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Pauper Deck Tech: RG Tron

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re going to talk about pauper with a very fun & powerful deck: Tron. I’ve made a modern deck tech about this archetype some time ago, so you might see some familiar cards as the deck shares a few key components. I just want to say that when I used to play pauper, this was my deck; I loved it and it packs quite a punch, especially in a format that’s filled with small creatures. If you can survive until turn 3 or 4, which you usually can, the deck goes off really nicely and can generate some massive threats that can turn the game around. Most of your creatures can easily negate any attacks from your opponent and the number of answers to your threats are very limited. Let’s dive into it.

Mana Base

It wouldn’t be called Tron if you weren’t playing those sweet Urza lands. When you assemble the 3 pieces on the battlefield you’ll be able to generate 7 mana with only 3 lands, making these incredibly valuable. Your early turns will be about finding those lands to make sure you can play your big threats very early. I’d recommend playing also 4 muticoloured lands, either Rugged Highlands or something like Unknown Shores, as well as 2 basic lands, like a Forest & a Mountain. You don’t need to play more than 18 lands usually with this deck, even though your creature’s cmc is high.

Finding your Lands

Here we have a key piece of the modern deck and the only card that actually costs money in the deck. This card is so good though! For only 1cmc you get to dig 5 cards deep in your library to find a land, artifact or creature, which is 99% of the deck really. I’ve never whiffed while casting this card, which says a lot. Personally, I also played a playset of Seek the Wilds, to really make sure that you find your lands; I haven’t seen other Tron decks play that card though, but I feel like it’s really good in here.

Told you to Find those Lands

Another great way to get what you need is to literally search for them. This card can make sure you have Tron assembled by turn 3, which can often mean you’ll win the game. Also, we’ll see a bit later that this card really has a nice synergy with something else, but let’s keep it a surprise for now.

Gruul’s Cantrips

The deck really wants to go through it’s library smoothly to find needed lands and not run out of threats. That’s why you NEED to play Chromatic Star & Chromatic Sphere. Those cards will help you find what you need, all while fixing your mana & drawing you cards. I said that I personally played Seek the Wilds earlier, the alternative is playing some Terrarion to go with the Chromatic package, all of which are valid choices. Oh, and all those neat little artifacts that you’ll sacrifice will come in handy for the next card.

Fangren Friend

This beauty of a beast will win the game by itself. You have so many artifacts you sacrifice, over & over again to scour through your library, which will all give you 5 life a piece! If you have a couple of these on the battlefield you will get so much life that there’s no way your opponent can win. This is why people tend to play Terrarion instead of Seek the Wilds to be honest, it’s a really strong card.

Eldritch Advantage

Okay, hear me out for a second, this card is perfect for this deck. It costs 7 mana, which is the magic number for Tron decks; it draws you a card, essentially replacing itself; and with a ¾ flying body it blocks most of the formats creatures as well as being a decent attacker. Pretty much every Tron deck plays Mulldrifter instead of this card since you get to draw 2 cards and it costs less, but I’ve played both of these and I think Wretched Gryff is better; it has more impact in the late game and the difference of cmc is irrelevant since you’ll be casting them while your Tron lands are active anyways. Plus you don’t need to generate blue mana for Gryff. In any case, you have the choice of those 2 options.

Devastating Fatty

One of the really great go-to threats for this deck; the card is almost impossible to deal with in this format so low on good spot removal. Most of the answers in pauper are burn & counterspells, so if this card hits the battlefield it’s often a game ending play, especially since it has trample.

Crushing Victory

Same as the previous one, this Eldrazi monster is almost impossible to deal with and will completely destroy your opponent’s board state with it’s annihilator ability. Sadly it doesn’t have trample, but who cares, you get to attack with an 8/8 each turn while your opponent has to sacrifice permanents.

Answers, the Red Way

While the deck could technically pick in some answers from any colours since it has great mana fixing, you might as well play one of the best removal spell of the format. A lot of decks would play Lightning Bolt, but this deck doesn’t really care about being able to burn the opponent, all you need is 2 attacks going though to win anyways, so might as well deal an extra damage to creatures instead. This deals with more relevant creatures as 4 is generally the highest toughness most decks will have (except in the mirror, or against Gurmag Angler). It’s just a good & efficient removal spell.

Winning Without Fatties

Let’s just say for a second that your opponent found a way to deal with all your threats and now you have to rely on something besides your creatures. That’s why you play like 1 or 2 Rolling Thunder, because dealing 20+ damage with this is actually realistic in the long run. Surprise your opponent with a massive burn spell to the face or just wipe the entire board of your opponent, you get to decide what’s best.

Sideboard Plan

The deck’s main problems are playing against VERY aggro decks and control decks, so you need some plans for that. Pyroclasm deals with every aggressive deck that might give you some trouble, all while granting you a few extra turns early on to set-up your mana-base & board state. I still can’t believe this card is a common. I also HIGHLY recommend playing some Pyroblast in the sideboard as it’s essentially a Red counterspell for all intent purposes, which really helps against control match ups. The rest is up to you and your meta really, but those are my recommendation. Artifact & enchantment removal is also good and fits the colours.


That’s it for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did. I really love this deck and I enjoyed playing it so so much, I really recommend looking into it if you want to play pauper. The mana base might be a bit expensive compared to other decks but you can easily get the whole thing for under 100$ which is good. In any case, if I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

🔥Witchy Mistakes to Avoid💥

We’ve all been there. These seem obvious until you do them.

