recorded higher number of male rapes than females. 97% of teachers punished for sexual misconduct are men, but only 57% of the acts committed are by men. 75% of homeless boys are abused my women. Not 75% of a abuse cases, 75 % of all homeless boys. Majority of male rapists were victims of female sexual assault. Study on female sex offenders shows they abuse and cause just as much harm as men. Despite all of this females make up less than a half of one percent of those incarcerated for rape. Men raped about as much as women in America. Female rapists facing 30 years granted refugee status. Teacher sexually abuses 2 students, school refuses to take action. Women uses her husbands position as a cop to threaten the kids into not filing a report.

- A legal bias against men in regards to abuse. There is one shelter in all of America for victims of abuse, 0 in Canada now. And the government is forbidden to fund shelters or even spend funding for research on this. And again, if you think this isn’t something that effects men on the same level as women, you’ve been looking at feminist sources.

Women commit domestic violence as often as men But only men get arrested for it. Lesbians more likely to be abusive than gays. More studies showing women are just as violent. Video about male domestic abuse. Female violence mirror Only one shelter for men. Many more studies. No funding for male shelter. Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide.

- A legal bias in all crimes. Men on average serve anywhere from 2-3 times longer terms for the same crimes as woman. And woman are 60% more likely to be acquitted. Unequal prison sentences.

Now this is just in regards to legal matters. If you want to extend these “rights” to include things you just perceive as negatives, I have a much larger list. Which I wouldn’t even really care that feminism didn’t address these issues, but it does, by doing shit like this. 

They Try to shut down female prisons. Create rape laws that exclude female rapists. Make it impossible to charge women with rape. Female felons should serve home sentences. Told judges to be lenient on women. Feminists cover up female domestic violence. Feminists blame males for their abuse. Feminists dismiss female child rapists. The primary aggressor clause where only men get charged with abuse. Feminists say Men can’t be raped. Feminists defend female raping minor. Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape. one.  Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters. Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide. Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism. Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands. Propaganda campaign against male fathers wanting custody. Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. Feminists against equal custody. Feminists don’t want the gov to help unemployed men. Feminists launch campaigns to help girls only while boys are doing worse in every facet of education. Shame men into going to war. Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse. Feminists mock a man who has his dick cut off. Strawmanning MRA members. feminists attack church. Feminists slander the MRM Again, And again, Call them terrorists.Feminists shut down a festival about gender equality for including men.

Men’s rights are quite literally being taken away by feminists. I can get into the whole black vs white thing as well, but one step at a time.

I got an A!

I thought I’d let you guys know that I got an A on my final major project at uni. As a result and if I play my cards right, I’ll be graduating with 1st class honours in a surprise twist :)

To me emotionally this is a huge deal. 3rd year has been incredibly draining due to my mental state and just wanting to quit every single day. To know that pain of pushing through was worth it makes me feel a lot better now. I hope I can get an A in the last one but even if I don’t just getting an A in this is enough for me!! 

Motivation sucks but with this and finally getting my engagement stuff sorted I feel like it’s gonna be a good year and move forward. Finally.

It’s the beginning
Awkward jokes
Nervous laughter
Silent conversations
Red cheeks from

It’s the first kiss
Should I do it?
I hope he does it
Everyone cheers
She’s suddenly on
Cloud nine

It’s the first date
Worried over how to act
Don’t forget your wallet
Almost forgot my shirt
A deep breath for
Good luck

It’s late at night
Secrets are shared
Stories are told
Neither wanting to go
To sleep

It’s a holiday
A silly shirt
A notebook and card
Celebrating with
Surprise kisses and
Holding hands

It’s a sleepover
Dinner is made
Video games are played
Sharing a bed
I didn’t want it
To end

It’s now
A gift to you
My feelings in ink
More to come
During a day
Like this

“Like a little school mate in the school yard
We’ll play jacks and uno cards
I’ll be your best friend and you’ll be mine Valentine
Yes you can hold my hand if you want to
‘cause I wanna hold yours too
We’ll be playmates and lovers
and share our secret worlds“

….is it bad that I can’t hear Fergie without thinking about Rinharu? elementary school feels

tiny llsif masterpost for beginners/pre-players

Or, all the things I wish I knew when I started my first acc and, coincidentally – all the things I did not know, which is why I said ‘first’.

(tl;dr please watch out or you might accidentally get rid of your acc. of course it might do you good, like me (here i started to play more bravely and have now FCed almost all hard songs i have; if i didn’t accidentally delete my old acc, i probably would start playing hards after months) but still, better safe than sorry.)

UPDATED on 2nd May

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I cannot believe Japan made two arcade games based on Transformers Animated, both developed by Sega. One is a racing game, the other is a shoot-em-up.

And the best part is you got to choose which ever TFA character you want to play as, as long as you had had the Transformers card of the character and swiped it into the arcade machine (and yes, that does include all the background characters and even the different toy figurines!)

I want this so badly! There are over a hundred cards to collect!!!