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Wut kind of things made you feel happy in the way that you actually get exited ( i need this in case of depression  :) ?

  • When people are nice to each other and compliment each other!
  • When I see people outside and they’re cute or do something cute (Like today I saw a group of guys and one was playing with the other’s ponytail absentmindedly and that was the cutest thing ever!) 
  • When I get compliments (I ain’t gonna lie about that)
  • Drawing a picture I like
  • Finding something I really really wanna eat that moment
  • Finishing an assignment on time
  • Creating something
  • Hearing about people’s day
  • Being asked about my opinion, because then I feel important
  • Seeing a cute animal outside
  • Wearing something I haven’t worn in a long time because the weather wasn’t fitting
  • Finding a real good song and realizing it fits my OTP or OC
  • Finishing a good video game
  • Online shopping lol
  • Cleaning my flat thoroughly and reorganizing my stuff again
  • Learning something new
  • Helping others

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Um so you don't need to answer this if you don't want to but who's Kathleen and what happened?

Okay, this is a fair question for the newer fans or people who are maybe only familiar with one or two shows. 

But, just before I get started, you’ve got to understand that, as someone who’s been following Rooster Teeth for 11 years and has consumed about 80% of the content they and all of their subsidiaries have ever put out, I’m tired of this shit happening and am not here to get into a fight about it. 

Kathleen Zeulch is one of the original members of RT, the voice of Tex in RvB and Glynda in RWBY most prolifically and she’s done a lot for the company overall. She’s always been good to the community and taken a lot of interest in it and did a lot of fundraising back in the day, and I think she still does, but I admittedly haven’t kept up with her enough to know for sure. 

She’s been involved, heavily, since the beginning, unlike Dan Godwin, Jason Saldaña and Yomary Cruz who are the other original voices that didn’t take that leap with Burnie, Gus, Joel and Geoff. They’ve been around and poked their head in from time to time, but they’ve always managed to stay pretty separate from the fame of the company. (And yes I know there are others like Nathan, before anyone tries to tell me I’m forgetting someone) 

Here’s the kicker, she never got nearly the same amounts of fame as the guys, and has always, somehow been sidelined. A lot of the fans love her, but the media just never took her on, it was always the guys.

I think 2012/2013 is where things started to come to a head, or however you want to put it. She got involved with doing some work with the Make a Wish foundation, because a fair number of fans used their wish to go to RTX or meet one of the members, and if memory serves right (aka I’m not 100%) she wanted to keep doing fundraising for sick kids and RT were never all that supportive of it. 

Not to say they were negative about it, but it was more just an “okay, you do that then” kinda response, and that was upsetting. She was trying to do something good and they were pretty indifferent about it, only to come out a year or two later and make a huge deal about doing Extra Life.

Strike 1.

There’s another thing that comes to mind that’s going to be relevant, even if it is minor. 

Barbara. She got slightly involved with what happened last night.

A while back there was an RT Life that went up that was just a handful of them playing American Football using a grifball plush. Harmless. But there’s a point around 2:30 where Barb makes some crude gestures in the background, y’know, finger in a hole and hip thrusting kind of deal, just Barb being Barbara.

And the next day, on twitter Kathleen had made a non-direct tweet about it, saying something about how women role models need to hold themselves to a higher standard and what she did was unprofessional. It didn’t mention her directly but Barbara replied that it wasn’t serious and felt like she shouldn’t be put under a microscope. They went back and forth for a bit until Burnie made a comment that shut them up, on twitter at least. 

And there’s been a bit of bad blood between Kath and Barb since, and I’ll add to why in a minute.

Strike 2.

It’s hard to know a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, because, as much as they talk about their personal lives on the podcasts and share stories, that’s all they are edited events that they tell us, and this community would do well to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, they all control what we see and hear from them. 

So, let’s get to what happened yesterday. (and please bear in mind that I missed all of this because I don’t use twitter all that much)

It was International Women’s Day, as I’m sure most people know, and of course several RT members made tweets about it, including Burnie and Ashley. Who Kathleen replied to.

Someone took screenshots of everything that was said, so, read for yourself and try to ignore the poster’s comments. Kathleen’s since deleted her twitter apparently.

The main thing that people took away from this is that Kathleen unfairly attacked Ashley for being married to Burnie by implying that she’s where she is because of that relationship. 

Barbara made a tweet after with just the song “True Colours” attached 

Strike 3.

My beautiful wife Mary pretty much summarised my feelings on this, and we have been discussing it.

So, here’s just a few more things.

@pathfinderallison explains the whole thing with Barbara in her post too

Kathleen worked, and she worked and never got the recognition that the ladies at RT get today, and she’s pretty rightfully upset that they’re saying RT has always been good to its female employees when they weren’t good to her.