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💥 Burned hair and fingers. Practice fire safety! If you have long hair, TIE YOUR HAIR BACK if you’re doing spells with an open flame and do NOT touch incense burners without oven mitts. It really hurts.
💥 Clogged sinks. Be smart with how you dispose spells! Do NOT put a bunch of herbs or other spell ingredients down a sink that has no garbage disposal. It’s gonna get clogged and you’re not going to want that bill from the plumber because of a clump of bay leaves.
💥 Coughing fits. Ventilate your area before you burn stuff! Inhaling a bunch of smoke from a bundle of cleansing herbs is not going to be fun.
💥 Faded and destroyed crystals. Don’t set your crystals in the sunlight unless you are 100% sure it won’t fade the colors, and make sure how to safely cleanse and use crystals so you don’t damage them. You don’t want to put your crystal in some water for a cleansing and see it get damaged.
💥 Bent, torn, and damaged tarot cards. Don’t shuffle them like a playing deck all the time and don’t cleanse them in water. Also, don’t go outside with your cards if it’s a windy day. Seems obvious until one of your cards gets carried away by the wind and lands in some mud.
💥 Spells that take 5000000 years to manifest. Try grounding and centering before doing spells! It helps so, so much with speeding up the spells’ manifestations.
💥 You do a spell for money and the spell decides to manifest by having your car damaged so you get money from the insurance money. Close or make loopholes in your spells! Adding little tidbits to a spell can make a better outcome of the spell’s manifestation, such as casting a wealth spell and adding, “This money shall be given to me without a negative cause.” 
💥 The house smells like weed. Research what a herb smells like before you burn a bunch of it. Sometimes burned sage smells like weed. Plus, sometimes if you a burn a herb or plant, the smoke from it can kill or hurt you, like yew.
💥 You just drank some aloe vera juice and now your stomach is hurting and you’re sick. Research the possible side effects of herbs and plants before ingesting them. Some herbs can endanger your health, so research them before you decide to chomp on them.


 sooo, I did this to pass the time but then it got too real *sweats* 

This upcoming Solar Eclipse under Leo is going to be a big one. Lots of exciting change is going to happen and this month is a powerful time for transformation into the person you want to be, start fresh, but also understand yourself better- you just have to play your cards right. Since I’m a big astrology nut I’m silently ticking off the days until the 21st and preparing myself for the big day  ☼  ☾



Bonjour !
On vous avait rapidement parlé de notre Tarot Illustré ! Et bien ça y est, il l'est entièrement (illustré). On bosse actuellement sur l'impression, et pour savoir combien on en imprime, on doit savoir combien vous en voulez ! Vous trouvez en dessous un document avec des visuels, des explications, et des questions à répondre, pour nous aiguiller !

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Hello !
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The illustrated Tarot Deck is an upcoming project created by the SINK Fanzine, you can play with it, of course, or use it as a divination tool. It’s composed of 78 cards; the usual 52 cards, 4 horsemen and the additional 22 trumps. It will be delivered with a nice packaging and you’ll be able to purchase it at our launch party in November, in Arles and Paris (France).
In the meantime, take care,
SINK Fanzine Staff

Am I missing something? I was under the impression that, now more than ever, feminists were loud and present and defensive. I thought I was seeing a wave of even braver men and women on social media, calling out bullshit and striking down misogyny. I thought the last nine months built an online army of journalists and Twitter users and anyone else who’s fed up with sexism and its disturbing presence in the administration, fighting every day against the trails of normalized misogyny Trump leaves behind and defending the women who speak out about it.

But there’s a ringing silence now. And it’s looming around Taylor Swift’s groping trial. A woman who is constantly attacked for being silent is now getting the worst of it.

Colorado DJ David Mueller is suing Swift for $3 million in damages after she alleged that he lifted her skirt and grabbed her during a meet-and-greet photo op. Mueller was fired soon after, and sued Swift, her mother, and her radio promotions director for defamation.

As much as grabbing women in sexual violation has been dismissed and normalized by our country’s leaders and its people, it’s an issue of sexual assault that made Andrea Swift want to “vomit and cry at the same time” seeing the look on her daughter’s face post-backstage incident.

Firsthand, I’ve seen girls run out of clubs in a heartbreaking tearful mixture of shock, fury and disturbance after a man grabbed them sexually without any form of consent. I’ve seen girls weakly laugh it off because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do. And I’ve seen guys stammer excuse after excuse after excuse, because they’re taught to search for anything to blame but themselves.

I’ve also seen girls, on and offline, race to the defense of those who were violated. I’ve seen them deliver completely scathing responses to regular people and political leaders alike who try to dismiss a woman’s story of sexual assault in any way or call it anything less than it is.

These people I’ve seen are incredibly vocal. They like to hold others accountable, and they spend a really admirable amount of energy spouting their support to women, famous and not, who choose to speak out about their sexual assault experience.

Let’s just take Ke$ha’s trial, shall we? Tons of celebrities, journalists and everyone in between shouted their encouragement, their disgust at her alleged abuser. Adele used her acceptance speech at the 2016 Brit Awards to publicly express her support of Ke$ha. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, Lorde and a clump of other pop stars (apologies to Snoop Dogg and his admirers for grouping him into a ‘pop stars’ category) used Twitter to do the same.

And then, two days after a New York judge denied Ke$ha a court injunction, Taylor Swift donated $250,000 towards any of Ke$ha’s financial needs. Kind, right? Nope, no one seemed to think so. Internet users everywhere shamed Swift for her donation, including the “I-always-know-the-best-thing-to-say-on-the-Internet” Demi Lovato.

