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sara playing the captain card with new hot time gfs SARA PLAYING THE CAPTAIN CARD WITH KARA


(Kara lighting up because OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A SPACESHIP TOO?? MADE 4 EACH OTHER.)


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please, please, please watch out for this ransomware virus. 

my dad let my brother play on his phone, then something similar to this came up:

the thing it accused my dad of was possessing illegal porn.

i actually really panicked as my dad didn’t do anything wrong. i didn’t want him to go to jail or anything like that.

this looks legitimate. until it tells you to pay £100.




here is the website that has several methods to get rid of this depending on your android device:


please alert any people that you know that have android devices.

reblog please, whether you have an android device or not.

Run your D&D game. Do it!

If you’ve been wanting to play Dungeons & Dragons and have considered being a Dungeon Master, do it. If you’ve been waiting for a sign or an excuse or an opportunity, this is it. This is the sign!

“But I don’t have any of the books…” They’re free now! You can get Players ones here, and DM ones here! Or if you want to play DCC, LotFP, or a bevy of other old school games, they have free versions of the rules all over the place!

“But I don’t have any players…” Ask around. Go to a hobby shop in your town. Someplace that sells Magic cards. If they sell Magic cards, chances are they run, or are open to running, D&D Encounters. Meet some players there. Make friends with the ones you like, and ask if they’re looking to play in a home game. 

“There’s no store near me…” Then look online! Have a webcam, mic, decent internet connection? Look up players on Google+. Look people up on Roll20. You’re on Tumblr already, post about looking for players! Maybe some of your followers want to play!

“But I’ve never run a game before. What if it sucks?” I answered this already. Don’t worry about it sucking. It will. BUT it will probably also be a really fun time for everyone. D&D is flexible like that. What did Jake say?

Originally posted by fumblingabroad

“But I can’t do voices or make cool props or…” You don’t need to. Most players don’t expect that. Roleplaying games primarily happen in the imagination, or on graph paper. The people who make a ton of complicated and fancy stuff for their games? They’re crazy. Absolutely crazy.  You don’t need to compare your game to theirs. Your players won’t, I promise you this. 

“What if I don’t have a setting made up, or characters, or a story, or anything?” Don’t sweat it. Use this dungeon, and then use this advice here. In one game, you’ll have a ready-made world ready to go. If you don’t want to go that route, use the Forgotten Realms. It’s D&D’s official setting now, and chances are you’ll have a player who knows more about it than you do, so you can ask them to fill in details. That said, don’t be afraid to change it or make it your own. 

“But I have social anxiety/OCD/social autism/etc…” That’s okay. Lots of tabletop gamers do. I know it’s hard, and that running a face to face game is going to seem next to impossible. Like I said before, you can use the internet and play online if you think that will be easier. Tabletop gaming communities (particularly the DIY folks on G+) tend to be pretty accommodating, supportive, and patient. Let your players know, be honest with them, and they should be supportive in return. 

The roleplaying game community needs more dungeon masters. It needs more women, more people of colour, more LGBTA people, just more people in general to give running games a try. 

So please, run your D&D game! If you’re looking for an excuse to get started, THIS IS IT!

Witchy uses for your phone for the frugal or secret witch

If you don’t have something for a spell here are some really easy things you can use your phone for:

✨download a candle app

✨download an app that lets you make a digital altar

✨set an altar up when you’re alone and safe to, take a photo of it and use that when you can’t have your real altar set it. (Even video it if you want lit candles!!)

✨Google and save the image of a tarot card/gemstone/feather/animal/altar tools required for a spell

✨use YouTube to play a bell chime or wind chimes

✨use YouTube to play a video of running water/the sea

✨download a meditation app that has sound clips- now you have bird call, water sounds, some have fire crackling…

✨use a drawing app to draw sigils and other symbols

✨ if a spell requires you to write something and then burn it, write it on a drawing app and then erase it

Other witchy things you can use your phone for:

✨digital book of shadows - either on your notes or you can download a password protected journal or note book app

✨download a tarot card app that gives you readings

✨magic 8 ball app for pendulum style divination (yes, no, maybe, don’t know)

✨download a guided meditation app or search them on YouTube

✨meditational music free on Spotify

✨notes or journal app to keep a gratitude or dream diary

✨dream dictionary app or website bookmarked on phone

I know these aren’t quite the same as having the real thing but if you can’t obtain things, you can’t afford them, or just can’t afford to be caught practicing witchcraft, don’t be afraid to use your phone!