If you’ve got the time, I’d say you should take a quick look at her Youtube channel, or at the very least her most recent video. 

And finally, keep in mind that she put over ten years of her life into that company. Ten years

Chibilock art book?

if i were to make a book of compilations of chibilock comics, like fully coloured and printed it, would you be interested to buy it?

would you mind commenting or reblogging your opinions on it? I wanna try making my own fanbook but i don’t know if anyone would even want to buy it ^^;

here’s a mock-up of the pages:

i wanna hear your opinions so please reply or comment if you don’t mind <3

thank you!

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Literally since its inception, the Asian-American community has been against Iron Fist and its gross cultural appropriation. Continuous, ongoing criticism for the last forty years, but yeah sure listen to the FOUR WHOLE PEOPLE telling you what you wanna hear so you don't feel guilty

this. the Iron Fist comic was criticised for cultural appropriation from day one. and like if they continue to pull the ‘read the comic’ card they could listen to, idk, words from a comic writer who worked for Marvel, Marjorie Liu, who clearly spelt it out to them

but of course Asian Americans and their opinions don’t matter until yt can use them to their advantages, and then it’s all ‘my asian friends said it was okay uwu’

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tbh i love phil with all of my heart but i just wish he expressed his opinions more often like i just want to know his thoughts pls :(

phil……………i wanna hear you speak….for real…………….this is why people dont empathize as much with phil………….because hes an alien…

I wanna speak about this since I felt rather bothered about it last night;

A person I followed (now unfollowed) claimed that asexuals and aromatics had no place in the lgbtqia+ community, and it hurt me as a ace and panromantic.

If you really think ace and aro people don’t belong in the lgbtqia+ community, I suggest you unfollow me.

I don’t want to hear opinions on why we don’t, because we do belong.

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How would you describe your music taste?

I’ve always found it hard to describe my taste in music because I’m not specifically into any certain genre. Some days I only wanna listen to a certain musical, or all the Top 40 songs at the moment, sometimes I want to hear only my favorite emo trash from the 8th grade, sometimes just Florence and the Machine. I have very few strong opinions on music. I will listen to almost anything.

just a thing

guys i just want you to be honest

what do you all think of my non-Lego content(photography,figures, sovereigns n all that)? because it seems like it gets less and less recognition as time goes while my Lego MOCs are getting a ton of notes and meawhile i’m trying to focus more on making non-Lego stuff soi’m kind of disappointed.

i’m not forcing you to like my stuff, i just wanna hear your opinions

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First of all, I'm a huge of your work and I just finished reading Unexpected and it was amazing and hot af at the same time. Second, I wanna also ask you a question. I've been reading throught your blog and various topics and I really appreciate your point of view on things. So, I know what you think about the close relationship that JK and Tae have. I'm not here fangirling and being creepy about them wanting them to be real, I'm just genuinely curious to hear your personal opinion about that.

I’m not Korean and I don’t live in Korea, so keep in mind that my opinion is one that is formed with a limited understanding of Korean culture and a western upbringing.

Taehyung is naturally a very affectionate person, also very energetic, playful and loves to give and receive lots and lots of attention.  Jungkook is the only person younger than Tae, so he can behave differently around Jungkook than he can around the hyungs (note that he’s more playful and physical with Jimin – his same aged friend – than the hyungs as well.)  So you have JK, who is the maknae, also energetic, strong and playful matched up with Tae who I believe wants to just play all the time, but is limited by being the second youngest and also extra energetic.  What you see is the perfect match up of personalities, interests and hyung/dongsaeng relationship.

I actually think that everyone babies Jungkook just a little or is extra affectionate towards him when you see their interactions.  But since each member has a different personality, it manifests a little differently.  JK was just a shy, scared, tiny child person living far away from his family when he started living with the members of BTS – and I think they all take a special pride in seeing him grow up and feel partially responsible for making sure he is taken care of.  For Tae, that means being extra loving and being a playmate.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I mean… who knows for sure. But that’s what I see when they are together.

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Hey man, what's gucci. We talked a while ago and I wanted to check in real quick. I'm not gonna try to get all buddy-buddy with you now that you've gone and gotten yourself into, in my opinion, the best game of 2017 so far, but I did wanna stop by and say 1 thing. After 30 hours of play-time, seeing cutscenes and hearing story dialogue, I was finally introduced to Revali and I thought "this is the first good voice actor in this game so far". It was cool learning it was someone I know. Good work!

First, thank you so so much for taking the time to share that support.