Lovato tweeted “Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I’ll be impressed.” This attitude was reiterated widely across Twitter, because it’s Twitter. And also because Taylor Swift, no matter what on the Lord’s green Earth she does, cannot win. But that’s another story that would take pages and pages to tell, so I’ll refrain myself.

Swift was ripped apart for “silence” after her donation. She was also ripped apart for her “silence” during the Women’s March. She Tweeted about it, celebrating the day and expressing her pride in everyone who marched. But of course that wasn’t enough, because it never is. She was annihilated for not going to her local march. (Even though she’s one of most photographed and stalked celebrities in the industry and could probably not go to a march without people harassing her and/or accusing her of going for attention and a photo op, but whatever it’s fine.)

Before my fury completely takes over my fingers and I start to type a fuming address to everyone who continually hates this girl because it’s what they’ve been in the habit of doing since 2012, let me take it back to the trial.

I’ve never heard silence quite this loud. (I hate myself, that is a Taylor Swift lyric, whatever.) It’s obvious, and not just to me.

…Everyone is a feminist until it comes to Taylor Swift. This has been proven to me enough times to make me scream internally while staring at Tumblr.com. Demi, is your Internet down? Or are you in a plane on the way to Capitol Hill to discuss sexual assault and actually impress someone?

Where is everyone? Where are the mighty feminists I so admire, I so try to be? Suddenly they aren’t as loud.

But Taylor Swift, no matter what card you think she plays, is a forcibly strong human being. To be hunted down every day physically and on the Internet, to be mocked at absolutely every turn, you can’t be a weak person. You just can’t.

Swift only countersued for $1. Before you open your mouth or press that little blue button in the corner to compose a Tweet, close it and take your hands off the keyboard. She’s not doing this for the money. Her mother wanted to keep it private until DJ Mueller sued. She’s doing this to show every other girl who watches her with adoring eyes and the ones who pretend they don’t that you can report your sexual assault. You can hold the person accountable. She’s showing men who mock her for her dating life but objectify her at the same time that they will not be tolerated. And it’s being met with silence. But we’ve known since the early days of 2010 that silence doesn’t follow Taylor Alison Swift for long, and it won’t now.

—  Huffington Post article discussing the feminists’ silence on the Taylor Swift sexual assault trial (x)
Where Every Brown Sugar Baby Should Look for Her Next Sugar Daddy and Why

The more the game changes, the more it stays the same.

     Best friend, my first disappointment with sugaring came when I realized that sugaring sites were not for me. When I joined Tumblr, I was surrounded by stories of women who signed up for Seeking Arrangement and within an hour found their inbox full of messages from men willing to hand them the world or at least a pair of So Kate’s on the first date. When I joined Tumblr, I thought that I was going to command large allowances just because I existed, not because I did any work. I learned otherwise.

     My successes with sugaring came when I got very clear about what exactly it was that I was sugaring for. I realized that I couldn’t make myself care about designer goods. They’re pretty, and I loved looking at them on Instagram but dating a man so he could buy me luxury goods just did not seem like a lot of fun. But art supplies? Everything I needed to write a novel and maintain my blog? That sounded much more feasible. As soon as I committed to it, it happened. As soon as I got off the sugaring sites, it happened.  

     As an introvert, I did get off the sugaring sites, but it took me quite a while to get off the internet. I used Tinder to find the three gift daddies that I had. Last month, I went free styling for the first time.   

     There is a general horror around free styling that, trust me, I understand. If I didn’t have to leave my house, I wouldn’t. But I realized a few things. The sugar sites are not set up for you to succeed. We, as sugar babies, are the draw that is used to attract men with money and unrealistic dreams.  

     Do you want to have the perfect relationship? A young, beautiful, smart woman who will hang off your every word and, unlike escorts, will be with you and you alone for a fraction of the price that escorts are demanding? Sign up for a membership with our site at the low price of $39.99/month and become a sugar daddy tonight!

     While this might not be the exact language the sites are using, I guarantee if you go on any of the sugar sites you will see something similar being touted to men.  I also promise that the men that have the real potential to be amazing sugar daddies and give you things you didn’t believe that you could get aren’t on these sites.

     And, honey, maybe you haven’t noticed but online dating-sugar or vanilla- is not set up for black women to succeed. I’ll say it once more. You’re far more likely to find the man you’re looking for when you let go of the sugar sites.
So what happens next? Next, you change your mindset. There is one thing that needs adjustment, your attitude, in two different areas. The first is what a sugar daddy looks like. Maybe you don’t have this problem. But I do. I tend to find myself thinking that sugar daddies look a certain way. They’re white and in their 40’s-50’s. Most of them are married. But this isn’t what sugar daddies look like. They can be any age. They can be any race. They can be anywhere. When it’s time to free style, don’t think that if a Black man, an Asian man, a Martian, whatever, approaches you that because they don’t fit in with the idea of what you think an SD looks like you can’t pay any attention to them.

     There will be three types of men that you’ll meet when you go out: cheap men that would like your time and attention for free, men that will simply ask how much you want or make it known that they have no problem paying you, and men that are willing to spend money on you but need some type of connection with you first. Ugh, connection. Don’t you hate that word? Men should just hand us money because we asked for it right? We’re young, we’re beautiful, we’re smart. Just fork over the coins.