Also great for portable spells - i.e. When you’re out and about and don’t have access to your physical tools :)


We can do it people. We can do it. If we can get this post to have I dunno say 10,000 reblogs/likes we might be able to show Wizards of the coast that we want a third Un-set.

So if you’re reading here you’re either about to scroll away, you’ve already reblogged/liked OR you’re asking “What the bloomin’ heck is an Un-set?”. TO put it simply Un-sets are supplemental sets of MTG with silver-bordered Non-tournament legal cards all based around the theme of humour and jokes. The cards are all cards that could never be made in black-border.

Take a look at these and you’ll get the hang of it.

When you play this set, hilarity ensues.

Mark Rosewater is the genius behind this idea and has always fought for a third Un-set, but he always gets ignored for one main reason.

“There’s not enough demand”

So by reblogging this you will be showing the people at Wizards that you want a third Un-set and that there is an audience that would love this, and don’t just stop here. Send some emails to people at Wizards (other than Mark) showing them that people do want this.

So if you want to see a third Un-set printed and sold then for the love of Storm Crow please reblog!

🔮 A Beginner’s Guide to Low Budget Divination

Getting started in divination can be an expensive feat, especially if you want to try out a bunch of different methods. It gets slightly worse if you have to keep it hidden for any number of reasons. So I’ve compiled a list of ideas for (acquiring) tools and such, which might come in handy for those who don’t know where to start. 

This post will be focusing on a few popular divining methods, feel free to add more!


○ The cheapest possible option is making your own. You’ll need:

  • two regular plain playing card decks. You might have these at home, or you can check thrift shops or dollar stores for cheap decks. You’ll need a total of 78 cards, which is why you’ll most likely need two decks.
  • a pen

You can see where this is going. Grab yourself a list of minor and major arcana and write their names on the cards. You can add little drawings if you feel like it! It’s not the fancy pastel fantasy fairy deck, but it’s all you’ll need to get started. 

○ If homemade isn’t for you, check thrift shops and yard sales for used decks. 

○ Sometimes, the Rider-Waite goes on sale on Amazon, so I’d recommend checking that out. Also, the pocket-sized version is usually cheaper than the full-sized one (and easier to hide, if you’re practicing in secret), so keep that in mind.

Oracle Decks 

Again, thrift shops. Thrift shops all the way.

○ If you want to do it yourself, I can definitely recommend using this tutorial as a guide. Making your own really is a fun exercise and leaves you with a very personal tool.


Maybe I lied about thrift shops. They’re a bit of an unlikely bet in this case. I’ll be giving you five methods to make your own runes, though! 

  • collect smooth stones by the sea, a nearby lake or river, whichever is convenient. You’ll need 24 for a complete set of Elder Futhark runes, or 16 for the Younger Futhark. Write the runes on your stones, and there, you’re done. You can finish them off with any glaze you have available, if you want to. (Stones or rocks from anywhere else work, too, but they won’t be as smooth - it’s a matter of preference). 
  • make little disks out of modelling clay and carve the runes into them. These could turn out quite small if you want them to, making them very convenient for traveling witches (or those who need to hide their craft). 
  • if you happen to have wood-carving/wood burning tools available, you can also make runes from wooden discs. 
  • I know someone who knows someone who made her runes by writing them on bottle caps. Not the most orthodox method, but hey, they work.
  • something that just sprang to mind: you could make them from old coins/pennies/cents/what-have-you. I never tried it, but that’s another idea.


○ The cheapest one I saw so far was at a local occult shop, for about $10. Maybe there’s something cheaper close to you, it’s worth checking.

○ More often than not, I just use a necklace. Really, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. If you don’t want to use a necklace, you can make one by tying a ring to a piece of string. It’s a method I’ve seen mentioned by a lot of other practitioners, and it works fine.

Popular Divination Methods that Don’t Require Special Tools

(or at least nothing you don’t have at home already)

Palmistry - telling fortunes by reading the palm of someone’s hand. I have a palmistry tag in which you can find a bunch of different sources on how to read palms.   