Second, it’s all good! I’m actually still envious of you personally because you’re a great example of someone who far, far more frequently records stuff just for the heck of it, who expands upon original content and gives it even more life by adding (often hilarious) voiceover.

I sometimes feel like the further I get into the professional side of this career, the further I also begin to drift away from the fun and silly side of it - the same area that spawned those numerous Undertale skits a little under 2 years ago. I hope I can continue to create things like that even as my professional pursuits grow.

Tutorial: Making a BATIM OC


So I hear you wanna take into consideration of making a BATIM oc, am I correct? Wanna make that cool inky character of your choice? Well here are some tips on how to make your BATIM character!

This is Zen. I’m going to use him as the example character for this tutorial. I’m just going to sketch for this tutorial because I am incredibly lazy.

First to take into consideration; COLOR. 

You wanna use blacks, greys, or whites when making your oc. Here’s Zen’s color pallett below.

 I know it’s challenging to be limited to blacks and whites, but trust me you do NOT want your character to be any different colors. You want to refrain from using colors like bright pinks, blues, any color that isn’t black or white. Also remember if you’re character is made out of ink, you need to add shine to the body.

Rainbow ink is an absolute NO NO. Guys even though it’s pretty to have a colorful character, it’s really not good looking in the long run. Bendy was supposed to look like the old Mickey Mouse cartoon back in the day. There was really no color. (Even though the chain on Zen’s vest is gold klaxlasclsncwvlansclncqwlnqws my bad- I guess he just found a gold chain and decides to wear it.)

Second thing to consider; WHAT YOUR CHARACTER WILL LOOK LIKE.

The character can be anything you desire. Heck, you can make a dancing burrito be your BATIM oc. You know what really bothers me though? Bendy rip offs. There are so many ocs that look so fucking similar to Bendy, it’s frustrating. Make your character interesting! Give it structure, give it something that grabs attention! And please… DON’T MAKE IT 100000% KAWAII DESU DESU AND ALL POWERFUL SAILOR MOON PRETTY CURE K,dxlqwhxdlqhnwcxa.N! 

It’s not an anime character for fuck’s sake! It just makes your character’s great characteristics fall apart in an instant. And don’t make the character look like a slut.

It’s also important to give your character that white part on their face, like Bendy and Boris have. It CAN be exceptional if your character is an avian or reptile as it doesn’t look quite right on those species. Gloves are also a MUST HAVE, unless your character has wings for hands. Zen only has wings, so he can’t really have gloves on them, unless I put a huge ass glove on them but it’d look ridiculous. If your character has fingers or hands on the wings, make sure to put gloves on them. Be practicing on anatomy for the body structure as well.

The eye color is ALWAYS BLACK! If your character’s face is a dark black, like Zen, have the eye color white. If the face is light black/ grey please make the eyes black. The eye will always have a chip in it, because the BATIM’s style is old and toon-like. Avoid putting pupils in the eyes too.

When the character is going through extreme emotions, their face will distort and melt. It looks something like this:

Like Bendy, your character’s face should melt if they undergo extreme emotions.

Extra things to avoid when making your character:

-Making them 10000000+ of age

-Having OP superpowers please no

Third thing to consider; RELATIONSHIPS.

God, you don’t know how much it bothers me when a canon character gets paired with someone’s oc. It’s a real pet peeve and makes your character have bits of Mary Sue in them. If you want to pair your character with something else, make it another oc for fuck sake! All I see on my dash is literally:

-Bendy X insert

-Bendy X oc

-Boris X insert

-Boris X oc

Joey didn’t make your character either, so you may want your oc to be either in an AU or a rejected character Joey created. If your character were to jump between AUs, then have Bendy not interact with your oc. If they were to interact, keep in mind Bendy would not fall head over heels for your character since he’s a demon, plus he’s evil.


Well now that you know some tips on how to make a BATIM oc, go out there and use your imagination! The sky’s the limit and I’m not stopping you from creating your little inky creation. Have fun and I hope this tutorial helps. Feel free to add on if you’d like!

dartheames replied to your post “If they do have the point system for character relationships, we’ll…”

Isn’t it more fun to say what you really wanna say and not what a character want to hear? I tried to use faqs for DAI and it made my gaming experience absolutely stressful because I felt like lying constantly to the people I care about. I mean to each their own obviously and people can do whatever but since we’re sharing our opinions here…

Sure, we’re sharing, no worries :)

It’s really stressful to check and double check but not sure if it’s really about lying? I think it’s like real life, you measure your words and how to best say something without hurting people. Because the disapproval thing, you never know what is the true feeling behind the disapproval. It could a simple disagreement or it could be hurt, anger, etc.
I think that’s where the stress lies in approval systems for me. I constantly wonder what’s going on with those characters. I overthink it, so I’m not spontaneous. 