     But consider this. How often do you give money to complete strangers because they asked for it? How often have you walked up to an attractive or interesting looking person with $5 that you know you don’t need and said: “here this is for you just because you look cool or like you needed a little help”? Never right? If we were a society where that was the norm homelessness would not be an issue. No, we give our money to people we like, to people that have bettered our lives in some way, to people we trust. But, still. That word-connection. Months and months of dates. Maybe even putting out. That must be what I mean, right? Nope. Not what I mean at all. A connection can be made in 15 minutes or 15 months. It really just depends on how well your personality meshes with his.

     How do you tell these men apart? Let’s build a scenario, shall we? Let’s say you meet a man at a bar. You each talk a bit about who you are and what you do for a living. His job sounds promising. You don’t know exactly how much he makes but when you google it in the bathroom after touching up your lipstick you see that it’s an acceptable amount. He buys you a drink to continue the conversation you’ve already started, but when the night ends, he doesn’t pick up the tab you had started before he sat down. Splenda! Salt! That’s what Tumblr will tell you. I say wait. You spend some time texting. He says he wants to take you out. This is when we find out what kind of man he is by analyzing a few things:

  • Where does he want to meet? TGIFridays or one of the best restaurants/bars in the city. Look at where he wants to take you and why. If he asks you where you want to eat and then shoots it down because it’s overpriced or “just not his scene” you have two options: dig your heels in or run. My first meeting with Bentley took some time to plan because he shot down the restaurants that I chose as not being good enough for a first date. It was a good first sign. 
  • How and what do they order? We know what a man who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money looks like when he orders at a restaurant or bar. He asks if there are any discounts or deals. Asks what’s the best and cheapest drink or food item on the menu. Makes “jokes” about how expensive everything is. 
  • How do they look when you order? A man that asks if you want anything else after you’ve decided what you want is a keeper. A man that asks what you want scans the menu and then asks if you’re sure you want those things or if you’d be happy with something cheaper presents you with two options: to dig your heels in or run.
  • What are they talking to you about? A man that talks about sex as soon as he meets you only wants you for one thing and it ain’t playing cards. Now, if he’s willing to compensate you for that time in a way that you find acceptable, fine. Get your money girl. If you want a man that cares about you as an individual but he can’t stop talking about how well he’s doing on Viagra, you have two options. Dig in or run. I suggest you run, but this is your life, not mine
  • Do they listen when you speak? Do they remember what you said? I got my first laptop from a man who listened when I talked about wanting to write. I got my second laptop and art supplies from a man who listened to my business plan. If they can’t hear you, they can’t help you. 

     When the date is over, look at this man’s behavior. You’ll know if he’s the type of man that you can keep in your life. If he isn’t, let him go. LET HIM GO! Don’t, please friend, don’t hang on to a man because you don’t think that you’ll be able to get another. This game isn’t for the desperate that need quick cash because their life is falling apart. This is going to take time. You’ll find yourself getting dressed up and going out quite a few times before you find a man that you’re willing to stick with. If you understand this from the beginning, that reaching any goal is going to take time, you’ll be far less likely to fail.

     I’d like to give one piece of controversial advice. Do not ask for a gift or token or whatever you want to call it on the first date. Remember what we talked about earlier? About how we don’t give away our hard earned money to strangers or the undeserving? This applies here. And I know, I know. The posts of girls that say they asked for a gift and got one is so much more fun to read than what I’m saying, but here we are best friend, here we are.

     You do have one thing on your side. Men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. Vanilla men know this. They know. I’m going to say it one more time, best friend so it really sinks in. All men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. What’s more, they know that the younger and better looking a woman is, the more they will have to spend. Your job is not to convince a man to spend money on you. He already knows he should. Your job is to separate the men willing to spend from the men not willing to spend by opening up your mouth and talking about what you want. Talk about college and the class that you’re going to be taking, but god isn’t it crazy how expensive books are? Talk about how much you love to write, but your laptop broke. Talk about how you want to get into digital photography but don’t know what camera to get or if you can afford to buy one. Give it a couple weeks. The right man will show up with a laptop, or an iPad, or a book, or a camera or whatever it is you say you need. The wrong man won’t have made it past the first date.

Happy hunting, best friend.

Best friend, be honest, what did you think? Do you think you could ever get off the sugar sites? Go free styling? Do you think my approach makes any sense or is something that could work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know so we can talk about it.

Bedridden witch: Divination edition

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Ideas for practicing divination while bedridden: Varying in energy + mobility required - please don’t push yourself, hopefully there’s options for everyone! Quick note: I’ve only included forms of divination I personally do.


  • Sleep with the deck under your pillow.
  • Do a two-card (or more!) spread - you don’t have to lay it out if you can’t sit up, you can hold them in your hand or place on your lap.
  • Pick one card that represents what you want from the next day and slip it under your pillow or mattress for the night.
  • Play around with a tarot app (I like the products from Labyrinthos but there’s loads out there.)
  • Memorize the meanings of the cards.
  • Make or buy a mini deck for easier use.
  • Do the easy “find this card and whatever is above or below it =X” spreads.


  • Use a black mirror or picture frame with black cloth/paper behind it.
  • Get a mini scrying bowl and fill with water, cradle it in your hands.