Shufflemancy - a divination method which uses the shuffle function of any music player available to you; here is a handy little guide

Stichomancy - this method uses books for divination, check out this introduction

Further Reading: 

○ this list of divination types, some of which you might not know about yet. Not all of them are still in use, but they make for a really nice overview nonetheless.

this fantastic compilation of links for beginners on popular divination methods

the types playing cards against humanity
  • ENFP: Owns the game. Knows it inside and out. Look out.
  • INFP: Can’t stop giggling. You know what they’re gonna play.
  • ENFJ: Keeps picking more than 5 cards and having to put some back, their apologies getting louder each time.
  • INFJ:  Makes things a little too real a little too fast
  • ENTP: Probably finds their cards a lot funnier than they actually are…but hey, their enthusiasm is great.
  • INTP: Is the quietest player with the most fucked up sense of humor…..
  • ENTJ: Their favorite card is “Harry Potter Erotica” (take note)
  • INTJ: They play to fucking win. Don’t mess with them. You’ll die.
  • ESFP: Wants to play truth or dare instead. Dares are fun. >:-)
  • ISFP: The unexpected winner. (They’re so good at this game it’s scary)
  • ESTP: Plays the crudest cards. It gives them a terrifying advantage.
  • ISTP: Tries to rig the deck. Not because they need to. Just for fun.
  • ESFJ: They’ll be on the track to winning until ISFP stops them 
  • ISFJ: *blushes* “oh dear…”
  • ESTJ: Gets offended.
  • ISTJ: Tries to keep things PG13 (unsucessfully)

ok but Rome as the typical italian grandpa:

  • his fridge is full 24/7
  • doesn’t know how to use a phone
  • “you’ll never grow up if you don’t eat vegetables” “I’m 24″ “what’s your point”
  • has a lot of old movies in black and white that he watches from time to time
  • takes naps in the afternoon
  • snores like a train
  • “when I was your age I already had a job” “but I’m 10″
  • says that this generation curses too much
  •  curses while playing cards
  • “since you came here to visit, have this meatloaf, some lasagna, some pasta, some milk, bread, some…”
  • will ask if you want to eat something like five times every hour
  • “how old are you again?”
  • cooks way too much and gives leftovers to his granchildren  
  • has enough food in his garage to live for a month
  • treats his car like a person
  • wakes up at 6 am everyday and wakes everybody up
  • “you’re so thin! You must eat more!” “but I’m on a diet” “I don’t care” 
  • “How can you be full, you’ve barely eaten anything!” “You made me eat like a kilogram of pasta” “so what”  
  • somehow knows half of the city
make me choose

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Magical Mornings

Here are some ideas for having a magical morning, from wakeup to getting to work. None of these things are a mandatory part of being a witch, nor are they all intended for every single morning. That would be a lot of witchery for every single day. Have fun using these though, and remember to feel great. :)

Hang a sachet above your bed or place it under your pillow before you go to bed. When you wake up, you’ll be instilled with those energies. Place an amethyst under your pillow for more vivid, memorable dreams as well.

Wake up and grab a crystal from beside your bed. Hold it in your palms and feel its energy surrounding you. Use a cleansing crystal, one to promote selflove, a healing stone, or whatever else you need!

Before your feet touch the ground, form a ball of energy yo don’t want in your mind and body, and send it deep into the earth where it can be reset.

Draw a tarot/oracle/playing card to see how your day will go. If you get a negative reading, remember that the future is pliable, and that you can change the way you feel and act!

Pick out your outfit based on colour correspondence and how each item makes you feel. Spray yourself with a cologne, perfume, or body spray with corresponding scents as well.

Brush your hair and comb out stagnant energy, and do the same with your teeth! Add cleansing energy to your toothpaste.

Put on your makeup and enchant each item with specific intentions. Ex: lipstick to make you loud and eye-shadow to reveal hidden things! Paint your nails and add sigils before each coat.

Draw sigils on the bottom of your shoes, and when you walk they’ll be charged! Do it with something erasable/washable so that you can change it up each day.

Add spices and herbs to your breakfast that correlate with something you want to promote in your life, and stir your drink clockwise to promote abundance and attraction. Stir it clockwise to banish negativity or get rid of sleepiness.

Leave sunsafe crystals in your window to charge, and clean, fresh water to create solar water. Water bottles make work best. Be sure to use within that week to avoid mold and such from growing!

Bring a sponge poppet with you (a poppet meant to absorb energy) to avoid bad luck, misfortune, and negative energy from clinging to you at work/school/etc.

Hang a clear quartz on your car mirror to protect you. Remember to wear your seatbelt! You can also add sachets to your mirror or little charms in the back dashboard if you have one.

Remember you are an amazing witch, no matter what you do!

People who say that if Abbie were in a relationship with Ichabod it would stunt her growth..

But don’t say a word about Katrina being a literal plot device and the fact that her relationship with Ichabod literally cannot go anywhere at this point..