There are limits too. I think in DA2 a compromise was better handled, I’m just not sure in DAI. My third playthrough was my Lavellan, and just because she disagrees with Vivienne on everything doesn’t mean she wants Vivienne to ignore her completely, but that’s basically the fallout of that system. If the system allows you to disagree *and* still manage to have a relationship with someone, it might be great. 

I think it just bothers me because it’s basically making logical steps here that aren’t really accurate or reflect irl well -> A and B discuss, A and B strongly disagree with each other -> A and B can’t be friends. 
But irl or even online you can disagree with people all the time and you can still be friends? Idk, relationships are always complicated and games have their limits period, it would be true for a game that has or has not this specific system. Maybe they’ll tweak it in a way that will feel organic, who knows. 

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Im sure he fucked a ton of girls during his first time with the band like you said, but what do you think he was like after he rejoined??? bc he doesnt strike me as the guy who'd mess around with a lot of girls at that point... omg I know it's none of my business but I'm so curious and I wanna hear someone else's opinion oops

As for my opinion: he stopped being a hoe; spirits told him to become monogamous


I think this is all the tight designs I’ll do, so I’m hoping to hear your opinions, you can message me or comment or reply or just say which is your favorite in the tags! I wanna get one of these made, if the first round goes well I’ll do the second most popular and so on and so forth. I listen to some suggestions about the first round, and these are updated versions of the first tight designs I posted.

(sorry to be so obnoxious with the watermark..)

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What do you think is R's comfort food? Since I tend to imagine him as Italian, I totally see him stress eating gianduiotti (hazelnut chocolates from Turin) but it's always cool to hear other people's opinions :)

(tbh I’ve never heard of that but damn it sounds so good oh my god)

I’m sure he’d go for those! I don’t see him as much as an ice cream guy tbh but I bet he orders tons of takeout for those nights he just doesn’t want to do anything. His fave dessert food is probably one (1) fuckton of ladyfingers

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hi jenny! i was wondering if you had any opinions on korean male fashion~ what're your favorite trends & styles? colors? i'd wanna hear about what you like!!

My preference for guys is dark colors like black or grey and I’m weak against fitted sweaters, heavy coats, or white collared shirt or t-shirts. I think for guys simple dark colors that is well fitted suit them best and makes them look more masculine and cool!!

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Hey Chinx, I saw your posts a couple days (?) ago about you not knowing who you are if you're making stuff. And I wanted to pop in and say there's a great video by meekakitty on youtube called 'my depression + creativity' which I watched a few days back and really resonated with. Don't know if it'll help but she talks about a lot of that stuff so just thought you might wanna know? I hope you're doing good today <3

So I am late af because of so many reasons but ok, I watched this video today.

And I just wanna thank you SO much anon for sending me it because it was such a wonderful thing to hear someone articulate almost exactly how I feel.

It’s really hard to separate yourself from what you can create or how well you do your work. I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Like, to this day I slip into moods where I feel like I’m worthless because in my own opinion I didn’t do as well as I could at work or I haven’t done anything creative in a while.

I feel that especially on here when my brain tells me that people only follow me/like me because I post manips or fics and if I haven’t done that in a bit, what is my worth, yk?

I know I have to work on this but like hearing it out loud was so nice.

And comforting.

So, thank you again <3

For anyone who wants to watch the video, here it is.

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how do you feel about that cartoon lady with the pastry name? i heard she's really not as nice as she seems

❝ ‘Course, I’m not complaining. ❞

He faltered.

❝ Not that I don’t believe, but where'dya hear that? I like to base my opinions on experience rather than good ol’ gossip. She acted stellar. A little off her rocker, but aren’t all we toons a bit like so? Everything, living and dead, has secrets, insecure things they don’t wanna show the world; I don’t expect ‘em to be displayed the same a mirror or trophy. As long as she’s respectful to me and my close ones- within good reason- I don’t think I got a reason to be disrespectful to her. She reminds me of someone who is… .very distant in my memory.Sorry I can’t tell ya. ❞

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Hello, I was looking through your blog, and whilst some of your opinions differ from mine, I am very interested in them and respect what you are saying. So I just want to know; why are you against weed? (No arguments or lashing out, I genuinely just want to know) I don't smoke but I'm not against it, so I wanna hear a different view on the subject. Thanks :)

I’m not rabidly against weed, but I’m against drug use in general, mostly because my mother is a former drug addict, and she’s given detailed accounts on how said drugs destroy lives, and weed is one of those drugs.

If you wanna take a chemical that negatively affects brain function, I can’t stop you, but I’m not gonna go and condone it, or help you continue said behavior.