  • Wear it around your neck.
  • Shorten the string so you don’t have to sit up.
  • Prop your hand on a pillow if you need the strength/steadiness.
  • Use off of the side of your bed if it’s too long (this can be a bit awkward)
  • Keep it under your pillow.
  • Use a mini pendulum or a necklace as a pendulum.
  • Make a simple board or don’t use one at all, just condition your pendulum with basic movements.
  • *You CAN use a pendulum even with shaky hands, it just takes a bit of bonding and conditioning.*


  • Get a mug with two handles.
  • Keep in a sealable container until you’re ready.
  • Put a towel over yourself in case you spill.
  • Use a Tupperware container. No shame.

Other ideas + Posts

Stripped Bare

Title: Stripped Bare

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary: The reader plays strip poker with Dean.

Characters: Demon!Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  2801

Warnings:  canon typical violence, nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), rough sex, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes: Written for @deansdirtyduchess Birthday/1000 Follower celebration. My prompt was strip poker.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

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banter where ignis, gladio, and prompto constantly make jokes about the fact that they’re all technically at work and noctis is their boss

  • ‘9 to 5′ comes on the radio and they all Look at noctis
  • the three of them are playing cards or having fun and noctis walks in and they all make an exaggerated show of stopping like “OH NO BOSS MAN’S HERE HIDE THE FUN” and noctis is like u guys >:( >:( 
  • recurring joke is that if one of them asks a question that they don’t know /don’t want to answer they’ll respond with “i don’t know let me talk to my manager” and defer to noctis and he’s like u GUYS >:( >:(
  • “GLADIO HELP” “sorry boss i’m on my lunch break” “GLADIO I’M SERIOUS” “it’s unpaid” “GLADIO” “you don’t even pay overtime”
  • BONUS: any combination of the guys start dating and prompto’s like “-gasp- workplace romance”

fandomhop  asked:

[Headcanon; the first thing Taako did after the Hunger was defeated was go to his bed and take a fucking nap. That was a big day, and cha'boy's all kinds of tired. He naps for like 14 hours.]

oh yeah. hunger’s gone, adrenaline’s over, all the cheering and celebration and people hugging each other and what the fuck ever is over, and taako is immediately and abruptly real fuckin exhausted. listen. he just remembered a hundred years of his life and also saved the world and got his boyfriend out of the astral plane and hachi machi, he needs a nap.

not sure whether he just like, leaves, goes to find his bedroom (where the fuck even is the moonbase now, actually? is it still up?) or whether he like, shouts “ALRIGHT, CH'BOY JUST SAVED THE WORLD AND WANTS A NAP,  HOW THE FUCK DO I GET BACK UP TO THE MOONBASE,” and lup is like “taako, you’re one of the best wizards in the planar system, you can just teleport, babe” and he’s like, “oh, right.”

then he’s like “NOBODY BOTHER ME FOR THE NEXT FOUR HOURS,” and then teleports, dragging kravitz with him cause he wants to cuddle while taking a nap, and then he walks across his room shedding clothing [hat, cloak, w/e) and collapses into bed with his boyfriend and zonks out.

around hour three, magnus wanders in to check on him and is like “oh okay they look comfy” and then kind of. sits down. accidentally falls asleep.

hour four and angus has been fussed over by like a million people and stuff and wants to see where taako and magnus are and goes looking around their apartment and finds them asleep and he doesn’t exactly join them but gee, a nap sounds good right now, so he curls up in the big armchair across from the bed and nods off.

around hour five merle - after checkin in with his kids and making sure they’re okay and stuff, wonders where the other two guys are and accidentally does the same thing magnus does. this bed is getting crowded.

around hour seven after barry and lup are done Talking And Crying and going to get barry’s extra flesh body, they go to check on taako cause he’s probably awake by now right? he’s not awake. theres like three other people in the bed. “aw,” lup says. by now kravitz is awake, but he can’t move cause taako’s like. clinging to him like a vine on a tree. its wild.

“we need to talk,” kravitz says, trying to glare, looking personally affronted by lup’s fiery form, but it doesnt really work cause taako is like. drooling into his shoulder.

“yeah, but later,” barry says, yawning, and he’s sitting at the foot of the bed and kind of nodding off. it’s been a LONG day. lup kisses him and is like “go to sleep babe i’ll handle it” and he falls asleep on taako’s bed too. its getting REAL fuckin crowded.

around hour 12 (after kravitz has fallen back asleep and merle has woken up and gone to talk with davenport, and come back with davenport, and magnus woke up and went to find something to eat with lup and angus because lup was like ‘no way do i trust u in a kitchen maggie, ten years aint shit’ and etc, and taako has been sleeping through everything and for some reason they’ve decided that taako’s bedroom is like. central HQ for the ipre family reunion minus lucretia plus kravitz and ango) and lucretia finally comes in, real tentative, she’s just here to make sure that everyone is okay and stuff, she has director things to do, and she gets if they dont want to see her, thats fine, and lup rolls her eyes (she’s sitting on the floor playing cards and eating snacks with magnus, davenport, and merle, and angus) and is like, “get in here, Creesh. you can be guilty later.” and davenport nods sharply as if to say “you are not forgiven but you are still family” and lucretia wipes her eyes and comes in and they play cards.

hour 14 and taako wakes up and looks around and is like “why the FUCK is everyone in my room????”

Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay, y’all! You can find the first part here, the second part here and the fourth part here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • After that day, you had been even more shy than usual around Daniel, now aware of your deeper feelings
  • You were falling harder and harder for Daniel, but it seemed completely one sided to you; to him it was probably mainly a business deal
  • But regardless, it was still easy to hang out as friends
  • Anyway the two of you didn’t exactly know how to try “dating” other than hanging out as usual with Ong and Jaehwan
  • The four of you frequented a cafe after school, only ordering pastries instead of actual drinks, and played board games or cards together for a couple hours
  • Afterwards, all of you would head back to your homes, Ong always walking you to your bus stop because Daniel had his drivers and Jaehwan lived in an opposite direction
  • You and Ong weren’t friends at first, but he was really funny with an open personality, and got closer to you
  • He’d always joke around about how Daniel hadn’t been friends with a girl since forever, and it was incredible how you randomly popped up
  • Openly told you that he wanted the two of you to get together because it’d be “satisfying”, which was weird he already thought this considering the situation you and Daniel were in lol
  • You and Daniel decided not to tell Ong and Jaehwan for the time being about the “arrangement” because you knew they would immediately start teasing the both of you about it (even more than they already did)
  • Anyway your day was pretty much like this for a couple weeks: going to school, hanging out with friends after school, and then heading back home
  • You didn’t think it’d be this simple, but when you asked Daniel about it, he just flashed that smile and replied that he’d been telling his parents that “you two were going on dates every day after school”
  • This is pretty easy if it counts as dating.
  • But no, of course it couldn’t be that easy: the Queen had asked her servants to check up on how you and Daniel were doing on the dates, and when she found out you two were just hanging out with friends, she was unhappy, to say the least
  • It all went down one day after school… you, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan were all getting ready to walk to the cafe, but as soon as you exited the school front doors, there they were: the Queen’s loyal servants YAY
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), Prince, please come with us, the Queen requests your presence at the palace,” one of the men said, leading you to the car, leaving Ong and Jaehwan protesting “what about me, oppaaa” to the servants, earning some sour looks (wtf)
  • You and Daniel sat down in the car, and immediately you theorized what the problem was
  • “Oh my god Daniel they know, they know that we haven’t been actually dating this entire time, they’re going to be so pissed at us, what are we gonna do oh my god omghfj sod-”
  • Daniel just laughed because that’s what he does and squeezed your cheeks with one hand
  • “(Y/N), they’re just my parents, what are they gonna do, it’s probably just so we can eat dinner with them today, chill”
  • You glared at Daniel, and silently freaked out for the rest of the car ride; you just had this feeling that something was up
  • The both of you arrived at the palace and were immediately sat down at another large dinner table; different from the previous times
  • You kicked Daniel under the table; something was definitely up, you just knew it
  • A couple minutes later, the King and Queen showed up, and quietly sat across from you, softly smiling
  • “What’s up guys,” Daniel casually asked, you side-eyeing him
  • “Oh, we just wanted to have dinner together!” the Queen chirped, the King nodding along
  • “I told you, (Y/N),” Daniel said, nudging you, “dumbass”
  • You let your guard down, but kept getting the vibe that something was wrong
  • You decided to go ahead and enjoy the food, Daniel also did so, stuffing his face like he hadn’t eaten in… ever
  • After you all finished dessert, you and Daniel collapsed back in your chairs, groaning at how full you two were
  • And finally, the Queen let you know why you two were actually here, the both of you completely dead from all the food
  • “So we’ve heard that you two have been going on some fun dates together, looks like you two are really getting a great taste of what a relationship is like, that’s great for you!”
  • The two of you just stared at her: where was this going…
  • “We don’t think this is enough though, we’d like you two to get even closer. Part of this deal is that (Y/N) learns how to get used to life in the palace, and how to act as the Princess!” the Queen exclaimed, pausing for a second before nudging the King
  • “Oh, yes, so (Y/N), from now on you should eat dinner here, and feel free to sleep here during the night time,”
  • “Oh, that’s completely fine, I’ll be going now, thank you for the meal,” you said, standing up from your chair, before the Queen interrupted
  • “Ah, no, (Y/N), what we mean is that you must eat and sleep here, in order for you to more properly adjust and expose yourself to what life as the Princess will be like,”
  • “But what about my pare-”
  • “We have already notified your parents of this arrangement, and they have more than accommodating of the plans, please be comfortable,”
  • You shot a look at Daniel: I told you so…
  • He shrugged in response: Oh welp lol
  • When suddenly, the Queen made things even mORE weird
  • “(Y/N), it would be ideal if you stayed in Daniel’s room, but for now you can sleep in one of the guest spaces near his room.”
  • Were you freaking out? uHHH yes you were, now you were living at Daniel’s house, at the palace… at the home of the guY YOU LIKED… could this get any more weird for you??
  • And finally, Daniel started showing reactions to this whole scenario, as he started blushing and scratching his face in embarrassment, making you feel even moRe awkward 
  • The King cut into your running thoughts, as he happily proposed that you “could tutor Daniel” in the classes you share, earning a “HEY i’M SMART” protest from Daniel
  • The Queen and King promptly ended the dinner, leaving you and Daniel to trudge up to his room in awkward silence
  • The both of you tiredly looked at one another, silently agreeing to just head to your own rooms for the night
  • “Night, (Y/N)”