Kinky dom Maxson is my jam

So is:

  • Will always respect your boundaries Maxson
  • Will cuddle you until you fall asleep Maxson
  • Always treats you like an equal out of the bedroom Maxson
  • Gives the best bear hugs Maxson
  • Is sometimes awkward and unsure but hides it well Maxson
  • Will fucking take care of you in all ways but also likes getting taken care of sometimes Maxson

visiting bestfriend!luke on tour after him begging you forever

  • him and the boys would be waiting in their car outside incase there were fans there
  • bursting out of the car when they saw you come out
  • “Y/N YOU’RE HERE!”
  • luke running towards you so fucking fast and almost tackling you down when he envelopes you in a hug
  • “luke can you let go? it’s been a while already and i want to see the other boys.” trying to cox luke off you
  • staying with luke in his bunk most of the day playing card games
  • ash sneakily taking photos of you passed out on luke bc you were jetlagged 
  • “luke it’s 3am i don’t want to watch a documentary.”
  • him claiming that it was cold outside making you wear his flannel out even though you had your own hoodie
  • mike wanting to make a secret handshake with you
  • “no you can’t we made one first. can i have one thing that’s mine in this band?” luke whining pulling you away from him
  • luke being super quiet and clingy the day before you leave
  • the boys dragging you on all of their band errands to stop you from packing
  • luke forcing you to sleep in his bunk and cuddling you the whole night
  • “your eyes look very blue when you cry” you whisper through tears
  • “i’m not crying y/n.” he whines nuzzling his head into your neck
  • him calling you 5 minutes after getting through security
  • “yes i love you too. i’ll call you when i land. lucas i will be fine. yes i love you more than mike. ok luke i need to ok ok i will BYE LUKE LOVE YOU TOO.”

Here’s some official Naruto playing cards from the exhibit. Each card is unique, having either a panel of Sasuke or Naruto or both from the manga.

abandon-mediocrity  asked:

Have you seen the iOS game "shuffle cats" it could be just a coincidence but it looks a little art theify and I'm concerned :/

I don’t see anything taken directly from me.  With a titan mobile game developer like King, I wouldn’t expect them to do that…but to make it just uncomfortably close enough that I want to rage-vomit.

From Wired:
“Set in 1920s London, the game’s stars are anthropomorphic cats who slink over rooftops to play illicit card games. The art style is great, evoking a kind of bluesy, Aristocats-esque world of feline speakeasies and gambling dens, with some genuinely impressive character designs.”



Some people are questioning the statistic I’ve used about how many Magic players are female. I believe this is pulling focus from the actual issue – we all want to make more players, including women, feel more comfortable and welcome at Magic events no matter what – but I sense it won’t go away until addressed.

It’s important for our business to understand who our audience is, so from time to time, we do what is called a “deep dive”where we seek out an outside expert to gather global data about who exactly our audience is. As part of the most recent “deep dive” survey, the question was asked “Do you play Magic?” defined as playing with physical paper cards, in any place or format, or digitally through Magic Online or Magic Duels. Of all the people who answered “yes” to that question, 38% were female.

With that out of the way, let’s please turn our attention back to the actual topic of discussion: the number of female players is up (and I believe everyone in this debate acknowledges this), yet is not represented at equal numbers in organized play. Why is this? Please share your experiences.

Thank you.


“Guys, stop! This is serious!”

Sam and Dean’s faces relaxed into grins. Dean rolled his eyes and said, “Y/N, it’s homework..for a high school photography class. You aren’t shooting the cover of next month’s Victoria Secret’s magazine cover.”

You lowered your camera. “It’s important that I do well on this, Dean! My teacher has connections with lots of different photographers. If she likes my work, she might be my in on an internship!”

Sam shot you a smile. “That’s a big if, Y/N.”

You let your shoulders sag. “C'mon, guys. Please?”

Dean and Sam looked at each other. You decided to play a last-resort card.
“You know, my teacher is pretty hot…and single. If you were in these shots, she’d probably ask about you two, perhaps even want to meet you…”

Dean turned back to you. “Brunette?”

You smiled. “Oh yeah.”

Dean straightened. “Okay. What do you want us to do?” He shot you his “Blue Steel” and said, “How about this?”

You laughed as you raised the camera and took the first of many pictures.

Poker Face

Summary: Dean loses a game of strip poker, and is a sore loser. You decide to let him see you naked to even the score, and things escalate quickly.

Word Count: 2500

Warning: smutty smut

Keep reading