  • “Good night”
  • And that was that.
  • You lived at the palace now.
  • You could barely get to sleep that night, wondering if now the relationship between you two would get awkward; how much this would change things because obviously Daniel had gotten somewhat shy that night
  • The next day, you were woken up by a maid, as you forgot to set your alarm the previous night
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), please follow us to the washing room, we have prepared your bath,” one of the servants said, guiding you to a washroom
  • You walked over to the washroom, the maid stopping by the door and telling you to enter, slightly smiling
  • Was that a giggle in her voice? What the hell…
  • You walked into the humongous room, with a sitting area and multiple closets before getting to the actual shower area
  • WeLP the reason for the giggling maid became clear, when you entered the washroom to see shirtless Daniel splashing water over his face, a towel covering his neck and some of his wet hair
  • “Oh… oh my god… Daniel COVER YOURSELF” you mustered out, before dropping to squat on the floor, covering your eyes (oh you)
  • “OH MY GOD (Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME… HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR LUSTFUL EYES TAINT MY BODY…” Daniel screamed at you, covering himself up with his hands
  • “Daniel, that’s not how this works. My innocent eyes are the ones that are tainted, turd”, you breathed, still covering your face, turning around
  • “what the hell man I’m not even going to shower today fuck this”
  • You couldn’t help but giggle as you ran out of the bathroom, collapsing onto one of the couches in the washroom’s sitting areas
  • He manages to be this charming and strange even when he’s half naked… someone give this man an award, you thought as you closed your eyes, relaxing on the seat
  • You had been prepared for your relationship to be awkward, just like how it kind of was last night, but everything was… completely back to “normal”, even if that was completely abnormal for most people
  • The craziness… it was comfortable, for the both of you.
  • A couple minutes later, a dressed Daniel walked out of the bathroom into the sitting area, smiling as he saw you curled up on the couch, your phone right next to your face
  • He was about to tap you awake like a noRMAL person would, but then couldn’t let this opportunity to go to waste
  • Daniel barely held in his laughter while taking your phone from right in front of your sleeping face, making sure the phone was not on mute and on the highest ring volume
  • He let a giggle escape him as he hid in the corner of you, calling your number
  • Your phone rang right in your face, extremely loud, causing you to spaz awake, jumping like a monkey to attack Daniel who was literally on the floor laughing, clutching his stomach
  • “ASSHOLE YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS SO BADLY,” you screamed, kicking him before running into the shower room and slamming the door shut
  • I won’t be having a single normal morning from now on, will I…
  • YEP (Y/N) that’s exactly what’s going to happen from now on
  • If your alarm didn’t wake you up, every morning either you pranking Daniel or him pranking you would be sure to do the job
  • From him pouring his cologne-y smelling shampoo into your bottle to you stealing the toilet paper, your mornings were sure to be hectic (if not violent)
  • But you found yourself incredibly enjoying it
  • (and Daniel was too)
  • Both of you loved how the other didn’t take themselves so seriously, despite acting completely normal when it was necessary for public affairs
  • The both of you got closer than even before, if that was possible
  • You, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan continued hanging out, but there was no way to continue hiding the fact that you and Daniel had this weird arrangement going on, since you went home with him every day
  • On the first day after that dinner, on the walk to the cafe after school, you and Daniel walked in front of Ong and Jaehwan, bickering about who would be the one to break the news to the guys
  • “yeAh but I’m NOT MY PARENTS (Y/N)…”
  • “Tell us what, that you guys are having an arranged marriage?” Jaehwan asked, behind the both of you
  • “heYyyy I thought we were getting married Daniel, you unloyal hoe” Ong joking pouted, cutely punching Daniel
  • The teasing has already started. Great.
  • From then on, you two couldn’t catch a break with them, Onghwan always “ooooh”ing and snickering whenever you even taLKEd to each other
  • “Daniel watch out, (Y/N) is a total gold digger, watch out for yourself bro”
  • “I will hurt you, Ong Seongwoo”
  • But the time you three spent together was just as fun as before, except now you went home with Daniel instead of walking to your bus stop with Ong (which he alSO teased you about)
  • Anyway you and Daniel would do homework together every night, Daniel putting in effort to actually learn from you when you tutored him in math
  • His grades actually increased, to the delight of his parents
  • They were also very happy that even that you two basically ruined the washroom every day, you two were getting closer (which was their goal)
  • Anyway one night while tutoring Daniel, he fell asleep while you were explaining a concept, his head lolling around in the high chair he was sitting in next to his desk
  • You couldn’t bring yourself to wake him up, bringing a light blanket to cover him up, and began to stare at his adorable yet attractive face
  • “I didn’t know what I was getting into for the past few months… but it’s really been a lot of fun,” you whispered, softly poking Daniel’s cheek
  • “I don’t think I would mind marrying you at all, Daniel,” you breathed out, your fingers dropping to his lips as you blushed at the touch
  • But you didn’t have much time to appreciate the quiet stillness when Daniel’s mouth opened, biting the tips of your fingers
  • You yanked your fingers out of his mouth, standing up in shock, knocking over the stool you were sitting on
  • You stared in horror as one side of Daniel’s mouth curled upwards, eyes still closed
  • Your own mouth dropped open when he asked the dreaded question with the completely obvious answer, his eyes mischievously opening, giving you a look that made your heart beat even faster than it had been already
  • ”(Y/N), do you like me?”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

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We weren’t greedy, you know? We would have been happy with a picture of Stan and Rick just standing near each other or running from aliens or playing cards but they chose to draw them professing their love for each other.

All we asked for was Rick and Stan singing a duet, they could have picked a Disney song or some annoying pop music but they picked “I Got You Babe” and sprinkled it with pet names and references to marriage and things Stan didn’t want to talk about “in front of the kids.”

They knew exactly what we wanted and gave it to us in spades. Bless them. 


Aries: Gotta love when the tortoises begin their uprisings against the toads. The yard looks like hell, but it’s just so interesting to watch you can’t really be mad at them.

Taurus: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.
We’re good. Okay.

Gemini: You can tear your flesh off if you want, but you won’t find the being you’re hoping for under there. Just some weird coloured muscle and a skeleton.

Cancer: When a total collapse of the earth’s crust occurs there will be no time to apologize for the bullshit you pulled. Take care of that mess now. Be prepared.

Leo: Hey, did you know that this is a really bad idea? Scream twice for “yes”. We’ll wait. It’ll reach us eventually.

Virgo: Find a pack of playing cards and scatter them. Tell everyone you’re conducting an experiment to see who picks up what card and what this could possibly mean based on highly scientific ideas assigned to each card.
Amuse yourself as you watch them clean up your pointless mess time and time again.

Libra: Pour a drink out for all the fucks you once gave. May they rest in peace.

Scorpio: Write down your dreams. Fold the papers into triangles. Place them in a copper bowl and set them aflame. Let the wind carry off all the things that trouble you in your sleep.

Sagittarius: This is not what we wanted. We make the best of it and carry on. You can too. You’ll manage.

Capricorn: Stop licking the whetstones.

Aquarius: Those three little dots on your arm were left by a small dragon. We wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s in love with you, but she’s pretty smitten. She likes the way you hum while you try to fall asleep. 

Pisces: It’s hard to greet you with “Hey, sunshine” when you always exude a miasma that rivals Satan’s.

From Admirer to Muse with Gucci Illustrator @mrsjaydefish

To see more of Jayde’s illustrations, follow @mrsjaydefish on Instagram.

Jayde Fish’s (@mrsjaydefish) artistic road from admirer to muse is a Cinderella story. “I had been working on my tarot [card] series, which was inspired by Gucci’s (@gucci) new designs, when creative director Alessandro Michele (@lallo25) found me on Instagram,” says Jayde, a freelance illustrator and designer who lives in San Francisco. “I had been hashtagging #AlessandroMichele, respectfully, as my source of inspiration, and it just so happened that he was paying attention.” A few seasons back, her illustrations were incorporated into designs that hit the runway, and she continues to collaborate with Gucci today.

Jayde’s passion for tarot, a deck of divination playing cards originating in 15th-century Europe, carries through her work. “I feel that the tarot is a beautiful way to think inwards about who you are and who you want to be. Each character has a deep connection with nature, the universe and the spiritual world, and I feel there’s something very romantic about that.”

Patrick Hockstetter: Taste like Pennies

Request  “ i need more rough patrick in my life tbh maybe where his gf is small and nervous and one day henry goes too far with teasing her and patrick gets super pissed + hot makeouts?? ?”

A/N → “stop, writing feelings into your patrick fics” you scream at me, hitting me with your frayed broom “leave the ending ambiguous!!” i'm crying on the floor. “i cant” i scream back “if i could i would but i cant”

Pairing → Patrick Hockstetter x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → typical patrick shit, violence (not towards you), patrick kind of hustling you around i guess, patrick being a greasy manchild 

You swallowed thickly as Henry Bowers rounded on you.

“’S just a question. No need to get all squirrelly. There’s no one here to worry about except me.” No. Really?

Your back was pressed against hard, red brick as he loomed over you. You had come to meet Patrick after your last class, only to find the entirety of the Bowers Gang, minus him; the person you came to see, waiting for you.

When you turned that corner, you had made eye contact with Henry, who said Patrick had asked him to take you home instead (not that you believed him for a minute), and patted his lap while looking at you with half-lidded eyes and a smirk. “Saved you a seat” he had murmured.

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  • Nick: So we wanted to connect Harry's heart to a machine cause he plays his cards close to his chest, he's quite an elusive chanteuse. So we thought we would show him different pictures, and we also showed him Camille Rowe. Now what do we think happened? And Fifi, you get involved in this, cause you look like you're going to sip some serious tea. Do we think that he did know and lied to us? Or do we think that I put this into the ether of the world and it just happened? Maybe she was just on the Internet one day, saw this video and was like 'I'm gonna slide in his DMs! He's fit, man!' Fifi, thoughts?
  • Fiona: I think you are busted.
  • Nick: What d'you mean?
  • Fiona: I think he'd been seeing her already, and that's why he was like 'I dont know what to say!' and then it was already out there in the universe after the interview, so they thought 'Whatever. We can make it official now.'
  • Nick: OK.
  • Fiona: At least, we're gonna get invited to the wedding cause we helped it out.
  • Nick: Yeah. I like that they were spotted at a gig once and we're like "Ooooooh. The wedding!"

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

People can be friends with a trans person and still be transphobic. 

People can be fans of a gay actor and still be homophobic. 

People can want to see two female fictional characters date and still be lesbophobic. 

Don’t let anyone fool you to believe that “But I have a lgbt+ friend/favorite character!!” somehow excuses them saying or doing shitty things. 

Homophobic remarks by a straight person with a “gay best friend!” hurt just as much as homophobic remarks by anyone else. 

You don’t have to be okay with someone’s hateful actions just because they play out the “one of my friends is..” or “one of my favorite characters/ships is..” card. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Tony: I am here to ask for your friend’s hand in marriage. 

Natasha: You want to marry my friend? 

Tony: Yes. 

Natasha: *yells across the room* Come here! This guy at the door wants to marry you. 

Steve: But I’ve never seen him before. 

Natasha: Who cares?

Steve: You’re going to sell me to a complete stranger? 

Natasha: Sell? Who said ‘sell?’ I’ll pay him. 

Tony: Hold on, I meant your other friend, Bucky.